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Lenin retracts his statement about Nithyananda

For all the allegations and rumors and sensationalism that was generated about Paramahamsa Nithyananda having alleged sexual relations with ‘many’ women – the number ranging from 2, 16, 20, 31, 51…the source of all this, the so-called whistle-blower, Lenin Karuppan aka Dharmananda, says the following (quoted in Deccan Herald, April 3 2010):

“But a day after claiming he possessed two other CDs containing explicit footage of Nithyananda's sexual activities, Karuppan insisted there was only one video which was now in the possession of the Karnataka Criminal Investigation Department (CID). In an email statement to Deccan Herald, Karuppan claimed he was misquoted on account of a "language communication" gap.”

Till today, it was only based on hearsay, alleged conversations, media conjectures, etc. But now that the real investigation has started by the legal authorities, the fear seems to have caught on with the perpetrators of these false news.

What will be the next allegations that were ‘shocking news’ then and suddenly become ‘misquotes’ now? Let us wait and watch…



Sabari said...

Till am belive my swamiji he is not like that

rukmani said...

Let us be sensible and continue to absorb the enlightening powers of Nityananda . Only sensitive people don use the best of things in Life . we are sensible group near around the power called Nityananda . Keep absorbing the yonder powers quickly .

russell said...

I have enjoyed Nityananda's u-tubes...they have really helped me. I have not meet Nithyananda
but hope to do so some day.
Russell O Kentucky USA

gs-kharel said...

I think the people who are blaiming and sensetionalize the froud sex video about Swami Nityananda are running blindly. this has happened to the graet masters in bharat since the time unknown. we should look at this fake stories.only those people having very influencial mind can be influenced. lets continue our jorney with paramhansa's teaching and truth.

Anonymous said...

Dear Russell,
I hope your wish to meet Swamiji comes true, too.
It is written in one of India's ancient holy texts that to be in the presence of an enlightened being is unfailing and transformative in its effects.
All the best to you,

Sri Nithya said...

Karuppan is bluffing.

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