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No words can express my gratitude

Dear Swamiji,

My pranaams to you. I'm an LBT student from Malaysia who ran after you, after experiencing a glimpse of bliss that has transformed my life; from a very depressed and gloomy person to a joyful and bubbly soul.
I can't express how much you have guided and been with me throughout my most tragic times, I've only tears to express my gratitude for every moment of my life till today. No words can express this feeling... no words can express you...All I know is my life has become a beautiful song. I've learnt how to love and respect myself and very naturally love people around me with joy. My experiences with your energy are so solid that I've not been shaken at all by the allegations that you've been accused for....it is experiential that i can never deny your presence in my life. I can only feel bad for how much people will miss a great enlightened Master, who's of no doubt beyond sexuality, fear and greed.

LBT student, Malaysia.


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