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support for Swami Nithyananda

Many thanks to the great person of Swami Nithyanada
I belong to another yoga sangha, but i have appreciated the energy and words
which this Swami has so generously given to aid and comfort many thousands on the
path of spiritual development.
Many times when I was feeling sad and blue I have turned to watching Swami on youtube videos
he has never let me down. The comfort I needed was always found in his deep words and in the
loving devotional energy in his way of communication.
It is the shame of humanity that we are capable of turning against each other in such a way as is seen
in the uproar against Swami. I am not interested in his personal life, so long as he is not committing harm
against others, why should we pry into his personal life. Why do we expect perfection from spiritual leaders?
And then so easily turn against them for being Human. If he was not human, then how would he be among us to
teach and guide us???
I dont believe that Swami has committed any wrong doing.
with Love and Gratitude for Swami Nithyananda,
Vicki Van Winkle
Santa Rosa, CA


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