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Trusting the Master is Ultimate!

Trust in your master is something that neither emnates from one's so called intellectual reasoning nor from an emotional heart. The mind helps Understand and heart helps in creating faith but Trust... emnates from experimenting with truth and experiencing the truth.

"Being around the Master, observing his body language helps you take longer spiritual strides", says Master. As much as one would like to be, one's worldly trappings prevent you from being around Him. Having said that, I must also admit that I never miss being around Him because He is always there with you, in every single thought, every activity performed, at home, at work, just everywhere.

100 days ago, it felt like you had lost the Master's hand that held and lead you...Like a little kid when lets go the mother's hand among the madding crowds at a Kumbha Mela...lost directionless, crying, distraught, orphaned...except that a few siblings that huddled together and comforted each other...
But the smiling saint, kept smiling...keeps smiling
And now, we are smiling again.

His right to religious freedom, his right to preach and propagate his religious beliefs and as a result his right to carry on an occupation/profession stand curtailed...
He continues to smile...

Look at how our criminal justice system works. After organising a manhunt as if it were to nail a terrorist/ fugitive, posting advertisements calling in victims to file complaints, patting themselves for making the arrest, slapping sections as serious as 376 of the IPC, holding a person in custody for 53 days, interrogating the remotest of witnesses and to finally rest their case based on non-availability of a complainant or a complaint!?! When there was no victim, how could there be a perpetrator?!
He continues to smile...
Hail Indian media... who have put their TRPs above all...invasion of privacy of individuals, disrespecting religious sentiments of people, conducting media trials and passing judgements, taking for granted privacy/dignity/integrity of all women especially film stars and last but not least doing a complete somersault in taking positions on the matter itself! Hail Indian media who hasnt ceased to continue to publish derogatory material, believes they are eligible to comment on the nuances of Hindu religion and spirituality. And we thought they are trained only in journalism.
All on the basis of a video CD which is inadmissible as evidence.
He continues to smile...

Soon his infectious enlightened smile will put that smile back on a million or more faces...

Special salutations to those disciples who were steadfast, taking on suspision, speculations, abuses, mockery and humiliation!
Nithya Bhaktanandaji whose Guru Bhakti stunned the officers, Nithya Gyananandaji and Nithya Satchitanandaji who held on and guided fellow disciples, disciples like Nithya Prananandaji and Nithya Atmaprabhanandaji who I saw moving amongst the commoners in mufti (looking uncomfortable in trousers n a shirt yet carrying on with their duties unperturbed) and most importantly the brahmacharins...even on a crowded day like Gurupoornima when lakhs of devotees que up, at night the areas surrounding Nithyanandapuri would seem dark and scary. And at a vulnerable time when He was not at the Ashram and several inmates had exited, while the ashram wore a deserted look, Ma Nithya Satchitanandaji, Nithya Priyananda, Nithya Shantananda, Nithya Achalananda and many more just held on...not knowing what the future held in store for them...

My salutations to their spiritual strength and their GuruBhakthi! Just reminding all of us that these are young, highly educated people who have quit high flying jobs and everything else to be here.

Trusting the Master...helps retain the trust in oneself.

He shall return...and brand Paramahamsa Nithyananda will be fashionable all over again! Nithyanandam...
Malavika Avinash

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No words to express by happiness!

dear swamiji my heartiest pranam to you, its a big relief to see you back,i want to hear from you swamiji please share your feelings with us through you tube, i want your blessings and deep vitarka much stronger than before .
please give me your darshan swamiji and bless me and my child shivam .
om namah shivaya

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No words...

Dearest Gurudev,
Hey, nithya i feel like writing so many things but when i want to write i feel there is nothing to write. I call you nithya because u r more than a guru to me, meaning i feel that u r god, we call our gods by name like govinda, krishna, rama... The idols of gods will always have smiling face in happiness and sorrow and u to have the same smiling face during joy and distress, i have not seen such a face which has so much of kalae. Nithya when i saw your smiling face for the first time, i prayed that even i should have smiling face
because many people have told me that i have a sad face. Now that you are out of jail my soul is dancing with joy. Oh, god because you are in human form i feel insecure about your life because of mindless cruel people. We need you. Take care.
Ma Anand Indirani

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Views of a Supreme Court Advocate on Bail Condition

Nithyanandam, I am enclosing the views of a top Advocate who has been campaigning against the atrocities of media and expressed boldly His valuable opinions on Swamij's case on all occations:
This flamboyant Advocate has put up his views on the current Bail out conditions in the case of Swamiji.I strongly feel this information and views must reach all devotees and a comprehensive collective opinions of the devotees must reach the judiciary to bring about needed amendments by the Govt body.

Top of Form

Bottom of Form

Kv Dhananjay Am I the only one perplexed at this condition on which bail has been granted by Hon'ble High Court of Karnataka for Swami Nityananda - 'no preaching'? Since when did a Court of law acquire a judicial power to enforce merit in religious or spiritual matters? I am amused first and truly amazed next - all, with due respects to the Court.

Kv Dhananjay Well, a judicial Order should always be respected, whether it be good or bad. Aggrieved devotees may apply to the High Court seeking 'removal of preaching bar'. Certainly, the HC cannot then say that it knows what's best for devotees; more than what devotees themselves think is best for them. Simple.Top of Form

Shawn Bhibekshan Chowdhry

what bothers me is not the decision but why is the supreme court overlooking these sorts of biases and decisions taken under coerce from political parties and groups who are very much against the swamis who are championing the cause of vedas and holding the vedic tradition high. The tragedy is the Indian media which is supposed to be independent ... See Moreand must have high standards have become the mouth piece of these groups who are hell bent upon destroying the vedic traditions. Swami Nithyananda is one such leader who has shown at a very young that he has the intellect and knowledge to teach vedic sciences, has the guts and dare to take on all those anti-vedic tradition groups and has the vision and leadership to change the dynamics in not only India but Worldwide and bring a spiritual revolution across all faiths and nations. The missionaries and the athiests in the South must be countered with a full force to save our values and bring a vedic renaisance.

Raajaananda Nithya

Yes, I am also perplexed... how can the court enforce this kind of a power?? Paramahamsa Nithyananda has been preaching the same truths that were always there in our Vedic Tradition, he simply says it in a way and manner in which people in the present day can understand.
Sir, don't you feel there are some fundamental rights that are being taken away from Paramahamsa Nithyananda?

Swarupananda Nithya

Sir,U are absolutely right.There are no rights to stop the religious activities of any person.that too doing to a great religious master is ridiculous.

Shawn Bhibekshan Chowdhry

Time and again truth has been suppressed, poisoned and lynched, the only way is to stand up against those who violate the fundamentals of truth and freedom and remove them from the chairs of power.

Sri Nithya Sri Priyan

Nithyanadam, there is a real need to address this issue.There is persistent bullying in the case of Swamiji, without cognizance of human rights and fundamental rights of Indian citizen.I cannot understand how the highest offices of justice is not observant of the facts when they have clearly found no clear cut evidences to call a person criminal ... See Moreis held for over 2 months and offer him bail on conditions that is inappropriate.Every conscious intellectual citizen of India must address this . With all due respects to Honorable courts and Justices and Indian Public,as citizen of India and devotee of Swamiji, we humbly request the Honorable judiciary must reconsider the conditions of Bail.We as devotees of Swamij also express our gratitude to the Honorable Judiciary for having passed the bail order for release of Swamiji.

All devotees of Swamiji have certainly all the respects and gratitude towards the Judiciary for granting Bail to Swamiji. Even though there is no direct evidence or cases to implicate any criminal charges against Swamiji, He had been held in justly over 50days, the Bail Conditions are certainly a not a digestible matter for the Devotees who eagerly waited for Swamiji's release.

However the matter may require dire attention , let us all enjoy the bliss of Our Swamiji in our midst and make a positive approach through the legal means to release the bindings of the Bail and let all of us drench in the blissful rain of our Beloved Swamiji's Programs and Discourses.

Once Swamiji permits all devotees can join in requests and pleadings along with Dhyanapeetam and this address issue equivocally.
First let us enjoy the Bliss of return of Swamiji to Dhyanapeetam-present moment.
Sri Nithya Sri Priyan

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Thank You and Soooo Happy Swamiji is back at Bidadi

Nithyanandam swamji,

It's a great relief to hear swamji is back in bidadi, thank you so much swamiji for coming back to bidadi....

take care swamji, love you always.....Swamiji lots and lots of miracle happens in my life during your tenure of isolation for some time..and for me it's like it took one man to go on isolation to make me understand and experience the true teachings of life....

Thank you again from bottom of my heart swamji...Even during your isolation there's lots of your teachings became experience and part of my life....Thank you so much for Your Sacrifices....

Thank you again swamji,

In gratitude,

Sri Nithya Pranavamayan

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