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Support from SGS Yoga Research/Spiritual Center

With Divine respect to Parampoojya Nityananda Swamaji

SGS International Yoga Foundation College and Research Centre is one of the Yogic Centres operational since 17 years and we have branches in 12 countries and spreading the spirituality among various nations

We hereby render our whole hearted support and co-operation to you in your present situation and we stand by you and what ever support is required we are ready to give

We trust you always and have faith on the teachings of yours

If anything is to be done just guide us and we will be there for it


Dr.M.Niranjan Murthy
International Chief Co-ordinator

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My full support for Paramahamsa Nithyananda

Hi there,

I am proud to have met Paramahamsa Nithyananda. He is indeed a phenomenon in spiritual development of many individuals who, other wise in life, had no support or idea of what they are capable of achieving Within and Without.

I have high regards and respects for Paramahamsa.It is the time for me to stand up for Paramahamsa Nithyananda and say, "It is a dishonor, for the country India which reveres saints and gurus who have truly transformed many lives, to vandalize the image of a person of this stature. He is a person loved, respected and revered as a great support in spiritual and daily life by tens of thousands or even millions from all over the world. He cannot and must not be treated as an ordinary person and must not be ill treated in the name of Law which, is supposed to be for the people. He is a leader of the a significant number of people of this democratic country and has to be treated with the same respect as any leader who stands in front of law to prove his innocence. "

My request to the media is that they should handle this issue with more sensitivity and sensibility . Their ethics should have a part where the minority and their personal feelings should be respected and that it is a breach of integrity to blatantly accuse a personality with a few frivolous evidences. Especially , if that targeted personality is of great value to the mass. I humble request to you to not to be so crude in your approaches but be more ethical.

Praises to the Great Masters of the Universe and to Paramahamsa Nithyananda.
an ardent devotee,

Gowthaman U. Palaniswamy,
Sydney , Australia.

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Stand up for Swami Nithyananda

I like to post these things with drops of tears in my Eyes on hearing the Unwanted and unacceptable news on Swami Nithyananda.
I have been attending Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam's Spiritual Workshops and Sessions from Jan 2006.
I would like to share my experiences.
From my childhood, there was some misunderstanding between my parents.This was continuous for many years.
There were nobody to solve the problem in my Family.
All our relatives , friends , anyone ....didn't try to solve it.
I felt very difficult to complete my School education because of my family situation.
Just think a situation of teenage a Middle Class Family Boy facing unsolvable problems in the family and because of that in the society too.
In year 2003, I completed my school and joined an Engineering college.My family situation had still became worse.
I was in very high depression.
Nobody was there to solve my problems.I was not able to concentrate in studies at college.I got veezing problem also.
I had thoughts to suicide.
I was not speaking to my room mates in Hostel;Unable to mingle with my College friends;Many people started asking why I was like that.
One day some of my friends said they were planning to go to some meditation program, asking me to join.
I just went there along with my friends.
That program was the First Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam program attended by me.It was a two days program.
It was an wonderful experience for me.
I felt all my problems can be solved.Within that two days program , I got rid of veezing problem.I felt Healthy.
After that program, I was able to concentrate in my studies.My entire life got transformed.
I was able to move free with my friends.
I was able to take care my family.....and Many things happened that I could not share by words.
I got selected in a good software company through Campus Interview in my college.
Now I am working in the Company at Chennai.Earning good.
Leading a peaceful life with my family.
In these four years(2006 to 2010) my life is bloomong.I got Transformed through Nithyananda's Programs.
I still continue his meditation techniques.It helps me a lot in the Corporate Environment.
I will attend his classes more and also take his teachings to others till end of my life.
I don't want any young boy in this world to suffer for any reason.
To make people come out of any kind Sufferings, I recommend Swami Nithyananda's Meditation Programs.
My thoghts Regarding this news about Swamiji and Ashram:
1)Any body is free to go in and out of Ashram any time.In this situation , if a Girl/Lady feels sexually abused,
they would have come out of Ashram and reported.
2)Many Ladies are participating in Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam's Meditation Programs.Lakhs of people have got transformed.

If there was any kind of wrong approach by any of the Sanyasis,or Acharyas(Teachers),or Swamiji,or an Organizer or a volunteer
of these meditation programs, people would have reported it to public or law.

These programs are being conducted for more years.If there was something wrong, people would have reported years back.
They need not had waited till year 2010.
3)The environment in the Ashram is very spiritual,there is a temple,a big Shiva Linga,Years old Banyan Tree.In this
environment,with the energy of meditation, no body will have unwanted feelings.
Any Human being with logical thinking will think the above points.

I got transformed because of Swamijis teachings.I never believe any fake information about him or Dhyanapeetam.
I Standup for Nithyananda.
[Sri Ananda Dharmadeva]

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Our support to Swamiji

I am thinking of Swamiji and you guys a lot. I appreciate all of the Ashramites speaking up on you tube, it's amazing that all of you did not hesitate to show your devotion to Swamiji and your
true feelings about what's going on.

The time goes slow when we don't know what's going on with Swamiji and with
you in the ashram. Not hearing from Dhyanapeetam for a day is a long

Please do let us know if you know anything new about Swamiji. I pray he is
safe and OK, even though I know he is blissful not matter what.
I am exited looking at it as these times of "poison being swallowed". It's
amazing, sometimes when I look at Swamiji's photograph I swear he is looking
at me with his real eyes. I'm sure him and all the great Masters are with us

Sending love and bliss your way to you all. Be blissful!


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Devotees, Disciples, Citizens Around the World - Please COME !

Nithyanandam All,

All of you who have experienced the ultimate Master and those who stand for Justice & Spirituality, Please Come.

Many of you have come from around the world, spent your dollars to come and experience 21 day programs, 3 month programs, healings and all the good things of being around the Master.

Now please spend those same dollars - without any hesitation ! and Come be around the Master wherever He is !
PROTECT HIM with all Your Might, Your Skills, Your Strengths !!

Come contribute Your Support in whatever way You can !!
Drop All your chores, and all , Please come standup for our Master !!

There are so manyways to help - and it is Now - Medical professionals, Law professionals, Engineers, Scientists, Tough BUild Ones to form a protective circle around HIm, all Skills, All Professions - Please Come

Now is the time ! Please go that extra bit beyond your Strict Boundaries and Fences and Planning..!

JUST COME and Be Around the Master - wherever He is !! Spend that Money Now !! What good is the money if it can't be spent Now ! Let nothing Stop You from Coming !

Thank You

Nithyananda Devotee

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Support for Swamy Paramahamsa Nithyananda

Dear Swamiji.

you have helped in mylife so much . After Kalpatharu darshan I got solved many personal problems, after attending asp i have got clarity in my life, i could able to see chakras awakening physically though I have attended many courses i got experience in this class only.I got positive answer for corneal transplant.
As for as I know you are miraculous god for me
i pray cosmic energy to releive you from this misrepresented issues. you are an enlightened master for all of us still I beleive that your
radiation of enlightenment will never stop.
thanking you


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Love and affection to Swamiji

I am with my Satguru, ALL THE WAY...My Master, disciple relationship with Swamiji is forever....NOTHING CAN SHAKE ME. I am so fortunate to have met Swamiji this life....others and media can say and do ALL they want...but for me, I am for and with Swamiji, FOREVER and EVER...


Venkatesan & Family

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Jai Gurudev

Dear Swamiji, I have seen most of your spiritual videos uploaded in youtube during the past few years. I feel only an Enlightened Master could talk the way you have. I am a disciple of a Sadguru from Hyderabad. Prior to meeting my Guru, I have been told and have been fortunate enough to believe what or who a Sadguru like you can do to the common man and how He could elevate him from life's miseries. I realise that to You, these events/allegations do not mean much. You are just proving by your conduct that all this is Maya-better than beginners like me who just SAY it is Maya and who have to learn this important lesson.

Seeking your blessings

Jai Gurudev!
Arun Madhavan

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I have benefited immensely from Swamiji

Though I was shocked by the scandal news & videos initially, but I can certainly not deny the transformation which occured in me by watching the numeorus discourses & practising Nitya Dhayan.

I certainly believe the media is blowing the whole episode out of proportion in a very malicious manner.

I wish Swamiji Well & pray that his legal woes come to end quickly.


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Experience speaks


Many people's life has been transformed by nithyananda including.His intentions are good.He is needed for this world to bring peace.

- sundar

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I stand by my Guru

I am so sorry for Swamiji my heart is broken from him....I stand by my GURU I pray for him that this trying time will pass..I had beautiful experience with Swamiji ..To be very truthful I am not understanding what Swamiji did that was so terrible to lock him up OMG I dont get it??????.....I dont understand the laws in India ???
I am afraid to comment on YOU TUBE because I commented several times I received terrible email but this last time I commented on the ashramites someone rote to my youtube account a very nasty and vulgar comment to me I was shocked I sent it to spam .I didnt look at the name I quickly sent it away.
I stand by Swamiji ....


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Dear Guruve


Your teachings added value to my life which cannot be expressed through words….. I believe in you as my guru and will stand by you always.


Lohini Rajagopal

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My spiritual experience with Swamiji

I have no doubts of nithyananda. When he came to vancouver a year ago it started my real life. I absorbed so much from him. I remember the first time he gave me darshan. I could smell a very sweet intoxicating smell. This was very transforming for me because I have absolutely no sense of taste or smell and had never heard of that experience before. That proved to me that there was something different about him that I had never felt before. I know he will return at some point. I cant wait to learn from him more. No one can really take him from us.

Alex Baile

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Support for Nithyananda

My name is Conny, I am German, traveled through India in february 2010 and finally found myself in Nythiananda's ashram in Biridi.
A very spiritual, healthy and curing, beautiful place.
After having seen the film "Avatar" and then sitting under the Banyan tree praying Mantras, I felt, the dream came true.

Nythiananda, because of being in Samadi, returned all the money to 800 people, who were attending the NSP seminar.
He was so generous! His teachings go beyond "Samsara", our worldly needs, fears, greed, lust, sex, desire.

No way is there anywhere in the ashram any tantric sex going on- impossible.!!!!!!!

when I came back to the ashram to join the Kumbha Mela- trip, it had been attacked by fanatics and it was so sad to see this beautiful ashram destroyed by blind and envious people, who have no idea about how blind they are!

I stand 100 % behind Swamiji. He has changed my life in such a positive way!
I finally cured myself from nervousness and running constantly away from myself!
Now I can sit quietly and meditate and tune into the cosmic energy!

It seems that Jesus ' crusification is being repeted in a modern way. very cruel.

lets pray, that it will be over soon!


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I will support Swamiji till the very end

I will continue to support Swammiji until the end.
Swammiji has given so much love to all of us and nothing nobody can say or do will make me think otherwise.
in nithyananda
Ramdai Chandrapaul aka Donna
New York

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Love and commitment to Swamiji


Dear Freinds

At this juncture it is hard to digest the fact of Swamijis Arrest , I feel our love and commitment towards Swamiji will see all of us through this.

2 milion people transformed by his teachings and over many more healed is not a Joke. The Society owes a lot for Swamiji Paramhamsa Nithyananda.

Let me talk about Death , have a small experience or thought about death , and think who your Saviour is , I tried ample times , all the time it was Swamiji , he was coming to the rescue.His very assurance was uplifting and guiding over the fear. Such type of impact , i dont think any other person on earth can give that assurance.

His force is such that all people enveloped their true potential and freed themselves from the clutches of despair and depression. His assurance is unchallenged, his love unconditional. They have found meaning to life after knowing him and life became lively after that.
It is easy to leave when the tide is opposite , only staunch love and faith will see that we get over the tide.

A master happened in us is not a coincidence , it was purely the mercy of existence that showered us in the form of Enlightened Master Swamiji Paramahamsa Nithyanada. Human Birth is very valuable , Master happening is very very Valuable , this very understanding is enough to uplift from the clutches.

With Humble Prayers to Swamiji Paramahamsa Nithyananda


Devotee from St.Louis

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It is all Swamiji's grace

Nithyanandam.... i am sasitaran from Malaysia.... I'm a 17 year old boy sitting 4 my government exam this year...I did my 1st ASP in year 2007. Since that day i transformed into a new leaf. The meditation techniques given by our swamiji are really powerful.... Then in year 2008 i attended NSP. My family of four including me attended this wonderful programme. I was speechless after attending the programme. It was a great pleasure and grateful that swamiji himself conducted the programme. I was very happy to see him. Then my journey continues as I attended Kalpataru and BSP. Everyday my family and I would practise Nithya Dhyaan which is a great meditation technique given by our swamiji in our house. As I do everyday, I can see difference in me. I can concentrate more on my studies and it helps me to be a good person. I also got straight A's in my previous government examination in the presence of swamiji. Hope I will pass with flying colours in this exam too.

Love U Swami.
Sasi Tharan

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Swamiji is a gift to Mankind

I am not a devotee of Swamiji nor I have attended any of His programs. I am a spiritual seeker and I have been listening to all His beautiful teachings on you tube. Swamijis teachings are very practical and provide the clarity to live a conflict free life. Swamijis teachings have helped me tremendously and I am really living a blissful life in the midst of chaos. I thank Swamiji for sharing all His experiences and teachings for free on you tube. Each one these videos are treasures that can passed on for future generations. Swamiji is a gift to mankind. I am deeply saddened by His arrest. An enlightened soul with so much to offer to the world is behind the bars. This is a tragedy and I sincerely pray for Swamiji. I believe it is all a Divine Leela and soon Swamiji will be back on his mission to take the ignorant mass from darkness to light.


Vidya Navneet

From USA.

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Love and support for Swamiji

Nithyanandum all;

I love You Swamiji. I thank God for Your presence, in my own life but more importantly for Your presence here on the earth in the hour of humanity's greatest need. Your Love will prevail, It must prevail.

Sue Ling Martinez (Suzi)

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Truth alone triumphs!

This is to offer our support to our Master who has transformed our lives for the better .There has been a tremendous improvement in our physical health , mental health . Spiritually we have learned so much truths that we would have been ignorant of if not for Our Master. Our experiences are so much that we dont see any connection to the events which are being made to happen currently due to vulgarity in minds of people.

Glory to our Lord , He will be untouched by all these events for everything that happens is auspiciousness ,Everything is Shiva.

We are not seeing a war as in Mahabharatha and Ramayana but in this Nithyananda Yuga it is war between Evil (Media and mean minded people) and Truth who is Shiva Incarnate. Never in History the Lord has lost . Even if Alone Truth triumps.


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Support for Swami Nithyananda


I'm writing to share my experience with Paramahamsa Nithyananda. I've been listening, watching and attending his programs since 2006. What have attracted me since the very beginning was His authenticity and direct approach to life and life solutions.

Even though I have had my family(husband and two children) at the time when I met Swamiji, I was feeling lost in my life. I did not know who I was. What is my purpose. I never was officially diagnosed with depression but I think I was going through that state. I had no energy, I did not know what for I was living, nothing made sense for me in my life.

I have tried different things, programs, teachers before I met Swamiji to help myself but nothing really worked permanently. All those things were simply self-development courses. So when I met Swamiji gradually through His teachings and meditation programs I was becoming more centered, grounded into myself.

The most beautiful thing that has happened to me is simply relaxing into myself, enjoying myself, rediscovering joy for life.


With Gratitude to Paramahamsa Nithyananda


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We are all with you Swamiji


Pranams at Thy Lotus Feet.

Swamiji, We are all with You always eternally, what may come,let n number of volcanoes erupt or tsunamis flood us out, our spirit,body and mind is always with You.Swamiji, You are our Lord and Lord of this Universe, world will realize soon, the time is ripe now.The cloud of Vitharka will rain soon bringing all the fall outs back to Your Holy Feet.All the Media scorning at Your Divinity will beg for Your Divine Darshan and presence.All the media in the world will compete to play your video and discourses.Our Spirit, Mind and Body yarns for your Darshan of Your Divine Lotus Feet.Pray to see Swamiji very soon back in Dhyanapeetam blessing all your children anxiously waiting for Your Divine Presence.

In Nithyanandam, Pranams,
Sri Nithya Sri Priyan

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Swami Nithyananda heals Police Back Pain


Check this out:



Reiki healing came in handy for Nithyananda for striking a rapport with the police officers who arrested him in HP. “DySP Hussain complained of backache on Wednesday night in the presence of the swamiji. When Hussain showed him the pain spot, the swamiji placed his finger on the spot and another finger nearby. With a flick of a finger, he did something and his pain vanished,” said a police officer.

Sarve Bhavantu Sukhinah,
(Let Everybody Be Happy)

Ma Nithya Mahati

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