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small story: how the human mind thinks!

One day Shiva and Parvati rode on Nandi down from Kailash to the
village to get some fruit.

As they rode, some villagers walked by and frowned at them. "Look at
those mean folks," they said, "'Two fat people weighing down that poor
old bull!"

Shiva and Parvati were ashamed. So Shiva got down and walked along
while Parvati rode.

Soon more villagers passed and laughed at them. "Look at that
hen-pecked husband! He walks in the dust while his wife rides like a
queen over him!"

Parvati jumped down and begged her Lord to mount on Nandi. She would
not see Shiva humiliated on her account.

The next passersby shook their heads and frowned. "How terrible that
husband is! He makes his poor wife walk while he lazily rides!"

Without a word, Shiva dismounted and the two of them walked beside Nandi.

Soon they saw more villagers who burst out laughing. "Look at those
stupid people! They walk along pulling their bull, when they could be
riding in comfort! How dumb!"

Shiva and Parvati had heard enough. What to do!!! They climbed back
onto Nandi and went their way, understanding that not they, but the
dull minds of their critics, were the stupid ones.

Moral: Do not judge God, for His ways are beyond our small minds to
grasp. Only the stupid ask God to limit Himself to their tiny vision.
Welcome reality, and understand that all actions of Shiva are

SwamiJi, you are Shiva. May we always recognize your purity, your
divinity and above all, your innocence.

with love and respect,

Ma Nithya
Sarvavidyaa (Sophia Keller)

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Let us not IMPRISON ourselves in WORDS from WRONG sources !


Small minds can handle only small amounts of progress..That is why Master has been saying, drop the small, tiny minds with boundaries, expand!

Small minds think only about how many handful of crores of rupees came through the programs. They do not think about the expenses, maintenance which run equally high. They go to programs and are only counting how much they are giving - not how much they are taking, the thousands of meals 3 times a day for days, hot water baths, bathrooms utilities, lodging, tents, music etc, all kinds of decorations for the ambience.

Small minds can only think in small currencies - when they see the word CRORE or MILLION - they think it must be a ocean.. when in rupees it is 50 or greater times LESS when compared with other world currencies.!!

Yes 50 years ago a CRORE or MILLION would have meant a lot- but not now ! Wake UP ! You know it already!
Even otherwise these days, crore and million does not mean much when it comes to expenditure! Don't just throw words around!! Don't be stuck in the words!!! Be practical !! Go deeper and explore the actual VALUE coming in and going out !

These people should drop their small minds and small prisons created by some words in their minds and take a look at the 2012 mission vision statement.

It costs 10 CRORES for NAIMISHARANYA ( NIthyananda Meditation University which will be open 24 hours, throughout the year, where teachings, learnings will happen non-stop - imagine what infrastructure and utilities and maintenance costs will be) at a time.
It costs 25 CRORES for NITHYANANDA SABHA ( NIthyananda Meditation hall housing 10,000 people )
It costs 10 CRORES to setup a new kitchen to serve 10,000 free meals per day and to cater to the needs of global visitors featuring a multi-cuisine facility.

It costs 108 CRORES just to build 108 Nithyananda Vidhyalaya to save the children from logic based eductation into the True Knowledge based - Vedic wisdom based education equipping each child with skills for success in the outer and inner world.

It costs 20 CRORES just to build 5 dormitories with basic need to house 5000 people, with sleeping facility, bathing, bathrooms toilets and what not!
It costs 35 CRORES just to build a better accomodation with needs to cater global devotees.

Noone is interested in knowing the costs, let alone the maintenance and running it for future!

Moreover, can we dig up the money from the ground like a piece of gold nugget from a mine?
It is nice to come enjoy everything, take whatever free stuff we can get a hold of. Every single pamphlet costs money to print. Every single flower in the elaborate decorations for the deities to create the perfect ambience costs money.

How can a handful of people raise issues about the costs for the meditation workshops and programs without seeing the whole picture ? Let alone the truth that these workshops are the best experiential programs in the world!!

Drop the small minds, expand your vision. Look before you talk, and look before you imbibe and gulp up the vomit which small ignorant minds are spewing out ..

Please use your intelligence - do not eat the vomit of unintelligent, un-enlightened sources.
As told in our scriptures, the words of the Enlightened Master is truth, source of true knowledge.

Think before imbibing and eating information - think from which source it is coming from - is it coming from enlighened sources or un-enlightened, ignorant minds who don't even have basic decency, let alone knowing the science of enlightenment.!!!

Imbibe only the True Knowledge, take a little effort to just explore one inch beyond your existing boundary and see how many truths you can discover..

See all the benefits we have received and think if one of us has to duplicate this whole thing - woud be able to - ?

Thank You !

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Thanks to Swamiji

My humble Tamil New Year greetings to our swamiji, disciples and devotees. Swamiji's talks on u-tube about birth and karma was very good. We are so blessed to have our swamiji, who gives us so much knowledge about Hinduism and its teachings. Thanks also for the launching on swami's talks about living enlightenment in the month of April. These talks on the u-tube really keeps us alive and happy. There is something to look forward and keep us going everyday . Please carry on with swami's sadhana because he has brought out the divinity in us. Thanks again swamiji, we are really blessed to have met you.

Your devotee from Malaysia,

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Completely cured of depression


Dear Swamiji………I came to ashram in 2005 for 4 days NSP program. I was clinically diagnosed for depression (due to my father's passing away). Depression manifested in terms of Vertigo, i.e.., giddiness 24 hrs………After the ASP, I felt normal & till today no issues with my health.

Wish all the best…..We support in this troubled times. We all together will come out of this successfully.

- Rambabu

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Support for Nithyananda


With realization of the Self,
It is not necessary to act in a particular manner;
that would be an indication of ignorance.


The Self-realized person is unconcerned with how the body behaves;
his conduct is not governed by any rule of law.






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Nityananda is Christ

To Voices Against Nithyananda Scandal,

NITHYANANDA SWAMI is as pure as CHRIST.I felt his pure positive energy
when He entered the hall during kalpataru darshan.And after that when
He blessed me and touched my forehead,a deep rooted pain may be a very
heavy karma went away from that very moment.I am not His disciple. I
just went for a darshan.I request all involved people not to crucify
CHRIST again and ignorantly bring calamity to all innocent people.

- Manjula. S

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Nithyananda Ashram us the safest place

History is repeating itself. we have read that an avatar will always have the negative forces to pick on anything and everything around Him. This being the age of materialism the negative forces have money power which they feel can make them overpower any thing divine. I have been an ashramite for the past two years and I can say these two years have been the best years in my whole life. The ashram is the safest place and who else but the the Master can treat each one of us with the utmost care. Not once have any of us the brahmacaris and brahmacarinis felt any misgiving. There was absolute truth in each one of us and we all stand testimony to the fact and truth that there is no other place more safe and disciplined than our ashram. Only those of us who have been there can stand for the truth. Please understand we have no vested interest we just want the truth to surface for everyone's clarity. Swami has been more than a father and mother to each one of the brahmacari and brahmacarini and among everyone of us the relationship has been the healthiest according to any worldly standard.
I am a vanaprasthi and have been with the brahmacaris and brahmacarinis for quite a long time and i can vouch and say they are really a models that the world can very well follow instead of getting exposed and influenced by these yellow magazines and media which is to acting like the moral policemen. The spiritual strength that Swami gave can never be assimmilated by all of us unless there has been a rigorous discipline in our way of life. I am sure many who the sanatana way of life will relate to what i am saying. Please stop seeing or listening to such unheard of abuses about a Sadguru and His holy mission.

In Nithyananda,
ma ananda punidavathix

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