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It is all Swamiji's grace

Nithyanandam.... i am sasitaran from Malaysia.... I'm a 17 year old boy sitting 4 my government exam this year...I did my 1st ASP in year 2007. Since that day i transformed into a new leaf. The meditation techniques given by our swamiji are really powerful.... Then in year 2008 i attended NSP. My family of four including me attended this wonderful programme. I was speechless after attending the programme. It was a great pleasure and grateful that swamiji himself conducted the programme. I was very happy to see him. Then my journey continues as I attended Kalpataru and BSP. Everyday my family and I would practise Nithya Dhyaan which is a great meditation technique given by our swamiji in our house. As I do everyday, I can see difference in me. I can concentrate more on my studies and it helps me to be a good person. I also got straight A's in my previous government examination in the presence of swamiji. Hope I will pass with flying colours in this exam too.

Love U Swami.
Sasi Tharan


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