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Thank You Paramahamsa Nithyananda!

Just to say greatness about Swami, there is no way to describe Paramahamsa Nithyananda. The Life Bliss Engineering program was literally worth hundreds of millions of dollars. Bidadi Ashram may be the only place the world has ever seen that we can fly to and have Swami actually give you enlightenment. Swami gives solutions to fear, worry, anger, pain, greed, all of life. He gives fulfillment, simply. And takes away problems. He doesn’t ask for anything but that you look inside intensely and radiate your truth. He will give as much as you will allow but will not cross or violate you. That is what they call “ocean of compassion” because all surrounding you are his gifts but nowhere that you have not opened up will he trespass. It is not possible to explain experiencing what Paramahamsa Nithyananda gives to the world and there is not much point in trying to explain it because it is for each person to realize their own true limitless nature as much as they want and not to interfere with the Happiness of others. Each will get exactly what they want – that’s the only way it can be. So it is just “Thank You” to Swami, that’s all it can be.


Alberta, Canada

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Miraculous healing!

It was little more than one year ago when I first met Nithyananda Swami in Seattle Washington USA. He came to give Kalpataru and Yoga Spurana programs.

I had attended Life Bliss Program at the Seattle Vedic Temple and been pleased and impressed with the effectiveness of the meditations and exercises I learned there. I was interested to see and learn more.

At the time, I had a large non-cancerous tumor over my right shoulderblade. Because it wasn't cancer, my medical insurance refused to pay for surgery. It was uncomfortable and was growing fast and getting in my way at times.

During Kalpataru, I asked Nithyananda Swami if he could heal my shoulder. He thought for a moment, then told me he could help but also that I should meditate myself to get rid of it. I agreed. He put his hand on my shoulder and touched the tumor.

From that time the tumor stopped growing. It didn't go away but it ceased to bother me and I had increased movement in my shoulder.

I attended Inner Awakening in July 2009 and then Life Bliss Engineering in 2009-10. I forgot about the tumor since it didn't trouble me, although from time to time I remembered to meditate about it.

At the end of LBE I suddenly noticed that it was smaller. It had somehow shrunk to less than half its former size. Since then it has continued to shrink, and for the first time in four years I can feel the bone beneath. It is barely the size of a marble now -- previously it was the size of a tangerine.

My doctor has no explanation because such tumors never go away by themselves. She shrugs and says, "well, it may be your guru after all because nothing else could cause this."

Thank you, SwamiJi. You didn't know me but in your compassion you gave your energy to heal me. I am profoundly grateful.

Sophia Keller, RN, LAc, MA
(Ma Sarvavidya Nithya)

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Paramahamsa Nithyananda - A devotee's perspective

Nithyananda Swamiji came into my life in 2007. Since then my life has changed for better. It was my conscious decision to become his devotee. What I learned in these short three years about myself is much more than what I had learned in the previous sixty one years. I am not talking about material things. I am talking about my inner being or who I truly am.

The choice of becoming his devotee was, is, and will be the choice of all devotees of Swamiji. Each devotee has different experience. Rightfully so. Each being has different path to realization or enlightenment. Swamiji gave different techniques or Sutras to practice towards enlightenment. These were offered through discourses on Shiva Sutras, Yoga Sutras, Jain Sutras, Ashtavakra Gita, Bhagavad Gita, etc.

One can pickup any of his books to read or videos to watch, and easily understand what he is talking about. No interpretation is necessary. The language is plain and simple. Each and every word is an eye opener. My sincere gratitude to Swamiji for making the Vedic tradition understandable and practiced even in the current day and age. It is not easy to explain the cosmic phenomena in simple words for a learned scholar, however, a young master like Paramahamsa Nithyananda has done it effortlessly.

Those who have attended his discourses are astounded with the clarity of the explanation. They realize what they missed in their life and what can be done to fulfill the life that is still left.

Swamiji always says, everything is Shiva, Causeless Auspiciousness. Do not speak bad about anything, leave others alone and look inside. Because everything in the Universe created, creator, and creation, are all one and the same, Existence. Each and everyone of the beings, including humans, are part of Existence. Not separate. Each and every being is connected to each and every other being. So, speaking ill of another being is talking ill of oneself. How beautiful!

Texas, USA

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Miraculous healing of premature twins

Until recently I worked as a maternity nurse in a large Seattle medical center. This morning (April 28 2010) I had breakfast with a former co-worker, who told me the following story.

My friend's name is Gina Rosengrant. She and I worked on the same maternity unit, We both met Nithyananda Swami when he came to Seattle in April 2009 to present Kalpataru and Yoga Spurana. When we learned that he would return on Nov 3 to repeat Kalpataru, we were excited and looked forward to spending more time in his presence.

On Oct 24, nine days before Swami was due in Seattle, Gina assisted with the delivery of severely premature twins, a boy and a girl. They were barely 24 weeks of gestation and were unable to breathe on their own. As the days passed, they struggled to live. Gina was a frequent visitor to the infant ICU. The day before Kalpataru, she learned from the nursing staff that the little boy was not expected to live, and the girl was barely holding her ground.

As Gina sat with the tearful parents, she mentioned that she was going to see a great saint the next day who was famous for healing. She asked if she could take a photo of the twins with her. The parents agreed. The photo was made and on the following day, Gina showed it to Nithyananda Swami during Kalpataru darshan. She says he took one look at the photo and declared, "They will be healed."

That was at about 4 pm. At 6 pm the little boy suddenly took a jump of improvement. By 9 pm he was fighting his respirator ( a positive sign) and the astonished doctors decided to test if he could breathe on his own. He did. He and his sister continued to improve and eventually went home to their delighted parents.

Today, Gina told me, the twins continue to do well. The little boy had surgery recently for some complications of prematurity, but he tolerated his operation easily and is gaining strength again. The doctors continue to refer to them as the "miracle twins".

Thank you, SwamiJi!!!

Gina Rosengrant, RN, BSN, MA
Sophia Keller RN, LAc, MA

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3 ways to find out who Real Nithyananda is!




There are 3 ways to find out., who a REAL Swami Nithyananda is??

One way is to read all the newspapers and media and you will surely have your answer, which is what media has so successfully portrayed him in the last 60 days.

The other one is to investigate all his key devotees and ashramites who have fallen off after this so called scandal and have chosen to walk away from him

And the last one is to talk to those still many hardcore believers who were really touched by his aura and presence and his teachings did make a difference in their lives.

I wish our media would have indulged in some genuine investigative reporting to uncover the truths and not just engaged in propaganda using paper and electronic medium to malign, defame and destroy the life of anyone just to sell few more copies and for an increased TRP ratings. Swami Nithyananda, with no IIM or IIT degree single handedly was able to recruit the best of the best in the World who worked at Microsoft, dell, Oracle; be it the doctors, IT professionals, actors, businessman, philanthropists, politicians upto 4.5 million devotees. His journey in the spiritual World began the day he landed on planet earth but after being enlightened and forming a mission in a short span of 5-6 years from age 25-31 Swami Nithyananda embarked on a spiritual mission to make this World a better place to live. Here was a man who worked 20 hours a day for the past 30 years, who spent million hours training and teaching common people, wrote 100’s of books on spirituality and common subjects, delivered 1000’s hours of discourses available on youtube on all sort of subjects related to human living and above all healed and cured many many people across the World with his touch.

Ask those who are healed by the touch by his hand, ask those who have read his commentary on Bhagwat Gita ( never before any Master has explained Gita so easily in varied ways, very intellectually for people to understand), ask those who still conduct satsangs attended by hundreds in California on how to lead an unclutched life and how to better our life in today’s stressed environment. Ask those who are in a state of total bliss and joy, ask all those folks who still love him dearly. But alas Our India is not our old land of Sages and Saints. Here we crucify our Swami’s like Jesus, here we put the truth to rest by making him drink poison, here the Oshos are accused of blashphemy, here the Vivekananda’s are not revered. This has become a land where we dance on dance India dance tunes, we teach our crazy boys and girls to indulge their youth to come on media to dance and play music not that I am against any of those but it has become the only craze. Our media shows all the dirt and filth and our leaders who are nothing but the sleaziest of all are bent upon destroying the very fabric of our Vedic civilization.

What Swami Nithyananda was able to do in 5 years by creating a spiritual mission many people will take 100’s of years to establish. Here as en enlightened Master who is intelligent, intellectual and has the energy to change India and World for the better. By crucifying him we will do great injustice to our generations. This trial by media must stop and this mudslinging where every morning we have different case or motive to destroy him in the news must come to an end. One day he is dubbed as sex swami, other day he is a sleaze swami and then he is self styled godman and then we find reasons to put cases on him, from gold smuggling to FEMA, from animal products to crores of money in his pocket. A person who lives for others and who teaches others how to lead an unclutched life, a person who was on golden throne 3 months ago is not going to be bothered with any of these material losses. Its about time that our people put their act together and fight for the justice so our Swamis and our gurus are well respected. I am for accountability and justice. I am not a blind follower but I know for sure here is an authentic man who has the will, knowledge and energy to do some good for India. Time will tell and we shall all see.


Bhibekshan Chowdhry

California, USA

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Allegations versus Truth

All is well in Bidadi, for those of you who do not know, Swamiji is
currently being questioned by the police about complaints laid against
him. We anticipate he will be released in a few days.If you have
questions or need clarity write directly to me at dheera.la@gmail.com
let us keep these group chats for comments to be shared with the whole

The Media character assassination continues, here are some examples
from the last few days:

One Media entry a few days ago said that Nithyanand was in deep
trouble for having $7,000 in his possession when he was arrested.
There were a total of 4 people arrested , including Swamiji, and that
means less than $2000 each,. It appears that $ 2000 is the limit that
people should have. So another made up story by a very creative
writer looking for an angle. Illogical.

Then here was the tiger skin story, based on CDs from the ashram that
show Swamiji sitting on synthetic fabrics that have tiger patterning
on them in the Himalayas trip. The media published stories saying he
had a whole pile of wild animal skins!

Then there is the Tamil Tiger story- Accusing Swamiji of money
laundering via the Tamil Tigers!!!! The Tamil Tigers are a Sri Lankan
rebel group. Whose international transactions are the subject of a lot
of scrutiny. Who in their right minds would do that? But a reporter
could invent the story for sensational ends.

Then the gold smuggling story..Swamiji smuggling gold in his
mala! .another illogical concept as gold has a global price for small
amounts, and with Swamiji flying once a year back from the USA, why
bother! But a great story for sensation even if it does not make
sense logically.

We have seen that media is inventing these stories constantly for
instance: They have been quoting the police when we can prove that the
police did not have the evidence to make the statement: Eg taking
from the web department hard drives which have all our web photos
and material, and the media saying that the police obtained
information about financial wrongdoings!

Then some more stories for you:
In one town where we have a center the people from the center were
watching TV, and the reporters said their center had been attacked and
windows broken.. But there was no damage to the center. A few minutes
later vandals arrived and broke the windows that were reported as
being broken. I guess the vandals and the media had not coordinated
well enough!

In another center the center was fine. The police called and said is
all ok? And the police decided to come and visit. On their way they
came across a TV news crew broken down on the road, so they brought
them with them. The film crew filmed the center looking lovely.
They returned and the TV news people put on the news that the center
had been damaged, with photos of the undamaged center alongside photos
of another demonstration that took place in another part of India!

What can you do?

Continue to radiate and be blissful, dont watch too much news and
enjoy every moment!!!

In Nithyananda,

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Thank You Swamiji Nithyananda

I am writing this with a lot of gratitude towards my Master Paramahamsa Nithyananda. My experiences are amazing and I had too many of them to be able to describe all. My love and compassion towards myself, my family and all people is deep and unshaken thanks to you My Master.

I am amazed by the amount of change and transformation that keeps happening in me and my friends in these trying times. I am very grateful for that painful experience because doubts, concerns are simply dissolving into devotion and much deeper understanding than ever before.

It still pains me that Swamiji had to be interrogated by the police and be in custody and go though all that dirt that humans are creating.

Please accept my devotion to you Swamiji with the hope of seeing you free and with us soon. I know you are with us and you are free but I want to be able to see your physical body free and in good care. So much needs to be done on the planet.

In Nithyananda,
Elena Zelenina

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Swamiji you are my Lord

Dear Swamy Ji,

Name : Alfred Ashok Kumar
Occupation : Working As Finance Analyst in Oracle India Ltd
Education: B'com

I am very thankful for your love towards us, your are an enlightened master, avatar Purusha, embodiment of divinity, It was your deep unconditional love towards us that made you to take birth in this sinful earth, only to guide us towards liberation, words i speak will not be enough to thank you for your compassion

What ever the world tells, i do not believe the world, this world has been persecuting all the enlightened masters from the beginning of time,
The world had already persecuted Gouthama Buddha,Jesus Christ,Prophet Mohommed , Saint Thomas, Saint Sebastian, Saint Anthony, Saint john, Osho Rajeenesh, Saint Peter, Dalai Lama and many more,
But their persecution did not stop any one from radiation love and compassion towards humanity,

Swamy ji, You know every thing, there is nothing that you do not know, you are all filled with the power of love and compassion,
In this testing times it is we, mortal beings, ignorant and insecure, require your support and guidance,

Swamy Ji, I pray that you please continue to guide us more than ever, please fill our hearts with purity , strength, and a deep faith in the Drama of existence,
Kindly embrace us in your love and compassion,
I shall not fall in to despair for i know that you always hold my hand with love and lead me out of this bondage of misery and suffering,

i would like to quote a verse from Bible, from Psalm 23

The LORD is my shepherd, I shall not be in want.
He makes me lie down in green pastures,
he leads me beside quiet waters,

He restores my soul.
He guides me in paths of righteousness
for his name's sake.

Even though I walk
through the valley of the shadow of death,
I will fear no evil,
for you are with me;
your rod and your staff,
they comfort me.

You prepare a table before me
in the presence of my enemies.
You anoint my head with oil;
my cup overflows.

Surely goodness and love will follow me
all the days of my life,
and I will dwell in the house of the LORD

Swamy ji, your are my lord God your are my Jesus Christ, you are always with me, and you comfort me, you are my hope for liberation,

I thank you for your love and Compassion

With Love

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Let Truth win the battle

Dear All,

It's really a shame that none of us are doing anything for our Master. We
all ran with tears to the master to solve our problems and now its time for
us to do something other than just writing our experiences but none of us
did nothing for a master.
I really feel helpless & ashamed as I am sitting for away from where master
Some of you are in Ashrama what are you doing at this situation ? its not
time sit doing nothing. Please anybody tell us if I can do anything, what
ever is happening is not right, we want our MASTER BACK.

Always Dharma Wins
Jyothi Kuppaiah

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We are with you Swamiji


It is sad to note that Swamiji is going through so much trouble on planet earth.So, during this tough time let all devotees come
together and fight for injustice being done.

Hence, we request Dhyanapeetam to also publish the E-Mail IDS of the
devotees along with the letters coming in support for Swamiji ,which will make us easier to communicate and discuss the future course of action required to be taken,and as rightly written by Mr.Abhaya Kumar in this blog.

It is high time now that all like minded Devotees meet and discuss measures to be taken to bring out our Swamiji .


Ravi & Vandana

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Jai to our Guru Dev!!

I sincerely believe it is a plan to defame one of our very enlightened master on the planet earth right now.
I believe it will just increase the popularity of spiritualism and the gurudev in the coming years.

Biranchi Rout

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support to you always Swamiji

Just to tell you Swamiji, I will support you always, you have been such a support for me in the last few years and no doubt to millions of others,I really cannot understand what has happened that it has come to an arrest, it feels so bad,I will pray and meditate for your well-being all of the time and hopefully you have enough support to help you overcome this terrible ordeal, Nithyanadam, with all my love and respect, Christine, Amsterdam

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Support from disciples of Swami Maheshwarananda

Dear devotees of Paramhansa Sri Nithyananda!

I can tell you, that all divine souls arround the world, whether they are direct Swamiji's disciples or not, have come to know what happend and they all are praying for Swamiji and supporting him in this situation with their positive attitude. You don't need to worry too much. You all have all the possible divine protection!

With much love and compassion to you all,

Divya, a 20years disciple of Vishwaguru Mahamandaleshwar Paramhans Sri Swami Maheshwarananda
Slovenia, Europe

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Swamiji is a great Master

Hello Sir,

I have been listening to the teachings of Swami Nithyananda for quite
some time. His clarity in teaching and confidence is astounding and
only rare people can posses such in depth knowledge and compassion. He
is a great leader and a teacher and I truly wish that Swami gets due
respect for all his great work. I hope all these this difficult times
to finish quickly and I wish swami to continue to spread his teaching
to the humanity.


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Please give me news about Swamiji

I read from india yahoo. Swamiji has chest pain.
I am so pain too. These days, my heart keeps on tears.
No matter I keep working, daily life, playing all the roles
in my daily life. I feel my heart is crying.

Can you give me some news from Swamiji?
Any senior disciples have any information?

Yu Yingying

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A new life after I met Swamiji


Until I met Swamiji, people who I lived with made me think that I am nobody. But Swami made me think that I am very special and unique person. Before I met Swamiji last year my life was such a mess. I was so depressed that I even tried to kill myself. I went to my parents and family, other Swamis, counselors, psychiatric for guidance. But no one was able to do anything for me. Before last year I never listen or watched any of Swami’s discourse, because I was involved with other organization. Last year I attended Kalptaru program twice, just one glimpse of Swamiji, just one energy Darshan transformed me a lot. Since then my life took U-Turn. I am going back to my source. After that I went for IA program. During program I saw that Swamiji showered all his compassion and energy on all people around him. Now I am totally different person because of Swamiji. I am very blissful and calm person now. Any outer situation is not affecting me at all.

I am sure you will come out of these all situation soon and help people around the world. They cannot hide the Sun in a small pot.

I am very grateful to you Swamiji for giving me this new life.

Thank you

Always In Nityananda
Nayna Gohel

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We need to act!!

I agree with the comments of the devotees. We need to ACT. NOW. We need to mobilize a peaceful resistance of what is going on in the name of 'law'. All of us must participate in this. Also, I find it hard to believe that we have no devotees who are lawyers, journalists or independent social workers and can raise their voices against the injustices being done against Swamiji and the Ashram. Although this website is there, I doubt if it is being read by the general public. We need to do some brainstorming for ways in which our opinions and experiences can reach a larger audience.


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The Socrates Triple Filter Test

The Socrates Triple Filter Test.
In ancient Greece, Socrates was reputed to hold Knowledge in high esteem. One day an acquaintance met the great philosopher and said, "Do you know what I just heard about your friend?"

"Hold on a minute," Socrates replied. "Before telling me anything, I'd like you to
pass a little test. It's called the Triple Filter Test."

"Triple Filter?"

"That's right," Socrates continued. "Before you talk to me about my friend, it might be a good idea to take a moment and filter what you're going to say. That's what I call the triple filter test."

The first filter is TRUTH. Have you made absolutely sure that what you are going to tell me is true?'

"No," the man said. "actually I just heard about it and..."

'All right," said Socrates. "So you don't really know if it's true or not. Now let's try the second filter, the filter of GOODNESS. Is what you are going to tell me about my friend something good?"

"No, on the contrary..."

"So," Socrates continued, "you want to tell me something bad about him, but you're not certain it's true. You may still pass the test though, because there's one filter left, the filter of USEFULLNESS. Is what you want to tell me about my friend going to be useful to me?"

"No, not really."

"Well," concluded Socrates, "if what you want to tell me is neither true nor good nor even useful, why tell it to me at all?"

Friends, use this triple filter test each time you hear loose talk about any of your near and dear friends.

Let us at least not drop our sense of goodness and fairness, even though the surroundings are instigating doubts in the vicious mind. If we would do that for a parent or child in times of trial, surely the Guru deserves much more? I have not been an 'ardent devotee' like many others were around me. Yet, despite much confusion on hearing all the news reports and media, I am unable to retain any negative feelings in my heart, only feel gratitude for the bliss I experienced in his presence. And that is somehow constantly far more profound and enduring in the end. And even for that I thank the Master. Because that is Guru-Krupa.


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Registering support for Swami Nityananda


I am registering my support. I still believe Swami Nithyanandam.

Balakumar. E

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Questions for us to ponder over...

I've been folllowing some of whats happening in the last few weeks with Swami Nithyananda, whose teachings and meditations have helped me immensely.

As an educated,somewhat intelligent citizen of the country I can't help but think on how easily the masses can be swayed and antagonised by media. It scares me to think how many times I might have already done that, ie., misjudge people, ignore facts thinking media must've researched well and is doing a responsible job. Especially in this case, media seems to be craving for bits and pieces of information that will keep the willing and weak ( minded ) readers and listeners glued to the TV screens or columns of their newspaper. Has even one section of the media helped people get a balance veiw of the situation.

I can't help but have these questions and I am sure there are many out there who are wondering along similar lines -

1- If there is nothing illegal he has done then why are they still keeping him in police custody ? Police had 4 days to question him, what else are they interrogating him for ? Does the media ever ask these questions ?

2- Media says they found one deer skin etc. What if someone gifted it to ashram ? Also is it illegal to keep one deer skin in the ashram. They sell deer skins on the streets and stores in Haridwar. Why doesnt police raid these stores first ? Why cant the media mention what quantities of deer skin was found in the ashram, what amount is illegal ? Creating headlines seems to be more important than providing details.

3- Hurt religious sentiments ? My religious sentiments can be hurt whenever a priest forces me to place money in his hands when I go temples. Very well known temples. But I still go to these temples ignoring these priests, because my religious sentiment lies in my devotion and love for the deities, how the temple contributed to the community, how the chanting and prayers and the deeper significance of it enriched my life. People whose religious sentiments are hurt seem to have missed the whole essence of religion, and are missing those who are trying to stand for it.

They are waiting in the wings, ready to jump on the stage to get some limelight and shout, 'our religious sentiments are hurt'.

4- Sensational news and gossip seems to have become the 'main-course' for every meal we feed our minds. This is the 'nourishment' we feed our minds with. Our emotions are like dormant volcanoes, and our minds like ticking atom bombs, ready to explode at the smallest trigger. We analyse so much when have to invest 1 lakh rupees. Questions like, Where am I investing ? What kind of company is it ? What are my returns ? Is it really really safe to invest ? How come the 'news' we feed out mind doesn't undergo this analysis. It's our mind, which controls our emotional state and ultimately our well-being that's at risk here, isnt it ?

This is the ambience we live in, and we claim to live in a 'civilized society ' !!!!!


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Support for Nityananda from Austria

Hi everyone!

About 9 months ago I began watching swamijii's discourses on Youtube. I have always been a very sceptical person and never believed anyone easily. But some of my thoughest questions have been answered by Nithyananda and I could feel his higher level of consciousness even through the internet. So I have chosen him as my spiritual teacher.

I am a christian, not a hindu, but I can assure you: Swami Nithyananda is a holy man send by God.

Halav from Austria

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We are with you Swamiji!

Billion thanks for your Youtube discourses Master.
I can say that you helped me to become more and more "Unclutched"...
You helped me, now it's my turn to support you totally, from the btoom of my heart.
You did a lot of positif things, and finaly what some blind people recorded ?
Thank you again Nithyananda.My heart is with you...


Rachid Bouchebti

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Our asset Nithyananda

the allegation put on Nithyanand are false with the intentions of grabbing his name, fame and property . he is innocent . beople behind this act must be rather punished instead of Nithyanad
nithyanand has done wonder ful job for the benifit of mankind in such a short time all over the world . it is unfortunate for the indians that we are not able to recognize the diamond with us the gratest inheritence of the land . we will understand only after loosing Our great Asset
S.C. Pandey

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My vote to Swami Nithyananda

I would like to give my vote of support for Swamiji. His teachings have transformed my life and I have received nothing but love and support from my master.

Ted Cawkwell

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Support for Swamiji from Amsterdam

Dearest Swamiji, I am so shocked that you have been arrested, I feel for you and for all your devotees and ashramites, it must be very painful,I pray and meditate and I am with you whatever may happen, we are all one and nobody is ever separate,with all my love and respects,
I am so thankful for all your inspiring talks that helped me in my path,

May you be safe and happy and calm and trustful
Christine de Jong, Amsterdam

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War between evil and our Guru Nithyananda

Deccan Chronicle, April 28 2010

“The department may penalise and even forfeit his sprawling ashram built on 21.10 acres of land, said Ramanagara deputy commissioner G.N. Chandrashekhariah. The deputy commissioner told this newspaper that according to the Karnataka Land Revenue Act, the ashram is illegally built on agricultural land.”

“Also, as per the Land Reforms Act, 1961 only an agriculturist is entitled to hold agricultural land. The officer is in the process of sending his report to the government on the land irregularities in the Dhyanapeetam ashram.”

“The private land was gifted to self-acclaimed godman Nithyananda, for which he had duly paid the gift tax to the revenue department, said Ramanagara tahsildar Natesh. “It is registered in Nithyananda’s name. Following the notice, some of his ashram inmates came to us and showed us documents in which they had got around three acres of land alienated (converted for use of non-agricultural purposes) but the rest of the 18 acre land is agricultural and has not been alienated,” said the tahsildar.”

For the statement above, I would like to comment as follow:

Initially it was reported the ashram and temple have been built illegally on government land but this was proved wrong by document produce by ashram. Later it was reported the land was taken by force from the land owner but this also was proven wrong when the land owner admit donate the land. Now it is reported the land is only for agriculture and illegal to build ashram or temple (see first 2 paragraphs above), again this also proven wrong by ashram produce prove (see last paragraphs above).

I wanted to see to what extend this people will go further to find fault on our Guru.

This is really a war between evil against our Guru.


Jagadish Nallappan


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Allegation fabricated!

Deccan Chronicle
Wednesday April 28, 2010

“The CID sleuths have not been approached by any victims, as contended by Lenin in his complaint. Nithyananda has been in the custody of the CID police for five days now but no victim has come forward to testify against him though the police had assured the public that their identity will be kept a secret.”

For the statement above, I would like to comment as follow:

I personally feel that no one will come forward and make any complain against our Guru since I suspected the allegation was fabricated by media directed by top politician unless now the top politician makes an effort to prepare a “victim”


Jagadish Nallappan

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Time to ACT: We need our Swamiji back!!!

Hello Swami's

I have been trying to contact the co ordinators but are unable to contact anyone. This is no time to sit and speculate . We need more and more action. The first thing is to mobilse as many devotees as posiible and chalk out an action plan. Every devotee wants to help but they do not have the courage to come out in the open . It is important to get a gathering of people and attend the court in large numbers. Silent protestation carrying orange flags. When there is a large crowd people will sart adding on--support will start tickling slowly. Stop not stop not. We should get the Swamiji out . It is a disgrace if we do not act. I would also want swami's and Sanyasin's from other part of the country to come and join the protestations. More crowd is required. These Sanyasins should be provided food and shelter in the ashram. More crowd will frighten the police and the court. Arrange buses to collect more no of devotees. Only goal is get the Swamiji out . Take banners stating release our Swamiji, banners stating stop rumours and banners carrying respect human rights. Get the human rights Association to protest. Talk to other institutions and ask all HINDU devotees from all aspect of life to come the aid. There is no time to think . We need our Swamiji back . Start working .If you want to communicate start using the skype service and mails to mobilse people. You have all my support . ALL WE NEED IS TO TO GEt the SWAMIJI OUT. SHIVA AND SHAKTI WILL SURELY HELP US OUT. Arrange for a MAHA RUDRA HOMA. Shankaracharyas blessing will always be on the ashram.

humble devotee

Abhaya kumar

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My support for Swamiji :)


I am Anita from Malaysia. I would like to share my opinions and experiences i've gained from Swami Nithyananda's teachings. I got to know swamji after seeing one of his youtube video. It was on kaarthigai deepam 2008, where i felt very blessed to watch such a good explanation about kaarthigai deepam which was given by swamiji in one of his discourse. I showed the youtube video to my mother, and explained to her about swami nithyananda after doing a few research about him through the internet. In 2009, my mother, read the book entitled 'Kathavai thiru, kaatru veesatum', written by swamiji. After reading the book, my mother attended swamiji's LBP last year. My mother is now is his sincere devotee and she is practising all the meditation techniques taught by swamiji. She is living a very blissful life.

I'm not his devotee, I'm a spiritual seeker, and I've read his books and listened to his discourses in youtube. I've only attended two programmes in 2009, Quantum Intelligence and Kalpatharu in Malaysia. I feel very blissful and enlightened after attending the programme. After reading his books, and i can confidently say that, at this very young age, no any other gurus would have written so much and gave so much of information about meditation techniques and so on. The informations that he has given us are simply mind blowing,

It is very hurtful to see so many accusations against him. But i strongly believe, swamiji will get through all these accusations. All those good things that he has done to his devotees and also to millions and millions of people out there will definitely save him from all these accusations.

'Swami Nithyananda seitha nalla kaariyangal avarai kandipaaga kaapatrum.'

We will definitely stand by and support him. Truth alone triumphs!



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Strong support for Nithyananda

Dear Swamiji,

According to me youare still my guru radiating enlightement I am asking cosmic consciousness of Anandeshwara and Anandeshwaris help to releive from all these unwanted crisis and disturbances My strongest support is for you.


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Nithyanandam - My support


I AM Ms. J.Rukmani . I am a post graduate , a senior Legal and Chartered
Secretarial Professional . I am also M.S in Psychotherapy and serving as
Counsellor for several years now and also a Master Healer actively into
Spiritual and Healing Researches and healing services for 14 years now .




My enlightening experiences with the Guru Nithyananda are
practically and fully for over one year now , though i had the
opportunity to attend a wonderful program of Nithyandanda
6 years ago . For the past 5 years i was still analysing and observing
the scientific aspects of his spiritual plans , and in my research
station , it became a prime matter to be further analysed and hence
i took up to proceeding with further of Guru Nithyananda a year ago .

If a Judge is a Judge , he should know the law , the precedence
to a case and the entire facts of the case presented before him .
So also for simply commenting on taste of a food , its best if
One is a brilliant Cook himself but at his minimum , atleast One should eat it , know how to find out the taste factor .
Thus In every sense of life ,

I decided to go through the further aspects of Nithyananda's
approaches and attended few small programs jus for the last one
year with the intention to throughly analyse whether there is any the science behind all his teachings , works and classes he organises .

In a sentence i would now say , As a Master Healer in many healing arts including Reiki , Magnified Healing , Raja Yoga
Healing , Vedic Healing , for 14 years now ,

MUCH OVER A MILLION TIMES AN EFFICIENT SPIRITUAL HEALER . This is why i insist , somebody a super hero in some
Profession like Law , Media , Tax , cannot judge or comment on
a spiritual people , without they themself having any experience
or knowledge enough to comment , scritiny or Judge . As we see ,
it seems now , that those who never ventured comment and spray dirt
on the spiritual Glory of Swami Nithyananda .So Firstly the people who
have derived benefits through Nithyananda should have ' deaf ears'
to the judgement of those who have not got the qualification to judge.

No one spends his money just like that , without benefiting . And
it is here befitting for me to say , what we have paid to the programs
of Nithyanandha is not comparable to the million- times - benefits we
derived through each of his programs . One certainly cannot value
the splendidness of sprituality that were simply given to us by Nithyandha , even without our asking for it .

Many siddhars lived and are living , and none of them thought of
giving this art of highest spirituality to the ordinary people of the
world and the first ever i have analysed through is this and only
this Paramahamsa Nithyanandha . Even this i talk only through the
experiences with several gurus and their radiations in my healing
and living spiritual experiences .

One need not be a Devotee or a Disciple of Nithyanandha .
But remember that One day , the benefit He gave to you is standing
still , this far and farther to come through in your personal life .
What you derived from Him is staying in your system so ,
let not what the outsiders who tamper your most prestigious
gift you received from Nithyanandha , have a place in your
thoughts . Because that is only going to disrupt your own life. These people want to benefit something through your pains because they earn through your shortcomings . Therefor my loved brothers and sisters of the ' Nithyandanda benefit -derived order ' Beware !

My healing and prayers will work on you and it will
throw away all the unwanted waste , that is going to spoil the
benefits you have permanently derived fron Nithyandha as I am
concerned about you and the worth you have received and I
want to do my best to shield you from mischief-makers as that is
going to be at the cost of your peace . I want to imitate the Love, Glory and compassion of Nithyannda .

From times of Jesus , we have seen the nearer Ones causing
the worst troubles to the Master , but this is also a game of the
Lord , and like jesus , many became Lord through the negative-prankers.
The Master is prone to any extent of problems in his physical
bodily life , and it is for us to quietly watch , how the master
proves the realities of divinity through his ways . No mockery ever
went unnoticed , yet no mockery was ever closed of its chapter



JRukmani .
chennai ,India

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Support from Ramakrishna Kendra, Salem

"The medias should give Swami Nithyananda and dhyanapeedam organization the benefit of doubt and to report their side of the story…., Besides wanting to balance out the one-sided media depictions. Many common people of hindu society want to ask this question to Chennai police commissioner.

Sir are you ready to register any rape complaint and file FIR against any state or central minister or any Media King if any ordinary man approach you without producing a solid evidence (name or identity of the affected person by the accused) ?

Why police and govt volunterly ask people to come forward to give complaint against him? Why you do not follow such attitude on fake medical drugs distributors?

- Shivapriyananda Ramakrishnakendra Salem "

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support for Swami Nithyananda

Many thanks to the great person of Swami Nithyanada
I belong to another yoga sangha, but i have appreciated the energy and words
which this Swami has so generously given to aid and comfort many thousands on the
path of spiritual development.
Many times when I was feeling sad and blue I have turned to watching Swami on youtube videos
he has never let me down. The comfort I needed was always found in his deep words and in the
loving devotional energy in his way of communication.
It is the shame of humanity that we are capable of turning against each other in such a way as is seen
in the uproar against Swami. I am not interested in his personal life, so long as he is not committing harm
against others, why should we pry into his personal life. Why do we expect perfection from spiritual leaders?
And then so easily turn against them for being Human. If he was not human, then how would he be among us to
teach and guide us???
I dont believe that Swami has committed any wrong doing.
with Love and Gratitude for Swami Nithyananda,
Vicki Van Winkle
Santa Rosa, CA

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Swami Nityananda is a great living master for seekers of Truth

Dear Readers,

I am a practicing mediator and highly educated professional engineer in USA in field of hi-tech computers.

Sw Nityananda is a great living master his words and actions say it.

He has achieved enlightenment and he is free even if government and ignorant people put him in suffering or jail.

Its the loss of the seekers and not the master's loss in this matter. This conspiracy is not against Nityananda but against the truth seeking desiples.

Nityananda has nothing to loose. Its we who are seekers are missing his you tube telecast videos.

I support whole heartedly Nityananda and pray that he comes to his physical freedom asap for showering his compassion on us once again.

All glories to Sw Nityananda...and his lovingness.

Best Regards,
Shriram Karpur

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Divine Purpose!

- it is being said that "Jesus the Christ died for our sins" - right now another Christlike man of this earth is being 'crucified' by modern means: not on the cross, but rather in the media - not once - but again and again - THIS HAS TO STOP.

So let us all - devotees, disciples - anybody who feels connected to this Enlightened Master Swami Nithyananda go into meditation and ask ourselves: "What did I do - which sins might I have committed - for this extreme attack to be launched on a Truly Vibrantly Loving Charming & Innocent Being such as Nithyananda?"

Let us ask this question; not in order to feel guilty and depressed by our own shortcomings, but as an opportunity for self-healing and purification.

It is easy to blame others - in this case the 'yellow press' and so many individuals writing their dirt in the media and on the internet - but could it be that these people are only 'acting out' our sins?

The greatest words I ever heard from Swamiji were these: "Take responsibility for your own Reality and for your own Life."
Taking these words to heart have transformed my personal life tremendously - for which i am ever grateful to Swamiji.

May the whole world come to His Lotus Feet

Jeeva Jyoti - Tiruvannamalai

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ACT, not just stand up!

Dear all

In view of the developments which is going on against Swamiji, it is clear that there is a huge conspiracy team behind it. I m not a direct Nithyananda devotee, but initiated to some other
tradition, but what I want to say is that, the Master is the asset of the devotees, and if we want the master back, we must do enough good Karmas or prayers. What I suggest is that why not we think about ACTING so that we get our Swamiji back?

best regards

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In support of Paramahamsa Nithyananda

I had been suffering from Insomnia and stress, had very difficult sleeping and concentrate. Then happend to hear about Life Bliss Program and attended that, had a wonderful experience. Though I was spiritual, but was pushed and pulled from many in the materialistic world, guess i was not strong spiritually and that led to all these. But after LBP and Kalpatharu Darshan from Swamiji, it was a great experience. Even now if I wake up in the night and once I do Nithya dhyaan I can sleep in the middle of the night. I am truly benefitted. Swamiji has done so much for the humanity, why they are not considering all these. This is what is Kalyug where you do good things and get punished for that. I truly support Swamiji in these trying times, hope God Almighy will show mercy and protect our Guru from all these mess.

Devotee from Houston, Texas

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May the arrows turn into flowers at Your Holy feet

Dear Swamiji,

With much love and appreciation, may you stand strong and grow wings in these times of adversity. May the thousand arrows turn to flowers and fall at your feet. May you see the blessings in this creation. May it pass through you as the wind passes through the mountains. May everyone grow and come together and connect in consciousness. May you change how it is to how you want it to be. May you find refuge in your truth. Bless you. Namaste.


Humble spirit on the path

Archna Patel

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With tears from Hong Kong

What a big joke arrest a vast sky? we can only surrender to Him.
If not my Karma Yoga here, I will take flight to come.
Just to be with Swamiji.
I will pray for those who don't understand Swamiji. Hope they
have true happy life. Please free Swamiji. We need him.

I don't know what to say is right, what to say is wrong
I don't know what to say can help Swamiji
I don't know what should I do
I just thank for the Existence, for the Supreme Consciouness, Lord Shiva
that in my life time, at least I have 2 very precious time can be bowed down into His feet,
That my very moment My whole life is fullfilled,
I can say "YES" to my whole life

With tears

Monkinics Yogita
From Hong Kong

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Support for Swami Nithyananda

Dear Paramahamsa Nithyananda Swamiji,

My humble vote of gratitude for all the blessings and grace I've received from you. I have experienced a lot of changes in my life for this one and half year from the time I have seen your video discourses. A lot of awareness and success has flooded into my life when you have helped me utilize your meditation techniques. Not only have I passed in my exams also you have helped me in looking at living life happily, facing troubles, having different perception towards life. I cannot describe your greatness in mere words. I support your stand what so ever the world might portray about you. I respect you and will continue to pray for you. Thanks a million and even more.

Thanking you,
Yours humbly,

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When Man messes with GOD!


Check out article on NDTV about how CID officers faced one technical problem after another, eventually turning out like a punishment for them!


- Niranjan Das


CID sleuths interrogating Bangalore 'Sex Swami' Swami Nithyananda came close to realising what a dangerous thing half-knowledge can be.

When the officers were done with their questions for the day, they played the tape and found it did not have any sound. The tape ran like a silent movie in colour. Hours of effort had gone waste.

When the CID officers brought the swami from Himachal Pradesh, after arresting him from his alleged hideout in Solan district on April 21, they took him to their new interrogation cell in Bangalore.

The Ramanagar local court had handed the swami over to police custody for four days following his appearance in court on April 22.

"It was very difficult to make him speak. And then our efforts went waste thanks to our poor technical knowledge. We had to repeat the entire exercise on Sunday," said a source in the CID.

When they decided to interrogate the Swami in the cell, the CID authorities called for local technicians to fit CCTV (close circuit TV) and the equipment was installed hurriedly, on Friday.

"There was a problem with the audio output of the recording. The video was just fine," explained a technician who fixed the problem. When the statement was recorded the sound was audible but the output on the computer was considerably muted."

The technicians had to be called in on Sunday and the same questions were asked again. The swami smiled at his interrogators as usual before getting into a trance-like state.

"He was either slipping into sleep every now and then or kept chanting mantras whenever we asked him an important question," said the source.

"It was horrible. Imagine having to repeat the entire exercise! It was like a punishment for us."

HS Hussain, the deputy superintendent of police, CID, who was in the team formed to arrest the swami, refused to comment. "I am not supposed to discuss the interrogation," Hussain said.

"You will come to know the details once the investigation is over and we present the case before court."

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by supporter of nithiyanantha

When i came to know, that Master-Nithiyanantha has been arrested. I was shocked. It is painful news for me. becouse i am realy appreciat his teaching way to reach everyone in the world. I am not part of Nithiyanantha organization. I am not a devotee.But i know they are doing a wonderful spritual and social work.Which is very important in today,s life. It is very sad to see these defamation. All great masters will go through this testing period. I PRAY FOR YOU . ALMIGHTY GOD TO BRING THE TRUTH AND JUSTICE. Thankyou.

- S.Raveendran

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Strengthen your resolve to enlighten the humanity.


You are truly an enlightened master and I know very well that the recent allegations from media will only strengthen your resolve to enlighten the humanity.



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Support from SGS Yoga Research/Spiritual Center

With Divine respect to Parampoojya Nityananda Swamaji

SGS International Yoga Foundation College and Research Centre is one of the Yogic Centres operational since 17 years and we have branches in 12 countries and spreading the spirituality among various nations

We hereby render our whole hearted support and co-operation to you in your present situation and we stand by you and what ever support is required we are ready to give

We trust you always and have faith on the teachings of yours

If anything is to be done just guide us and we will be there for it


Dr.M.Niranjan Murthy
International Chief Co-ordinator

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My full support for Paramahamsa Nithyananda

Hi there,

I am proud to have met Paramahamsa Nithyananda. He is indeed a phenomenon in spiritual development of many individuals who, other wise in life, had no support or idea of what they are capable of achieving Within and Without.

I have high regards and respects for Paramahamsa.It is the time for me to stand up for Paramahamsa Nithyananda and say, "It is a dishonor, for the country India which reveres saints and gurus who have truly transformed many lives, to vandalize the image of a person of this stature. He is a person loved, respected and revered as a great support in spiritual and daily life by tens of thousands or even millions from all over the world. He cannot and must not be treated as an ordinary person and must not be ill treated in the name of Law which, is supposed to be for the people. He is a leader of the a significant number of people of this democratic country and has to be treated with the same respect as any leader who stands in front of law to prove his innocence. "

My request to the media is that they should handle this issue with more sensitivity and sensibility . Their ethics should have a part where the minority and their personal feelings should be respected and that it is a breach of integrity to blatantly accuse a personality with a few frivolous evidences. Especially , if that targeted personality is of great value to the mass. I humble request to you to not to be so crude in your approaches but be more ethical.

Praises to the Great Masters of the Universe and to Paramahamsa Nithyananda.
an ardent devotee,

Gowthaman U. Palaniswamy,
Sydney , Australia.

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Stand up for Swami Nithyananda

I like to post these things with drops of tears in my Eyes on hearing the Unwanted and unacceptable news on Swami Nithyananda.
I have been attending Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam's Spiritual Workshops and Sessions from Jan 2006.
I would like to share my experiences.
From my childhood, there was some misunderstanding between my parents.This was continuous for many years.
There were nobody to solve the problem in my Family.
All our relatives , friends , anyone ....didn't try to solve it.
I felt very difficult to complete my School education because of my family situation.
Just think a situation of teenage a Middle Class Family Boy facing unsolvable problems in the family and because of that in the society too.
In year 2003, I completed my school and joined an Engineering college.My family situation had still became worse.
I was in very high depression.
Nobody was there to solve my problems.I was not able to concentrate in studies at college.I got veezing problem also.
I had thoughts to suicide.
I was not speaking to my room mates in Hostel;Unable to mingle with my College friends;Many people started asking why I was like that.
One day some of my friends said they were planning to go to some meditation program, asking me to join.
I just went there along with my friends.
That program was the First Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam program attended by me.It was a two days program.
It was an wonderful experience for me.
I felt all my problems can be solved.Within that two days program , I got rid of veezing problem.I felt Healthy.
After that program, I was able to concentrate in my studies.My entire life got transformed.
I was able to move free with my friends.
I was able to take care my family.....and Many things happened that I could not share by words.
I got selected in a good software company through Campus Interview in my college.
Now I am working in the Company at Chennai.Earning good.
Leading a peaceful life with my family.
In these four years(2006 to 2010) my life is bloomong.I got Transformed through Nithyananda's Programs.
I still continue his meditation techniques.It helps me a lot in the Corporate Environment.
I will attend his classes more and also take his teachings to others till end of my life.
I don't want any young boy in this world to suffer for any reason.
To make people come out of any kind Sufferings, I recommend Swami Nithyananda's Meditation Programs.
My thoghts Regarding this news about Swamiji and Ashram:
1)Any body is free to go in and out of Ashram any time.In this situation , if a Girl/Lady feels sexually abused,
they would have come out of Ashram and reported.
2)Many Ladies are participating in Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam's Meditation Programs.Lakhs of people have got transformed.

If there was any kind of wrong approach by any of the Sanyasis,or Acharyas(Teachers),or Swamiji,or an Organizer or a volunteer
of these meditation programs, people would have reported it to public or law.

These programs are being conducted for more years.If there was something wrong, people would have reported years back.
They need not had waited till year 2010.
3)The environment in the Ashram is very spiritual,there is a temple,a big Shiva Linga,Years old Banyan Tree.In this
environment,with the energy of meditation, no body will have unwanted feelings.
Any Human being with logical thinking will think the above points.

I got transformed because of Swamijis teachings.I never believe any fake information about him or Dhyanapeetam.
I Standup for Nithyananda.
[Sri Ananda Dharmadeva]

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Our support to Swamiji

I am thinking of Swamiji and you guys a lot. I appreciate all of the Ashramites speaking up on you tube, it's amazing that all of you did not hesitate to show your devotion to Swamiji and your
true feelings about what's going on.

The time goes slow when we don't know what's going on with Swamiji and with
you in the ashram. Not hearing from Dhyanapeetam for a day is a long

Please do let us know if you know anything new about Swamiji. I pray he is
safe and OK, even though I know he is blissful not matter what.
I am exited looking at it as these times of "poison being swallowed". It's
amazing, sometimes when I look at Swamiji's photograph I swear he is looking
at me with his real eyes. I'm sure him and all the great Masters are with us

Sending love and bliss your way to you all. Be blissful!


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Devotees, Disciples, Citizens Around the World - Please COME !

Nithyanandam All,

All of you who have experienced the ultimate Master and those who stand for Justice & Spirituality, Please Come.

Many of you have come from around the world, spent your dollars to come and experience 21 day programs, 3 month programs, healings and all the good things of being around the Master.

Now please spend those same dollars - without any hesitation ! and Come be around the Master wherever He is !
PROTECT HIM with all Your Might, Your Skills, Your Strengths !!

Come contribute Your Support in whatever way You can !!
Drop All your chores, and all , Please come standup for our Master !!

There are so manyways to help - and it is Now - Medical professionals, Law professionals, Engineers, Scientists, Tough BUild Ones to form a protective circle around HIm, all Skills, All Professions - Please Come

Now is the time ! Please go that extra bit beyond your Strict Boundaries and Fences and Planning..!

JUST COME and Be Around the Master - wherever He is !! Spend that Money Now !! What good is the money if it can't be spent Now ! Let nothing Stop You from Coming !

Thank You

Nithyananda Devotee

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Support for Swamy Paramahamsa Nithyananda

Dear Swamiji.

you have helped in mylife so much . After Kalpatharu darshan I got solved many personal problems, after attending asp i have got clarity in my life, i could able to see chakras awakening physically though I have attended many courses i got experience in this class only.I got positive answer for corneal transplant.
As for as I know you are miraculous god for me
i pray cosmic energy to releive you from this misrepresented issues. you are an enlightened master for all of us still I beleive that your
radiation of enlightenment will never stop.
thanking you


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Love and affection to Swamiji

I am with my Satguru, ALL THE WAY...My Master, disciple relationship with Swamiji is forever....NOTHING CAN SHAKE ME. I am so fortunate to have met Swamiji this life....others and media can say and do ALL they want...but for me, I am for and with Swamiji, FOREVER and EVER...


Venkatesan & Family

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Jai Gurudev

Dear Swamiji, I have seen most of your spiritual videos uploaded in youtube during the past few years. I feel only an Enlightened Master could talk the way you have. I am a disciple of a Sadguru from Hyderabad. Prior to meeting my Guru, I have been told and have been fortunate enough to believe what or who a Sadguru like you can do to the common man and how He could elevate him from life's miseries. I realise that to You, these events/allegations do not mean much. You are just proving by your conduct that all this is Maya-better than beginners like me who just SAY it is Maya and who have to learn this important lesson.

Seeking your blessings

Jai Gurudev!
Arun Madhavan

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I have benefited immensely from Swamiji

Though I was shocked by the scandal news & videos initially, but I can certainly not deny the transformation which occured in me by watching the numeorus discourses & practising Nitya Dhayan.

I certainly believe the media is blowing the whole episode out of proportion in a very malicious manner.

I wish Swamiji Well & pray that his legal woes come to end quickly.


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Experience speaks


Many people's life has been transformed by nithyananda including.His intentions are good.He is needed for this world to bring peace.

- sundar

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I stand by my Guru

I am so sorry for Swamiji my heart is broken from him....I stand by my GURU I pray for him that this trying time will pass..I had beautiful experience with Swamiji ..To be very truthful I am not understanding what Swamiji did that was so terrible to lock him up OMG I dont get it??????.....I dont understand the laws in India ???
I am afraid to comment on YOU TUBE because I commented several times I received terrible email but this last time I commented on the ashramites someone rote to my youtube account a very nasty and vulgar comment to me I was shocked I sent it to spam .I didnt look at the name I quickly sent it away.
I stand by Swamiji ....


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Dear Guruve


Your teachings added value to my life which cannot be expressed through words….. I believe in you as my guru and will stand by you always.


Lohini Rajagopal

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My spiritual experience with Swamiji

I have no doubts of nithyananda. When he came to vancouver a year ago it started my real life. I absorbed so much from him. I remember the first time he gave me darshan. I could smell a very sweet intoxicating smell. This was very transforming for me because I have absolutely no sense of taste or smell and had never heard of that experience before. That proved to me that there was something different about him that I had never felt before. I know he will return at some point. I cant wait to learn from him more. No one can really take him from us.

Alex Baile

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Support for Nithyananda

My name is Conny, I am German, traveled through India in february 2010 and finally found myself in Nythiananda's ashram in Biridi.
A very spiritual, healthy and curing, beautiful place.
After having seen the film "Avatar" and then sitting under the Banyan tree praying Mantras, I felt, the dream came true.

Nythiananda, because of being in Samadi, returned all the money to 800 people, who were attending the NSP seminar.
He was so generous! His teachings go beyond "Samsara", our worldly needs, fears, greed, lust, sex, desire.

No way is there anywhere in the ashram any tantric sex going on- impossible.!!!!!!!

when I came back to the ashram to join the Kumbha Mela- trip, it had been attacked by fanatics and it was so sad to see this beautiful ashram destroyed by blind and envious people, who have no idea about how blind they are!

I stand 100 % behind Swamiji. He has changed my life in such a positive way!
I finally cured myself from nervousness and running constantly away from myself!
Now I can sit quietly and meditate and tune into the cosmic energy!

It seems that Jesus ' crusification is being repeted in a modern way. very cruel.

lets pray, that it will be over soon!


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I will support Swamiji till the very end

I will continue to support Swammiji until the end.
Swammiji has given so much love to all of us and nothing nobody can say or do will make me think otherwise.
in nithyananda
Ramdai Chandrapaul aka Donna
New York

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Love and commitment to Swamiji


Dear Freinds

At this juncture it is hard to digest the fact of Swamijis Arrest , I feel our love and commitment towards Swamiji will see all of us through this.

2 milion people transformed by his teachings and over many more healed is not a Joke. The Society owes a lot for Swamiji Paramhamsa Nithyananda.

Let me talk about Death , have a small experience or thought about death , and think who your Saviour is , I tried ample times , all the time it was Swamiji , he was coming to the rescue.His very assurance was uplifting and guiding over the fear. Such type of impact , i dont think any other person on earth can give that assurance.

His force is such that all people enveloped their true potential and freed themselves from the clutches of despair and depression. His assurance is unchallenged, his love unconditional. They have found meaning to life after knowing him and life became lively after that.
It is easy to leave when the tide is opposite , only staunch love and faith will see that we get over the tide.

A master happened in us is not a coincidence , it was purely the mercy of existence that showered us in the form of Enlightened Master Swamiji Paramahamsa Nithyanada. Human Birth is very valuable , Master happening is very very Valuable , this very understanding is enough to uplift from the clutches.

With Humble Prayers to Swamiji Paramahamsa Nithyananda


Devotee from St.Louis

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It is all Swamiji's grace

Nithyanandam.... i am sasitaran from Malaysia.... I'm a 17 year old boy sitting 4 my government exam this year...I did my 1st ASP in year 2007. Since that day i transformed into a new leaf. The meditation techniques given by our swamiji are really powerful.... Then in year 2008 i attended NSP. My family of four including me attended this wonderful programme. I was speechless after attending the programme. It was a great pleasure and grateful that swamiji himself conducted the programme. I was very happy to see him. Then my journey continues as I attended Kalpataru and BSP. Everyday my family and I would practise Nithya Dhyaan which is a great meditation technique given by our swamiji in our house. As I do everyday, I can see difference in me. I can concentrate more on my studies and it helps me to be a good person. I also got straight A's in my previous government examination in the presence of swamiji. Hope I will pass with flying colours in this exam too.

Love U Swami.
Sasi Tharan

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Swamiji is a gift to Mankind

I am not a devotee of Swamiji nor I have attended any of His programs. I am a spiritual seeker and I have been listening to all His beautiful teachings on you tube. Swamijis teachings are very practical and provide the clarity to live a conflict free life. Swamijis teachings have helped me tremendously and I am really living a blissful life in the midst of chaos. I thank Swamiji for sharing all His experiences and teachings for free on you tube. Each one these videos are treasures that can passed on for future generations. Swamiji is a gift to mankind. I am deeply saddened by His arrest. An enlightened soul with so much to offer to the world is behind the bars. This is a tragedy and I sincerely pray for Swamiji. I believe it is all a Divine Leela and soon Swamiji will be back on his mission to take the ignorant mass from darkness to light.


Vidya Navneet

From USA.

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