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Gratitude to the lotus feet of my Master


I met swamiji on 2007.Since then many miracles have started happening in my life.Swami has changed the quality of my life,the way i have perceive the world,the way i communicate,my body language,my prioroties and many more.Only after meeting my master.i really started experiencing life and started enjoying life to the utmost.I realised that life is meaningful and we are just not an ordinary human being but we are something more than that.I also realised the purpose of my birth.Swami has also made me realise the different dimension of my life.Swami was my best friend,best teacher,father,mother,and all.Whenever i need support,i could hear his words and teachings.Whenever ,i am down and need some attention.i could see his invisible love and compassion of a mother.Whenever i need some courage,he was my father who gave me advide.He was also my great master who gave me spiritual experiences.He also helped me when i was hepless.What i can say more is that there are no words to describe the transformation and the changes that my master has made in my life.It's a experiece and journey that should be undergone.

thank you my dear master for bringing light into my life.You are the best person that i have met in my life.I feel gratitude for being with you.Whatever may be but i must be with you always because i know you are the ultimate.

In gratitude,

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Grand opportunity at Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam Ashram

Because of LBE I had the grand oppertuntiy of spending three months in The Bidadi ashram. And then I vouleenterd for two weeks after after that adding to my wonderful expirence. I love the ashram in so many ways it is acctuly hard to describe how. In our lbp acarya training, Dheera would say every morning when the session comenced, "Welcome to another day in paradise." And looking back on it I truly realize why he would say that! Everything from suprabathum pooja in the temple, to the cows in the goshala, hanging out with the gurukul kids, eating in the dining hall and resturant, sleeping in the bunkbed in the dorm, workingin the mission office, hanging out in the welcome center ......... I expirenced it all, and loved it all, except maybe walking in the hot sun, but you can't really help that! If anyone is into spirituality, and wants to live it to it's fullest Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam ashram is the best place to go! I know I sound like a advertising company now, but I can't help it that place is sooooooooo wonderful, I want everyone and anyone to go there. My personal expirence at the ashram was great, I loved it, and thats the only way to put it.
Ananda Asha age 14
-radiating enlightenment

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Go within!

This incident is just another attempt of the current dark/manipulative
forces trying to maintain their control. I have felt that Nythananda has
stayed clear of this power simply BECAUSE of his pure Light. We HAVE to
learn to go within our hearts, residing no longer in the mind, where we
will know what is Truth. This is just another chance to practice
channeling our intuition for the Truth. Our five senses are truly not
reliable any more; there is so much high-tech manipulation going on that
only our intuition/heart will be a reliable guide. That is another reason
that meditation is SO important. We HAVE to learn to go within where the
true Knowing resides.

This situation is just a macro version of forces trying to destroy Orphan
Acres. The same practice of faith, love, and Truth applies.

I got a phone call from LAs Healing Tower in response to this incident. I
didn't even know about it until I got the call. There's nothing on Youtube
any more; the lawyers must be working very quickly. I would love to know
what Swamji's thoughts are about this drama. I want to know HIM, not what
the world thinks of him or his lawyers think, what even his disciples
think. I want to see/know an enlightened being in action.

- Sage

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I stand by Swamiji

I stand by Swamiji and my love to all


Ma Smriti Ananda

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Anything for Swamiji

HI Nityanandam,
I'm from Singapore and like to share my experience, which I'd gain from knowing him.
I was at a low ebb in my life in 2006, and I came across swami on you tube.
I had attended all the courses in the desire to meet and to have contact with an enlightened ,master.

On,seeing him a 6foot tall person and searching and wanting to be near him and watching him without him knowing.
It was such joy.

Anyway, I became a devotee and as such I've surrendered to the master.he gave me confidence, direction and focus.
In this challenging time, where my master is put in such situation, I can say that he did so much for mankind.
I benefitted , such that I dont go into depressions which I used to get often.

Today, I'm self sufficient and am feeling full and wholesome.
This can only come about by the master's grace.
However, I also did the LBE course, and thru that I got to have a deep connection with the master.
The feeling is of love and deep Bakthi.
Thanks for allowing to share.

Ananda Manohari
Anything I can do please let me know.

In nithyanandam
Aananda Manohari

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Grateful to Swamiji


Swamiji, this was a bit strong dose, but worked, many many thanks.


Ma Ananda Aandaal

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Nithyanandam - Awake Everyone!


Swamiji came to my life in Feb 2006, since then I have been given life soultions & experienced many truths & bliss. He constantly reminds me of the truth of who I am and gives me the courage & inspiration to take a quantam jump into the unknown. He is such a source of inspiration to me in my spiritual path to mosha.

In the Inner Awakening, I experienced Him as a divine, pure, innocent & compassionate Being. Someone who had came down to our physical plane to lift us up & show us our true nature. He did it so compassionately by giving in to our requests for comfort but only His condition was that we must cooperate with Him in the transformation process.

To me, this whole sex scandal episode seems like a real test to our devotion to Him as well as a fight between the evil (the media) & the good (Incarnation/avatar). Swamiji can't be spared too in order for the human consciousness to jump into super consciousness. The devotees & disciples must band together to ride through this rough times. The poision of the milky ocean is coming out now, only the devotion (Vishnu as personified tortise) & enlightenment (shiva swallowing the poison) will we be able to taste the nectar. The purana is happening in our eyes, awake everyone!

In nithyananda
Siew Yong Teo

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I am with Swamiji





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Support Swamiji








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Thank you Swamiji for everything you have done in my life

Nithyanandam.Starting from the day I met Swami the very concept that I had about my life had changed.I learnt the secret for a blissful life.He have been a transformational energy who had really transformed my life.Being as a Youth I can tell that I have a great clarity and a great courage to overcome anything that comes in my way.Before this I had never experienced the feeling of being steady or being courageous in my Life.Life was just a dead experience for me.Depression thoughts and feelings was always haunting me.I never had a self confidence.But,now I am totally changed! I dont Know how it happened,I am totally a new person now!I thank swami for everyhing that he had done in my life,for every guidance that he had gave me.He is an compassionate being and a greatest soul that i had never met in mylife.thank you swami.thank you very much.


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beloved swamiji
JULY2009.MY PRAYER TO SWAMIJIduring energy darshan HASBEENfulfilled.i
was very much shocked to see suntv video clips. my prayer is swamiji
should appear as usual to make the mass blissful.innithyanandam
jayabal mayiladuthurai

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The Phenomenon of Paramahamsa

The Phenomenon of Paramahamsa Nithyananda is send to the Planet Earth
by the Divine to save the already corrupted Mankind. When I met Swamiji for the first time October 25 2009 on Kalpataru function I could not believe that I was living reality. Everything that was happening was beyond any logic any expectation. The Truth that He radiates catchs every seeker and start transforming into a better person. Ma Nithya Chandrananda beautifully said about Swamiji that that" He is a Being who should be honored with utmost respect and reverence by all".
Nadezhda USA

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Support for Nithyananda

"Swamiji saved my life. Who knows what dark hole I would continue to be in with out His divine grace. He is the light and courage for myself and countless others. Thank you. Paul Y - new jersey, USA"

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I am with Swamiji and Swamiji is with me

When I heard this, only thing that came to my mind before even reading details or watching video that we should not judge Master by what he does but by Transformation and Experience that happens inside us. It is not blind faith, it is experience and clarity with awareness. i m alive now because of swamiji speech i come out from suicidal thoughts and depression because of swamiji.


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With Swamiji


My self and my family members are always with our Swamiji. You have sought the support to our Swamiji at this hour of cisis.Swamiji requires no support as HE HIMSELF is Paramathma and only we need HIS support & HIS blessings.

In fact I have not seen any broadcast alleged against our Swami.I do not wish to see such false allegations also.This is my strong conviction and the day is not far off when all Truths and Sathyams will be shown to this world.Till such time we remain devoted to Swamiji and pray for HIS continuous blessings.


Geetha Srinivasan.

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Avatar never seen or heard before

I attended many workshops of Paramahamsa Nithyananda. He and His teachings transformed my life. He resolved my inner conflicts and expanded my inner space.
Paramahamsa Nithyananda is an 'AVATAR'. He will prove his innocence very soon. All Avatars(Rama, Krishna, etc) faced 'allegations' in their life times. We still rever them after many centuries and yugas.
It will be the same with Paramahamsa Nithyananda also.
I thank Paramahamsa Nithyananda for bringing 'bliss' into my life.
Dr.Siva, Psychiatrist and Psychotherapist

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Humble Pranams to our Master

I wish to offer my pranams to our master for transforming my life and many people around me. All His teachings mainly "Unclutched" is what is giving us all the great courage to live our life today inspite of all these alegations happening against Him. He taught us to life without judging any situations and live untouched. The amount of peace and calmness I experience through his meditation techniques helped me to perform well with calm mind.

The strenght and profound knowledge of His teachings has imprinted the the deep understanding of "Watching" at our lives and whatever is happening around us at this moment also. Pray "Dharma" stands up and "Adharma" is taken care of. All our heartfelt thanks to the Master.

Dr.Nirmala, MBBS, DNB(OBG)
(Clinical Director)

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Nothing can change my connection with my Master

I am not here to prove that I am GOD
I am here to prove that you are GOD.

Swami Parmahansa Nithyananda

If this is the belief of a man in flesh and blood who exist on this earth then the event around SWAMI NITHYANDA needs definitely a re-look. Ever since the airing of the alleged video clipping of Swamiji found in compromising position, host of calls started pouring in where I was literally questioned as if I was the custodian and morally obliged to explain of what was happening around Swamiji. You know why? It was just because I consider Swamiji as a MASTER. The stand which I consistently maintained was that “I consider Swami Nithyananda as my master and an event encircling around him doesn’t change my relationship with my master as my relationship was purely based on my experiential reality born out of indoctrinating the awesome thoughts of Swami Nithyananda which I have aligned to my soul. The present state within me is that if it was true then airing or not airing the alleged video clip doesn’t change him what my master was. If it is untrue then the TRUTH will get unraveled. Either way it doesn’t make any difference as everyone has to move on. What threw up was that my mind went into the entire issue by taking a neutral perspective. I raise the same issue humbly before all of us as this is what I feel everyone would be searching for an answer from being called as an ENLIGHTENED MASTER.


Just couple of months back in the state of Karnataka in India, a Governor, a public servant and the head of the STATE was found in the compromising position and that too inside the RAJ BHAVAN. The signals of the alleged video was aired but no public outcry was made the way it has been made in the case of SWAMI NITHYANANDA, who is a private individual and also a BACHELOR by marital status. My query was why this difference? The act of the Governor though occupying the office is mentally accepted by the people at large that such hidden act is part of the political class but whereas the act of any GODMAN is not acceptable not because it doesn’t happen anywhere but it hurts the SOCIETAL CONSCIOUSNESS which gets completely shaken and that is why there is huge public outcry.

My question to all of us is, isn’t it hypocrisy of the society that it already knows if we implant a hidden camera on who is who in society the story is not going to be any different from what has happened in this case. The next question is how come a bedroom story can be aired without testing the veracity of the content? Does MEDIA has any MORAL or LEGAL right to air the half truth which can ruin an individuals character or take the PUBLIC SENTIMENT to road and disturb the neatly woven social fabric which can destroy the PEACE of any society. It really calls for TOTAL BAN on MEDIA who is ready to put a small rejoinder when the act later cannot be proven in any court of law. I deeply feel that MEDIA has become totally insane and has not only abused and misused its social responsibility to society but has been selectively choosing a FOCUS by just checking how much TRP can it instantly get without even bothering on the sentiments and values attached to a feeling in a society. It’s all about jingle in its kitty and the instant craze for ever raving BREAKING NEWS among its competitors.

Media cannot go beyond the CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS guaranteed to every individual whether it is a GODMAN or a GOVERNOR to air the bedroom story as the NEWS for any practical purpose. The COURT and the GOVERNMENT OF INDIA should put a restraint immediately on MEDIA of any such ACT as it is becoming the cause of creating the SOCIAL UNREST in a society which already has many problems which needs urgent attention. The bedroom stories are a private acts and LAW TAKES ITS OWN COURSE whenever an aggrieved person in such cases approaches the police authorities.


India is of course SECULAR because it does not have a STATE RELIGION. But it is only the magnanimity of our great culture HINDUISM which is at the core as a philosophy that assimilates all other religion unto its fold and does not differentiate between the faiths of other religion operating on this soil. The philosophy of our great culture has promoted only love, warmth, compassion tolerance and so on. If this the edifice on which the whole superior philosophy is built then isn’t it truth that we are targeting our own culture by getting shaken on the slightest of half truth aired by MEDIA which has no responsibility but is governed only by the money and fame dynamics. Though every INDIAN may not follow HINDUISM but sentiment across the world for every INDIAN is that world treats every INDIAN as HINDU because our culture is still venerated by the outside world with same level of intensity. The so called developed society of the WEST still draws lot of enthusiasm to fill their hollowness in their society from the spirit of this great RELIGION originating and very much part from our soil which forms in the DNA of every INDIAN.

Is it that the priests in churches and the moulvis in mosques do not have any parallel to the event happening in and around our GODMAN’S? ‘No’ it is not the case. Events such as these are a usual phenomenon across all the culture as it stems from the body hunger. It is to be highly appreciated with faith that events of such magnitude is dealt with grace by the respective religious head. Their cultures takes the social responsibility to treat the problem at their appropriate forum so that public sentiments should neither be trounced nor there is a need to trigger the social unrest in a society because of any aberrations. If this is the wisdom which is the hallmark and the bedrock in the religions which are not as absorbing and as encompassing as HINDUISM, then is it not the responsibility of all of us that we should rise above the petty media interest and express the tolerance and wisdom which is deeply embedded in our own culture.


In this competitive world it’s so difficult to be in top even for a day? The professional excellence in core field has no longer the sanctity because to topple a person at top all the unfair means of targeting ones private life is also taken recourse to as the amount of money is sufficient reason which has been tagged at being on the top. If TIGER WOODS itself is not spared then it is true for every person moving towards the top that there are more forces to bring one down. It is done not by helping them to be on top but hitting them below the belt by cheaply touching ones personal life which is no way connected to ones own skill matching the professional competence.. If this is the daily struggle with one and all then how SWAMI NITHYANADA can can be spared when it is an emerging fact that SPIRITUALITY has also become a big business. The fall of anyone is imminent when truth gets unraveled. So isn’t it absolutely necessary that the RISING STAR should be handled more carefully as the jolt to one’s character is so hard that it is extremely difficult to even stand after the effect of malicious campaign dies without any substance. Public memory is very short and public force to damage a visible and invisible property is far reaching.

I firmly believe that public figure are already hard pressed and struggling for their existence on day to day basis because it is extremely difficult to stay on top as the journey is only for a while. If this is the given scenario for every public figure then government should deal with such matters more sensitively not because of saving a private right but it is exactly these people who are our brand ambassadors representing our society linked with the International world.


The alleged footage of Swami Nithyananda had some common calls which invite attention of masses that there is enough room for making this issue a spoil sport. The Dhyanapeetham has raised the objection in the clipping that the images have been morphed. When one goes through the video the sequence of frame does not look like a motion picture but as if frames are trying to be connected. The next feature is that for any morphing it is only the head need to be added or deleted. In majority of the photograph all the necks of alleged person were usually covered through some robe. This factor gives more reasons for doubts than adding clarity to the issue. If the video is alleged to be true then the intimacy between the subjects should be an event in regularity because then only the video footage can be planned. The most probing aspect of the feature is that the entire sequence in detail is literally projected as if the act was being ventured for the first time. In any sensual event in closed doors the first thing which comes out soon are the robes where each person literally pounces on the others clothes. Whereas in the alleged video the experienced woman was provoking as if it was a new for the man and contrarily the man was silent in a closed door which is too good to be true. If it is a continued relationship of intimacy then there will not be delay in the act of disrobing one another and jumping directly into the final act and then only a sting operation can be planned.

The sequence of event has lot of queries and appears to be weak on facts. The forensic experts will be doing their job to unravel the issue. But the question will still remain for the legal experts that can you bring a person to book when the acts are performed in the closed doors voluntarily by each person.


Every person loves thyself and despite making innumerable mistakes, then how come the same person becomes agitated and throws stones at others for just one mistake. As I was watching the visual media, my heart came to my mouth where I saw hordes of people who were on the ire to wipeout any symbols connected with Swami Nithyananda just because they heard some half truth. The quest in me reminded me of a sage who raised the voice to a crowd and said that “anyone can throw stone at the criminal only if one has not done the crime.” This dictum doesn’t change even now though the society’s value system has degenerated as the slip in morality is no more a taboo.

People expressing their deep anger are the very same kinked minds who have destroyed the homes of innocent. Sitting on the podium inside the State Assembly and shouting that the assets of the Nithyananda mission should be taken over by State is a very noble thought. Why don’t the visions of these politicians start from their very home as I am sure that State will be thousands and thousands fold richer than targeting an allegedly tainted Swamiji? The question is not about the seizure or takeover of the assets but the relevance of ones contribution to the society. The disgruntled people who have shown their rage and also the politicians have run to the same Swamiji and touched his feet seeking PEACE and HAPPINESS in life. It was not possible if the master had not created the deep impact in and around.

It is such a great and valorous attempt that one individual has traveled across the world only to express that what India is all about. What is the strength of our roots? The intellect around the world cutting around the nationalities after rigorous screening just knelt before Swami Nithyananda and embraced our culture bowing their forehead. In this modern world when it is so difficult to influence an individual to work for someone as everyone is ready to jump any job with a slight increase in their salary. Look at the morale of Dhyanapeetham that the entire workforce works only for the work sake and nothing else. It is really inexplicable that that we have an individual who has divided the society to show that there is definitely a still appreciable chunk of crowd who has the same faith in the master. Can any individual in the crowd throwing stone match to Swami Nithyananda’s contribution even after the alleged celibacy has come to question.


I was traveling for fishing towards Cauvery (near Bangalore) with my senior colleagues in 2006. All my life I never believed any GODMAN nor am I a person who visits regularly the temples or churches. I just saw the photograph and got mesmerized and asked my colleague the details. After knowing about the picture and I paid the visit to the ashram popularly known as DHYANAPEETHAM. The meeting of Swami Nithyananda with Rekha was a magical experience. I went through ASP and NSP courses just to probe my deep call from within. All the queries from my deep childhood got answered which daily wrestling within my own very being. Though having roots to be in and around the MASTER I never chose that path as I extensively read the discourses which were continually published by the ashram. The path was so amazing that I bought lot of reading material and gave as gift to lot of my friends. I seldom met master personally. If the entire meeting is counted then I have not met him from far more than single digit time. I am a party and witness to several healing which will definitely be termed by common man only as a miracle. The surprising factor is that the healing happened to my friend suffering for 17 years in just 4 days where medical field had no answers. Why I have brought this incident as a refernce is that my friend LEO is a CHRISTIAN by faith.

My relation with my MASTER is absolute. It is infinity and event happening in and around him can never affect my relationship with him as his thoughts are beyond all the pollution. My version must be tested and should never be taken on face value. I emphasize that every INDIAN must read GUARANTEED SOLUTIONS, LIVING ENLIGHTNEMENT and BHAGVAD GITA being demystified to know what the basic constitution of Swami Nithyananda is. A young person with so much of profound thought with great depth has spoken of life that all the spiritual masters have failed to take it to masses. Swami Nithyananda has made the entire philosophy of life so easy that each person after knowing the content can directly CONNECT to GOD. Swamiji’s benevolence is so far reaching that he preached for every soul to go beyond him and never to come back to him if a person has understood the theme of life that GOD reside in every being and we all have to invoke our own GOD and find with our own being as it is nothing outside us.

The humility with which he shares about healing is so enchanting that he proudly shares the secret that I don’t heal you but the truth is that you heal your own self and I just make you aware that you have the same energy as I. Miles and miles can be spoken about Swamiji in length but I will restrict till here as I am just bringing to fore my expression where i express my CONFIDENCE ETERNALLY with my MASTER. What is a FAITH when it can get SHAKEN as I see MASTER beyond the entire act and believe only my experiential reality? My whole being is eternally blessed with his touch to my physical, mental and emotional being. Irrespective of what the world thinks about Swami Nithyananda there are umpteen people who share the same values which I possess for this great master born on this soil.

Life is a deep and personal experience

It’s the extraordinary love affair with the existence,


The ultimate path to the merger with the existence itself.

Swami Parmahansa Nithyananda

Warm Regards,

Hari Rao

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To beloved Swamiji

Me and my family stand by you whole-heartedly .
I done care whether the video is true or not .

We have been immensely benefited by your teachings over the past years and want to continue to do so .
I dont want to miss you for any reason .

Me,my mother and father are all equally following ,respecting and depending on you .
The idiotic media has never done a single good to me and not going to do .

Your words were with me to uplift me during my hard times .

We look forward for more teachings and blessings from you

I strongly believe that whatever you do will have a good intention behind it ...whatever it is ...

Thank you for all you have done to us .Pls dont get disappointed with these allegations .


With much gratitude ,

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Do not miss the opportunity

Do not miss the opportunity!

Swami Nithyananda is from the above, walking on the earth, and divine. We do not know what is above. He has connection with archives of cosmos that unfolds great truths never known to the world. He is a rare flower full of two suitcases of knowledge. He is full of a great deal of knowledge with great truths and techniques yet to be delivered to the world. We have to tape this energy. He is here on the planet earth to make the world the greatest and most blissful, peaceful place to live on. The initiation of the anandagandtha chakra by Swami Nithyananda opens the flow of cosmic energy which is self healing and healing others and keeps us in a blissful (samadhi state always). This allows us to explore and tape into the inner potentials and treasures hidden within us. He awakens the non-mechanical parts of our brain. He opens the grooves and furrows of the brain where the cosmic energy and knowledge can be stored. Nobody else opens the anandagandtha chakra. Do not miss this opportunity. He has totally transformed me and my family. He has made me fearless and worriless and blissful every moment. Through the Inner Awakening program in India, he has printed and drilled this living enlightenment so that blissfulness comes out automatically and naturally. I offer my greatest and deepest gratitude to this rare master. Every human being on this earth must undergo the experience of inner awakening for the total transformation and attaining the blissful state. He removes fear of death and liberates you forever. Through discourses on Shiva sutras and yoga sutras, he teaches you how to live a control-free life and conquer the mind. Mind (thinking) is an action. You can stop walking and talking, you can stop thinking. Swami Nithyananda is an ocean of love and compassion. Whatever you want and how much you want you can take it from this ocean. The choice is yours. The greatest enlightenment master has touched and transformed millions of hearts to the world. He is the surgeon of the mind and ego. He does painless surgery and transplant without you knowing it.

I have learned that there are three kinds of memories: table, cupboard, and archive. Understanding how memory works within our brain is a valuable tool in the way we see our world. Table memory helps one do daily activities spontaneously. Cupboard memory refers back to books or experiences we have had. Archive memory is remote memory which is difficult to remember or perhaps suppressed. Archive memory is primarily occupied by negative past experiences such as; when someone hurts you. I have learned through deep meditation, this can be deleted, allowing for spontaneous flow of positive memory. Ultimate intelligence is best understood when existential energy flows in us and thoughts are allowed to happen naturally.

Rocket less journey for 21 days by the pilot – Paramahamsa Nithyananda the greatest spiritual scientist and the surgeon of the mind and ego
Get ready for boarding
Take the ride
Get prepared to under go painless surgery of the mind and ego for total inner transformation
Open new doors and avenues
Explore new dimensions and potentials
Feel for ever

- choicelessness
- timelessness
- spacelessness
- fearlessness
- memmorylessness
- worrylessness
- bliss
Hold the breath.
Tighten the seat belts
Take a break
After half time,
I will reveal the newer, inner technology during the interview.

Ashok Amin
Los Angeles, California

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Out of love and gratitude to my beloved master Nithyananda


Out of Love and Gratitude to my beloved Master

I have been attending Swamijis programs for past 5 years and have transformed from an ordinary seeker to a disciple.

Always his intelligence has amazed me. He always thinks differently than an ordinary human mind could comprehend. Coming from a very simple family in remote Part of India with little education and if he is able to impress and convince millions of people all over the world in such a short time, I respect him for his extraordinary abilities.

I do not care for what happened in the Video that was aired. All I care about is the personal transformation that has happened to me. I have had many personal experiences happen to me in his presence. If it had been just one or two we can categorize them as coincidences but there is no count to the miracles that had happened in my personal life. His healing touch and his compassion towards everybody is truly an expression of divinity.

In the past 5 years not even a single day has gone by without thinking about him. I have not lost anything in my life being part of his mission and instead I have gained a Lot from him. All the inner tranformations, clarity and exploring my very own inner potential were few of the side effects I have had being associated with his mission. I am very proud of this value addition.

There are more than 700 YouTube Videos which have all the knowledge and information needed for the mankind for personal transformation, watch those videos to see who the real swamiji is.

John 3:16 says, believe in Jesus and you will not perish but have an eternal life. I believe in Swamiji and I am sure, I will have an everlasting life.
He has been always there for All of us and now is the time to show our gratitude towards him. This is time for his devotees and disciples to unite together and form a stronger community.

Media can tarnish his physical image but his teachings, his tools and techniques cannot be touched by anybody. Let us continue following his teachings and tools and techniques and radiate his energy.

In Nithyananda
Sri Nithya Divoja

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My opinion about the recent allegations on Swami Nithyananda...


My name is Kartik and I stay in Bangalore. This mail from my side is regarding the recent allegations against Swami Nithyananda which in my opinion has bought to light a lot of things that need addressing in this country. Before this, I would like to share one of my experiences that has inevitably led me to write in this mail....

It was in the summer of 2007 that I had paid visit to Swamiji's ashram near Bidadi along with a few friends. At that point in time, I did not even know who Swami Nithyananda was but I was very much into spiritual practices and so was looking forward to get to know more about Swamiji, about whom I had heard from my friends. We were not even sure that we would be able to meet or see swamiji, but the ashram inmates were very helpful in letting us know more about his mission and what we could look forward to through the various programs offerred at the ashram. It was later in the day when we were lucky enough to get a glimpse of Swamiji as he came out of the Meditation hall, having finished a discourse and he was right there, standing just a little distance away from us, smiling and holding up his hand in blessing...

Coming back to the present, it was no doubt very shocking and surprising to me when I heard of the allegations that had been laid against swamiji and for some time I wasn't ready to believe it. The news channels wasted no time in showing the tapes that had damaged the whole reputation of swamiji and his organisation & I'll have to say here that had it not been for that brief encounter with swamiji, I would have been one of many people who believe that spiritual gurus in this country are just cheaters and manipulators. I do not know much and do not want to speculate about the recent events, as only time will tell what the truth is. I just want to go with my experience and that is that Yes, me and my friends had felt what it was like to be in the presence of a master... There was no doubt something very good and positive in Swamiji's presence that is still very powerful after all these years, to have won over any allegations that have been made on his character.

And this is the whole point... I would urge people to not just believe something on the surface and that they at least make some efforts to 'experience' what the truth is. I personally have not had the chance to attend any programs conducted by Swamiji and his ashrams, neither am I a full time devotee or a follower of his, but I'm merely bringing forward my experience with him which tells me that there is something good and higher about swamiji & his mission. His programs have helped many people and there still might be people who have not benefited much from the programs, but that is just the way things are. I guess the biggest mistake on our part is that we allow ourselves to be manipulated by various agencies including the media and it is our duty to first get to the facts when we are shown or told about something like this, it is our responsibility to first establish the truth and then if there is something wrong, action can be taken against those who were wrong. But merely resorting to destroying an established image on the basis of some video footage is uncalled for and it simply shows that we are nothing but puppets in the hands of the media & other agencies.

I would like to conclude this mail by saying that I'm not taking sides here by showing support for either the media or swamiji, but I merely support my experience that I had with him, & that experience was one of purity, goodness, peace and I choose to stick with goodness and peace. I wish swamiji all the best and urge people to show some responsibility on their parts before jumping to conclusions and judgements.



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At the lotus feet of Swamiji

Is it not true for most of us that our life revolves around our Guru ,be in sleep, wakefulness or dream.Those with a might to tie up a lion have to face its wrath.LET THE SINFUL BE PUNISHED & DHARMA PREVAIL.Meanwhile we sit and watch the samhara unperturbed. EVER IN SALUTATIONS TO GURU'S LOTUS FEET.

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Our love and respect for you Swamiji

Dearest swamiji,
We all feel that we r extremely lucky that u happened in our lives. You have taught us how to live. Life has been so wonderful ever since my family has met you. We are sure that whatever conspiracies you are going through is for a big purpose. Our love & respect for you has even more deepened now. Me & my 2 daughters have become more sincere in doing gurupooja , japa & arathi these days. We are just radiating enlightenment with your blessings.
Mala, bangalore

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In the cradle of existence

This title is apt description of what each visitor feels as he enters the Bidadi ashram of Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam. Now let me share the experience of Master who is existence in form. Before my involvement with Swami's program I had physical problem of jaw disalignment. As and when I yawn my jaws used to go out of alignment and i had difficulty in closing them. This problem was becoming more and more frequent and I was in great distress. My doctor told me that it cannot be corrected and I just have to be aware and not open my mouth widely. Later I attended the first level meditation program with Swamiji and during the final energy darshan I yawned and my mouth could not be closed. With great struggle I closed and was in deep distress. That moment onwards an intense prayer arose in me towards Swami to get relief from this persisting problem. As I was returning by train while lying down I could clearly feel divine energy entering my jaw area and I clearly felt some form of surgery being done with a screw bolted and tightenend and after a few minutes I yawned but my mouth closed comfortably. I knew Swami has answered my prayer and till today I am free of that problem. Such is the power that is amidst us as an answer to our prayers. Let us not allow anyone or any situation dissuade us from holding on to the feet of the Master.

Aum Hreem Nithyanandaya NamaH

Ever grateful to that benign power

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In support of truth and Nithyananda

Hi count me in.I stand for truth and in swami i see the manifestation of all that is true.

- Yana Segran

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My blissful life at Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam

Vijay Kari/ B.E (ECE) & PG Diploma in Embedded Systems Design & Avionics Engineer in Honeywell/ LBT

q) How and when did you stay at ashram?
After getting inspired from Swamiji’s teachings through Youtube discourses for nearly 8 months, and volunteering for various programs of Dhyanapeetam programs for 2 months, finally made a decision to move inside the ashram & attend LBT program for 2 years. I stepped inside Bidadi ashram as a full-time resident from September 2009

q) Did you face any harassment or problems?
No. Not at all. There is not even a single instance of facing harassment/problems from ashram. I felt I was living inside Heaven on planet Earth. I was taken care like a child and all senior ashramites & Swamiji had personally worked on my inner & outer transformation.

q) Did you hear or come across anyone who faced issues?
No. Not at all. I didn’t hear about anyone facing issues inside/outside the ashram who are connected to Swamiji. Moreover, I had heard and seen many people personally, who had positive transformation in their lives.

q) How would you describe quality of life and community at ashram?
I could clearly understand how sangha (community) can flourish when everyone in ashram are working with single pointed goal with inspiration for mission and devotion to Swamiji. I can call it a true quality of life being experienced by me staying in the ashram. The entire time I had spent in ashram is such a wonderful experience.

q) What would you say about your experience with Swamiji?
It is such a wonderful experience beyond words with Swamiji and living in the ashram living his teachings and experiencing the personal transformation. It is such a great experience to be experienced by everyone.

q) What would you say about the recent media reports?
I am very much disappointed and heart-broken to hear the fake reports on such a compassionate & responsible Master. These reports clearly are trying to defame a 100% genuine Sanathana dharma based organization and a Master who is practically living such a genuine lifestyle and preaching to the whole world how to live it boldly in this present world.

- Vijaykumar

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My experience at Bidadi Ashram

This is a recounting of my experience at the Dhyanapeetam Ashram in Bangaluru from Nov 11 2009 to March 2010. I was at the ashram attending the Life Bliss Engineering course and also staying on as a volunteer. It is my third time at the Dhyanapeetam ashram, I have been attending courses in India since 2007.

My current and past experiences have all been professional, wonderful and positive. This past experience was the best time and money ever spent in my life, on any class, travel, or life experience. In the 4 months I was at the ashram I had good accommodations, good food, which was all secondary to the transformative experiences my guru was leading us through to find the truth of ourselves. I never experienced any unprofessional behavior from my guru or the brahmacharyas. In fact, security safety, hygiene are of utmost importance at the ashram. I would go back for another course immediately, knowing how much progress I have made in my spiritual path under my guru's guidance.

MN Bodhanaa
Radiating Enlightenment

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You are my inner world - Swamiji

NITHYANANDAM,,,,I am WITH FULL CONSCIOUSNESS and with full awareness would like to thank our Master PARAMAHAMSA NITHYANANDA, because at this critical moment I am not disturbed or got shaken by any rumours. But my BAKHTI towards swamiji is getting deeper and deeper from day to day. I feel Every moment is very valuble because Swamiji is always in my thought. Now I have more time to read swamiji's book and practice his teachings in my life. Here I would like to quote swamiji's quotation that is "Person who feel only his pain and comes to me for healing is a devotee." "But a person who feels my pain and take responsibility which I have taken as this whole mission is a disciple!" ( PG. 392 Living Enlightenment - abridged edt.) So, now I am very obvious about my responsibility which is to be a disciple and give full support to my Master PARAMAHAMSA NITHYANANDA WHO IS A TRUE MASTER AT THIS CENTURY.


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Our deepest gratitude to our Guru who gave us joy - From Sri Lanka

We have attended the NSP in Malaysia, Nithyanandam in India and several Kalpadaru program in India and Malaysia. Our Guru has given light to our life. He gave us the courage.
Our search for truth started from Ramakrishna Mission in SriLanka. Then Osho, he really shake the root of ignorance. Then came my Guru - Nithyananda. The search for the Guru ended here. Without doubt we accept our lord. You have guided us swamiji and will keep on guiding us until we reach what is needed for us.
Nothing is needed than the name of our guru and "unclutching". No matter what is happening the cosmic energy will show the right path. It reminded me the story told by our guru - a desciple who uttered "Buffalo" and got enlightenment even though his guru was not enlightened. But we are with an Avatar!!! What else needed.
I am sure we all are going to see the next face of swamiji soon (Kalabairava!). The next wave is going to be a massive wave which will destroy the evil. Nothing will stand in front of our lord.
Who can understand the Avatar's leela?
We cannot judge the master.
Our 1000s pranams to your feet swamiji.
Who is dare to say the following than our master (Taken from the talks in youtube – inner awakening program) -
" You are much much more woth than any number of planet!!
Be Jobless (When it is a forced memory) - what is there? I will be with you!!
Even though you are not confident in you, I have confidence in you!!

Dr Sundaresan & Dharshini
Consultant Physician

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Swami is pure love, just experience it

My Pranams to Swami.
I am one of those fortunate to have seen more than 150 Swami's life bliss videos on you tube. Unfortunate to have not seen Swami in person yet.
Spiritual experiences has happened to be me at different stage in my life. The clarity, authenticity of Swami's words can be understood, only when you start having these experiences.
For me these lifebliss videos have been the greatest anchor. These are just enough for me to say Swami is divine.
For those who have doubts, please see these videos also and experience the divine. Just open up and don't get trapped in political plots.

One cannot gauge a Guru nor can one easily understand him. There is no doubt in my mind.

Just enjoy and practice ever bit of Swami's Teachings.

Always your humble devotee,
Vijay Venkataraman

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Swamiji in our lives


Swamiji came into our life in 2003 and we saw our whole lifestyle changing.My father who used to be so tensed and nervous and he was involved in many buisness beacause he was jealous others but what he got as a result was loss and he was totally depressed and could not sleep without taking sleeping pills and used to take 5 tablets per day,then we attended the meditation camp held by swamiji and what happened after two days was his health was extremely good and after continuation of meditation till today he doesnot take any tablet and he does not have any health problem.He is now healing people with minor illness.They seem relaxed.Then we became stabilized in our life and we got more than what we can say in words from swamiji.We learnt how to live a happy and contented life from swamiji.He gave us a technique to be a silent observer at great problems,that is what we are doing now.Punishing is not courageous job,Forgiving is the courageous thing.The people responsible for this allegations will surely repent one day or another.The media freedom is being used wrongly and our minds are being corrupted by them by continous repetition of unwanted things.We people should not be exploited by the media.We

We have trust in swamiji and we wont believe this allegations against him.We are proud to say that we are a part of this ashram which induces the vedic culture and heritage of india.Good things are never easily accepted by bad people.Even the great pandavas and Rama faced exile,Prophet mohammed was driven from mecca to medina,
and Jesus was crusified.The great curse of our people is we miss those godly people when they are on earth and after their death we use to worship them.Swami is a real time guru who can take us to god.This is a war happening between Good and Bad/between Pandavas and Kauravas,the fact is that the kauravas are more in number and may look strong but at last the Dharma/Pandavas will win.
The choice is yours,on whose side you are?We strongly say that we are in the side of Dharma and we strongly support our guru...



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I love you Swamiji

After meeting with nithyanada the way i saw the world get completely changed.. There is no conflict in my mind.. and i started taking responsibility for my whole life.. I m simply enjoyin every moment..

only who have experienced meditation or nithyananda can know who is he.. he always say one glimpse is enough.. I had the glimpse.. once i get in to satori where i was in complete ecstatic state where all the needs wat ever i think as important got disappeared.. I dont know wat really happened.. But What ever i thought as important completely got disappeared and nothing remains in that ecstatic state.. something completely pierced my body and only emptiness is there..

I love you swamji forever!!! Your blessings are always with me which i feel every second in my life... I love you love you Nithyananda :) :)

I m going to joiin coming nithyanandam course :) So happy for that also.. See you soon swamiji........ :)

Renga Rajan

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Om Hreem Nithyanandaya Namaha

My devotion to my Lord will never ever falter. I will be living rest
of the life chanting my Lord's name in the Mantra: Om Hreem
Nithyanandaya Namah!

Thank you for the email.

- Gyanendra Baral

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My dear Nithyananda

Greetings Everyone,

I came to know about Swamiji back in 2007 after the death of my father. But my faith in him solidified in me in January 2010 when I wound up in the emergency room at a local hospital after suffering a very bad asthma attack. To this day I believe that Swamiji saved me. I know that Swamiji was my Master when every day for an entire week, I would wake up hearing "OM HREEM NITHYANANDAYA NAMAHA" in my ears.

In late Jaunary of this year, one of Swamiji's Archaryas came to Toronto to give a public discourse. I could feel Swamiji's presence in the room and I had a very strong physical reaction. Since that evening, I have been happy to say that Swamiji has been by my side. Like a child, I've taken my first very shaky steps, but already the teachings and techniques I have learned so far have been helpful to me in so many ways.

Sadly, I am not surprised that these media attacks have occurred. Great spiritual leaders have faced all kinds of scandals--some have even been killed. So what we're seeing here isn't unusual. I for one used to work in media circles (radio) and I know that scandals always make "good news", if not, there would be nothing to talk about. In this case, the media has behaved very irresponsibly--this is not even journalism in my humble opinion.

However, these journalists are not monsters, they are just supplying the public's need for "junk food" news and they are human beings just like us. I forgive them for airing that video tape, but I hope that when everything is cleared up, they will do the right thing and apologize to Swamiji.

Swamiji, I humbly bow down to you and I support you no matter what. I am your humble servant.

Toronto, Canada

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Love and support for Swamiji

Dear Nithyanandaji,
To you I can only express my gratitude and love and during this media lynch on you I stand by you and give my whole support.
Although haven’t met you physically, you and your teachings are present in my daily life. You are such a blessing and gift to me, my family and friends that I simply cannot find words to express it. I can only say thank you from the bottom of my/our heart(s) on everything and for being here with us on this Earth.
Seeing all this drama about media I can only see how some humans simply deluded themselves thinking that they have right to judge those who spread the message of love, freedom, wisdom, enlightenment, compassion, true values and at the same time they express the worst qualities of their own nature. How sad it is that we still as a humanity miss to see our own responsibilities to share and show love, respect, compassion, gratitude, wisdom and give and share that to others and to the world, no matter how small capacity we may be. Small light is still so powerful to remove darkness.
Your divine light, your presence, your being and all pearls of wisdom are needed and again I say you are a gift of the Divine. So my translation work of your teachings still continues and when time comes it will be shared. In the meanwhile I pray to Lord Shiva to express his power through you and give transformation to todays world and humanity and bless those who want to radiate enlightenment.
With love,

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True gift to the world...


Fell in tune with your teaching from the first time I heard your voice swamiji and the rest is history.

I was perfectly happy with my life before your teaching, and now it's got better.....new energy and bliss :)

I believe in you as my guru, feel you are a gift and will stand by you always.

Lohini Rajagopal

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Swamiji is the real deal

After years of trying various meditation techniques, I discovered Paramahamsa Nithyananda near where I live in Southern California this past autumn. Attending Swamiji's programs I effortlessly fell into deep meditative states. After my healers initiation every time I meditate in my home using Nithyananda's techniques the experience is deep and fulfilling. Especially the "shakti dharana" practice I can feel Nithyananda's presence as if I were in the same room with him. As such, I can only conclude Nithyananda is a divine being!

Yuri Shramenko
Huntington Beach, California, USA

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Paramahamsa Nithyananda - Thank You

Dear Appa,

Thank you for making me to realize who i am in reality.

I love you so much.


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Support for Nithyananda from Austria


this is andreas mayr from austria.

i attended the nytt in july 2008 - what i found in the ashram when i was
in india at that time - a lot of competent, caring, loving people who
happily and peacefully worked thogether for the good of the whole world -
for humans to better understand life and themselves.

i am greatful to swamiji and also all the ashramites for having created
this beautiful space full of good energy and love.

inspired by swamiji and his community i spent countless hours watching
discourses and practising yoga and meditations.



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The amazing Nithyananda

In this world of misery and pain, how could we see Nithyananda without feeling profoundly happy to know there's a better kind of life to be lived?
In this world of egos and self-destruction, how could we be indifferent to his truthful words of love and inner peace?

In this world os unconsciousness, how could we not fell profoundly connected to his awakening ideas, to his actions and his presence?

In this world nothing else amazes me. No. Nothing else. The way they try to destroy Truth, the way they wanna keep people away from real freedom, all the inteligence used for domination and desinformation, their tricky games do not amazes me anymore. I've already seen enough and as it goes it's clear to me that this blindness cannot be anymore. This blindness is ending.

Ah, master! You are the one we should all be amazed with. I'm always admired by the way you teach, by your wisdom and the way you are, the whole sangha and... everything basically.
Despite the distance I can see who you are.
Jai Jai Nithyananda!

M. Vasconcelos da Silva

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In support of Paramahamsa Nithyananda

After a quarter century long search for Truth or a medium to get me to the
Truth, I had the good fortune of meeting Swamiji on 13th September 2009. I
can say that was a turning point in my life, which was characterized until
then with a relentless feeling of being alone and unloved. One touch by
Swamiji during the energy darshan seems to have completely erased the deep
despair I had carried in my heart all my life and opened up a space I didn't
know existed within me. That was the moment of experiencing what I had only
intellectually known: "That you are enough unto yourself, you are already
and always whole and complete". That one single blessing from the Master
opened up for me a new hope and renewed motivation to live, as opposed to
constantly feeling burdened by life. A weight had lifted and everything
seemed worthy. I had the privilege and good fortune of attending the 21-day
Inner Awakening program in December 2009 at the Bidadi Ashram. The takeaways
from this unique and only of its kind program are way too many to describe
here, but one thing stood out for every single participant: That this is not
an extraordinary human, rather a divine being beyond the comprehension of
the limited human logic. The boundless compassion and endless energy to
reach out to every soul unconditionally is beyond any human capability. My
little human mind often wondered what's in it for Him, and why does He care
so much for any one of us. While for all of us mortals divinity is mostly a
concept but the body is a gross truth, for Him, the body is incidental to
His all-pervading divinity, just a tool to carry on his mission of raising
the human consciousness on planet earth. I do sincerely believe that if I
could ever get a taste or glimpse of what we all conceive as God, I saw and
experienced THAT in Swamiji. If at all He has to be judged, lets judge Him
for the inconceivable transfromations He has brought about in the lives of
millions like me, through His writings, discourses and His mere presence and

I attribute to Swamiji's teachings and blessings the way I have been able to
attend to and handle calls and queries from devotees and workshop
participants in the wake of this crisis, and never cease to be amazed at the
power of His Mahavakya: UNCLUTCH J

In Nithyanandam,

Sujata Potay

Psychotherapist and Trainer,

Hyderabad, India.

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Support to a Mahatma

Nithyanandam! It is tragic for this nation to be engaged in maligning a master of rare variety who had enlightened millions of people.When political and media mafia conspire and is orchestrated by pigs among J's, any noble soul can be maligned. Swamiji is the latest. I have visited the Ashramam very recently and I found peace and only peace everywhere. The disciples and acharyas were so humble and gave an impression of total dedication to a holy cause. I am a post graduate in business management and miss Swamiji's golden voiced discourses carrying the weight of his learning and intuitive understanding. Myself,my wife and my daughter pray for his blessings and we are with him at this hour.
Kaushik Raju

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You are God Sent!

Dear Swamiji,
Just by listining to your teachings over the youtube and reading your book and applying in my life , the transformation that has happened is amazing, what ever we write here that we are with you or express our gratitude is not going to do justice for what we have got from you. You have given us strength and courage to live our lives amidst all the happenings, we know you will be safe and looking forward to see your gracious presence as ever again!!
Thank you !!
Hema Shankaranarayana

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Support for Swamiji

When I am in the presence of Swamijii my inner space becomes quiet, still and filled with bliss. Swamijii is not a man, but an radiant energy to be experienced! I have seen Swamijii do miraculous healing with my own eyes and perform the ultimate miracle: turning man into divine! I just spent three weeks with swamijii during the last Inner Awakening program. My time with him was nothing short of pure bliss. Not only that, but the bliss has been growing exponentially since I have returned home. I feel that a video tape does not even come close to holding weight against all the personal experiences I have had with swamijii in the short time I have known him. Swamijii has personally and radically changed my life for the better in all dimensions and directions. His energy and his teachings are the strong pillars of higher consciousness from which I have built a life established in the joy of the present moment. Swamijii thank you so much, I stand by you in this life and the next!
- Corey Doyle

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Greatest blessing to mankind from God or Existence

I meet Swamiji just 8-9 months back and was left with the feeling 'Oh God!, I must have done something great to see and spend time with
An incarnation'

I learnt NithyaDhyan meditation, read his books and have attended some of his programs (YSP,NSP,Kalpatharu,Self-Healing).
It’s humongous to quantity/count his blessings on my life, still I would try to jolt down some of them
- Lost my severe back pain, neck pain
- Got out of my 1.5 yrs old depression caused by sudden loss of my father
- Fear of unknown has been gone down by 80%
- Improved my relationship with almost everyone around
- Am able to create positive results in most of the things I do.

Now coming to the video, Questioning Swamiji is like questioning God himself.
I sincerely believe that this psychological earthquake in human minds is a great Lila of God/Existence to make mankind more aware and
awaken 'Hello.. wake up...God has descended on planet earth. Act now if you really want to understand the meaning of life and
to get a blissful state'
Whatever happens, this mission will continue so that millions of people get benefited in terms of physical, mention and spiritual


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Ever in Nithyananda

I have had the good fortune of being with Swami for some time. Each moment with him was new and fresh. We have been witness to Swami being the most caring and gentle mother, the stern and caring father and the task master who was constantly urging us to rise up spiritually. He has provided each one of us ample opportunity to flower beautifully in a manner suited to our mental make-up. Everything in the ashram was tailor made to our individual needs. We have been witness to the way Swami would interact with guests, visitors, participants and ashramites. It was always an object lesson for all of us. Sarva darshan and Kalpataru darshan showed the overflowing compassion of Swami to the world at large. I think all the participants in these will testify with their experiences. In this trying period let us join hands and hearts with the resolve to stand with Swamiji and be the pillars of His Mission.

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I am with Swamiji

Dear swamiji nithyanantha,
i am also with you on ur side, i am today and breathing frely and living peaceful life is all because of you and ur teachings.
people around made fun on seeing what was aired, but i said them only one thing"the master will come out and arise again with truth and evidence.

what ever may happen in this world i am with you nithyanandha,

take care and awaitng to hear more on bliss livign again

arun sivakumar
540/7 v.reddappagowda buildig,doddathogur, electronic city post bangalore-560100

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Trust your own experience

I have been following Swamiji’s teachings and attending his programs for 5 years. I am well travelled, educated, not religious, and used to only trusting my personal experiences when judging people or events.
In brief, my personal experience with Swamiji is this:
· He healed me from a devastating chronic disease (no cost).
· Through his simple teachings and unbelievable personal grace, he made my life meaningful.
· He has given me knowledge and simple, effective tools to live my life happily and help others.
During all that time, Swamiji astonished me with his trustfulness, clarity, approachability and sense of humor, as well as his non-stop, genuine efforts to better the life of each person he comes in contact with and the world at large. My entire family and many of my friends follow Swamiji’s teachings for all the above reasons as well.
Being around Swamiji is a once in a lifetime opportunity for one to enrich one’s life. The real tragedy of the sad events like this is that in the result, he will become less available if at all.
However, knowing Swamiji, he is not going to give up on us that easy!
Love and many thanks, Swamiji!
Ananda Sarvottam, NJ, USA

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Dear Swam..

Swamy, I am with you !

Nalinas @ Ma Nithya sarvashantaja

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Biggest miracle in my life

the greatest miracle in my life is witnessing how beautifully my inner space has changed in the last 3+ years thanks to Swamiji! i am blessed and blissed to have Swamiji in my life!
Ma Nithyananda Udaysree

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Radiating Enlightenment - In gratitude

Dearest Swamiji,
My profound gratitude for everything you have done, are doing and will do for me. Outwardly, I am still a daughter, a mother, a wife, a friend and a hi-tech executive. But through your experiential workshops, practicing meditation and living your message, I have quite simply, been transformed. My inner space is clear, disturbances are simply an opportunity to look within, discover another “click” and respond to existence rather than react from unawareness. Each day, I witness the leela and knowing that you are with me, play my role blissfully, in the dance with existence!
In Nithyananda,
Radiating Enlightenment

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Be strong behind our priceless master


Dear all,

I am writing this not to praise Swamiji but to point out to my fellow devotees our obligation in this
hour of battle of the Good vs evil.

At my initial LBP Dharshan, I had asked Swamiji to "be with me always no matter whatever happens".
Bakta paratheenaa, SIva-Avatar, My beloved Mahachcharyaa promised me that He would do so without
any hesitataion. That mutual spiritual bond is and will always be permanent.

I am sure there are millions and millions of devotees like me in Swamiji's army and
we all have a moral obligaion to our master who cares so much for
our spiritual growth.

Since very ancient times, Whenever there is emergence Positive energies
to librate humanity, they always are accompanied by the counteractive Negative forces,
Lord Siva and Dhaksha,Jesus and Judas,God and Satan
to name a few.
I strongly urge my fellow devotees to be steadfastly supportive of Swamiji in his defence
against Adharma. Please Dont be misled or intimidated by the modern day Dhakshas and
Judas groups.
Please, Rally behind our Priceless Precious master NOW!! Or lose everything and regret later.


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We have to respect the Ashram and the Ashramites for coming out with the Press Release

It is so amazing how wonderful the guys from the Ashram are. Amidst all these problems they still had the courage to come in front of the press and provide facts for some of the allegations and also for managing the whole situation with calm, intelligence and courage. They had the courage to come in front of the press and do their part of their responsibility by apologizing for the disturbance caused by the scandal and promising to provide the facts everything. Such ideal people!! Will always have respect for the people of the ashram and Swamiji.


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Swamiji - A gift to humanity

As many enlightened masters in the past, present and yet to come future have uplifted humanity, so is one present day master Paramahamsa Nithyananda. Being a youth and professional growing up in modern day society, the rapid decline of vedic culture and Dharma is very apparent. Hence, a Master (Swamiji) has come down to restore vedic culture and tradition and Dharma to humankind. His teachings, meditation techniques and healing has helped and guided millions of people worldwide to live and radiate enlightenment. He has transformed many lives on the physical, mental and spiritual level.

Indeed it is such a misfortune to humanity itself for such negative publicity against a great Master by the media for greed, laundering and increasing their viewership. Swamiji, himself is a blessing from existence to uplift humanity...which by the way He need not do...to bring us to our ultimate form of existence. As time immoral Masters have been prosecuted by us and the media, but now is the time as intelligent beings to arise and awaken to the call. Let us not lose this opportunity to live and learn from a LIVING master, before it is too late. Let us all arise, awake and support one of the greatest Masters to walk the planet earth, for HE is truly a "lion among men". Let us not judge and trust our hearts, that is beyond our logical mind, to truly realize that He is a true Enlightenend Master.

As in the Mahabharat war where the 5 Pandavas (good) stood up against the 100 Kauravas (evil), let us all stand united and TRUTH WILL ALWAYS PREVAIL.


A grateful Disciple/Devotee

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Our gratitude to Swamiji

Aum kreem Nithyanandaya Nemaha,

Dear Swami,

Thank you for Life changing Teaching and Meditation Techniques you teach us for our betterment.

We are with You always.Long Life to you.

Puva & Sumathi.

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I stand up for Sanatana Dharma

Hari Om!

I am not disciple of Swi Swamiji Nithyananda but I see the light of wisdom through his words, the same light as through words of my beloved Master. He is protector of Sat Sanatan Dharma and spread this divine knowledge world wide. Thanks to my Master, thanks to Swami Nithayananda and many other divine souls who selflessly help us to live better life.
I pray for all bhaktas to stay on the Way, no metter of circumstamces. Sat sanatan Dharma Ki Jay!

Gulabi Devi, Croatia

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My support for Swamiji

Paramahamsa Nithyananda is an enlightened Master of the 21st Century, in an age where the harmony and balance of male/female dynamics have yet to be attained. This is the frontier for all of us living on planet earth. The equality of men and women must be achieved, if we are ever to enjoy a lasting and permanent global peace.

Spirituality does not exclude sexuality. In fact, the awakening and radiant expression of the creative centers is a necessary and inevitable step on the journey of enlightenment. However… this “recent news” was obviously a conspiracy attempt to besmirch and snare Swamiji, casting him in a dark and negative sexual image. These people sought to capture and ensnare an innocent and genuine Being. No one but a true Nithyananda devotee could possibly understand the depth and brilliance of Swamiji’s spiritual leadership and guidance. It exists far and beyond this ordinary, material dimension.

Nithyananda’s Mission is an illumined 21st Century version of the precious Vedic teachings. As a pivotal spiritual leader, he has broken with tradition, training many of his devotees to be “Enlightened CEO’s” … to work in the world and contribute to its upliftment, forsaking the ancient tradition of reclusive detachment. He has initiated both men and women into the Bramacharia orders, thereby acknowledging the human and spiritual validity and equality of these esteemed women. This is a courageous act of enlightened leadership for our age.

He looks deeper into the heart of the Sanyas experience, and teaches his devotees to develop trust for “Existence” itself, which allows them to let go of the ego/mind’s chatter, and the dramas which follow. It is about embracing Life…and flowing with Existence, not sacrificing and withholding oneself. He says: “Give up what you don’t have… and you will live fully in the moment.” The old understandings are brought to new life and vitality through his illumined perspectives.

Swamiji’s practical brilliance is unquestioned. It is no wonder he draws the cream of spiritual seekers…intelligent, self aware, truthful and courageous men and women. It is an honor to be counted among them.

The synchronicity of this smear campaign with the Kumbha Mela is no accident, as Nithyananda was acclaimed very highly (perhaps to the dismay of some) in a former Kumbha Mela. Influential, beloved and brilliant spiritual leaders (like Jesus, the Bab, Baha’u’llah, and Gandhi) have been persecuted, and even slain by jealous contemporaries through out history. There have been small people who try to tear great ones down, but no real heroes can be destroyed, but only proven, through time, to be authentic. Time will tell in this case, as our Swamiji is only 33 years old, and has many years of brilliant service before him.

The good that he has done… by far… outshines any tawdry and witless attempt to bring him down in the public eye. Whoever is behind the smear campaign will soon be eating very humble pie, shamed by their own low frequency preoccupations. There is so much more to life. The Truth will prevail, and I’m sure, catapult all of us to new heights of compassion, wisdom, and tolerance.

Om Namah Shivaya

In the Auspicious Light of Truth,

“Ma Nithya Karunananda”

Reverend Roma Carlisle

Divine Science Minister & Bidadi Ashramite

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I am with you

Dearest Nithyananda Family,
My heart goes out to all of my brothers and sisters of the Nithyananda family. I know we shall safely prevail in Love and Truth. Would you kindly add the attached message to the pool of supportive testimonials coming in.
I wish I were there in the Ashram with you, my dear, dear ones.
Your Loving,


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Support from Istanbul

I am a devotee from Istanbul,Turkey.I have never met dear Swamiji Paramahamsa Nithyananda yet,but I have wathed all the videos of his teachings on youtube and fallowing his latest videos,teachings from dhyanapeetam.org everyday, watching vedic temples online .I had been into many spiritual teachings,sufism,hermetism,alchemy,astrology,kabbalah,budism,shamanism... but I have started living my knowledge in an enlightened and blissfull way only with his teachings THANKYOU NITHYANANDA and I just want to say I am so happy there is an enlightened being living on earth and also benefited from his teachings living enlightenment devotees,acharyas..And I will join Swamiji's programs.Happy Kumbha Mela.
My deepest gratitude to Swamiji Paramahamsa Nithyananda.
Reyhan Buket

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