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With tears from Hong Kong

What a big joke arrest a vast sky? we can only surrender to Him.
If not my Karma Yoga here, I will take flight to come.
Just to be with Swamiji.
I will pray for those who don't understand Swamiji. Hope they
have true happy life. Please free Swamiji. We need him.

I don't know what to say is right, what to say is wrong
I don't know what to say can help Swamiji
I don't know what should I do
I just thank for the Existence, for the Supreme Consciouness, Lord Shiva
that in my life time, at least I have 2 very precious time can be bowed down into His feet,
That my very moment My whole life is fullfilled,
I can say "YES" to my whole life

With tears

Monkinics Yogita
From Hong Kong


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