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We stand by you..

I am dumbfounded on the current situation involving my GREAT MASTER. At the same time it has not effected me in any way. My trust, faith, devotion, love for him still remains the same. In fact I think it has made me love him even more. Now the whole world will know of his existence. If I am going to put into words all that I have gone through and am going through after he entered my life there would be no end. The biggest miracle he has done for me is to get my husband back on his two feet after a very serious ailment. When i met him at kalpataru he said "Don't worry. I will help you". Ever since that day he is there for me in my daily life helping me and guiding me through. He has come to me on many occassions and gave me answers to questions that were lingering in me. These days I go through life with less stress cuz i know that he is there to handle all for me. My faith and trust in him will never decrease no matter what the situation is.

To me he is GOD in human form. I will always stand by my master especially in a trying time like this. Soon the storm will clear and the waves will subside and flowers will start blooming all over again in this garden of peace and love....



Pranam to Swamiji


I had my first darshan of Swamiji in Nov 2005. He was full of compassion and healed me. I did my NSP in 2006, BSP, HEALER in 2008. Everytime when I had Energy Darshan, I could see improvement in health and spiritual level. He has helped me to find out best qualities in me as well as people around me. I feel so grateful for all his good teachings and showing us the path of 'Jeevan Mukthi'.

In Nithyanandam,
Radha Sridhar

Victory will be to the master

victory be to the master, victory will be to the master
the crusader of compassion and boundless kindness
the ocean of wisdom and infinite knowledge
victory be to the master, victory will be to the master

The boundless existence,the ever flowing energy of freshness
the alchemist who transforms rotten human existence to divine gold
the philosophers stone whose one touch banishes all negativity
the panacea that cure all illnesses physical and mental alike
victory be to the master, victory will be to the master

The formless energy enrobed in the body of pure compassion
the infinite power bubbling with child like enthusiasm
the one who knows all that is to be known
the one who pervades all domains of time and still beyond
victory be to the master, victory will be to the master

pardon them oh master who in the infinity of their foolishness set out to persecute you,who is the prana behind life, the cause behind the entire existence
and pardon us too oh master embodiment of compassion, if even for passing moment we were assailed by doubt.
victory be to the master, victory will be to the master
victory be to the master, victory will be to the master

Pankaj Dwivedi

Swamiji is such a compassionate being

We met Swamiji two years ago and my experiences with him are extremely beautiful. Swamiji is such a compassionate being. His motherly love and compassion is only to be experienced. We have attended various meditation programs with Swamiji and all that we want to say is his very presence can bring deep joy and happiness in you. Truly the greatest gift one can receive is to learn from a living master. Through his teachings he gives us techniques and methods that will help us deal with our emotions and problems of day to day life.

Sonal and Bijal Kantawala

Guru Paramahamsa Nithyananda, We are Standby You

I am one of the Guru Paramahamsa Nithyananda devotees from Malaysia. I am living and experiencing divine energy in my life since I became devote of Guru Paramahamsa Nithyananda 2 years ago.

In Malaysia we also receive Suntv channel. I closely follow-up each and every news about our Guru since 02/03/2010, the first day Suntv broadcast negative news on Guru Paramahamsa Nithyananda. I also can access online news from India through websites.

Since the negative news was broadcast on suntv, I am surprise to see there are many people behave so stupidly and low class behavior. Most of these people are not devotees of Guru Paramahamsa Nithyananda nor do they have anything to do with Dhyanapeetam Organization. They are simply over reacting, damaging public properties, burning Guru's banners for nothing. The idiotic behavior watching throughout the world. They should be shame for their act.

Many cowards also giving their negative views on Guru Paramahmansa Nithyananda on net (since they are without manners, they judging and sent views on Guru Paramahamsa Nithyananda based on their selves)

Who are they to do all this before Guru Paramahamsa is given a chance to defense the accusation and before the allegation is proven in court. They should stop harassing our Guru Paramahamsa Nithyananda. Mirror themselves first before you can pass the judgment on others!!!

We strongly believe Guru Paramahamsa Nithyananda is innocent.
We stand by our Guru Paramahamsa Nithyananda previously, at this time, and forever.

Jagadish Nallappan
Maheswary Aumugam (wife)
Thamindran (son)
Kavillan (son)
Shaila (daughter)

Stand up for Swamiji

Beloved Swamiji, Please take care of Yourself. What we need is only Your wellbeing and to see Your beautiful smile. Relax and feel it like a few holidays. Love you forever,come what may.


Swamiji transformed my life

I first met swamiji in 2007. After meeting swamiji I can tell that I started to experience different dimensions in my life.After attending the first level programme, I realized how much I had lost the connection with myself. I cant even laugh for a single joke.I was that much tight within myself.Only at that time, I realized that I wasn’t able to sit silently or peacefully within myself. That much chaos was within me. Only after meeting swami I realized how much I had taken everything for granted. After that I started practicing swamis meditation technique and started reading his teachings. At first I didn’t realize how much transformation that had happened in me. And then,suddenly I became aware of myself.The way I handled everything was totally different.I started thanking everyone ,and started appreciating everything.I had the feeling that life is an eternal celebration.I was able to sit within myself.Everytime,I faced any problem swamis words just surfaced like an arrow and helped me to dissolve it.Never in my life,I had experienced such a wonderful miracle. All, I can tell is,I feel that there is something being added in my life.There is no words to describe this. I thank swamiji ,the compassionate a being who had transformed my life by his wisdom and ultimate teachings. I really feel the feeling of gratitude to have been receiving this knowledge from him, the greatest soul in this planet earth.

Sreelakshmi Selvaraja

Heartfelt gratitude to Swamiji

Dear All,

I wish to convey my heartfelt gratitude to Swamiji for pointing out some very simple truths of life through the wonderful ASP program . He pointed out a simple and straight forward path to follow for everyday bliss for which I am ever grateful to him. I have also done NSP and Kalpataru programs with Swamiji , but it is ASP that impacted me the most . Like he himself says repeatedly, all the meditations and practices he teaches us through his courses have been around for hundreds of years and we all who have benefitted through Swamiji's discourses and techniques should not confuse the teacher with his teachings. Swamiji is and will always remain my teacher ( Guru) . ...my only one at that.

If my life is Blissful and simple ...its because of what I learnt during my ASP.
Thank you Swamiji...in gratitude always

Sandhya Godey

I experienced an unbelievable miracle

I fully support Swamiji & his mission from bottom of my heart & hope the nuisance created by the media dies down soon so that needy people get benefit from Swamijis mission. Below is my story & experience with Swamiji that I would like to share at this moment.

I have been reading Economic Times regularly for last several years. About four years back I read Swamiji’s article in Economic Times for the first time & I liked it so much that I used wait eagerly for his next article to read. I liked them so much that I started cutting the articles from the news paper & preserving them for future reading & sharing with my friends. I still have the last 4 years collection with me. Whenever I read his articles I used to wonder who this enlightened master is & I felt like meeting him one day. That opportunity came to my doorstep accidently & I attended his Kalpataru Meditation Program on January 26, 2010. I attended Kalpataru Meditation Program because it was a Republic day holiday & out of my curiosity to see Swamiji who writes so beautifully. I had no other great expectations when I went to attend Kalpataru Meditation Program. But when I returned home from Kalpataru Meditation Program, I experienced an unbelievable miracle. I was not the same person after attending Kalpataru Meditation Program. I was having severe difficulty with breathing due to chronic bronchitis & associated other problems for almost two years, All of them vanished without leaving a trace. I felt as if I never had bronchitis in my life. Today as I am writing my story on March 10, 2010, I have no breathing trouble.

I will always remain grateful to Swamiji for his wonderful unexpected personal gift & eagerly looking forward to attend his other programs in future. I have shared experience with many of my friends recommended them his programs. Hope they would benefit from Swamiji’s blessings & do not get mislead by the nonsense created by media. I hope people soon realize that it is not enlightened Swamiji but people who will miss a great opportunity if they follow media.

Best regards
Deepak Tudvekar

My support for Swamiji and Ashram

I work in the Marketing department of a MNC IT company in Bangalore . I have been benefited from Swamiji's teachings in work and life since 2005.I have attended his ASP, NSP and Healers programs. I am grateful to Swamiji for all his contributions to me and to the mankind.I have interacted with many of the Ashramites and I found them very nice, cooperative, helpful and resourceful.

My son had excessive Bilurubin count in his blood tests when he was born. We called up the Ashram Healing Centre and took 21 days of remote healing and now his test results show the count well within the limits.Medical records are available as proofs.

I do not believe whatever has been accused against Swamiji and Dhyanapeetam are true. I view them as accusations from jealous , insecure people.

All my support for Swamiji and Ashram.

Warm regards
Roopak Narayanankutty

Fight for the truth

He is the Cosmos
Swamiji is the cosmic which is the formless in form.The cosmic has come down to rescue us all from the cycle of Life and Death.Intelligent people are those who surrender to Him and get releaved from this boring cycles of life and death.He has come to teach us the Truth.He has come to show us the Truth. Only those who are ignorant about the Sathya the Truth speak ill about Him.Let us all stand together for our beloved Guru.Let us all hold hands and fight along with the Truth.It is time to show our real Gratitude to our Swamiji. He is the Guiding light to all of us.

We are there for you Swamiji.We love you.We are truly grateful to You,your teachings and your life solutions.


Stand Proud for Swamiji

There has been no other teacher who has affected me as deeply and as positively as Paramahamsa Nithyananda. This is the first person who showed me how to open up my heart. When your heart is open your meditations and your life become so much more meaningful.

He has offered me the opportunity to take a deep look at myself, which ultimately caused me to grow in ways I never expected.

Let's stand together for a true Guru! He's taken so many of us out of darkness and into light!

Leandra Ginevra

The truth will triumph

Truth Triumphs!

My experience with swamiji though has been for a short time (about 6 months) now, it has been a deep experiential one, with tremendous impact in my understanding of 'life' Its truly been an inner awakening. What one hears or even sees can be untrue, but not what one experiences. His books 'living enlightenment', 'guaranteed solutions', various discourses in YouTube, and courses - ASP & NSP have helped me transform internally to a great deal. One can only experience not explain the value of these, nor can be explained in words -its like when you experience 'love'. For a question once a devotee asked "are you trying to prove that you are a god", swamiji's answer was "NO. I am only trying to prove that you are god".The beauty is Swamiji has always respected all spiritual gurus; has encouraged to follow any master we like. He says "the message from all masters and religion is the same, but people forget the message and stick to the master". That's exactly happening now. Instead of looking into the messages swamiji has loaded the world with, people have started questioning about his whereabouts, age, origin, purity, etc.If swami had to mint money through devotees (as being proclaimed in the news channel again and again!), why so many youTube discourses (over 700nos), including his ASP,NSP, Inner awakening, etc are freely made available for people. People have option of not coming to ashram but only getting his knowledge through Internet, books and CDs. They are all powerful enough to touch anybody's inner consciousness.

Any devotee who has experienced swamiji's energy will not take much time in seeing this whole episode as a mere scandal for a personal gain, rivalry or vengeance. People who have visited ashram or swami with an 'evaluating' or 'doubtful' mindset, would obviously be shaken with what media has to say. However, a common basic question one could ask is, why only one media house or network is very keen in airing continuously about the scam, getting very creative in creating negative capsules around the ashram and ashramites. The miscreants who caused destruction at ashram on the first day...did they look like devotees or mobs.Any media has to play a neutral role of showcasing the facts and not pass allegations, judgments and conclusions. Doesn't these make obvious that some great movers and shakers could be a part of these? In the press conference somebody asked a question " is Kumbamela more important to swamiji than clearing the air about him?". A clean hand wants no washing.

Besides this story behind the scandal, if one goes back to history, all great spiritual leaders and divinity have faced insults; have faced the truth in a hard way. It was never easy for any great masters or divine...be it Jesus Christ (was allowed to be on earth for a short period), Shirdi Saibaba (his religion was questioned, allegations were passed, ill treated, etc), Sri Rama (his kingdom was snatched), Seetha (her character was questioned), Sri Krishna (continuous attempts were made to kill him, was called a cunning man, etc), Budda, Meera Bai, Purandara Dasa to name a few. Attempts were made to kill them, dishonor them, allegations were passed, etc. When such are the past, an young swamiji like Nithyananda being questioned about his age, qualification, achievements, knowledge may look trivial. While normally the spiritual gurus fall in the age bracket of 50+, Nithyananda's fame at this age has been raising many eyebrows. In this era of 'all is fair and possible", the only scam which could create a sensation was sex scam.
My urge to devotees and people "wait.. the truth will triumph". Adharma and asathya always roars..its loud, but short-lived. Sathya and dharma, do not make noise....its heard only after the roaring stops. After a storm comes a calm.

Roopa, Bangalore

I stand by my Guru

My Gratitude to Guru & Master - Paramahamsa Nithyananda.
I have been a follower & devotee since 2006, & have grown & benefited on many levels because of swamiji’s teachings.

At that time, I was going to lectures @Vedanta Society in Hollywood, seeking bliss, and one day a friend there, told me about Swamiji. I came home & went to the website, & connected with the photograph instantly. Since that day my life has been transform in a big way! I knew something had happened deep down in me, and I had come home. I had silent tears of joy. I immediately started talking to swamiji through the photo. I stopped going to Vedanta Society & started going to Nithyananda Ashram. Several months later, I was on the airplane to Bangalore Ashram for Nithyanandam, Kumba Mela & Ananda Tapas programs. I go to LA ashram and volunteered on many occasions & meet with other devotees & Ashramites who were transformed & inspiring on many levels, & shared similar experiences with many of them. Just being at the ashram itself is a blissful experience for me! I have since been back to Bangalore on 2 occasions to sit with the Master; for Himalayas Yantra, & Nithya Yoga Training in 2008.

So I know, prove & have experience eternal bliss though Paramahamsa Nithyananda’s Mission & Movement. I stand & support the movement. I have been healed of many things from Nithyananda, including Asthma and the truth of how to live & be eternally. I have taken all the programs that Swamiji has offered in California & Bangalore, & have gained much health & wellness and experienced low thought zone – bliss.

By Swamiji’s love, grace and compassion for the whole world, he gave us Life Bliss Meditation Technique/Nithya Dhyann & Nithya Yoga. I am able to experience bliss daily, & without conflicting thoughts, most of the time with these techniques. I am so ever grateful for Swamiji & so the many miracles that has happen in my personal life also – inner transformation.

I stand by my Guru at this time, and know he is able to bring us through. I bow at his feet. My humble pranams to you swamiji.

Sri Nithya Nirgunadevan

Thank you Swamiji

Dearest Swamiji

I see many have voiced their experiences. As I sit here in front of my
computer, I was thinking 'what could I say?'. I may not have the
unique experiences like the rest. Or perhaps I wasn't aware when I had

Your messages/teachings 'clicked' with me right away. I am truly
thankful to You for sharing them with us.

In this media frenzy, I get overwhelmed with anger and frustration, I
wish I could do something about it. Then, immediately your words echo
in me 'the world has more than enough of negative energy, please do
not add-on to it'. With that in mind, I shall stay calm, patient and
pray for all the goodness to stand by You.

(Penang, Malaysia)

I testify for Swamiji

It is amazing to see the delight of media and people alike surrounding this conspiracy to defame swamiji. As the pig takes delight in eating filth and rolling around in mud our country's media and a sizable chunk of its population seem to be rejoicing in the filth of defamatory allegations made on spiritual leaders.

I am an orthopedic surgeon by profession and testify on this mail, this blog and would testify in any form of media, meeting and public gathering that swamiji is swamiji. That is there is no comparison available to match his charisma, his wisdom, his presence and his ability to transform lives by his mere words. so I am at loss to give a testimonial to people who have not experienced swami ji in their lives using the modality of comparison. But i can assure the doubting Thomas's who have experienced swami ji and are now doubting their experience and swami ji alike that just hang on for a while ....

Pankaj Dwivedi
Chennai, India

You taught me to uncluth

I go only by my experiences with you...as soon as someone told me about the news for a moment I wondered what is happening? Then my immediate thought went to My experience with you Swami...and I choose to go only by that...since then I have lots of peace...you taught me to uncluth -anything you taught me or let me experience has only empowered me, enhanced me and given me lot of peace. I love you Swami and I am with you always.

I remembered what Lord Krishna said- anything that happens is Auspicious.....even this is Auspicious...after all this is HIS Game...this MAYA- why get fooled...May be GOD wanted to expand this work faster, maybe he wanted seekers to get associated with you sooner and so this was one way of reaching out to millions and they too get an experience of HIM through you

I want to Thankyou for everything.

I wish to give 'unclutch' to as many lives as I can

I wish to take your mission forward in this universe and beyond

Anitha Pillai

Swamiji is my Super Star

I met Swamiji two years ago and my experiences with him are extremely beautiful. Swamiji is such a compassionate being. His motherly love and compassion is only to be experienced. I have attended various meditation programs with Swamiji and all that i want to say is his very presence can bring deep joy and happiness in you. Truly the greatest gift one can receive is to learn from a living master. I was fortunate enough to live in Bidadi Ashram for three and a half months. At the Ashram, our goal and the path is the same ' to live in Nithyanandam'. Swamiji's dream is that every one should lead a conflict- free, creative and productive life. Through his teachings he gives us techniques and methods that will help us deal with our emotions and problems of day to day life.

During my stay in the Ashram, I saw everyone being so loving and caring towards each other. I learnt that the entire mission is run by volunteers. These Ashramites, Bhramacharis and Sannayasi are young doctors, engineers, artists and scientists who have left behind everything just to lead a simple life with their Master.

What I have gained from Swamiji's Program.. Confidence to lead a creative and productive life. One thing i Know for sure that no negative emotion can run me down.

What I have to say about the Morphed Video SUN TV Network telecasted... Sensationalism may be good for making quick money and a great way to increase you TV ratings. But we from the Nithyananda community are not shaken by this and will merge stronger and better.

studying Public relations, Melbourne.

My Bidadi experience

Here is a little snippet about my Bidadi experience for the blog:

"If someone said that Bidadi ashram is Kailash, I would believe it without a doubt. I felt more safer in the ashram than any other place in Banglore. Everyone treats you with so much respect and love. Words cannot describe the love and devotion that each and every single ashramite has for Swamiji. You can literally see Swamiji in their eyes.Swamiji is so compassionate that he takes care of even the smallest of the smallest issues to ensure that his devotees are happy. Even when you don't express it to him verbally, he still takes care. He is Omniscient. I am not much of a spiritual reader nor a meditator, but all I can say is that I am much more happier than I ever was after attending Inner awakening with Swamiji. Swamiji has so beautifully taught me to "unclutch" without even teaching me the definition of the word. Swamiji, we love you. "


You are way beyond all this


Beloved Nithyananda Swamiji,

All my support to you and the Nithyananda Mission in these moments. I am one drop in the ocean of people who has greatly benefited from your teachings. You lightened up my being and showed me the way to Jeevan Mukti, an un-clutched and conflict-free life. No matter what is happening right now, I can clearly see that Jeevan Mukti grows strong in me. All the initiations and all the tools you have given me are working 100%, my inner space is un-touched. I clearly know you are way beyond all this…beyond my mind or the human mind of anyone who tries to frame you.

All my love and support to all his devotees, please take care that the seed of kutarka (wrong logic) does not get in your inner space. Let the strong connection with the Master and all your strong experience be the under current of your inner space and your life. Nurture just that.

I invite all of you to be loud and share your wonderful experiences to the world wihout falling to the lower consciousness of those behind this drama.

I know that Master is taking care of us.

All my love and gratitude
In Nithyananda
Iskra L. Zamarron (Ma Ananda Oormi)

I stand by you my Master

Namaskaram Guruve,

My gratitude at your feet

My heartfelt support to swami at this point in time, it is a challenging time but I am sure things will be in place very soon.It is a testing time for us and my full support because the experience with you Master is immense and deep which cannot Be shaken by thousands of such rumors .I stand by you my Master and will ALWAYS be there as you have always been there for me.

Thank you
Lots of love and Gratitude and Support


All is auspicious

All is auspicious.swamiji i feel that u r full of love,clean heart ,frank speaking person.i m not god to judge u.whatever may be the truth,but i think we all need u.

Snehal Rajmane

You opened my eyes

My dearest Swamiji, how saddened I am at the suffering created by those who have not personally experienced your truth and love. I met you March 24, 2009 at your Patanjali discourse given in the L. A. Temple. I walked in because I had nothing else to do and I walked out changed. I could not yet comprehend the magnitude of what I had just experienced but I knew it to be the first full step to the truth that I have ever taken in my life. My husband and I continued taking your courses and we both attended the first LBE held in the summer of 2009. If there had been any doubting in my heart and mind upon our arrival at your beautiful ashram, your presence, your words, and your knowledge evaporated it. You led me through my most difficult memories, my deep pain, and you pulled me out of it. You created forgiveness in me. You created peace in my heart. You relieved me of my swirling mind. Swamiji, you have gently opened my eyes and my heart and warmed my very being. One day during summer LBE, you left for a Kalpataru. I felt like a child whose parent had left for the day. You give us all courage, strength, laughter, release, peace, freedom, and life. Swamiji, you are my teacher, my guru, there is nothing that could diminish or eliminate the truly cosmic experiences you have given me. I am a spiritual being having a human experience. You will never leave my heart.

In Nithyanandam,
Kim and Jim O'Shaughnessy
L. A. Temple
LBE Summer 2009

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Gratitude to Swamiji

As me knew swamiji almost 3 yrs. All his teachings and meditation has upgrade my inner system, for that my thanks and gratitude always for swamiji. In my recent visit to bidadi ashram, I was in the temple while swamiji giving sarva darhsan, he told me “ I’m with you”. It sound simple but really gave me a beautiful bliss, it’s difficult to put in word but the experience was wonderful. Now it’s my time to say I am with you as loyal devotees swamiji.

Kavitha, Malaysia

Support for Swamiji

it is amazing to see the delight of media and people alike surrounding this conspiracy to defame swami ji.as the pig takes delight in eating filth and rolling around in mud our country's media and a sizable chunk of its population seem to be rejoicing in the filth of defamatory allegations made on spiritual leaders.
I am an orthopedic surgeon by profession and testify on this mail, this blog and would testify in any form of media, meeting and public gathering that swami ji is swami ji. that is there is no comparison available to match his charisma, his wisdom, his presence and his ability to transform lives by his mere words, glance or touch.so I am at loss to give a testimonial to people who have not experienced swami ji in their lives using the modality of comparison.
but i can assure the doubting Thomas's who have experienced swami ji and are now doubting their experience and swami ji alike that just hang on for a while ....

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Jai Ho Swamiji!

victory be to the master, victory will be to the master
the crusader of compassion and boundless kindness
the ocean of wisdom and infinite knowledge
victory be to the master, victory will be to the master

The boundless existence,the ever flowing energy of freshness
the alchemist who transforms rotten human existence to divine gold
the philosophers stone whose one touch banishes all negativity
the panacea that cure all illnesses physical and mental alike
victory be to the master, victory will be to the master

The formless energy enrobed in the body of pure compassion
the infinite power bubbling with child like enthusiasm
the one who knows all that is to be known
the one who pervades all domains of time and still beyond
victory be to the master, victory will be to the master

pardon them oh master who in the infinity of their foolishness set out to persecute you,who is the prana behind life, the cause behind the entire existence
and pardon us too oh master embodiment of compassion, if even for passing moment we were assailed by doubt.
victory be to the master, victory will be to the master
victory be to the master, victory will be to the master

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Hail Swamiji!

I have not been exposed much to Swamiji’s teachings other than the fact that what I can only term as miraculous – a cure effected on my second son through a healer of the movement and a personal transformation that I underwent through the energy darshan of the Guru during his recent visit to Dubai in January. The impact of that darshan was something which I am feeling even now and I have been exposed to quite a few personal transformations of people close to me so I don’t believe any of this video humbug. I believe in a long list of Gurus who have had a transformational effect on their devotees and Swami is definitely one among them. Even the avatars of Rama and Krishna was not spared by human arrogance and it is no wonder that in Kaliyuga evil forces are at work but truth alone will triumph ultimately. Hail Swamiji.

Anand Bharatan

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Gift to humanity


I am Uma, from Malaysia. I know Swamiji for about three years. I can tell that After meeting swamiji everything was a miracle journey for me. I don’t have words to describe it. One of it is, success in completing my studies in degree after struggling of seven years. As, I was almost in time of giving up ,I met swamiji in kalpataru. The first word of him “I WILL TAKE CARE” has gave me so much courage and confidence to complete my studies. After that everything run smoothly, without any of my effort. Even though those who were around me was always giving hand by motivating,but that doesn’t made much changes. The simple word from swamiji was such powerful that it simply penetrated my being. I can tell that his words are not ordinary words but it carries energy with it.The only thing that I am sure about him is HE IS THE GIFT TO THIS WHOLE HUMANITY.DONT EVER MISS THE OPPORTUNITY OF FEELING CONNECTED WITH HIM.

Uma, malaysia

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Om Hreem Nithyanandaya Namah

I feel more connected to Nithyanandaya now than ever. If this would have happened to me, I might doubt my character but somehow I am so connected to master that even single thought of doubt didn't came in my mind. There might be reasons, logical or beyond my imagination for what have happened. I am least concern of it. I just want to experience Nithyananda stage in the presence of Master. I love you...Om Hreem Nithyanandaya namah
- Sunil Singhal

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My support to Swamiji

This is the test for devotees not for Swamiji. Only true devotees will stay.
Thanks for this opportunity to express my support.

Balasubramanian Kulandaivelu
Houston, Texas

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If I say ‘please reveal controversial facts to people’ means I yet not have faith in you.
If I say ‘please come back’ means I have yet not understood you.
If I say ‘I am writing this mail to support you’ means I still have doubt about your incarnation.

So, I will only say,
Swamiji, please bless all of us, even to them who are so called against you.
Swamiji, please bless us to live blissful life & fulfill the true meaning of our life.
Swamiji, please help us to get fruits of your incarnation, so as to fulfill your mission “tat tvam asi” completely.


Lakshmi & Yogesh Meghrajani

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Whatever may come, we are with you forever

What ever may come, we always with you forever.
Dear Swamiji,
We always love you and your teaching . Nithydynam is one of the best tool as we experience it, your teaching really mold is to be better person .
We always beside you and our support always for you forever.
we really thirsty for your rejoice and your blessing.

You are the great Enlightment Master for this century .
All my family member are staunch devotee of swami.
No word to praise you Swamiji, you are great and important person in our life.

We pray to the existence to take care my beloved Swamiji.

With Regards from Malaysia
Jayaraj,Muru,Vaishnave,Riisiikes,Rutreesh,Minachi,Preema,Suria,Saradha & family.

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My pranams to Swamiji

Sri Swami., my ananthakoti pranams to Sri.Swami. I only wish all this about Sri Swami being communicated thro media recently should not be true. Sri Swami has done experiences to me which I always rever. Then why all this? I am unable to believe.
Let dharma & truth sustain.

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My role model is my Guru and my gratitude


Paramahamsa Nithyananda is transformed lot of person’s life, in that i am also one of the person.
I have fear about life, when i met him, at the time i don't have a proper job also, after attending his sathsang, lot of changes in me.

After attending his meditation program (NSP) I got lot of clarity in my life, about fear, confidence, what is worry, what is happy, what is bliss and how the bliss is, what is life, why we are here, for what we are here? I'm get lot of clarity towards life.

And one more thing.....

For Enlighten being nothing need from outer world, what media publishing these things and ALL not reqd. for our master.

Our master came for us,
Living for us forever as A ROLE MODEL FOR OUR LIFE.
Here i want to mention "us" mean not only his devotees or disciples, Nithyan for ALL.

that's what i mention above


Please don't miss the enlighten Master Paramahamsa Nithyananda,
He is not my part of my life, He is my life.

Ever in Nithyanandam,
Suresh A

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We stand by Swamiji

We need our swamiji. I stand by swamiji.

- Shanmugam

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Om Hreem Nithyanandaya Namaha

Dear people.
From the time i met Smamiji, every moment i think of Swamiji, watch his videos, hear his talks etc... I get so immensely happy. I can feel from within how much of care and love Samiji have for us. From the time i met Swamiji, i see a drastic difference in me, I have Stopped worrying to a GREAT extent. and my life is happy after Swamiji came into my life.

I am sure and have experienced Swamiji's immense love for all of us. But i heard sooooooo much of ill-talks every day, by frnds, TV, newspaper, and everywhere... This is very very painfull and heart is aching... Please tell Swamiji, to prove soon and properly, all the truths concerning all the issues, to such an extent people who spoke against him should fall at your lotus feet. and should stop talking such things about him and ask for forgiveness and join along with Swamiji and know the value of this Great Teacher.. Swamiji is so much loving that he will forgive, love and accept even those people who has said and done so much against him and his organisation.

But dear members Nithyanandham who are in contact with Swamiji, Pleaseee kindly make sure, that Swamiji eat well and sleep well, make sure he is in proper health and he is protected from the other side people. We want Swamiji back, with the same loving smile, and charm...I want to meet Swamiji soon, and attend his other classes... please take care

Om Hreem Nithyanandhaaya Namaha,

Convey my Lots and Lots of Love to Swamiji.

- AB

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We are with you Swamiji

Respected swamiji,
We are with you.

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Experience the ultimate!


Spend, a few days with my master, just his mere presence will make you experience who is he. You will know that he is the cosmic energy that has land in the human form. Just his laughter can take a person into blissful mood. Not even that, his very seeing transmits energy. How can you describe him, there are no words. He is there for each of us. Just by seeing his life, we can see that ,he is a compassionate being who spends more than his life to society. He gives practical solutions to all type of people and to all age. His very walking, talking, body language and his graceful face itself is enough to prove who he is. He plays a role of master for disciples, a role of guru to devotees ,a doctor who heals, a teacher who teach great lessons, a boon giver .He radiates such an intense energy that anyone who is in his presence feels the divine cosmic energy, the silence. Just by simply seeing him all your sorrows, problems, depression simply vanishes. Yes!!! ,he is none other than the god itself.

All I can say is please do not miss this golden opportunity to be and live a life with a god who have taken the human form. If god comes directly we can’t accept it, so he takes the human form and makes us realize that we also can be like him. Finally, I can say he is none other than the cosmic energy, god itself.

Living with god,



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Never leave us Master

Hi, my name is Alexander, I´m a medical student and I come from Portugal. My father is an actual candidate for Portugal´s Republic Presidency. In October 2007 my life didn´t have any meaning to me anymore so I decided that or I would find God or I would die. I then left everything, family, everything and went straight to India. In the process I connected strongly with Ammachi, and before I arrived to India, I went to Germany where I had the chance to see Mother Meera and receive Her darshan. From there I got to India, Bangalore. The first spot where I went when I arrived to India was to Bidadi where I wanted to see the only being I knew could get me out of this world of duality where I felt I was stuck and leave it all back since I was in search of Unity and nothing else, Paramahamsa Nithyananda. Being a Christian since my birth and after asking permission to Jesus so I could help Him carrying His cross a little bit I went straight to Paramahamsa´s Nithyananda ashram. When I arrived to India I was angry with Him because He wasn´t there to receive me. Of course I already knew He was in the United States doing His tour but I also knew that if He wanted He could materialize Himself in His ashram to take me to the Unity. He didn´t. So I left that same day and went to see Sathya Sai Baba since in my airplane there was a Norwegian girl who was going to see Him. I went and received His darshan. From there I went to the four sacred places of Buddhism, Lumbini (where he was born and where I had the chance of being invited by Tibetan monks to stay sleeping there in their monastery), Bodhgaya, Sarnath and Kedarnath. I then went to the Hymalayas and had experiences in Yamunotri. I went there in the middle of the winter and stayed there by myself where I stood against various animals and even knowing the temples were closed I went anyway since I would find God or I would die, as I had the chance to say to another swami in Haridwar after He tried to stop me saying I was a fool in doing so because I would certainly die. I didn´t. In the way back from the Himalayas where my tent was destroyed and I survived to a miracle from Mother Meera I was ready to go back to Portugal when I phoned my mother who insisted with me to go and see Nithyananda since she had seen in their site He was coming back from the United States. I was still angry at Him so I wasn´t to sure, but I was ready to give another shot. I got to the ashram the same day He arrived. It was a coincidence. Or not. Of course, the Swami´s leelas started right off and 3 days after I wanted to leave and see Ammachi. In this ashram my life got another meaning. I had the chance to do the NSP where Swamiji talked to me, WHILE HUGGING ME the only time in my whole life saying «I AM WITH YOU». I REPLIED TO HIM INSTANTANEOUSLY SAYING TO Him «I KNOW MASTER». In the days that followed I had many spiritual experiences in that ashram. One day I woke up and started to see His face in every single person of the ashram and I decided to leave. When I arrived to Bangalore all the people from Bangalore, millions and millions of people had His face also. I started crying. I thought I had done wrong to any of the Gods I had met. I thought that if I came back to Portugal and saw His face in my mother´s face I would harm her so I decided that my only option was to come back to the ashram. It was the best thing I could do. Nature opened up to me in such ways not even in thousands of years science will be able to understand. Beautiful things were written in my third eye through nature processes (birds, flies, humans, … Only an enlightened person who experienced Swami deeply can understand what I´m trying to say… all the stimuli from the duality world, the most beautiful stimuli one can imagine did this work… I was truly blessed by the Gods that live in that ashram, Paramahamsa Nithyananda being the greatest God alive and manifested as such in our planet). In the process I deepened my relation with Master even more and more and He showed me His relation with His Gopis. It was a relation of pure love, an innocence only your Krishna can make me remember of (remember, I´M CHRISTIAN). Master initiated me in the truth and I will follow Him to the infinity. It´s an honour to be with you. All the allegations just don´t matter since a true sannyasi is one who has purity of heart, and nowone has a purest athma today manifested as such in a body than yourself. The celibacy or not is secondary, it´s a mean to get there. Master got to levels that just go beyond our imagination can grasp. It´s not possible to judge Him by human standardas. By doing so we emprison ourselves in duality and will never grasp infinity. Love is not using the other as an object for our own happiness. Not wanting the other to be this or that so we love him. No. My love for you is unconditional as You well know. I just write this words so people can have a glimpse of what you really areso this can be a chance that more people can get in contact with you, especially westerners who are so in need of an eye opener that respects nevertheless their tradition. Jesus is my satguru, but if it wasn´t for you I would never had reached Him. Thank you I will always follow you to the Infinit. Shiva had wife. You are Shiva. And I AM WITH YOU. And all the true divine warriors will always be with you. Never leave us master. Thank you.

Alexandre Nobre
(my father is an actual candidate for Presidency of Portugal´s Republic)

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Please come back Swamiji

Dear swamiji,

My sincere namaskaram to you. During this testing time I stand by you fully in support that what has been telecast on TV is all false. With tears in my eyes I only pray that you come out with a Very strong and enigmatic apperance again.

Every one has a testing time and I feel this is your testing time to come to reach to a very big crowd soon. Swami you had a vision to make the maximum number of people enlightned at the earliest and that vision of yours is approching.

When Dharma has to be established our history shows from the time of Ramayana to Mahabharatha there has been a lot of fights. In Kaliyug with peoples mind currupted to the core and to put an end to the evil a Enlightned person like you is required.

The allegations and the false reports are only a turning stone for an elightned person like you give a fitting reply to this society and in human animal natured people to come forward to be your devotees.

So with tears in my eyes I pray to Swami Nithyananda to back with a bang and bring back the anandam you have been preaching. we alll your devotees are here to support you to the end.

With sincere prayers

Your Devotee

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Swamiji's Teachings have helped society

I don't know anything about Swamy Nityananada personally. But surely some of his teachings telecast on youtube are great.
His ideas on Guru, question answer sessions reflect the inner talent and very convincing.

But when it comes to things like video shown I think even if it were true the person to record is the first culprit, he is stabbing in the back
who harmed the society, even more is the channel who blindly transmits this kind of video morphed or unmorphed .. it harms lot of
families , children. Why should the channel be senseless first of all ... ?? they can keep the tapes and raise a case on the person if they wanted
to or help the man who recorded ...

... Is the socieity concerned about perosnal life of this young master , his struggles or hardships .. to build an
institution ? I think the focus is on his teaching , how much of good he offered to society. What he does with the people/women
who visit him is the issue between those people and him. Did he claim himself to be a Sanyasi .. then it is an
issue of his Sanyasi Dharma , his conscience.. ! Videos like this are a real noise unless the women raise their voice .

- Gomatha Varanasi Dharmapuri

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THE ETERNAL TRUTH : Have we all really learnt this???

Nithyanandham to all!!!!

My name is Vinod from Singapore and im only 21 years old. I got to know Life Bliss Foundation through my mother who attended Kalpataru last year in November right here in Singapore. She attended the LBP Level 1 programme the following month and she benefitted alot from the course through the techniques. as suh, she urged me to go for it and i completed my level 1 in january this year.

Now,i have never met Swamiji in person but as far as i know, he has taught me alot of things and most importantly impacted my life positively. His techniques have all helped me to become a better person in life. And most importantly, he has presented to us many eternal truths of life. To me, that is all that matters. People have to understand that eternel truths are truths regardless of who it comes from or what type of person it comes from. I still do my Nithya-Dhyaan every morning and chant my Guru Puja manthras because I's still very grateful to Swamiji who has taught me so much in life and it has only been a mere 1 1/2 months since I went for my level 1 programme. I have not even seen him in person yet I feel that 've learnt so much and gained to much. And I'm very sure that many of yu would have feel th same sense of gratitude and appreciation.

This brings me to my next point about understanding his teachings. I think we should stop speculating or questioning whether the person in the video is Swamiji or not? From the time I saw the video the first time to date, I've never felt any less thankful to Swamiji than I ever have because I was able to see past the event. i didn't even question or start to analyse whether the video was true, false, etc etc etc. So what if the person in the video was Swamiji? So what? To me, he his teachings are real and are so applicable to today's life context; he has helped so many people in India and all parts of the world; he provides free food for thousands everyday. The list goes on and on. None of us can even achieve 1/4 of what he has done thus far. We are nobody to comment on morals of others. I just took his teachings as was said and it has helped me greatly in my life and I'm sure it would most definitely continue to help me through my life. I'v always loved doing service and I've learnt the most beautiful art of doing 'Seva' through the Life Bliss Foundation Singapore and every week I look forward to helping out during Satsand Classes.

Lastly, Swamiji alwayz preached 1 thing and 1 thing only. Be Blissful. That's it. If we have understood this very simple statement of his teaching, all else will fall into place and we will be able to so easily see past the flaws, mistakes, etc etc etc. But its very unfortunate and sad that being the 'socially-conditioned' human beings that we are, we still choose to see mistakes and harp on the flaws of our fellow human beings. I urge and plead evey single one of you to see past the event, stop one moment and think through all that you have learnt from Swamiji. His teachings have transformed so many of us into wonderful people and it is in that light that I feel that no mater what happens, we should stand by Swamiji's side. Thank You.


P.S : I can still say alot more about this :-)

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thank you swamiji

my world is a better place because of you. i am grateful for each day you gave me. i will be forever thankful swami for you are the one who blessed my father with good health. you stood by us when he was diagnosised with cancer. you were our strength during those times. my family will stand by you for all the joy you brought to our lives.
thank you and we love you
penang, malaysia

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We need our Swamiji

We need our Swamiji (Even if he has done mistake). He will be still our guru only.



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Immense gratitude and humble pranams at the lotus feet of Sadguru Nithyananda!

Dearest Swamiji,

We have no words to express all the divine leelas, blessings, teachings, joy and bliss you have showered on us through the years we have been with you, Swamiji!

You are with us every minute of the day, we feel your divine presence everywhere in our home. We can hear you speak in our hearts and every time we need you, you are there with us holding our hands ever so lovingly and guiding us through lives ups and downs.

What a beautiful opportunity for us to put into practice your teaching of' 'unclutching' during this time of the war that has been waged by souls that have yet to be touched by the light of your divine teachings!

We love you Swamiji from the bottom of our hearts, you are our life, you are our faith. You taught us devotion and the path of devotion and we are forever indebted to you for that gift!

Our lives have merged with your teachings and our beings are one with yours master!

Our humble prayer to you is, "O Sadguru, it is the rarest gift in this world to have found you and to have established the connection with you. Please bless us that we may forever be at thy feet !!\"

Swamiji bless us that we are strong during this time and that our hearts can forgive those who put the divine self-less mission through this trial.

With immense love and gratitude,

Nithya Sarvasri, Ma Ananda Unmeshita, Pranavananda and Atma Swaroopan

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Long live His Holiness

Dear Swamiji,
Long Live His Holiness.
I have never visited any of your Ashram so far. But I am your sincere disciple like EKALYVAN. Because whenever i am sailing at sea ( working as marine engineer ) i am carrying and reading all your books. My morale going high and healthy in spite of my lonliness and depression. The spiritual life what i am living now, is only because of you. You established the peace inside me.Now i am sailing at atlantic ocean ( trans atlantic ). From the sea, I am praying for your good entry. I am always standing by you. You are the Avthar. You take another Avathar like NARASHIMHA to uproot the scandal against you. Keep your ashram and vedic temple activities moving as usual.
My Sastanga namskaram at your holy feet.
Coiambatore thayumanavan from 1200 nm away from zibraltar.

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