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A Small Story from a devotee!
A blind man was brought to Gautama the Buddha. He was a logician, a philosopher, very argumentative. He had been arguing with the village that there is no light, "and you are all blind, just as I am blind. I know it and you don't know it, that's the only difference." He was saying this to people who had eyes! And he was so clever in argument that the villagers were at a loss what to do with this man.
He was asking them, "Bring your light. Let me taste it or smell it or touch it. Only then will I believe."
Now, light cannot be touched, cannot be tasted, cannot be smelled. You cannot hear it. And these were the four senses available to the blind man. Then he would laugh in victory. He would say, "Look! There is no light. Otherwise, give me the proofs!"
Remember, to prove that there is no God is very easy; to prove that there IS God is impossible. To prove the negative is easy because all logic tends to be negative. To prove the positive is not possible; logic has no opening towards the positive. Hence the atheist is more argumentative and the theist feels almost defeated. He cannot prove the existence of God or the soul.
When Buddha came to the village, the villagers thought it would be good: "Let us take this man to Buddha."
Buddha said, "You take him to Jivaka, the physician." Jivaka cured his eyes. Within six months the man was able to see. He came dancing with many flowers and fruits as a present to Buddha. He fell at his feet and he said, "If you had not been there I would have argued my whole life against light!
Now I know the truth!"

I will always be your follower

How are you? Hope you are fine! I am fine here too! This year I am having my exams, I am eagerly waiting to attend NSP and to meet you. Swamiji you have brought happiness to my life. I will always be your follower .
Thank you very much!
Nithyanandam !
Bahau, Negeri Sembilan (Malaysia)

I realized God because of You

Beloved Swamiji , Please take care of Yourself . Love You very much forever . I know I took this birth to know the truth . The last birth is always marked with God –realization and lots of sufferings so that one does not acquire fresh desires . This is the compassion of God , although difficult to understand . I feel liberation is ultimate ,even more than being an Enlightened being in body or without body . I realized God because of You and so You are my Satguru and I am going to get liberation from cycle of birth and death because of You . Thanks a million .

Nithya Poojita

Jai Ho (Victory to Swamiji)

a great master,
descended on this planet earth,
to save this humanity,
to remove us from ignorance,
to take us to the state of god,
It's the time for us,
to merge with nithyananda,
nithyananda to merge with us
An enlightened soul,
A Paramahamsa,
A great saint,
The only one,
The greatest in universe,
The creator,
The god,
The parasakthi
No words to describe,
Living with nithyananda,
In this century,
Is the greatest gift,
No one can ever have,
In their life,
Attain jeevan mukthi,
with the grace of
Truth will triumph,
Sreelakshmi Selvaraja

An unexplainable transformation

Swamiji, with my great respect and indebtedness, I bow to your lotus feet. You have moulded me into a new actual self and to lead a life with great awareness. Ever since I surrendered myself to you, Swamiji…..an unexplainable transformation happened to me. Every moment of my life has become so meaningful and intense through your teachings.
I used to wonder and tell myself that I’m a very unlucky person facing so much of obstacles in my life and it was so painful until the day I met you, Swamiji. Then I realized the purpose…..it was the path leading me to a GREAT MASTER and this is the greatest gift of GOD I have received in this life. How fortunate.
I LOVE YOU SWAMIJI and can’t wait to be in the arms of my mother,
Your loving child,
P.Geetha Devi
Seremban, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia.

From a little devotee

Dear Swamiji,
I am Keerti, 8 years old. I love you so much. Wish to see you at KALPATARU in Malaysia.
Bahau, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia.

We are forever grateful

Nithyanandam Swamiji,
You have brought much happiness into our lives. For that we are forever grateful to you. I sincerely hope you will do something to shut all the wagging tongues. Rise o Swamiji…! Rise up and show them your greatness…! My family and I stand by you all the way.
Om Hreem Nithyanandaya Namaha.
R.Vasantha Devi
Bahau, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia.

From a classmate of Nithyananda

I am collegemate ( Rajagopal Polytechnic )of Rajashekaran (Nithyananda). When he was in first year , I was in final year .During the college days , he never seen a girl & never talked about girls or whetever fun will be done by a normal college students.I was not able to believe the news ... A person can not act for long time . A person ,who reads "Jeevan Mukthi" (Living Enlightenment) book, which was written by him, will be very light in their life.
Let us understand how many millions have gained spiritual knowledge by him.

Thank you for being there

When I was down,you were there to lift me
When I was confused and sad you gave me clarity
When I was in low mood you gave me the shakti and buddhi
You were always beside me when I faced trouble
Your words are so powerfull that it simply penetrate my being
You are the only one who had shown me the purpose of my birth
Thank you Swamiji,for everything that you have added in my life
In Nithyananda,

I feel so blessed

My Humble Pranams and Prostrations at thy Holy Feet!.
I feel so blessed to have come in contact with you. Blessed are all those who have come in contact with you though some do not realize this.
The changes that have happened around me and the peace that I feel within me since I came in contact with you is real.
Swamiji , you have changed so many people’s lives with your Divine Grace – is it not possible for you to change what’s happening? - Its all your “leela” and why this “leela” only you know.
You have been guiding me and will continue guiding me till the end no matter how births I still have to take.
Your Humble Devotee
Saroja Ramaneyah

Support from Varanasi devotees

We the devotees of swamiji from Varanasi render our full support to our master.

I am S P Mishra a Rtd. Principal from a public school met swamiji in 2004, with his blessings I got cured from blood pressure .After attending his programs I got tremendous clarity about life problems and its solutions .His guaranteed solution book that is in Hindi as‘Nischit Samadhan’i have distributed to many over here which people after reading finding it the most useful book in their life. His program on quantum memory is the best for the children which many children and parents liked here in the city. I suggest his teachings to be made in book form and should be taught to students in the school. His teaching is meant for everybody be it child or adult or old man. About the recent media which is giving wrong picture of Swamiji I want to declare that let they do what ever they can I promise to work with more zeal and going to devote my maximum time to spread his teachings. Thank you.

S P Mishra

I am Avdesh mishra an employee of Hindu University; want to tell that I don’t believe these media blasters. In fact I preferred to do some work instead of watching news channel. After doing swamiji’s program I found myself peaceful and I am happy .I never had any Guru in my life and I admired him as my Guru. I suggest all my friends not to bother about these thinks and I am sure thinks will change soon like one more dream.


Nithyanandam to all

I am Rajeev a math teacher from a public school. I am surprised to see a few media persons and antisocial elements could do so much. But what about us. We are in lakhs. I want to give my full support for our Swmiji .


Dont Stop at any cost!

I attended Kalpataru with Swamiji 4 months back in the US and since that day I am a different person, I have experienced so many positive changes just like many others. The defamatory videos are unfortunate however do not bother me one bit as I dont need anyone telling me or proving to me anything regarding the incident as I cannot deny my experience and what I felt after I met Swamiji. The media and general public are ignorant and probably need proof after proof. I wish that the one billion+ people in India had all met swamiji which would make them realize the truth.
My support and deepest gratitude to the Life Bliss Foundation for doing such wonderful work and their constant effort for all the initiatives they have undertaken. Dont Stop at any cost! The youtube videos are so valuabe and the only words I have for Swamiji are THANK YOU! for happening in my life.
Ravi K

His teachings are unique

First, I very casually watched a video of Paramahamsa Nityananda on Youtube . The video was titled 'key to enlightenment' I was impressed so much that I immediately started watching some more videos on youtube. I still watch at least one everyday . Impressed with his teachings, I attended a program "NSP" at hyderabad . My faith in swamy has strenghtened. I understood his depth of knowledge in spirituality. His teachings are unique , with a modern approach yet preserve the values of sanatana dharma.I dont believe what our media has been telling the nation against him.Satyameva Jayate truth always triumphs. One day truth will come out but our media will never bother to bring it to the notice of the public. I advise the media people to at least listen to one pravachan on youtube or at least read a book written by swamiji, you may have a rethinking on the whole episode.

Shawji Pulipaka

Your grace is stronger than any negativity of the society

Dear swamiji,
Thank you for being my inner strength,thank you for making me realize how much
you mean to me in my life.
enjoying every moment with gratitude for you for being in my thought in this
difficult times.
Thank you for the making me enjoy my own transformation and making me
understand myself.
Thanks for giving me the clarity,and strength to stand behind it.
your grace on me is much more stronger than any negativity of the society.
With you yourself guiding me every moment what else i need,for you have blessed
me more than what i might deserve.
Thank you

Swamiji, you have uplifted my spiritual life!

With Respect, Beloved Swamiji,
I have attended ASP, NSP & Quantum Intelligence. I hope to see Swamiji soon and He must enlighten the TRUTH to the UNIVERSE and become the Greatest Paramahamsa Nithyananda.
Swamiji, you have guided and uplifted my spiritual life. Swamiji, you make us maintain a pure, clear state of mind, so that everything we see around us will always be pure, good, beautiful and blissful. Nithyanandam.
With regards,
Bahau, Negeri Sembilan (Malaysia)

Whatever happen is auspicious

As what Swamiji says, whatever happen is auspicious.
I am sure through this matter, more people get to know you and you can get more quality people
(those who can realise the pearl behind the straws).
Radiating Enlightenment
Yoyo from Hong Kong