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My view on Swamiji’s Decision to Resign from Dhyanapeetam

We all know that, Swamiji has told that He has resigned as the Head of Dhyanapeetam and is going into a secluded life. Dhyanapeetam with new trustees will proceed with the social and spiritual activities. Swamiji as he said if needed will back and face the allegations as an individual.

We know very clearly that the negative forces is attacking Swamiji and Mission with full strength to bring down both Swamiji and Mission. Their target is not only swamiji but also they want to take control over the mission. Their main motive is to stop our mission activities by bringing false allegations and demotion against Swamiji.
In the current case Swamiji has so many constraints that he should consider before taking a decision. The future of Mission is the first among them. Bcos He has come here just for the mission. The opponents are targeting our organization, to take control by filing false complaints like land issues, sandalwood case, murder case, suicide case etc. One side they are attacking Swamiji and other side attacking the Mission. It happens simultaneoulsy. There comes a great difficulty in the current scenario bcos both are important.

So I personally feel that Swamiji wants to protect the Mission and wanted the regular services to happen as usual. The decision to resign all though may hurt our emotions and sentiment but if we look deeply, it reduces the burden on Swamiji literally. Before It is swamiji who is answerable for both his personal life and the Mission activities. Now the mission with new trustees will continue the job and do everything needed to protect itself. Swamiji has just isolated himself from Mission. So any allegation against Him now or in future will not affect Mission activities. Swamiji can now handle all allegations against Him with ease, bcos the Organisation is already protected leagally.
With His decision Swamiji has once again proved himself that he is not bounded by the material World.

• Even before the accusations were proved He is ready even to drop as the Head which no one in the world will dare to do(even if they do so, it would be of compulsion, will do so only when proved guilty of accusation). It proves that he has nothing to do with the wealth and material world.

• The care that he has for us and Mission is beyond limit. He wanted the Mission to be protected. Because only if the mission is protected we will also be protected. We are the Mission. Any threat to Survival of Mission is a direct threat to us. By His current decision has really protected us by protecting the mission.
It is very difficult to understand MASTER. Rightly said it is impossible to understand Master and His actions. Only then He is Master. If we can judge Him then he is not a Master.

Swamiji has once again proved that he is the MASTER.

Vitarka-Right reasoning only can help you to understand the issue properly. The Media and opponents may project the issue against swamiji by wrong interpretation of His Statement.
So Just have the vitarka. Vitarka is the bridge to connect with Master and Mission. Have Vitarka always. Nothing in the world can shake u.
D.V.Bhavya Shree.


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