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I am going to vote for HIM to come back!

So the Parmahamsa has taken His decision! The innocent, guileless bird is going to fly away from all of us.
Few people intended hurting the Master, but consequently hurt yourself oneself. Master cant be hurt, because His only purpose is to raise collective CONSCIOUSNESS! All of us are hurt. We all lost His treasure of teachings !! temporarily or otherwise, yet lost. He is a PARAMAHAMSA, A FLYING BIRD!
What a pity, we cant even understand what is truth, what is honesty, what is fake, what is unlawful,
All who read this, please name one situation, till the time He served the people, have you felt cheated or betrayed or found any aspect of Him wierd, strange, to be letting anybody down???
Why then, today, people have turned hostile, why just bec some baseless reports rose to exposure, people have cooked up their individual prejudices and crap and have cleverly overlooked the tremendous transformations occurring in their lives in the past few years!!!!!!
I'm going to vote for Him to come back, dont know how, but He will come back for sincere seekers!!

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Please don't leave us Swamiji

Appa,please dont leave us,plsss......!!!You are our source of inspiration..You are our breath!
You are our very own life..There was not even one day have I gone without thinking of You,appa..
Everything in the name of Nithyananda..eveything appa..From the time I rise from my bed and till the dawn..All I think about is You..Appa,please pa..Do not do this to Us..The world needs You,pa...plssssss...With the upgrowing of negativity,we cant manage it alone..!We need You..We need a Living Enlightened Master..The world needs You..Please do forgive those ignorence..Please do not punish us as such pa..please pa!The sangha will not be the same without appa..I know whatever decision You have taken is right pa..But pa..please dont leave us!We love YOU!


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My view on Swamiji’s Decision to Resign from Dhyanapeetam

We all know that, Swamiji has told that He has resigned as the Head of Dhyanapeetam and is going into a secluded life. Dhyanapeetam with new trustees will proceed with the social and spiritual activities. Swamiji as he said if needed will back and face the allegations as an individual.

We know very clearly that the negative forces is attacking Swamiji and Mission with full strength to bring down both Swamiji and Mission. Their target is not only swamiji but also they want to take control over the mission. Their main motive is to stop our mission activities by bringing false allegations and demotion against Swamiji.
In the current case Swamiji has so many constraints that he should consider before taking a decision. The future of Mission is the first among them. Bcos He has come here just for the mission. The opponents are targeting our organization, to take control by filing false complaints like land issues, sandalwood case, murder case, suicide case etc. One side they are attacking Swamiji and other side attacking the Mission. It happens simultaneoulsy. There comes a great difficulty in the current scenario bcos both are important.

So I personally feel that Swamiji wants to protect the Mission and wanted the regular services to happen as usual. The decision to resign all though may hurt our emotions and sentiment but if we look deeply, it reduces the burden on Swamiji literally. Before It is swamiji who is answerable for both his personal life and the Mission activities. Now the mission with new trustees will continue the job and do everything needed to protect itself. Swamiji has just isolated himself from Mission. So any allegation against Him now or in future will not affect Mission activities. Swamiji can now handle all allegations against Him with ease, bcos the Organisation is already protected leagally.
With His decision Swamiji has once again proved himself that he is not bounded by the material World.

• Even before the accusations were proved He is ready even to drop as the Head which no one in the world will dare to do(even if they do so, it would be of compulsion, will do so only when proved guilty of accusation). It proves that he has nothing to do with the wealth and material world.

• The care that he has for us and Mission is beyond limit. He wanted the Mission to be protected. Because only if the mission is protected we will also be protected. We are the Mission. Any threat to Survival of Mission is a direct threat to us. By His current decision has really protected us by protecting the mission.
It is very difficult to understand MASTER. Rightly said it is impossible to understand Master and His actions. Only then He is Master. If we can judge Him then he is not a Master.

Swamiji has once again proved that he is the MASTER.

Vitarka-Right reasoning only can help you to understand the issue properly. The Media and opponents may project the issue against swamiji by wrong interpretation of His Statement.
So Just have the vitarka. Vitarka is the bridge to connect with Master and Mission. Have Vitarka always. Nothing in the world can shake u.
D.V.Bhavya Shree.

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Support for Swami Nithyananda from Istanbul

Firstly, I want to thank you with my gratitude very much for the free ebooks and nithya dhyaan mp3, with all my heart and being ,I am doing all the meditations and I know
I am initiated although I have never been near to Master Paramahamsa Nithyananda's presence and I wish very much and hope someday I will.

And I wanted to say a few words ,know that no malicious move can create confusion,doubt and mistrust in the minds of real living enlightenment devotees.If we think negatively about hostile people, we will absorb their vibrations.The subject becomes like the object.We are not isolated or separate, waves are created in the collective mind and can be changed.In those days we must not supress or express but to control, sublimate and transmute that energy into a higher expression.Be Transmutation Into A Hıgher Expression.Everything is auspicious and will be more good than ever before.To my dear initiator in Sadhana to Great Great Being Swamiji Paramahamsa Nithyananda with my love,respect and forever gratitude to you.
I am one of your acharyas although never been in direct contact in real.But I so much hope and wish someday to meet you.

Reyhan Buket


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Full facts

Please let the world know the full facts behind the drama . We certainly belive in Swamiji . Bur the world shoud know who are all behind the plot and why they have done so.

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We miss you

1)Swamiji i surrendered to you and stay surrendered come what may.
2)I miss you.
3)I sought your help to procure funds for doing a major course with you and you helped me in a very short time.
4)Gurus like you had always faced problems but it will not take away your contributions to society.
5)We do request you to come out of seclusion as early as possible to help many people achieve enlightenment.
6)We know that you are always with us though not physically.
With lots of love,

I am connected at a deeper level to Swami Nithyananda

Beloved Swami

I have been experiencing your divinity since I met you three years back. I know who you are. The world is going to miss you. It is painful to miss you for too long. Please come back soon.

Prebaharan, Brisbane

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Gratitude to Swamiji

With so many of us sharing our experiences in such beautiful words - I on the other hand am unable to put it words what I feel or felt after I did various programs under the Ashram. Good and happy yes, and even more. But what more and how I cannot put a finger on. I do feel connected to Swamiji all the time, and he doesn't seem any different from my own self - by this I mean, I feel there is no 'Him' or 'me', its the same. That's all.
Therefore, with that in mind, I, am not perfect for sure, and that doesn't mean I start hating myself for that. It's just my own misdeeds that my 'reflection' there has to face the consequenses of. I humbly seek forgiveness from my Guru/self/teacher/friend for this.
Vishwa Vijay Singh

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You are my Master Forever Swamiji

You are my master forever.


I watched your latest statement on disengaging from dhyanapeetam temporarily.
I believe in your words, all happenings are causeless auspiciousness.
I have no doubt, you can take care of your inner well being since you mastered it.
I pray to divine that you are safe physically and save you from evil minds.
Your teachings will be always with us and guiding in all tough situations we face.
I pray to divine to bring you back from seclusion and let Upanishad happen again.


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The world needs youuuu backkkk Swamiji

its unbelivable to see that you are quiting from dhayanapeetam..It creates so much pain in me swamijiiiiiiiiiiiiii :(.. We need you back.. desperately.. i thought of seeing you soon swamiji .. but will this happen?? Till these days, for the past two years my only strength is Nithyananda.. I dont bother about anything.. all of a sudden you are leaving us all... I know when i ask You i m selfish.. but dont know what to do... you are the only source who can take me beyond my intellect and keep me in the space where you are.. I need to you see you soon swamiji.. bless me... Love you swamiji.. Love youuuuuuuuuu Sooo muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh :) Wish to see you very soooooon ..

Nithyanandam :)
Renga Rajan

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Nithyananda Swami: Please come back soon!

Dear Swami,

I am D.Senthil Kumar from Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. I am totally shocked to see your statement mentioning your decision of living a life of Spiritual seclusion, for some indefinite time. Also you have resigned from the head of the Dhyanapeetam and from all the trusts associated with it. Its very shocking to see this Swami.

As soon as I saw this video, I couldnt stop my tears. I felt totally upset. I know that whatever you decide will be right Swami. But this decision is hard to digest. I have been in your presence for more than 10 times Swami. Your NSP (Nithyananda Spurana Program) & Kalapataru Darshans have changed my entire life. That too that one NSP (Avadi, Chennai, in 2008) where I spent four full days with you, changed my total life pattern. That four days were the best in my life Swami. My marriage is fixed in June this year and I was thinking of coming to your Bangalore Dhyanapeetam and get your blessings directly. No problem Swami, always your blessings will be there for all your Devotees.

Swami, I am really eager to see you. Not only me, all your Devotees are eager to see you back Swami. Please come back soon Swami. I wish that the indefinite time which you mentioned should be a short period only Swami. The world needs you badly Swami. You have transformed the lives of Lakhs and Lakhs of people across the world. We all know that whatever Swami does, there will some valid reason behind it. This is a very tough time Swami. Its also very difficult to answer the people around us.

My relatives, my friends are all asking questions and are forcing me to stop following you. I am not loosing my patience, I answer them by just a Smile, it conveys lots of meanings. That smile means, you all will know the truth and the value of Swami Nithyananda one day.
Luckily my parents trust me, they know that I will not be wrong. They allow me to listen to your songs, read your books, do meditations, watch your videos and worship you through your Photo. My Fiancee is also your very sincere Devotee. She has seen you once in Kalpataru Darshan & her life took a big twist from there on. She is also eager to see you back Swami.

Please come back soon Swami. We all Devotees are waiting for that day Swami. We all love you a lot Swami.


Let us all Radiate Enlightenment.

Let us all Radiate The Eternal Bliss.


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My Inner Awakening Experience with Swamiji

Dear Swamiji,

My honor and respect to you. I attended and completed the Inner Awakening Course in December, 2009. I returned back to my home in Greenwich, CT to my family with a strengthened inner core.

I was saddened to hear and read the news reports. I have meditated and researched by reading as many news reports as possible, I have watched you and the organization's press conferences, and your interviews with Rajiv Maholtra, I have spoken with many of my fellow Inner Awakening participants and members of the Bidadi ashram.

The "click" for me came when I realized if I came to you during darshan with a request to help me get through a scandal -- where my name and my life were under extreme media pressure,
you would smile at me, and say something like, "I'll be with you, enjoy." And you would do that for me, as you would for any of us. I can certainly lend my support with an open heart, as you would do with no hesitation.

My experience with you and the 300-400 others attending Inner Awakening during darshan and dharma will never leave me.

You appeared to me in a vision today. I will continue to be ready to hear what you have to say. I am devoted to your teachings and will remain faithful.

My humblest best wishes to you with deep gratitude.

Donna Drumm, Esq.
Greenwich, CT

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Dear Swamiji

After hearing from you yesterday i was totally down swamiji. how much you have sacrificed your entire life for the sake of all these people.we badly miss you swamiji your speeches, day by day improved meditation techniques everything please for our sake rethink your decision swamiji.how can we forget your teachings and your meditation techniques which made our life so blissful,we are always with you swamiji. Swamiji you only initiated me to get married on this jayanthi. now my marriage got fixed on april 30th. i thought to come and get your blessings personally before starting my life but because of these false allegations i couldnt able to seek your blessings in personal swamiji. what others think of you i dont no but for me you are always my mother swamiji.please be with me and guide me in all circumstances.swamiji do i have the opportunity to see you in personal before or after my marriage. i dont have my mother. i am seeing you only as my mother so many can come and bless me on that occasion but mothers blessing is always special. all my prayer is you should be the head of the dhyanapeetam again swamiji and your blessing on my marriage day.

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Please come back Swamiji

We had the best time of our lives with u. We saw u 1st time only during the last kalpataru in Mumbai (12 sept), but feel as if it has been a long period with u. Such good times with u, Salen NSP, Jayanti, Shivaratri.....
The most memorable was the Kalpataru on 26th jan, 10. We had the best time with u in the organisors meet, got the rare opportunity to do padya pooja also. U also stayed at my grandma's place :) The unforgetable day of my life is this Kalpataru.....
Really shocked by seeing the last video. Swamiji please do come back soon. we need you swamiji. It was the non-seeking people who conspired things against u. But please dont punish us for that. We trust u & need u.....please dont leave us and go swamiji....
Wish to see u soooooon. Please come back :( We miss u a lot.....
Love u Swamiji <3

In Nithyananda,
Lakshmi N

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Support for Nithyananda from Amsterdam

Dearest Swamiji,
I am so sorry to hear you are resigning, I am also very sad for you and all the disciples overthere,rest assured that everything is ok as it is, when you are who you are there is no problem, you know that better than anyone else, I wish you well in this troubled time and will always be so grateful for having experienced you and your teachings, have my love and gratitude and enjoy and be strenghened by your seclusion,and hopefully you will return in good time,
a devotee from Holland
Christine de Jong

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Yearning for divine darshan of Swamiji

Nithyanandam, Beloved Swamiji,My most humble pranams at thy Lotus Feet.

It is our utmost duty to honor Your divine decision.Swamiji You are our God and exist every where ,We in You, You in us and Every thing and every where.Pray Your Divine Cosmic Presence Guide us all along. Our sincere prayer is Please Please Please make ways for Your Divine Darshans soon ,Only You can Heal this world.Whole world will bow to You and beg for Your Holy Divine Darshan.

Please bless Your children to prosper following Your Blissful Teachings and techniques.Swamiji Please be available soon to Your beloved devotees , it is alright for this new generations ,they have age and time, We, aged devotees are so fortune to see You in our Life time,Please come soon give Your Divine darshan and rescue us, You are the only Hope for people like us.
Fellow devotees and members of the Nithya Family , please all join hands and pray , we should have His Divine Darshan soon.


Pranams at Thy Lotus Feet.
Sri Nithya Sri Priyan.
Sultanate of Oman

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Thank you Nithyananda for coming back!


We wish you very long presence on planet earth

First of all, thank you for coming back and talk to us.

Your humor and laughter carries sadness behind and is sincere.

This was perhaps our opportunity to see 'tears of the Divine' in our life time....

I wish you good health and wish for your very long Presence on the planet earth that we all can catch.


Urmish R. Mehta

Member of Technical Staff - UMTS/LTE Design Group

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Thank you Swamiji Nithyananda

I am very grateful that you came in my life and lit the lamp of bliss. I feel strongly connected to you and know that you cannot be too far no matter where you are. You are just a meditation away! Thank you for letting me be in your presence and learn to live in bliss.

Thank you ... Thank you.... Thank you.....


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My pranaams Swamiji

I prostrate before you humbly, Swamiji, for coming into my life, and in the lives of millions of people. Also
* for coming down to earth to rescue so many of us,
* for doing so much tapas in order to reach enlightenment - all for our sake, yet never once complaining
* for your very powerful, transformative darshans
* for your love, compassion and understanding
* for healing all your devotees of physical ailments and mental problems
* for removing our past karmas, habit patterns and suppressed memories from many lifetimes
* for your teachings which go directly to the core to make positive, permanent changes in us.
Even though physically you may not be with us for a while, the cosmic energy "Nithyananda" and your teachings will continue to guide and help us for as long as we like. However, I have gained SO MUCH from you, that I am praying for your return, whenever the time is right, so that you will continue your mission for the REST of humanity - we all need you, Swamiji, please DO come back.
Ma Nithya Suganthi

Gratitude and Joy

Message : Dear beloved Swamiji, I am so happy to watch your latest videos on youtube (31 March 2010). It is wonderful to see you radiate the razorsharp intelligence, the love and clarity that made me fall in tune/love about 3 years ago. I was very sad to hear that you resigned. But what a leela is taking place, it is amazing. There was never a doubt within me about you and still I was deeply shaken by the strong response, anger, hatred and abuse that was happening. After all you taught, after all the techniques, after all the truths that resonate within every truth seeking being, how can people even doubt/turn away/ abuse you? I cannot understand. I am deeply impressed by this leela and I love your response. A strong chance to move beyond the form of the master. But forgive me if I still love the form with everything that there is. U.G. Krishnamurti once said: everything the human form is able to perform cannot be wrong for it is an expression of life itself, of the divine itself. Judgment is of the mind, a sign of confusion. Thank you for keeping the clarity and love. In eternal and joyful gratitude.

Yours sincerely

We believe in You Swamiji

Message : Hi Swamgi: We believe in you. I just want you to know that we are standing by you at this time. Be strong!

Take care.

Ottawa, Canada

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Swamiji Thank You and Spiritual Name please

Message : Nithyanandam swamji, Thank you so much for everything in my life. Swamji many transformation happen in this 1 and half year knowing YOU, i feel purely gratitude and grateful to YOU swamji even now. Thank you so much and i am very sorry if i always bother u swamji even for my meditation. I am grateful to You Swamiji, thank you so much to be always there with me, i wish to change my name if swamji can help to give me a spiritual name please..Another thing swamji i am very surprised about my own very self because when i heard the news i just laughed and couldn't be bothered and there was no judgement inside me and i just feel its another divine play and maya. Its a different feeling because i was not like that. The best of this is that the passing judgement around that used to be my attitude after this incident reduced and vanished. Thank you for this miracle too swamji. Thank you lot. My small request if it doesn't trouble your routine swamiji please swamiji a spiritual name for me. Thank you so much swamiji

Suresh s/o Thanakodi

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