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Yearning for divine darshan of Swamiji

Nithyanandam, Beloved Swamiji,My most humble pranams at thy Lotus Feet.

It is our utmost duty to honor Your divine decision.Swamiji You are our God and exist every where ,We in You, You in us and Every thing and every where.Pray Your Divine Cosmic Presence Guide us all along. Our sincere prayer is Please Please Please make ways for Your Divine Darshans soon ,Only You can Heal this world.Whole world will bow to You and beg for Your Holy Divine Darshan.

Please bless Your children to prosper following Your Blissful Teachings and techniques.Swamiji Please be available soon to Your beloved devotees , it is alright for this new generations ,they have age and time, We, aged devotees are so fortune to see You in our Life time,Please come soon give Your Divine darshan and rescue us, You are the only Hope for people like us.
Fellow devotees and members of the Nithya Family , please all join hands and pray , we should have His Divine Darshan soon.


Pranams at Thy Lotus Feet.
Sri Nithya Sri Priyan.
Sultanate of Oman


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