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Do they realize what they are doing?

My dearest Swami,
I saw you on the Times Now interview today.
When you spoke about how the camera had even focused on you in the bath, and changing your clothes, and using all these photos against you, it just brought tears to my eyes Swami.
Even the little privacy you have has been taken aweay by this wretched world.
And some of the people behind this are those whom you have healed, taught and helped in so many ways!
Is this their gurudakshina to you Swami, their offering to you for all that You have given them?
I know you are too compassionate to curse anyone, but still I can't help but see the wheel of Karma working.
These people are going to get back in thousandfold the very abuse they have heaped upon you Swami.
The outrage and sorrow felt by millions of your disciples and devotees will not be in vain.
My humblest pranams to you Swami, wherever you may be.
Please come back soon and shine the light of Truth upon us once again.

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My Ultimate Experience

Nithyanandam to everyone.

My name is prem and I live in Banglore. I have interest in spirituality and I used to read books written by many masters. But, when I attended the first program (NSP - Nityananda Spurana Program) taken by Swamy in Salem, Tamil Nadu, for the first time I was able to feel and understand the essence of Spirituality and how to lead a spiritual life. The fours days work shop opened my eyes which many books could not do. I am not blaming those books but it is the presence of this Enlightened Master which gave me such a wonderful profound spiritual experience. He has gifted the world with many meditation techniques and given discourses on Shiva Sutra, Pantajali Yoga Sutra, Jain Sutra and Bhagavath Gita. I have attended most of them and experienced its depth. With all those experience, I can proudly and boldly tell to everyone that he is more than what anyone can describe about him or described about him and I am proud of my GURU.

With Love,
Prem Kumar J

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The way I feel

Dear All


Some time in life there comes a a time when you don’t know, where you stand. While so much is said about our beloved Swamijii, mystery still remains. The person who exists, because of Existence, cannot prove existence itself. IT IS FUTILE!!!!! No one knows its dimensions. The very existence that helps humanity, gets tested for many reasons, that which a human mind cannot understand. It is better to check ourselves and remain calm in this difficult times.

After all Sun is a Sun. However a dog barks at the Sun, Dog will remain a dog only, and the Sun will shine as ever as it used to be. After all. Higher power, God, or Existence, whatever you name it, who happens to serve humanity, have been tested all along through History.

Our Swamijii is of NO EXCEPTION.

The one, who exists in all, as a witness, needs no proof at all. As a devotee, we all have experienced him and we are ever thankful to Him. .

So, Have faith and stand by him.

In Nithyananda

Ma NithyaSanathanananda

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Wake up from your foolishness

Let me explain to you.
Life is a science.
Do not complicate and add conditions to the science, and call it religion.
That is called expectation.
Mankind is still learning about the inner science.

All the Gods that you prayed to, they are married.
And they have kids too.
Some of them even have a lot of concubines or Gopikas.
Siva, Muruga, Pillayar.. all the Gods.
Every Gods have 2 wives or maybe more.
And those are the Gods that you prayed to.

Don't you think so that it is unfair for you to punish a God-man and say that a God-man can't know his inner energy and inner consciousness, inner experience?
If the Gods that you prayed to, if they never had this experience, do you think now you can refer to them to know more about marriage life and lessons in lives?
More importantly, the truth in life?

God did not say that swamis or anybody cannot have a woman or man in their lives.
God never asked you to renounce anything.
And Swamiji himself has also repeated this.
Humans created all these conditions.

I do not know who is Paramahamsa Nithyananda.
I have never met him.
And I am not his disciple either.

But I have experienced this through another God-man.
Same like Swami Nithyananda, only difference is he does not wear a robe like Swami.
He only told me one thing in life, humans created these foolishness to make others look like fools.

All the guys who actually told that Swami is a bad man, this and that...
They have never experienced the truth.
Universe never created conditions. Humans did.

Before you comment about Swami, look into the mirror, are you perfect?
He is doing the right thing, he is not doing the wrong thing.
Look at Islam, they can have more than 1 wife.
Buddha was married before he was enlightened.

Go and study the history, before you claim that a Swami cannot have a woman or sex.

Even if Swami has sex with a woman, so what?
He's born with it.
He needs to have the experience for him to understand what is the real truth.
He also needs to have the experience in order for him to teach you the truth.

How many of you are married, fighting with your wife, or having trouble with your relationship?
You know why?
Because you don't understand what is Kundalini energy.
And what is the real inner energy.

Here is a man who can teach you and share with you the truth.
Here is a man who can give you to experience the truth just by being with him

Whoever did this to him, one day the truth will come out.

When Bill Clinton had an affair with Monica Lewinsky, even that became a big propaganda.
They said that he should not have done what he did because he was the country's president.
He never admitted.
But Swami admitted that it was him in the video receiving the massage.

You just want to be convinced by your logic.
Your entire life is spent trying to create logic.
Logic that only suits yourselves.

When it comes to your own personal thing, you say that what you do is right, and what other people do is wrong.
Understand that no humans are perfect.

When a Swami said he was in a trance, understand that he was in a trance.
Do not comment when you don't have the experience.
When you have the experience, then you are qualified to say something.

Swamis don't want anything from you.
Swamis only have many things to offer to you.

I only have one thing to advise to all Swami Nithyananda's disciples and followers.

He is a God-man who can teach you many things.
You have a lot to gain from him and his teachings.

Put a fire in your hand, and see how painful it is.
The same thing, he would feel the pain inside his heart.
Because he shared a lot of good and nice things full of love.
But people only remember the bad things.
All these while, he puts his discourses on YouTube and shares with everyone about his life experiences.
But the moment his clips about his personal life comes out, it goes worldwide and more popular than his discourses.
With a lot of comments and a lot of opinions and a lot of judgments.
Because people don't want to learn about the truth and how they should lead their lives,
they just want to gossip and be busybody about others.

Life is meant to be full of bliss.
Stop, detach yourselves and drop all the ideas.
Let's have Swami back to teach us.

Swami said he is targeting to have 100 million enlightened people.
I would say to Swami, do not create the numbers, just say you are going to do it.
And let's make 2 billion people to be enlightened.

For Indians in India, wake up from your dilemma and your foolishness.
Stop putting hurtful words to Swami, or burning his photos or worse, burning his ashrams, his properties.
How would you feel if someone did that to your family member?
That was how Indian lost to others in history.

For his disciples who lost faith in him, have you forgotten?
If you never learned anything from him, understand something, you went to see him with your expectations, you will never learn anything from anybody.

Stop all your expectations.
It's time to live in the truth and the now.

To Swami, please announce the date that you are going to come back to teach.

p/s :
Please make known that I am not his disciple.
But I know a Great God-Man when I see one.
Because I am studying from another Great God-Man.

Swami knows me, I am Shankar.

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love you even more..was happy to see you on times now

Dear Swamiji
in nityanandam
ma prabha ananda

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Beloved Swamiji

Beloved Swamiji ,

Just saw Your interview in Times Now . It was great . There is nothing wrong if someone took care of You closely and that too when You were unwell . People will understand . Don’t worry Swamiji , You will come out of this much stronger and everything will happen for the good . Please be patient and take good care of Yourself . Love You more now , forever .

- Nithya Pujita - Bhanu

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My support to beloved Swamiji

Respected, Beloved Swamiji
(Nandri) first I thankful to you for identified me, introuded bliss in my life, Uplift me in the spiritual path.
I was attended ASP NSP BSP HI etc.,
I know your state of consiousness (GOD). But others cant able to Understand you,.
My strong Opionion is whoever atleast see you onetime, or hear ur lectures, or read ur books,
that never believe that pictures or Rumuors.
Now i clearly took one decision, Infuture never see Newspaper as well as media news, and not ready to mingle this correpted society.
my total family is living with unlimited blissful life.
My heartful thank to you again, My only one intension is you will come out quickly, and that same Medias will publish ur prides and ask apology.
then only this people can understand you.
Samy we are always with you, my request is your love kindness is enough for me.
Pl take care of your health, The whole Universe is behind you.
Again Nandri,
submit my heartful Gratitude, Love, Respect to your feet.
Pl accept it.
Yours Lovingly
P Kannan Chennai

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Swami my Healer

Dear Swami,
I was suffering from Psorasis from the past eight years. I had consulted many doctors but in vain. But your touch completely healed me of my skin problem. Thank you very much, Swami. with deep Vitarka, my being is always with you, Swami. Our family has also benefitted by your tremendous energy.

With love and pranams

Living and Radiating eternal bliss

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Time for Nithyananda!

Hello all,
I'd like to kick in a few comments ... I have heard the story about Ramakrishna Mission years but didn't feel it collides with the wanderings, because Swami has spoken about spending extended time in monasteries during his travels. I just figured Ramakrishna Mission was part of the picture.
In any case remember that one person's "reliable witness" can be another person's paid shill.
Now about the birth date. My close friend Monica who is a professional western astrologer, met Swami during his first Seattle visit in 2005 and asked him playfully for his birth data. Swami agreed to give, but said "It's not what they think... I was there and what I remember is different than what the official astrologer says." Monica of course said she wanted the info he had, and got it. So what she has is a birth chart that's a few hours different from the Jan 1 1978 birth time. SwamiJi completely allowed her to cast it, no kutarka involved.
I've seen the chart, and I can tell you it fits him completely. So if he was born at some other time, he has assumed the patterns of this chart when he assumed the birthdate. Further, I can say that the existing chart is amazing in its coinciding with world planetary transits over the next few years.
Now Enlightened Masters aren't controlled by planetary patterns ... but I believe they do interact with them in order to shift the energy. That's what shows up on this birth chart of his. In fact last summer a professional astrology magazine published a cover showing a certain upcoming pattern. I saw it as I was going through the checkstand at the grocery and I thought, "Holy Cow! That's SwamiJi's chart!"
So we're beyond "truth" and "facts" here. It's very clear that Swami is a world player on a serious field, just as he has said he is... and the planetary fall-out has now begun. t's not going to stop with him, it will affect us all, including global energy, finances and politics. So buckle your belt and prepare for a really wild, rocky ride: it's going to be a doozy! Intensity!!!
To all of us who are feeling concerned, doubting, worried, upset..... Here are those negative thoughts, lined up like the Kaurava Army waiting to mow us over. Are we going to collapse like Arjuna and throw down our weapons, and let our Unarmed Charioteer take all the punishment?
Chalo, people!!! Time to pick ourselves up and continue the work of raising world consciousness. Remember, the opposition wantsus to doubt and be scared and throw up our hands. It makes their job easier. Don't help them defeat us, :)
Remember above all that film is the ultimate deception. A great deal was written about this when film was first invented.... unfortunately it's been buried and most of the world now believes that what a camera records must be "true". This has led to a great number of innocent people being convicted unfairly. I don't have access to the science at the moment but will do my best to research it. Probably not till I get back to Seattle on March 18... at the moment I'm working out of an internet cafe in Haridwar, where I'm attending Kumbha Mela with Ma Munivati.
Film is the ultimate lie because it deceives the senses into accepting events that never happened.
Sending love and encouragement to all of you! We Shall Overcome!
in Nithyananda

We support You

Namaskaram ,
I am neither an follower nor an devotee of Swamiji . But I have read all his mesaages on the You tube ! His mesages have changed my life . As swamiji says it is not necessary to be his devotee or an follower . But I sincerely follow all his all his meditaion techniques specified by him . Now my Inner Enginnering is almost tranformed . My quality of life has changed . I LEAD A LIFE WITH COURAGE , SELF CONFIDENCE , HAPPINESS AND PEACE . My inner being is totally transformed . And this is what Sami wants . He does not need anyhthing from us . You can call my Teacher or Guru or a friend or what not . But he is my best FRIEND .
I am really ashaemed the act of the bad members in the society especially the Politicians . If Indian Politicains are given so much freedom , our country would go to dogs very soon .
I would only request swamiji and Ranjitha as follows : Can you both please come on the to the stage in front of everyone and display your ignorance . Secondly can you launch a criminal case and approach the highset sources of Forensic department to prove teh fact .
My eye rolls in tears when I see the media persons attacking swami as a Kami . This is a Gore Kaliyuga.

Beloved Swamiji

So what if the Daksha's of jealousy, greed and animosity are plenty
it’s not gana sena its veerbhadra and kali sena by your side.

So what if this time it’s not ten but Hydra headed Ravana of media,
So what if it’s not just one but many Mareech plotting deception against,
So what if this demon holds Sita of your reputation captive
This time around it’s not vanar its Hanuman sena at your disposal.

So what if it’s not one but hundreds of Duryodhanas in your opposition
This time your camp is replete with Bheem's and Arjun's.

Just as Shiva, Ram and Krishna are absolutely impeccable so are you,
Neither did they need any help or assistance nor do you,
But in the divine play to grace their devotees with achievements and victory
They created circumstances and opportunities
So have you, so have you

- Pankaj Dwivedi

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My Healing followed by pure Bliss experience - WITH YOU ETERNALLY

Dear swamij

I had Migrain from 10 yrs & during 2009 recession, tension was so much that I started taking Migrain tablets 5 days a week. The tablets were very strong & health was also depreciating. I am just 30 yrs old & was very much worried for my 2 kids & family. Through friends reference, i visited Bidadi ashram for Kalpataru Program. That day also I had a very severe Head ache, the moment swamiji touched my forehead, i was somehow sure of healing & surprisingly next day , i got up without HEAD ACHE.

This was first time in my life that head ached went off without tablet. I hav tried several times to ignore tablet for 3-4 days but always head ached continued till I take my medicine. But from that day onwards, I am attacked by Migrain just once in month & it's a BIG Relief.

Besides this my all tensions vanished suddenly & i was able to focus properly on my work. Though into heavy losses during 2009, I bought a new house in Nov'09 through swamiji blessing. It's like experiencing miracle after miracle. I really can't explain this Good feeling happening through out day.

Swamiji, I love you & will be always with you.

With love
Munish Goel

Swamiji is no doubt an Avatar

I thank whoever has opened this site for us to read .It gives healing to the heart to hear so much experiences of others with our SWAMIJI.

I want to write here my experiences with Swami . June 2008, I met a friend of mine in Bangalore who normally has some health problems like very high blood pressure, joint pains, obesity and so on..This time she was thin, serene and at peace . I asked her the secret of her present health --she told it was meditation alone which changed her life .Then I searched for the same center in Singapore and had our first class in July 2008 . At the end of the class I knew I had found someone extra ordinary as all my questions in life was answered. Before this I was having vertigo and stomach problems for years and also started to have high blood pressure for months . All my problems was down by 70 % at the end of second day class and in one month time no problem at all.After one month I had NSP with Swami and I knew he is AVATAR who has descended in extreme compassion to mankind. After this experience I knew I had taken this birth only to see swami and get liberated . I was always at peace and found myself a changed being for the better .

Ever since every month I had been sending somebody for ASP , Kalpatharu, NSP around the world and to day all of them remember me only for that .

These experiences are truly TRUE . In a day 24 hours I only think of SWAMI . I like to speak to people about Swami . Just speaking about Swami gives me tremendous energy . I have attended up to Nithyanandam and waiting to do Inner Awakening and also become Acharya if Swami wills .

Being a doctor I see the worst problems in society that are difficult to resolve are social problems . Today other than Swami's teachings and Meditation I dont find any thing that can change this situation. I had sent patients with suicidal tendencies and depression for this course . They are now happy that they had the opportunity to be sick and land in hospital otherwise may have missed Swami in their life . Everything is auspiciosness , everything is Shiva. I heard that a lot of debates are going on in India about Swamis .

Whatever they may talk will not matter to people who have had experiences and benefitted from the teachings of Swami. He is Unique . He is HIM whom we were searching for many generations . I can write at least a hundred experiences that has happened with myself or others who have had the benefit of seeing Swami.My cousins were very ill after the death of their father with sleepless nights . After attending LBP 1 their life changed . Similarly one person we saw in temple was having palpitations after his fathers death . After one Healing from a devotee started to have courage and started to sleep better . He regularly comes to ashram now. People without jobs got jobs ,people who were having property problems got it solved , the unmarried got married after Swamis touch , some saw Lord Muruga in Swami etc etc. They were three people in dubai who saw Swami for the first time in Kalpatharu and wanted to attend Inner awakening .

Time has come for us to analyze and feel at ease to follow TRUTH, however difficult the path might be . Path has been made difficult by people who are seeing the missions growth with envy and consider it a threat . All those who had fulfilling experiences should stand by TRUTH alone . This is a test for US .


Eternal supporter of Swamiji

Swami taught us what meditation really is and what is peace . He has healed thousands of incurable diseases including cancer. His discourses are profound and take us to another level of our being. So many have been able to lead better and happier lives after attending his discourses. Such a person has been treated like a common criminal -there seems to be a conspiracy to malign him and sanatana dharma.If only people attended one of his meditatioin programmes they would know better.
And the conspiracy is always against Indian Gurus, or Godmen that they are derogatorily called by our media- these media are very careful not to hurt the feelings of someother religious groups- all their moralistic attitude simply disappears or thay conveniently forget to report it. Even if reported it is in very factual scientific way that such and such a thing has happend-no yellow journalism no abusive language. And to make matters worse a personlike Ramdev says -fake gurus have to be sentenced to death. Probably he has forgotten what happened to him a little time back. But this was not very becoming of him.
The Ashram has been portrayed as a place of clandestine activities - But at no time did we feel anything untoward in Swami' or anyother person's behaviour on the other hand it was exemplary. Ashram was a peaceful place to meditate. As far as seeing him moving closely with females (as maligned in the media ) it was a common sight for devotees to see Swami accompanied by two or three of his Brahmacharis(men) on his walks in the Ashram. It is all a pack of lies.Sad it is even that the general public seem to revel in watching and talking about the scandal without even thinking about it like pigs wallowing in filth and enjoying it .
We do not even ponder to see the Grace that has been bestowed on us. One of my western freinds remarked-you Indians are lucky so many Masters are there to lead you to truth.We have to go in search and traverse long distances reach a Master. I wish Indians will realise this blessing that is on them and not take it so lightly. We confusing a diamond for a clod of earth.
Beloved Swamiji we are with you. You are our Bholenath- I think you have been too compassionate.

- Malathi Prabhu

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My whole hearted support for the Master

Dear Swamiji,
There are no words to explain the spiritual experiences which I have gone through after attending your meditation programs. After that, my whole perspective of seeing the world have changed. I am overwhelmed by your motherly compassion towards the entire humanity. In my life, I had a sincere seeking for god. During this time only, I met you and realized that 'God' is there in this world.
When you transformed many people lives, healed people from death bed, none of these media was there to bring these good deeds to public. From this act, we can clearly see the poor state of communication media in our country. Even after seeing all these media violences, I am not disturbed only because of the deep initiations which you have given me.
Thank you so much for coming into my life. Still your work is needed for many people in this world. We are blessed to have you on this planet earth.
In Bliss,

HE continues to give me courage and strength

He has healed me, he has made so many things possible for me, he has meant so much to me and my family, it is indescribable.

What Swamiji has given and how much more he is yet to give is so vast and wonderful, that I hope he returns amidst us soon to spread love and bliss as only he is capable of.
I hope all these people who defame and tarnish him realize how invaluable every day of Swamiji is and how much he can help human kind every day, every hour, every minute, every second.
But I am so happy that his disciples and all those who benefited by his benevolence (including me immensely) continue with their trust, prayers and worship.

I am really looking forward to the Darshan of my master very soon.
But even today, every minute he continues to give me courage and strength, he continues to give me love and knowledge.
I love you immensely Swamiji.

Sridhar Rangayan
Mumbai, India

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Testimonial from Actress - Malavika


Dear all

In the light of this enormous media tirade against a spiritual Guru, his followers and his Ashram, as a person in public life and as an individual, I am provoked to share my personal experiences and views.

While sensationalising and breaking stories is acceptedly what sells in the media bazar today and since the video footage did serve the purpose of being a delicios meal for the hungry media, they went all out and devoured, in the process not only eating their meal but also went all out gulped so much that they eventually ended up throwing up.

Some of the issues that perhaps the so called "National (Electronic)Media" meant for public consumption, here public includes men, women and "children" failed to hold themselves resposible for include
1) Assuming but not coceding that the video footage is true, should it being telecast on primetime and repeatedly(read a million times)so?

2) Should the media choose this to be the best time to investigate
i) if the Bidadi land legitimately belonged to the Ashram?
ii) if young men and women were held in wrongful confinement?
iii) if all the women that went to the Ashram especially film stars had illicit affairs with Paramahamsa Nithyananda?
IV) if they illegally stacked sandalwood and animal skin
v) if the Ashram had encraoched land?
Were all the brains of these so called investigative journalists out on a long holiday prior to March 3rd?

3 Did the media bother to check if so far there have been any complaints of criminal nature against either the Swamiji or his disciples in the past before spitting unsubstatiated FIRs of attempt to rape, homosexuality, criminal intimidation? All of these offences could not have been committed on March 2nd? If they indeed had been committed earlier, then why were they not reported? Neither the Tamil Ndu Government nor the Karnataka Government came to the rescue of the Swamiji, clearly showing that he had no real political clout...how then could he have prevented the so called victims from reporting?

4)Did the media even bother to meet the real inmates of the Ashram to get their views on their Guru?

5 Before naming all other actresses who were devotees as possible victims of the Swamiji, did the media choose to ask anyone of them what they thought?

6)Did the media bother to ask the CM and all other members of the Karnataka
Government who have visited the Ashram what they thought of the Ashram(otherwise) earlier?

7) Did the media get necessary documentary evidence before speculating on financial frauds and offences that the Ashram is alleged to have committed?

The list is endless....

What pains me is the fact that our people consume the poison that media spits as it is and get drunk on it and start talking. No one bothered to ask any of these questions before abusing Swamiji for everything that neither he has committed nor he is resposible for. If we didnt know him at all, why suddenly should he bother us so much?

Well the thing is, such moments give us the vicarious pleasure of justifying all the wrongs that we have committed. By abusing and mocking the so called immoral activity that the Swamiji indulged in, we cleanse ourselves of all the guilt that we have derived from our very own (personal) immoral behaviour in the past. Now is the time...to wipe out all the secrets that we hid from our spouses, children and friends, lets admit-THERE ARE NO HIDDEN CAMERAS IN OUR BEDROOMS OR IN THE BEDROOMS OF THE SO CALLED JOURNALISTS, MEDIA BARONS AND POLITICIANS who are crying foul. If there were cameras, there would be no media space for either politics or cricket.

I have no shame in admitting that I am a regular visitor of the Bidadi Ashram and am eternally grateful to Swamiji for initiating me on the spiritual path. i have no shame in admitting that I have been participating in his meditation programs and benifitted enormously from over 100hrs of discourses on Shiva Sutras, Jain Sutras, Patanjali Yoga Sutras, Bhagavadgeeta. My family including my parents and son have experinced the benefits of healing from Swamiji. Interestingly I was first taken to the Ashram by the legendary Vishnuvardhan(he wears Sami's ring in his last flick "aptarakshak" which is a huge box office hit, shows it and sldeclares that Sami is his spiritual Guru) who was a devotee. Joining the bandwagon of the so called actor intellectuals who have been regulars at the Ashram are cynics like Vivek, Parthiban and Visu. Life solutions as well as the spiritual journey that he has set me on are irreversible truths.

WHO BETTER THAN AN ACTRESS LIKE ME (accepted to be good looking) to testify that the Swamiji did not display any behaviour that caused discomfort to me as a woman?

Having said all this, the video footage is disturbing. I am unable to bridge the endless intellect, the energy giver, the healer, the smiling saint who one could connect with without actually meeting him daily, a Master who made celibacy even for married people seem so easy, the Master to millions
"This hideous video" that displays mere fulfilment of base passions!!!
Looking forward to Sami throwing light on all the truths in the days to come...

- Malavika Avinash

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Believe it or not! Palmleaf manuscript of devotee

BELIEVE IT OR NOT, this is the actual translation of the palmleaf manuscript which was read out by the Nadi astrologer to one of our ashramites who consulted him without revealing his identity in any way.

The original recording is in Tamil. The translation to English is given below:

Astrologer reads from manuscript:

Goraknath, Konkanavar, Idaikadar,

Pachaimuni, Gamanamuni, Sattanathar,

and Mahan Thiruvalluvar bow down

to the divine feet of Paramahamsa Nithyananda

who lives in the land of Enlightenment

and begin with these following verses.

To the Easwara who wears the half moon in his Jata (matted locks),

The Lord who sits with Parvati as His wife

The Lord in whom justice is firm

and for his people - For the people of Nithyananda

Me, Agasthya, the seven rishis and the 18 siddhas

Will now present the divine prediction for Paramahamsa Nithyananda

The name of this divine prediction is 'divine showering of blessings'

It means Nithyananda's blessings, Nithyananda's tapas (austerity) and

The secret of his birth and his greatness, his different states

The truth in which he is established, Me, Agasthya

And the 18 siddhas and the seven rishis

Bring forth to the people of Nithyananda

For those who have surrendered to Nithyananda

This is the word given by Agasthya

To protect the world in this moment, Nithyananda

To protect the truth that is seated around

In this world Paramahamsa Nithyananda is seated

To protect the truth that is seated in this world

Truthful great Rishi - Paramahamsa Nithyananda

To help people follow a life of sanmarga

Truthful lessons to the world he gives

Not even an inch of wrong

In a life of purity

To help the people of this world

To remove them far away from 'Paava' (sin)

Paramahamsa Nithyananda to his people

Showed the path of dharma by following it

The Trimurtis and devas also took birth

Around the great Rishi

The Trimurtis - Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva

who saw Paramahamsa Nithyananda

Merged with him in this Avatar

At that moment he expressed the combined

Energy of all the Trimurtis

He lives like the Brahma Shakti, Vishnu Shakti

And Shiva shakti, in his avatar

He dances the Ananda Tandava

And his state is in that Ananda Tandava

Like the Nataraja of Tillai, Ambalavana

His Being is always is in this state of Ananda

Worriless, and with no deceit, with no impurity

Everyday and every moment for the humanity

Like the Adi Shiva of the Tillai

He removes the sin of the world to make them pure

He removes their sorrow and makes their life blissful

He transforms their life into 'Punya'

He gives the clarity to the Being

Just seeing him is a sight of the Divine

Will give clarity to the Being

He will give clarity to the people

And endless bliss he gave too

To the people of this world he gave enlightenment

He has done many good things and has crossed many times

To many countries he has done good

He is the light of Gnana - he is the Adi Shiva

The Shiva himself took birth as Nithyananda

He travels to all the worlds without stopping

His energy permeates all the worlds

He is Lord who protects the world

The Parama Shiva, Parameshwara who protects

the world from all the flares of the pancha bhootas

Me, Agasthya and the rest of us including Patanjali

Nandi and Shiva vakkiyar, Matsya muni, Kamala muni

Sattai nadar, Bhogar, Pulipani sittar, Danda thiru maharishi

Tirumoolar, Gorakkar (Gorakhnath), Konkanavar, Pampatti, Pattinattar,

Narada and Roma rishi, Agni munivar, Marichi, Maadaanga,

Markandeya, Kaaka bhujanda, Vasishta, Valmiki,

The one in the world - Pattira kiriyar

9 crore Siddhas who live with Shiva in Kailash

All Live with Paramahamsa Nithyananda always

All these rishis are always with Paramahamsa Nithyananda

And perform the Ananda Tapas

To the people of Nithyananda who live in this world

To remove their worries in their mind and

Fluctuations in their minds

Me, Agasthya the great Rishi is blessing

The people of Nithyananda with these songs

With the divine blessing of Nithyananda

For Nithyananda’s people, to remove the worries and Agathiyar munivar
tells you this.
Paramahamsa Nithyananda called Aadi Siva and me, Agathiyar, and gave
an order – to remove people’s worries, to remove the bad name that has
been created he has said these readings. The guru muni Paramahamsa
Nithyananda has taken blames – there are reasons for this. The avatar
of Sarvesan, Nithyananda did things to protect the people of this
world. He was teaching true teachings of Siva. Because of him many
sinners became pure. Many crore people became blissful just by
thinking about him, and they benefited. The people who have seen his
truth followed him. At that time, people of different religion, and
people who are in power, who are rulers, wanted to put wrong blame on
him. Using skills they had acquired, they created false images. They
used a person who used a disguise.
The person in the show is not
Nithyananda but someone who is disguised as him.

They have disturbed the pictures – they have made them dance in the
shadows. The pictures shown are not Nithyananda – someone wore a
disguise to look like him. That person made a big mistake. His fate
will be spoilt.

Agathiyar says with certainty – in the coming times people born in the
Nithyananda clan will rule this world.

Agathiyar is telling this to Nithyananda’s people – you should listen carefully.

In this world, before Nithyananda was born he made 7 crore people to
be born. 7 crore people were born with him. After him he made 7 crore
people born. After he was born he has invited 7 crore people to this
world. Total, 21 crore people are born for him.

In the coming times, Paramhamsa Nithyananda will create a religion.
These 21 crore people have been born in various religions all over the
world. They will join – these 21 crore people come from various
religions, various castes all over the world. All of them will come
and join Nithyananda.

Rule of Siddhas – when this path is followed, the land will flourish.
Siddhars will rule the land
. Let us live this day praising
Nithyananda. We will praise Nithyananda without any blemish and
worship him.

Agathiyar says – Paramahamsa Nithyananda is no one else but Eesan (SHIVA). He
is Sarveshwaran, he says. Agathiyar says – he is Eesan, he is
Sarvesan, Sarvershwaran. You can ask what is opposing Sarvesan? You
can ask why should this fate happen to Sarvesan? If you ask me,
Agathiya, I will answer – you should listen closely and carefully. I
will tell you a way, I will tell you the reason. Listen carefully.
Once the Avatar comes to the Earth, in this Earth even if it is
Eesan’s avatar, Kali’s torture is very bad. The dharma in kaliyuga,
the angel of dharma is very bad. In this Earth even if it is Eesan, he
will be subjected to accusations and punishment
. Kali’s troublings are
on one side. God has taken an avatar, stepped on this earth – in this
Kaliyuga, he has to experience punishments and tests and accusations,
this is the fate of this Earth.

Kali’s torture and Kaliyuga’s dharma’s troubles are on one side. On
the other side there are many lakhs of people of Nithyananda –
Nithyananda has taken their sins and curses. He has taken many
people’s curses or many births, karmas of many births, diseases,
sadness, tests – he has borne all these. T
hese have troubled him.

All the disrespect that has happened will run away : You can ask me
the next question – why has this happened to our guru. In the coming
days he will get major skills and clarity. After this he is going to
create many shaktis in this world.

Agathiyar will tell you the way – I am telling Nithyananda’s people a
way. Pray to Nithyananda. Nithyananda is blemishless, without faults,
true light Aadi Siva, Sarveshwaran. I will teach you a mantra to
workship him. This is a mantra that all Siddhas can say. If
Nithyananda's people use this mantra every day to pray and everybody
will get a higher state, bliss, mega bliss, eternal bliss.

“Om aim kreem kleem sivaaya nithyaanandaaya nama” – People of
Nithyananda should accept this mantra and chant it,
sound will sound all over the work. Nithyananda’s avatar will become
famous, will be enhanced. All the accusations on Nithyananda will go

Even those who blamed him, in another 5 years – they will also join
him. They will pray at the feet of the true Paramahamsa
. All over the
world people will praise Nithyananda as God. After 5 years, within
another 5 years the world will praise Nithyananda as god. All
Nithyananda’s people, and others who have committed sins, and people
who said bad things about Nithyananda will all wear Nithyananda’s
mala. When that time comes Nithyananda will accept everyone with
happiness – he will not punish anyone.

Nithyananda’s people – please carefully listen to the full statements
from Agathiyar - Siva, Adi Siva, the resider of Kailash, has come in
Nithyananda’s form to protect this world.

As the result of the penance of many crores of Siddhas, Paraasivan
has been born as Paramahamsa
. All the creatures of the world, all the
living things – he is in all of them. He considers all the people of
the world as his people, his children.

As a Jagatguru, as pure Siva, Sadasiva, as the sun and the moon – he lives.

Everything that has been explained here – Nithyananda’s people should
read it. To Ramanujam, who came to ask this, Agathiyar says –
Nithyananda’s people should attain Nithyanandam, Agathiyar will make
it true.


For those who want to know more about palm-leaf astrology


Nadi Astrology is a form of Hindu astrology practiced in Tamil Nadu, India. It is based on the belief that the past, present and the future lives of all humans were foreseen by Hindu sages in ancient times and written down as Palm Leaf Manuscripts

Palm leaf manuscript

Palm leaf manuscripts are manuscripts made out of dried palm leaves and served as the paper of the ancient world in parts of Asia as far back as the fifteenth century BC. They were used to record actual and mythical narratives in South Asia and in South East Asia...

The texts are mainly written in Vatteluttu, which is an ancient Tamil script.

There are different schools of thought as to the author of these leaves. They were written by a great Tamil sage called Agathiyar or Agastya who had divine revelations.


Agathiyar was a Vedic Siddhar or sage. Agathiyar and his clan are also credited to have "authored" many mantras of the Rig Veda, the earliest and most revered Hindu scripture, in the sense of first having the mantras revealed in his mind by the Supreme Brahman. Agathiyar is also the author of the Lalitha Sahasranamam & Saraswati Stotram.

This doctrine of astrology was made famous by astrologers around the Vaitheeswaran Temple

Vaitheeswaran Temple


Vaitheeswaran means the Lord Doctor in the Tamil language. It is believed that prayers to Lord Vaitheeswaran can cure diseases.- The temple :Vaitheeswaran Temple is located in Tamil Nadu, India. It is dedicated to the Hindu god Shiva....

in the state of Tamil Nadu and is still practiced around the temple by their descendants.

It is said that the leaves available are of only 40% of the total humans. There are reported cases of exact match in the past details and future predictions.

Many of these Nadi leaves were initially stored in the premises of Tanjore Saraswati Mahal Library of Tamilnadu. The British rulers later showed interest in the Nadi leaves concerned with herbs and medicine, future prediction etc; but ironically left most of the Nadi prediction leaves to their loyal people. Some leaves got destroyed and the remaining were auctioned during the British rule. These Nadi leaves were obtained and possessed by the families of astrologers in Vaitheeswaran Temple. This is an art passed down the years from one generation to the other.


The manuscripts
Ritter (The Secret of Indian Palm Leaf Libraries pp.81-85) describes his experiences of many Nadi centers he visited in India and the result of Carbon 14 test conducted in the famous "Institute for Ion Radiation of Physics Department 'placed in Nuclear Research Centre, Rossendorph, Saxen, Germany. This institute has been responsible to decide the age of ancient paintings and other documents of national importance in Germany, Thomas Ritter contacted expert C 14 scientists Prof. Fradrik and Dr. Hanse of the institute. He also confirmed from the experts on Tamil language in Germany that the matter is in fact Tamil language script. It is about predictions and not some religious matter.

The Carbon 14 test was performed in 1995 and yielded an age of some 350 years, placing the manuscript in the 17th century.


Usually, the astrologer (better to say a "reader") asks for the thumb impression (right hand for males and left hand for females). The astrologer (i.e."reader") then searches his repository of leaves for the seeker's classification of thumb print. Finally, the minimum possible set of matching leaves is brought. Every leaf corresponds to some individual and hence will bear the birth and kinship details of its seeker. Then the "Reader" goes on reading the details mentioned on the palm leaf one by one. e.g. "your (i.e. seker's) name is Ramesh." If it is correct the seeker has to reply yes or no. Suppose if the name is correct, the reader reads the next detail written on the same leaf, e.g. "your mother's name is Seeta." Again the seeker has to confirm the same or otherwise. If his/her mother's name is not Seeta, he/she has to reply just "no". That means the leaf does not belong to him/her. Hence the reader starts reading another palm leaf. And the procedure continues. So the seeker is asked a series of questions, based on the verses, so as to find the exact match. These questions are to be answered yes or no. The exact leaf of the seeker is said to get only "yes" responses from the seeker. If all the details on the one and the same leaf are 100% correct, then that leaf belongs to the seekar. It is said that the details such as father/mother's name, seeker's name, name of the wife( if married), details of children, prefession, Hindu astrology birth chart, present age of the seeker, date of birth of seeker etc, are found mentioned on the palm leaf. Once the exact leaf is found, the astrology tells the seeker's name, parents' name, spouse's name and many other details about his future, since they are all written in the leaf. The future is mentioned in such a way that a folder within a folder, e.g. If the seeker is not married at the time of reading, in the general chapter, it might have been written that his marriage will take place at e.g. 27 years of age. If the seeker desires more details regarding his married life then he has to refer to the seventh chapter which deals with only married life and may contain name of wife, her background etc etc. The first chapter (kandam) in the leaf has the general overview of its seeker's life. The kandams that follow this are specific ones like Marriage, Profession, etc. The list of chapters and details are as follows:

1. It contains a gist of future predictions corresponding to the 12 houses of the horoscope, a general overview of the seeker's life with age. Is also a general summary of the 11 kandams that follows it:

2. This Kandam is about Family, Education, Eyes, Money and Intuition etc.

3. This Kandam is about Brothers & Sisters, Relationships between them and self.

4. This Kandam is about Mother and Comforts through House, Land and Vehicles.

5. This Kandam is about Children and births, reason for not having any, future lifestyle of children.

6. This Kandam is about troubles and hardships due to Disease, Debts Enemies, Litigations or Cases.

7. This Kandam is about first Union or Marriage and Status of married life. Also contains hints of valuable information about the name of the future spouse, horoscope, age of marriage, and some characteristic features of the spouse etc.

8. This Kandam is about lifespan and Longevity, Accidents and dangers with indication of time and age during one's lifetime.

9. This Kandam is about Father, Wealth, Visits to holy places, Fortune; Benefit from the preaching's of Guru and holy people, charitable deeds and social life.

10. This Kandam is about Career, Job, Profession and Business, Good and Bad times in career. Future predictions about growth, prosperity and losses in one's job or business.

11. This Kandam is about Second or further marriages, Profits in business etc.

12. This Kandam is about Expenditures, Foreign Visits, Next birth and Salvation.

Separate Kandams:

13. Shanti Pariharam: This Kandam is about past life or birth, bad and good deeds and a series of rituals that can dilute the effect of past bad deeds.

14. Deeksha Kandam: This Kandam is about the methods of preparing the Mantra Raksha, that has the power to shield the self from evil forces of jealous and envy. Raksha ensures relatively better rewards for one's efforts and success in deeds.

15. Avushada Kandam: This Kandam is about medicines, prescription suggested to those suffering from chronic diseases.

Initially, only the first chapter is read to the seeker. If the seeker needs further details on some particular chapter (like Business, Health, Marriage etc), then the corresponding chapter's verses are read to him/her. The seeker is also advised rituals which can correct the future mishappenings, there by leading to a choice.