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How Swamiji has changed my life

Dear Nithyanandam: I want to say how much you have been influence for my life and i know how fortunate i am to get to know the greatest spiritual teacher for all times.
Just a year a go this time getting knowing you thorougher your books from my neighbour after a few month later meting you at calpataru you make so much difference for my life that i can stand again. But these days seeing you in these allegation i am vary sad, but because you thought me that facing the present moment i am able to see your true teaching because it makes me more stronger.
Even thou, these days so many controversy about, you stand still with grace and kindness to help us how we could make our life better, so no matter what conspiracy they put out-heir I even love you more. The reason is your teaching so profound i see so many inner change in my life and i am still learning every day. The reason is i never stop doing my Nithananda meditation nor Guru Puja once a day also i watch you U-tub.
For someone like me who met Swamiji last yer at Calpataru only once, if he makes so much change in my life i wonder how much he have done for those who are fortunate enghe spend more time with him. I know for sure you will be back Swamiji and you will be the greatest spiritual teacher you will ever been because they will realize howmuch you have done for the society.


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