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Dear Swamiji

After hearing from you yesterday i was totally down swamiji. how much you have sacrificed your entire life for the sake of all these people.we badly miss you swamiji your speeches, day by day improved meditation techniques everything please for our sake rethink your decision swamiji.how can we forget your teachings and your meditation techniques which made our life so blissful,we are always with you swamiji. Swamiji you only initiated me to get married on this jayanthi. now my marriage got fixed on april 30th. i thought to come and get your blessings personally before starting my life but because of these false allegations i couldnt able to seek your blessings in personal swamiji. what others think of you i dont no but for me you are always my mother swamiji.please be with me and guide me in all circumstances.swamiji do i have the opportunity to see you in personal before or after my marriage. i dont have my mother. i am seeing you only as my mother so many can come and bless me on that occasion but mothers blessing is always special. all my prayer is you should be the head of the dhyanapeetam again swamiji and your blessing on my marriage day.


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