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“The statements of Nithya Swarupananda, Raghav, Nithya Achalananda, Nithya Sudhakunanda, Gnanananda, Nithya Sachidananda, Yogananthan recorded during the investigation refer to the presence of the swami in the video telecast on March 3,”


We would like to categorically deny that the statements mentioned in Deccan Herald – first of all, when investigations were going on, how are outright false statements coming out? More importantly, NOT ONE of us has been asked any question about Swamiji being in the video.

This is one of the many stark examples of so many false allegations in the media. If they can blatantly say such lies, what kind of credibility do all the thousand and one allegations have?

- Achala, Swaroopa, Sadhaka

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I am a doctor devotee of Nithyananda. What is all this nonsense about HIM?

I practice my profession as a doctor sometimes in my native place Salem and sometimes where I am, in Chennai. I can’t believe what these people are writing in the newspapers and magazines. What utter nonsense – all twisted and shown.
Anyway, I have attended Swamis programs since 2005. They are all so enjoyable, life-changing, inspiring and like a breath of fresh air. As a doctor, I have recommended the programs to so many of my patients. They have all attended the programs and have come back and told me how wonderful the programs are. I don’t know why these people are taking so much trouble in writing and showing such twisted nonsense.
- Dr. Ravi, Chennai

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I am a brahmachari of the Nithyananda ashram

I have undergone the brahmacharya training program at the ashram. I can say, only after going through the program, I overcame so much of lust that was in me. The techniques in the program work very deeply on us. It is difficult to even verbalise the wonderful changes in me after the program. I know that I am a changed person today. I am liberated from my past guilts, worries, memories that used to haunt me. I can say that I am liberated from the old me! Some people start expressing deeply during the program. And they have got tremendous relief and benefits.

- Brahmachari of Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam ashram

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All I want to say is…

1. Don’t believe what Tamil yellow magazines say. They are digging their own grave.

2. Tamilnadu is doomed for eternity for what they have done to a DIVINE BEING. Only the blessed souls who did not go against the DIVINE being are saved in Tamilnadu. Anyone who even spoke one word against the DIVINE BEING has to face the punishment.

3. Don’t talk ill about Nithyananda or His programs or His people. You are collecting UNWANTED KARMA.

- Chandrashekar, Chennai

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Nithyananda meditation programs are conducted with so much care…

I have volunteered many times for Nithyananda’s meditation programs. They are conducted with so much security and care for the participants. Men and women are kept strictly in their respective sides of the hall. In fact I found it amazing to see that care is taken to THAT level inspite of today’s modern society. The Nakkeeran magazine is really misrepresenting things. They are spitting negativity and perversion into society and people are dangerously giving money, buying it and reading it. Not only that, they are doing it to an enlightened master’s mission. God knows what is going to happen to the owner and editor of Nakkeeran and the other people who are responsible for publishing such baseless nonsense. I wonder if even God can save them.

- Volunteer, Nithyanandam Dhyanapeetam

Lenin saving the world? Yeah?

I watched Lenins full interview on youtube. I am amazed at the lies that’s coming out of his mouth. I have known him for a couple of years and never thought he would turn out to be this kind of a sleazy guy. First of all, if he was interested in only bringing down Swamiji he would have stopped once the video came out in the open. Second of all, he claims he did this with the only purpose of saving the people and all the brahmacharinis who were suffering and crying to him.

What a joke. Do you guys know this monstor has started sleazy porn serial in this third rate yellow magazine? Don’t know how much hes being paid for this, but they keep implicating the ashramites and brahmachari’s/ni’s at the ashram. This is what he calls saving them from more pain? What kind of a monster is he? I am closely associated with the ashram and know everything that goes on in there. I know for sure that whatever Lenin is saying is 200% lies.

I cant stop being amazed at what money and need for revenge can do to a person. I am sorry for Lenin who I know will himself go through hell for what he has done. Negativity cannot be alive for long. Those who support negativity will die as soon as the negativity dies down.

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More than just hypnotism: From a psychiatrist

Namamste One and All,

I am a psychiatric doctor by profession, who has worked with many different kinds of people in my life.

There are a few things I would like to clarify about the current accusations against Shri Nithyananda Swamiji.

I believe that in any situation, we can only go by our own experience and understanding.
In the past 2.5 years, I have met Shri Nithyananda Swamiji a few times on different occasions. I cannot strictly call myself a devotee of Shri Swamiji, but I was strongly convinced of his authenticity and commitment towards the society. Recently, I heard that there are some accusations against him, saying that he has hypnotized large groups of young men and women and forcibly kept them in his ashram.

As a professional, I can assure those concerned that it is not possible to hypnotize a large group of people for so many months, or even years! Those who are staying with Nithyananda have obviously received and are receiving some real benefits from him. This includes his healing successes, which certainly cannot be explained away as hypnotism.

Moreover, I have interacted with some of the people in his ashram, and they appear to be balanced and intelligent individuals in sound mental health. I did not detect anything unusual in their behavior, nor did I have occasion to doubt their commitment towards Shri Swamiji and his mission.

There is no doubt that Shri Swamiji’s teachings and meditations can help society from many modern ills like stress and depression. For our own sake, let us ignore these childish charges against him and focus only on the benefits that can accrue to us from such an elevated personage as Shri Swamiji.

With best wishes,
Dr. Verma, M.D. (Psychiatry)

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My name is Prarthana and I am a 22-year-old MBA student from Bangalore. I first met Swamiji during the Kalpataru program in the ashram in August last year. I had been suffering from migraine for many years and came to him for healing. Swamiji healed me with just a single touch. It is still unbelievable for me.

I especially want to add that when Swamiji hugged and blessed me during the healing, I felt such a motherly compassion flowing from him. There was no trace of any masculine aggressiveness in his behavior. We women are naturally sensitive to any sign of aggression from a man, but I felt completely safe and protected when Swamiji hugged me. My father, who also got a hug from Swamiji, shared exactly the same thing with me later.

So those who are saying all kinds of things against Swamiji, please be aware that we cannot judge a pure and great soul by our own ideas of right and wrong. We can never completely understand the actions of saints, but at least we can avoid condemning them.

With love,
Prarthana Prabhudev



I have been a disciple of Swamiji since 2002. It pains me deeply to hear about the outrageous accusations being made against Swamiji and the organization. I would like to place on record that in the eight years that I have been associated with the ashram, I have experienced nothing but safety and security in the ashram. Never have I faced any kind of abuse, nor am I aware of any other ashramite facing any such abuse. Such a thing is unthinkable for any of us.

I request all of you who are reading this not to be taken in by the reports in the media, especially in the yellow journals. No one knows the environment of the ashram better than the ashramites who are living here.

We have always been treated with consideration and respect in the ashram and can vouch for the fact that Swamiji or any other ashramite has never EVER behaved inappropriately with us. I have attended almost all the programs offered by the ashram and have found nothing even remotely offensive in any of them. It is deeply painful and humiliating for us ashramites to even have to answer the dirty accusations made by the media about our Guru and our fellow-ashramites.

Most of these accusations have been made without an iota of fact in them, but using (or hinting at) the names of real ashramites. For the common reader, it is almost impossible to separate the fiction from the fact.

I have a question for the yellow media which revel in sensationalism:

When not a single brahmacharini in the ashram has any complaint against Swamiji or others, who are these outsiders to assume things about our safety and play the grand role of our protectors?

Even the CID who is investigating the case, and who spoke to the ashramites with complete confidentiality, later revealed that not a SINGLE ASHRAMITE had anything to say against Swamiji. Not just that, the ashramites have pledged their complete trust in Swamiji.

Isn’t it obvious by now that there is no hanky-panky going on in the ashram?

So can the yellow journals please stop hounding our Guru and leave us alone to pursue our sadhana?

Priya, Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam, Bidadi