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Safety at Nithyananda Ashram

I am an ashramite at Paramahamsa Nithyananda’s ashram. I have been a resident here for the past 4 and half years. In all my stay here, it has been only extremely beautiful – safe, secure, spiritually enriching and such a caring family. I never had any fear for myself, being a single lady that too. If at all, I only felt more secure in this ambience. Swamiji has always given so much of respect to women personally. He has always given such a high status and regard for women in His discourses, in His personal interactions, in public. I can vouch that never was any kind of exploitation or injustice, be it physical, mental or anything else, was done to me, my friends, my fellow ashramites. It is a big plot, a big conspiracy, to defame our Swamiji who has revolutionized the thinking of millions and who hence has become a potential threat for so many powerful people with vested interests.

-Jayalakshmi, Ashramite, Bidadi


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