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Expression of my support for Swami Nithyananda

Dear Swami Nithyanana,

I am a Bachelor Degree graduate of the Nanyang Technological University of Singapore from where I graduated in 2003, and I am currently a Masters Degree student at the University of Edinburgh UK.

I first met you in 2005 when I was in India, and I have had numerous Darshans of you in the last 5 years, whenever I returned to India for short trips. Every time I visited your Ashram in Bidadi in India, I have eaten tasty food from your Ashram that you have allowed everyone to eat FREE of cost from your Ashram.

I would like to testify that your teachings have greatly influenced me and have made me a happier and better person. Your blessings also cured my mother, who was earlier sufferring from repetetive bouts of Fits. After you blessed her saying that she would never have fits, she has truly never had fits, ever since the day you blessed her. Your blessings also landed me with a scholarship to study in UK (my mother requested you for a scholarship for me to study, and you blessed me, and within days I actually got the scholarship).

Most importantly, your meditation techniques have given me great focus in my studies, and I have written a number of technical publications, which you may read by going to this website (http://arxiv.org) and searching under author name CHERMAKANI. I attribute all my successes to your blessings and excellent meditation techniques.

I have continued to watch nearly all your videos that you have placed FREE on your official website (http://dhyanapeetam.org), and I find your love, compassion and honesty radiating out of each of your videos.

I sincerely pray that you will come out unscathed and unharmed from the present scandal that you have been trapped into.

I am completely connected to you, and many times I have felt that I actually AM you. I feel that your present predicaments are partly due to the fact that you are taking the punishment that is supposed to happen to others (including me).

If there is any need for me to testify in court in your defence, I am willing to do it. However, my present Masters Degree course in UK will end only on 28 August this year, so I will be able to return to India only after that.

So if there is any need for me to testify in court in September 2010, please email me, and I will certainly speak in your defence, which is my duty.

Yours lovingly,



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