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Be a Rudra Gana of Paramahamsa Nithyananda

The time has come to put every teaching, every sacred click we felt with Paramahamsa Nithyananda into our life, into our very Prana energy. Swamiji beautifully says that “We all enjoy His Shakti and He enjoys our Bhakti !” This is the Divine play happening…Its time to wake up and smell the fragrance of Nithyananda which is calling us to experience the Truth. Drop all the confusion, dilemmas, sorrow and hurt that the media, the people may have caused in you for the past weeks. Can’t you see he is creating the basis for a new conscious civilization…he is shaking our comfort zone..making it clear what we see is not real…

Swamiji says that His energy works on us beyond our logic and I am sure most of us can vouch for this experience…Whatever he makes us experience is His Lila..let us simply enjoy that….Living Enlightenment doesn’t mean having a perfect life..it is having all sorts of problems, all sorts of joys, all sorts of contradicting emotions and yet dancing over all of them like a Rudra Gana (chief warriors of Shiva) and celebrating Shivam..causeless auspiciousness for no reason.

Our doubts have to be completely beaten & then polished for the real faith to come alive. Master is giving us a beautiful reason to practice his teachings in the so-called testing times, as some of you may be thinking, to let TRUE FAITH take birth. I can hear Master’s words ringing in me to tell all of you, “Wake-up! Stand-up! Who else can save you from your problems, but you, your faith”. Just dance in the Ananda Tandava..Just celebrate what you have. On the glorious rare occasion of Maha Kumbha Mela, let us join our energies with Shiva Himself..what else we need when Shiva, the Ultimate Satya Yogi is here people!!!

All glories to SadaShiva, our compassionate Master Paramahamsa Nithyananda.


Ma Nithyananda Sugandhi

Acharya , Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam


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In support of my Master Nithyananda

Pranams to the lotus feet of my master.

I just want to tell all the people with those negative thoughts, to just spare one of their not-so-valuable days at the ashram and attend any discourse by the master and then see what happens.

As master rightly said, none of them cared to even listen to the Master for the past 5,6 years. And what gives them the right to question any of the great being actions?

As far as I am concerned,as with any other fellow devotees,nothing has changed and my master is still my master. It just pains me to see all the negative attention that our organisation is gathering because of this situation. But,this will help the master in deciding who is his followers and who are not.

As master says, he is alive only 33% in the body. 33% in the mission and the rest in Vision. He has done nothing but GOOD to the society.


Kiran Kumar J

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No words can express my gratitude

Dear Swamiji,

My pranaams to you. I'm an LBT student from Malaysia who ran after you, after experiencing a glimpse of bliss that has transformed my life; from a very depressed and gloomy person to a joyful and bubbly soul.
I can't express how much you have guided and been with me throughout my most tragic times, I've only tears to express my gratitude for every moment of my life till today. No words can express this feeling... no words can express you...All I know is my life has become a beautiful song. I've learnt how to love and respect myself and very naturally love people around me with joy. My experiences with your energy are so solid that I've not been shaken at all by the allegations that you've been accused for....it is experiential that i can never deny your presence in my life. I can only feel bad for how much people will miss a great enlightened Master, who's of no doubt beyond sexuality, fear and greed.

LBT student, Malaysia.

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Dharma will win ultimately!

I have attended Swamiji's NSP and Kalpataru and been practising Nithya Dhyaan. I have been listening to His Gita discourses for the past three years. His words has transformed me.

Swamiji has been given the name Paramahamsa Nithyananda by the Great Mahavatar Babaji. Swamiji is Dharama. Ultimately Dharma will win!!!


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Support for Swami Nithyananda from Mumbai

Dear swamiji,

Myself selvamani from mumbai,

now i am recalling everything - sweet memories,

the day i went to depression in my personal life, (I don't know that time you), I tried in all the way to come out of that.

exactly i got the book KADAVAI THIRA KATTRU VARATTUM ( KTKV) - open the door let the breeze in, it is you for me only for me.

you transformed me through Aananda Spurana Program - Manipuraga chakra meditation - in which I came out of the depression.

through KTKV(TAMIL) that i got you., koti koti pranam for you, for the lotus feet in this land.

I and my family members are always with you. there is lot to say. YOU are OUR whole and sole swamiji.

We want to say one thing to everyone:

People are again trying to analyze the enlightened one's action by their logical mind., they don't understand that it is not possible by any mean. I am sure that the nature will prove that.

here is the example: 1) In mumbai one person|(chairman of the netatji society building) commented on swamiji's action negatively, the very next day his own son was caught by police because his son raped a small minor child, now this fellow is away from his home.

2) one of my friend's friend called a fellow to KALPATARU., that fellow received a swamiji's photo with srichakra through him. after this paper message on swamiji negatively this fellow came to his friend's home and teared it infront of him. his friend really become shame because of his action. the very next day he is in jail because he fought with some one in the previous evening.

" THE nature plays always good." - Whatever happening is auspicious,

the master won't be touched by anything.,

only people will be affected because of this type of their conscious/unconscious activities.

yours friend,


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The transformation in me


The name given to me is Anand Maharaj. I was introduced to Swami Ji last year and have attended all the programs in my quest for inner enlightenment and peace. I just recently attended the Inner Awakening in December 2010. I have to say that the mind that generated so many thoughts have greatly diminished. I am able to be live more in the present moment and though I have to pick up this identity when dealing with the practical world, I am able to put it aside when I am alone. This has been the greatest miracle in my life. I am no longer dominated by fear in this life. When these thoughts arise, I am able to watch them arise as they disappear. I realize now that the identity is just a shaft of thoughts we have made, as he says.

I have to say that when this scandal was brought to my attention by a friend who didn’t believe in Swami Ji, I was taken aback. There was an inner conflict in me. On the one hand, his teachings and meditation techniques have benefited my life greatly. On the other hand, this video and allegations broke another frame of Swami Ji that I had established in my heart. Also, I lost Anand’s credibility as well with close relatives and friends to whom I was trying to introduce his teachings. But now I realize that this stuff is peanuts compared to the improvement in my life. Though I may no longer continue to introduce Swami Ji to others due to this situation, I will continue to practice his teachings and meditations.

The more I live without Anand, the more blissful I am. When I have to pick up Anand, I feel confined now and miserable. It’s amazing. I love this freedom. I am starting to enjoy life more and more every day. I am able to be at peace most of the time, and when the mind does get the best of me at times, I’m back to my peaceful self within 20 minutes.

Thank You Swami Ji for your blessings. I am sorry that I doubted you there for a minute. I guess this is a part of my tapas.


Anand Maharaj

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Swami Nithyananda Scandal

Dearest Swamiji

Swami ji I know whatever is shown against you its conspiracy only .you are the only spiritual leader who is so young Dynamic Daring & want to bring change in human being.
From you only I came to know about Enlightenment Its become so simple for me. Now I have started working towards Enlightenment.Before meeting I culdnot even think of it.
Thanks alot for making spiritual knowledge so simple .I started believe that I am Shiva Its not believe only I know I am Shiva Its happened because of you.I only have to work towards it
I love you.

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Love you Swamiji!

Once upon a time there lived a sage in a temple town by the side of a mountain. The sage was called Ramana Maharishi, the town was Tiruvannamalai and the Mountain was Arunachala. Yes, the same one up there.

Ramana lived in an ashram on the outskirts of the town, at the foot of the hill. He had a few disciples, who lived with him. One day, bad luck struck the town. A band of armed dacoits attacked them.

The entire townsfolk ran helter skelter, away from their homes, into the jungles. The ashramites, hearing the commotion also ran out of the building. At that time Bhagwan was sitting in the meditation hall with a few of the disciples. As they heard the dacoits coming towards the ashram, the meditators fled the room. Bhagwan did not move out. One disciple, I forget his name, also stayed with Bhagwan, not because he thought he should protect him, but because he had an intense desire to test the master. And what better time than this?

The dacoits ransacked the ashram, but did not get any cash/ jewelery and got majorly pissed off. They came to Bhagwan's room and hit him on the head, cursing him for being so poor, and went off. The disciple, frozen and trembling with fear, was watching this and noticed, that Bhagwan's breath had not changed a bit during the entire episode.

Only a disciple, a seeker would think to notice the master's breath at a time like this. Although he himself was terror-struck, he did not run away, and he stayed behind, not to protect the Guru, but to continue to worship him, to continue to gape at him. Even in his moments of fear, he was first a seeker, so intense that he did not run away with the others, so in love with Bhagwan that he wanted to 'see' how Bhagwan reacts to the thieves.

Or that is the reason we are told.

Whatever the reason, I bow down to this gurubandhu and I seek his blessings. Please give me similar courage, similar intensity. Whether or not I am of any use to the sangha, whether there is a sangha anymore or not, let me stay with Swami.


Atmapreeta / Manjushree

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Dear Guru Nithyananda!

Dear GURU,
I have experienced your Energy in the NSP program, held in Avadi, chennai and it just made me to understand the Nature of us.
you are the blood and the base for my life. I am ready to give you my life in all possible dimensions and its my pleasure to live with the PARAMAHAMSA.
Please bless me in reaching my goal - to become a POLITICIAN flooded with your energy and intelligence.
With Love and Respect,

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Support to Paramahamsa Nithyananda

dear friends, we too in our camphill communities have experienced a similar attack of allegations which try to stiffle our human dealings and ultimately our spiritual striving.there is a wonderful passage in the new testament which not only spells out the real nature of opposing forces ,but also encourages and states a true path of action:it is in Paul's letter to the people of Ephesus[Ephesians 6 verses10 to20] .
" Finally, my brothers,be strong in the Lord,and in the power of his might.
Put on the whole armour of God,that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.
For we wrestle not against flesh and blood ,but against Principalities,against Powers,against the Rulers of the darkness of this world;against spiritual wickedness in high places.
Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God,that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day,and having done all, to stand
. Stand ,therefore, having your loins girt about with Truth,and having on the breastplate of Righteousness,
And your feet shod with the Preparation of the Gospel of Peace,
Above all taking the shield of Faith,wherewith ye shall be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked.
And take the helmet of Salvation, and the sword of the spirit which is the Word of God;
Praying all prayer and supplication in the spirit;and watching thereunto with all perseverance and supplication for all saints;
And for me,that utterance may be given unto me,that I may open my mouth boldly,to make known the miracle of the gospel for which I am an ambassador in bonds, that therein I may speak boldly,as I ought to speak."

with love ,respect and best thoughts to you all and your master,susan pickard.

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Truth will triumph

It is some kind of balancing act by Nature, it seems, that every spiritual organization, every Swamy , have to under-go this type of abuse during their life time.
Sri. Ramana was questioned by Lawyer during his days, on how he was able to gain income for building a big Ashram. Sri. Aurobindo's Ashram underwent difficult times, when some Press people [Even in 1930s or 1940s], had questioned the stay of Mother and one more foreign lady in the Ashram premises. Even Ramalinga Vallalar had to visit the Court for a case that was filed against him, during the British days.Some Fellow Swamis and Press, had created great pain to Vivekananda during his days of setting up of Ramakrishna Mission at various locations. Sri.Yogiramsurathkumar was beaten by stones at Tiruvannamalai, even though he had not done any harm to any one. We also know that even Sri. Ramana who was peacefully medidating, was attacked by stones by mis-creants and Sri.Sheshadri swamigal had to arrange for protecting him during Sri.Ramana's earlier days at Tiruvannamalai.
But the media attack on our Young Swami, is the worst of its kind. We have heard of Demons, pouring Flesh and Blood in the Yagna fire of Rishis, to disturb their peaceful Yagnas. The Media is acting like a Demon, trying to disturb the peaceful work being done by our Swami.
We are praying and medidating that Truth will triumph , very soon and Peace will prevail.
regards with Pada Pranamas and with Prayers for Peace
Sairam Raju
a Well Wisher of Sri.Nityananda's Work

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Swamiji has taken away all sufferings from me

My name is Rajeswari, age 47 living in Pondicherry.
I am a Polio handicapped person. Past 7 years I am suffering from
terrible backpain and also I am very much afraid of my future.
When Swamiji visited Embalam, Pondicherry that time
I received Swamiji blessings after that I had faith on my life. I
attended the ASP,NSP classes. In NSP class Swamiji blessed me.
After that my backpain was reduced. Now I am comfortable.
My husband was blessed by Swamiji as a Healer. Whenever I
had pain my husband will heal me. Without taking any painkiller
or medicines that pain was reduced.
I am experiencing this miracle daily. How its possible.
Because of Swamiji its possible.
I am praying to Swamiji will continue to give discourses
and programmes regularly and bless everybody.
The great thing is now I am not afraid of my future.
As per Swamiji's technics I am taking my life in UNCLUTCHED
way. So there is no fear about my future.
Swamiji gave so many books, ideas and technicas We
have to say thanks to Swamiji and follow his ideas.

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Guruve Sharanam: Support for Nithyananda from Pondicherry

I am very much thankful to you for teaching the technics
through your programmes ASP,NSP,BSP,HEALER,NITHAYANANDAM.
VAZHUM VARALARU. I attended the above programmes and after that
I am taking my life is very easily . I know how to ged rid of Stress, Anger,
Handling the tuff situations. These things are I am able to handle through
your technics only. I am doing NITHYADHYANAM daily. I am not able
to say in words about the experiences, benefits and bliss afterdoing this
I know u only created this drama and I am very sure that u are going
to finish this drama soon. (SIVANIN THIRUVILAIYADAL). The persons
whoever giving trouble to you will face the very tuff situtations very soon.
I am always stand with u. I am once again saying thankful to u bec u selected
me as your devotee.
I am requesting you that in future you have to teach the technics through your
regular programmes and bless the people. Please Swamiji dont stop them.
In this letter there maybe possible for gramatical mistakes, kindly forgive me.
I want to exppress myslef and say thanks to Swamiji.

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Request for devotees to chant Nithyananda Swami's name

Dear brothers and sisters who are with SWAMI in this challenging times, it is my humble request that all of us LEARN FROM THIS RECENT INCIDENTS.
"UNCLUTCH" from this various allegations and fabrications about OUR MASTER. WHY YOU MAY ASK? By continously listening to this allegations, aren't we all clutching independent thoughts and creating a shaft that is making the mind stronger. Our master has come and has made us see that mind is a verb and the only way is to drop the mind. Dropping the mind can only happen if we continously "unclutch".
OUR BELOVED SWAMI is making us put into practice the mahavaakya- "unclutch".
Swami has emphasized many times that our strongest emotions may easily be used as the doorway to enlightenment. HE HAS POINTED OUT FROM HIS VERY OWN LIFE THAT DHUKKAM (SORROW) has tremendous potency to ENLIGHTEN US. Swami has shared his childhood experience of how sorrow penetrated his BEING when Ganesha did not appear to take the food. The sorrow was so deep that he chose to sacrifice his need to appease his hunger for 3 days. He was so immersed in sorrow that he lay unconcious. When he woke up, the food was no longer there. Swami said this incident brought so much of conviction within him and the COURAGE to experiment with THE TRUTH.
Brothers and sisters of the Nithyananda family are greatly grief-stricken and pained because of this recent events. We are more so saddened that OUR MASTER - the very embodiment of truth, love, peace and courage is put into this questioning by the media and people who bear such enmity towards spirituality.
Let us learn from HIS LIFE which is HIS MESSAGE to the WORLD.
Let this become our SHAASTRA SHASTRA (KNOWLEDGE WEAPON) to help us come out from this DHUKKA (sorrow).
The restlessness we are having with the outer world because of the recent allegations is the best time for us to experience swami (eternal bliss) within since this restlessness when directed inwards becomes tremendous intensity and indirectly Swami is playing this drama to harness us more towards inner awakening. Now Swami (eternal bliss) is the constant undercurrent in everything we are.
The crucifixion of Jesus Christ by the world was the crunch of the inward turning for his close disciples who stood helpless watching Jesus on the cross. A disciple who betrayed, a disciple who denied and Jesus was only 33 years old but christianity become the greatest missionary in history till date.
Today, our beloved SWAMI is also going through a crucifixion because of disciples who have betrayed and disciples who are denying him and his is also 33 this year. Our GURU is here to reestablish the greatest LOVE AND COMPASSION MISSIONARY TO THE WORLD - WE ARE FORTUNATE TO BE HIS HANDS AND LEGS TO SERVE THIS MISSIONARY OF HUMANITIES. Let us all UNITE and continously reiterate to ourselves that Swami is our PATH and GOAL - LIVE & RADIATE ENLIGHTENMENT
Dear brothers and sisters, OUR SWAMI IS UNDERTAKING A TREMENDOUS JOURNEY TO HEAL ALL OF US. HE IS GOING DEEPLY INTO MEDITATION AND THUS WILL BE ESTABLISHED IN DEEP SAMADHI. Those who are close to Swami's physical proximity would know a great deal, the difficulty Swami has to re-enter his HUMAN BODY even after a brief SAMADHI. Since Swami is going into deep Samadhi, LET US ALL ENGAGE IN CHANTING OM HREEM NITHYANANDAYA NAMAHA to always connect to SWAMI so that he will return to his human body for the sake of humanities who need the DARSHAN (sight), SPARSHAN (touch) AND SAMBARSHAN (conversation) of a LIVING MASTER.
Sis. Meenakshii Nallappan

Lost respect for media

First thing, I have lost respect towards media. By right media should educate society but nowadays Medias are publishing news without filter, just publish rubbish without further study. What I have explored, media is only getting information from one side. Why till now the media has not published swami Nithyananda's statement, why till now Lenin Karuppan never show his face to media, why media never study on this. Look at my master nithyananda, he came forward to media and have revealed on his part. Media don't judge someone without doing your job, you guys only complete half journey. Media don't think Swami Nithyananda's devotees have no brain, you guys know that nothing can shake us. My Statement on behalf of Swami Nithyananda devotees are that WE ARE STRONG, WE WILL PRACTICE HIS TEACHING, NOTHING WILL CHANGE OUR MIND.
Kavitha Loganathan, Malaysia

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Writing not out of belief, but out of experience. Thank you Nithyananda Swami

Swami, I always wanted to write something to express my feeling about you but I am continously lost in searching for words.
May be I can put it in a different way, Swami, you are the best thing that has ever happened to me in my life.
May be, even the best in whatever that ought to happen.
Still remember the wonders that took place holding the rudratcha mala expecting for your guidance.
For the readers, I am a very adamant character who didn't believe almost anything until the age of 24, like being religious
or spiritual,
but at one point of time came across swami's books and just read them with the determination on not to believe them as well.
I really enjoyed his books and he somehow touched my life.
Instead of me turning the pages, the pages turned me.
I was only treating him as a physcologists but then as everyone of you did, I dissolved in the truth.
I wouldn't say that I am living an extra ordinary life but definetely I have sailed to a different land. May be I am still a beginner.
I was undergoing such a depression. Everyone used to ask why is she sooo sad at such a young age. I had a very low pressure.
It has been 4 years now ever since I knew him and 2 years ever since I started meditating.
Now people used to ask, how come she is happy all the time.
What I would tell everyone is, don't take and believe everything as we see or hear. We have to know in depth instead of just
taking news as it is.
Even if I want to forget swami and lead a life away from him, its not possible, I was astonished and extremelly suprised to
realise that he has penetrated into each and every part of my life so deeply until there are no moments without him.
Each and every aspect of my life carries his message, teachings and above all his love.
No one else without the smiling saint could have made me meditate. I bet.
In Tamil we have a saying
"Kannal Kanbathum poi, kaadhal ketpathum poi, seera visaripathe mei".

Let whatever be the truth, he has only done good to everyone which is undeniable and I believe if our father makes a mistake,
will we just keep away from him, let go of his hand and humilate him? Is that what people who has grown under the father's
love are capable of doing? Lets see where we all stand!

I hope this problem will turn out to bring more name for our guru in the near future.

Waiting to see your kingdom thriumph again!

Just an orator can't bring this much of change in anyone, so, the space we shared have more than the words and knowledge.

I believe many would have read his book "You are no sinner" by Paramahamsa Nithyananda. Is this what he deserve in return?

I really hope many would get awaken to think, what will their younger generations do when they face depression or
some low energy situations where it becomes difficult to proceed with a good life? Who is going to save them?
So, I really request that do not pollute the spiritual arena which is very essential for many to go on with their lifes.
To write about miracles that has happened in my life after meeting swami, I might only have to write a book, internet forums are not enough!

NOTE: I have always visited ashrams in KL and thiruvannamali once. I have never even sensed any wrong intentions or some
inappropriate behaviours of the ashramities/healers

- Alagammai Kasi

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Master is Bliss!

Master happening in one's life is very rare. And i'm too honored I'm a chosen disciple! Wonders happen with Master in your life and wonders happend in my life too. Wonders are not magics, please note. Magic's add momentary thrill and are never eternal! But understand if there can be an Ultimate wonder, it is the liberation from thoughts, engrams, from bondage and so on..Yes! Liberations are continuing in my inner space imbibing Master's each truth! i'm living a fulfilled life. Whatever happens in life, the inner core Bliss is never shaken! Renouncing wealth materials, health, sex is not REAL renunciation! But renouncing the negative emotions such as lust, fear, worry, expectaions, jealousy, comparison greed, ego discontentment, guilt is REAL real renunciation! Because, they are not yours, they DONT BELONG TO YOU and this is what EACH AND EVERY DEVOTEE AT DHYANAPEETAM ARE EXPERIENCING. We are l;iving His preachings every moment 24/7 literally every moment. These are practically possible only when they an AUTHENTIC GURU hits You at the Being with His powerful preachings! and thats where we are in! His hands!This is possible only by the one who can live and radiate God consciousness eternally!! Please give us back our Guru with all charishma of a spiritual hero! We need Him most! We need His well being! It is true that and enlightened Master is beyond emotions, but we devotees cant see our Master face so much harassment and hardahip! Be a human community!

- Gayathri Akshay

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