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Support for Paramahamsa Nityananda from Australia

Staunch Supporters of Nithyananda in Australia

We vehemently condemn the news media of India. This is not the first time Media is playing with Masters' like Swami Nithyananda, media did this several other Master's in the past and continue to do this to several other Masters' in future. We all support Nithyananda Mission very strongly to go to any extend to stop Media from attempting to defame our Master in fuure. We all had strong experience with the initiation received from the great master. Although we are thousands of miles away from India, we get the strong feeling that our mother land's culture and tradition is felt through our Great Master's discourses in you tube.

We support with strong voice against those responsibile for this unfortunate happening and wish to suppress Media along with rotten political hands involved in this incident. Please go ahead and file a defamation case against those responsible and we offer our strong support in connection to this action against those responsible.

Jai Swami Paramahamsa Nithyananda

(Nithyananda's Mission Support, Australia)

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Support for Swami Nityananda

truth always wins
this email letter is strong support to paramhamsa nityananda my guru
Paramhamsa nityananda is the purest expression of love nothing other than love
these rumors show that the world has been too bad
No other ordinary human can do what swamiji did
his teachings, healings, message of love and life transforming teachings are miracles
only an awakened beings can do these leela

oh all people wake up and experience bliss

My name is Raj and i have done one day kalpataru program with swamiji. I have been associated with him for just 5 months but my life has been transformed in unimaginable fashion. My consciousness has increased, positive things have happened. My path towards love, peace and compassions has become more stronger. Just out of his compassion this guru has tried to awaken the asleep people. If trying to awaken the sleeping people and trying to show the bliss is crime then this is the greatest mistake the world or society or media is doing to themselves.

I have strong support to swami ji.


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Support for Swami Nithyananda

I live in Canada, and it is a shameful thing what some Indians and Indian government are doing to Swami Nithyananda ji.

I attended Swamiji's seminar once in Toronto in September 2009, and I was so impressed by the depth of his knowledge, clarity, compassion. I could genuinely feel the spiritual power of Swamiji. I have read many of his books and watched many sessions on You Tube since. Swaminij's discourses and discussions helped me tremendously in my spiritual quest. I also know many others who have been benefited a great deal by his teachings.

It is hard to believe that India with such a long tradition of spirituality can be so disrespectful to an enlightened being - it is really sad and disturbing.
Whether the alleged sex tape is all true or not is not the issue. If some of it is true, some things need to be corrected. But tt does not make Swamiji a criminal.

Besides, all the contributions that Swamiji has made towards humanity in all parts of the world, particularly India, are absolutely forgotten by these manic people accusing Swamiji of criminal activities.

Swamiji has so much to offer to humanity.
His love for humanity is deep, He hurts no one.
He deserves respect.
He needs to be left in peace to do his work.

Wake up India!!

Vicky S.

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Swamiji is divine

Dear All,

I have been meaning to write about my experiences with swamiji. I was totally lifted from the grief i was going through due to my husband in the last stages of cancer. After he passed away in last June I attended 'Inner Awakening' in December. The meditations and his life solutions were so helpful in achieving peace. Even the smallest problem would disappear once i attached the awareness to my problem. Normal chores became much more joyful. It seemed like impossible strength was given to me. The physical strength and mental clarity was all his doing. Swamiji also teaches about facing the fears. I love my life but if i have to die tomorrow, i would have no fear. Before i met swamiji even hearing about someone's death, i would cringe.

All these kind of experiences not a normal human can give to anyone. If somebody says he is using some magical or tantric powers, so be it, if it is for the human good. How many people can give these kind of experiences and make people feel blissful.
Talking about the Lust , there is no way he could or would have anything of that, Because he can eliminate that from other people.
He is my guru and will always be. If ever anything happened to him for next 70 years media will definitely have to answer for that.

- Vilas Amin

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Gratitude to my Master Swami Nithyananda

nithyanandam my name is ashok chander from vancouver, canada. i have met swami ji first jan 2009 in vancouver. after seeing him my life is being transformed then i was in india for three months LBE june to sept 2009...... i stand for my own truth with him.... i have experienced what he is.... and these mind base people cannot understand a MASTER because he is beyond us he is beyond the mind...... and it is so sad to see how the world are missing a great INCARNATION...............''I LOVE YOU MASTER''

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Support for Paramahamsa Nityananda from Texas

I support Paramahamsa Nithyananda.
Swamiji, be well and come back soon.

Dallas, TX

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In gratitude

My Dear Master,

Thru you, I experience the Divine. In you, I see the love and compassion that is Divine, transforming thousands that throng to you for healing.

My sincere prayers my dear Master that You will rise up like phoenix and bestow your blessings on us. We need you! This world needs you!

With eternal love and gratitude,


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Existence cannot be arrested

I am with my Satguru, ALL THE WAY...My Master, disciple relationship with Swamiji is forever....NOTHING CAN SHAKE ME. I am so fortunate to have met Swamiji this life....others and media can say and do ALL they want...but for me, I am for and with Swamiji, FOREVER and EVER...

It is very saddening to see Bharat( India) spreading these kind of vibrations to the world...The role of India..is to bless the world and help bring back dharma......It is time to wake up...Swamiji is the best happening that has taken place in A VERY VERY LONG TIME........Someone out there must know it...that is why they are creating so much confusion in common man's mind....He is a great Sadguru...within days he takes away LUST and many other lower emotions humans have.......Time has come, even Mother earth is calling very very loudly these days..." My children wake up", "How many lives do we want to be born and doing the same thing?...it is time to live the truth....surely anyone who has even listened to Swamiji on you tube...it is easy to know HE is NOT a human being,,,yes He may have a Human body ...but that does not make Him a Human being...there is a difference.....

For the seeker of truth..let us continue with our sadhana, let us live Swamiji's teachings, now it is more critical, than ever before....surely we know the 'EXISTENCE' CANNOT BE ARRESTED' Swamiji is the existence and something more...He is here, He is there , He is everywhere.....His teachings and technology is alive eternally. IT IS WORKING EVEN NOW.

Thank You Swamiji for coming into my life...thank you Dhyanapeetam for Sharing the greatest Sadguru with the world...thank you Ashramites for taking care of our Satguru...and making all these beautiful experience happen to me through offering your time and energy, I am very very thankful...

Paramahamsa Sri Nithyananda

Thank You

Ma Nithya Lavanaa

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Please come back swamiji ....

Swamiji words and teachings are amazing gifts to the world.

The main reason for the these types of rumours to spread is that in the people mind they have some shaft of the scandals and negative news. Once any type of these scandals are heard from media they associate the news with other scandals in their mind (without even bothering weather it is true or not) and create shaft of bad things.They are elongating this negative shaft unconsciously which is more and more dangerous . Media and other sources takes this advantage very much and make the news more and more complicated to run their business . Its time to realise that these shafts does not exits and stand only for the experience that happens which is beyond these ups and downs.

After hearing the news today I am really shocked and its really paining to see the negativity of the society. If anyone judging the person based on the facts than it will be perfectly alright. Instead people are collecting the arguments for the predetermined unconsciousness judgement. Let them keep on judging based on the false news generated from the medias and other sources.

Now we want to realise ourselves through teaching of the beloved master. Please comeback for the sake of true devotees and please guide us towards Jivan Mukthi swamiji.

Please come back Swamiji and continue to direct us.Please come back Swamiji , Please come back...

My Mother and Father stay in India. Whenever i feel lonely in abroad Swamiji words and discourses and meditation techniques are the only weapons to attack any depressions.

I am Agni Appojit Nagaraj working in one of the Software company in Netherlands. I am devotee of Pramahamsa Nityananda


We are supporting Paramahamsa Sri Nithyananda Swamiji


Please accept our love and respects.

We (I and my husband) have visited Swamiji in North America. His teachings and his presence have transformed us tremendously. We honestly believe that Swamiji is innocent. We'd like to express our support to Swamiji. We are shocked to see what is happening via news media.

Sumithra & Saravana

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I support Nithyananda

I know him from You Tube.I belief that his knowledge helped, helping and will help to transform the lives of millions. From the bottom of my heart I support him. And stand for him.


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Expression of my support for Swami Nithyananda

Dear Swami Nithyanana,

I am a Bachelor Degree graduate of the Nanyang Technological University of Singapore from where I graduated in 2003, and I am currently a Masters Degree student at the University of Edinburgh UK.

I first met you in 2005 when I was in India, and I have had numerous Darshans of you in the last 5 years, whenever I returned to India for short trips. Every time I visited your Ashram in Bidadi in India, I have eaten tasty food from your Ashram that you have allowed everyone to eat FREE of cost from your Ashram.

I would like to testify that your teachings have greatly influenced me and have made me a happier and better person. Your blessings also cured my mother, who was earlier sufferring from repetetive bouts of Fits. After you blessed her saying that she would never have fits, she has truly never had fits, ever since the day you blessed her. Your blessings also landed me with a scholarship to study in UK (my mother requested you for a scholarship for me to study, and you blessed me, and within days I actually got the scholarship).

Most importantly, your meditation techniques have given me great focus in my studies, and I have written a number of technical publications, which you may read by going to this website (http://arxiv.org) and searching under author name CHERMAKANI. I attribute all my successes to your blessings and excellent meditation techniques.

I have continued to watch nearly all your videos that you have placed FREE on your official website (http://dhyanapeetam.org), and I find your love, compassion and honesty radiating out of each of your videos.

I sincerely pray that you will come out unscathed and unharmed from the present scandal that you have been trapped into.

I am completely connected to you, and many times I have felt that I actually AM you. I feel that your present predicaments are partly due to the fact that you are taking the punishment that is supposed to happen to others (including me).

If there is any need for me to testify in court in your defence, I am willing to do it. However, my present Masters Degree course in UK will end only on 28 August this year, so I will be able to return to India only after that.

So if there is any need for me to testify in court in September 2010, please email me, and I will certainly speak in your defence, which is my duty.

Yours lovingly,


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Support of Paramahamsa Nityananda

I am very much in support of Swami Nithyananda, I have been benefitted with his teachings and Meditation. It is very sad to see this, all great masters will go through this testing period, pray God Almighty to bring the truth and the justice.

Best Regards


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Swamiji has my support


I affirm that Swami Nithyananda (Swamiji) has my support.

Please keep updating us on the ongoing situation, so that one does not completely rely on the media.

Ivor Marks
Toronto, Canada

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I love you Swamiji

Dear Nithyananda,

I have never met you in person, but I regularly watch your videos on your Youtube channel.

I can`t believe what is happening to you right now, because it is absolutely crystal clear to me that you are not guilty of anything that you are being accused of. When I`m watching you, I feel with absolute certainty in my heart that you are pure, and Good, and that the accusations are totally false and absurd.

I don`t need any facts or proof, or history about you, I just know it.

Also, I can`t believe some of the accusations are actually accusations, because they are simply part of your personal life. And there is absolutely no relevance in it concerning you being enlightened or not, or you being trustworthy or not.

You are a Light in this world, and you have been and are a Light to me, for which I thank you deeply.

With all my Love and respect,

Esther Ferdinand

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Support for Paramahamsa Nithyananda

I would like to encourage all people associated with Paramahamsa Nithyananda to stay strong and not to believe the lies spoken against the Master. There is no one on the planet Earth today who is like Him. The title "Paramahamsa", is not given easily to anyone.

I give no credence to the lies and slander aimed at the Master. I have waited most of my life to see and meet a spiritual Master of His caliber, and finally I was blessed to discover His existence on this planet. I, and my children happily, met the Master in person, a year ago in Seattle after watching videos on Youtube for a year and a half.

Much healing happened for myself and my children, thanks to the blessings form Paramahamsa Nithyananda I, and my family, support and stand with Sri Nithyananda, firmly, forever! Please stand with the Master, in these times of offensive actions, towards Him. He is innocent and deserves to be defended. Sincerely. Chet Harvey and family.

Chet Harvey

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Appreciation to Swamiji

My first experience about SwamiG was - He speaks the truth, that I myself haven't realized. I do not want to say I am always right, but this truth wasn't about an ordinary thing that I myself can check on some information source, if it is truth or not. This truth was about life itself and seemed that the questions, wich were answered by this truth, cannot be answered at all, though there are millions of philosophical books. This truth was the answer before You even ask a question. This truth was not only for the sake of the truth, but it has brought tremendous inner peace to me. I do not know how someone could imagine that I could believe in someone's lies about SwamiG instead of the truth that attracted me to his teachings in the first place.

The wisdom and joy of SwamiG has really helped me to be in peace in hard moments and to succeed in my career, though I only saw Him on Youtube videos. At the moment I have a master degree in Bussiness administration and work in the government institution. His teachings is very practical and with no doubt I could recomend it to anyone as the best solutions to their own life situations.

with Love and Appreciation,
Mindaugas Baronas from Lithuania, European Union

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Swamiji is always pure...

I met swamiji in 2007. I first met him at a healing session. He healed my skin problem. I was amazed by this miracle because since I was two years old I had this problem, and the doctors could not find the reason for this problem or even the solution to it. Swamiji just touched me and healed me, so it was very clear to me that he was someone very special.

Even when i saw him, I saw a young Swami wearing a kavi cloth and a blissful nature, he seemed to have an effortless smile towards everyone. He had so much compassion towards each and every person, and he was surely not faking it. After that one day itself my life had a magical transformation. I regularly saw his videos on Youtube and benefited so much from his teachings.

Swamiji never had any faults, and he still doesn't and he never will. He is a pure, blissful and true master who has come down to planet earth, not to harm us but to help us. After all the good deeds he has done to each and every person, I can never leave him. I cannot even imagine leaving him, because that would be like leaving myself... he is the most important part of my life I would always support him and help him as much as i can, just the way he does. =)

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Love for my Guru!!

I started watching Nithyananda's youtube videos in the summer of 2009 and was blessed enough to attend a Darshan with Swamiji in Vancouver, Canada in the fall of 2009. I have also read Swamiji's "Living Enlightment" boook, listen to his music CDs and meditate regularly using His meditation techniques.

I was scheduled to go to the March 2010 Inner Awakening program; and plan to attend whenever these programs are resurrected.

I love and support Nithyananda. The eternal truths that he shares are the inspiration for all that I do. Please know that nothing that the outer world says or does will ever change my love for Nithyananda.

These accusations and arrest has done nothing but strengthen my love for and devotion to Nithyananda.

Merrilee Bogle

Calgary, Canada

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My deepest prayers!!

My Deepest Prayers .......
i can't find words to express my gratitude & love to my Master .....Nityananda
...My heart sings prayers to Lord Sri Narashima.....
My Lord ....Please protect my Master
& Keep Him in Your comfort care...
Master of all Masters I bow down to You with tears & love .... who knows ALL...in ALL..
namo namo nirjita-kala simha
namo namo kalpita-kalpa-simha
i offer my obeisances unto Lord Nrsimha,
who is never defeated by time.
He is the all-powerful lion incarnation
...ito nrsimhah parato nrsimho
yato yato yami tato nrsimhah
bahir nrsimho hrdaye nrsimho
nrsimham adim saranam prapadye
Lord Nrsimha is here and also there.
Wherever i go Lord Nrsimha is there
He is in the heart and is outside as well
I surrender to Lord Nrsimha, the origin
of all things and the supreme refuge.
Nithyanandam !
LBT Dec 09'

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Come and support the master!!!

Calling All Disciples & Devotees,

The injustice continues. Please put down all the work you are doing... and come in hundreds and thousands to the High Court in Bangalore on Friday.

Show Your support to the Master who has supported you night and day in your spiritual journey without judging you, with just an out pouring of Compassion.

Come and show Your peaceful support and be with the Master !!!

( If your immediate biological family member was in the court today, would you be at home or at your work? No... )

This Master has embraced each one in worst sufferings as HIS own child and healed and cured and uplifted all of us !

COME by the Thousands ! Come and support the Master !

Thank You !

Swami's grace is with us

My humble greetings to all. So nice to listen to the experiences of the ashramites in Bidadi. I can relate with what they are saying because our inner experience with swami's teachings is what is important. Society is not with us when we need help, in fact they make matters worse. However the divine grace and swami is always there when we need assistance. Why must we than listen to society or the media. I rather spend valuable time listening to swami's discourses or reading his books. These are wonderful and the driving force to keep us going in the right path. Thanks swami and the dyanapeedam for bringing positive changes in our lives. I am looking forward to more inspirational talks in the u-tube. Nithyanandam and take care.
Swamis devotee,

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Healing Needed


My Dear Swamiji,

I am not bouthering about any news in TV, Magazine and any persons thoughts and comments. I am 100% Swamiji is TRUE. NYo one can Breake it. I am requested swamji to start leela enable to proof SATHYA and THARMA. Not only swamiji proof themself. I thing most of the devoties full supporting to dhyanapeetam. I am happy to supporting swamiji in this situvation and pray Arunagiri Yogeswara to come back swamiji start again only beleiving persons.

I am also expecing to start healing tower to heal those who calling in healing tower. I am very eager to meet swamiji. I am once again asking swamiji to heal me and heal my father and mother. I am affected gudiness problem due to stress and tensed. My father and mother severly affected knee pain unable to tolerate. Kindly inform swamiji to heal me and my father and mother also.

I am also expecting once again healing initation from swamiji (I am already healer) to start deeply to heal any affected person. I am very much interested to heal. Because I am affected and I want to relife it. The same process to heal for any affected person with SWAMIJI healing power.

Kindly inform this message to Swamiji for the same.

Thnaks & Regards
Rasipuram & Coimbatore

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You can't hurt the SUN

You Can't hurt the Sun

1. A tiny wood pecker some time back
in a tree trunk bored a tiny crack
Thought it a task of a great renown
Proudly said to some one unknown
I have undone the mighty tree

2. The tree is too big to take notice
The hole made to it made no difference
Nor did it curse the bird for the offense.
It continued to shelter the tired ones
That came to rest in it's endearing arms

3. For men of science the Sun is a marvel
Its mystery they unravel
Wonder how the eternal fusion goes so well
But the unwise curse the Sun that radiates
The life giving heat and brilliant light

4. We hear the dogs barking at the elephant
As it saunters along the royal path;
It keeps it's cool, enjoying the offerings.
The dogs dare not go near the pachyderm
Still the dog take pride in their stupid venture
Imagining the "Gaj Raj" was hurt and humbled

5. Enlightened Master are like mighty oak
Different from the uninitiated mass of men
They are beyond the world of senses;
Hurt and happiness leave them unscathed
They're un touched by the sensuous delights;
And always experience the "Brahman" inside

6. Masters are like hot embers, that glow
As the winds of change slowly blow
When they incarnate as Kala-Bhairava
Men with shriweld brains run for life,
They stand exposed like vermin in the Sun
Cowering and cringing like cowards they are.

7. Awake and await the retun of the Sun
From behind the clouds in greater glory and fun
Condemning the evil and hypocrisy of the past
Blessing the strong that braved the worst.


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Wake up!!! It's been long enough

Hi All,

I am Manoj Thomas,

Let me tell you I never knew god existed until i saw speeches of nityananda swami,
Already we made the biggest mistake of our life time by crucifying our lord Jesus Christ.
Now whenever some one is kind and nice. It is our nature to crucify him/her and extract the blood out of them.

In no religion it says we cannot have sex, Ex: The person with the most wisdom in christianity (Solomon had 700 wifes and 300 concubines and in hindu, krishna had 34000 wifes, bramha ( the creator married his own daughter ( Saraswati ) and many more thousands of examples.
This does not mean they all are bad persons and should be punished.
Its their personal life, so we cannot comment on that. What we really want is , they we kind and helpful to mankind.

I personally support nityananda swami for his immense knowledge, I dont care who he sleeps with, its his business.
You point your finger towards him when you can prove you are clean and you never sinned even once.

So people think of the good things he has done to humanity, Let not lose him and worry later.

Please think positively and take wise decision.

Once i heard a speech by swamiju telling the difference between UPASANA AND VIPASANA.
its so true

Our people did not believe or lord ( jesus christ ) when he lived among us, how would they believe that you are the chosen one.

Wake up people, its high time...


Manoj Thomas
Toronto, Canada

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