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The world needs youuuu backkkk Swamiji

its unbelivable to see that you are quiting from dhayanapeetam..It creates so much pain in me swamijiiiiiiiiiiiiii :(.. We need you back.. desperately.. i thought of seeing you soon swamiji .. but will this happen?? Till these days, for the past two years my only strength is Nithyananda.. I dont bother about anything.. all of a sudden you are leaving us all... I know when i ask You i m selfish.. but dont know what to do... you are the only source who can take me beyond my intellect and keep me in the space where you are.. I need to you see you soon swamiji.. bless me... Love you swamiji.. Love youuuuuuuuuu Sooo muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh :) Wish to see you very soooooon ..

Nithyanandam :)
Renga Rajan


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