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I love you Swamiji

Dear Nithyananda,

I have never met you in person, but I regularly watch your videos on your Youtube channel.

I can`t believe what is happening to you right now, because it is absolutely crystal clear to me that you are not guilty of anything that you are being accused of. When I`m watching you, I feel with absolute certainty in my heart that you are pure, and Good, and that the accusations are totally false and absurd.

I don`t need any facts or proof, or history about you, I just know it.

Also, I can`t believe some of the accusations are actually accusations, because they are simply part of your personal life. And there is absolutely no relevance in it concerning you being enlightened or not, or you being trustworthy or not.

You are a Light in this world, and you have been and are a Light to me, for which I thank you deeply.

With all my Love and respect,

Esther Ferdinand


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