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Existence cannot be arrested

I am with my Satguru, ALL THE WAY...My Master, disciple relationship with Swamiji is forever....NOTHING CAN SHAKE ME. I am so fortunate to have met Swamiji this life....others and media can say and do ALL they want...but for me, I am for and with Swamiji, FOREVER and EVER...

It is very saddening to see Bharat( India) spreading these kind of vibrations to the world...The role of India..is to bless the world and help bring back dharma......It is time to wake up...Swamiji is the best happening that has taken place in A VERY VERY LONG TIME........Someone out there must know it...that is why they are creating so much confusion in common man's mind....He is a great Sadguru...within days he takes away LUST and many other lower emotions humans have.......Time has come, even Mother earth is calling very very loudly these days..." My children wake up", "How many lives do we want to be born and doing the same thing?...it is time to live the truth....surely anyone who has even listened to Swamiji on you tube...it is easy to know HE is NOT a human being,,,yes He may have a Human body ...but that does not make Him a Human being...there is a difference.....

For the seeker of truth..let us continue with our sadhana, let us live Swamiji's teachings, now it is more critical, than ever before....surely we know the 'EXISTENCE' CANNOT BE ARRESTED' Swamiji is the existence and something more...He is here, He is there , He is everywhere.....His teachings and technology is alive eternally. IT IS WORKING EVEN NOW.

Thank You Swamiji for coming into my life...thank you Dhyanapeetam for Sharing the greatest Sadguru with the world...thank you Ashramites for taking care of our Satguru...and making all these beautiful experience happen to me through offering your time and energy, I am very very thankful...

Paramahamsa Sri Nithyananda

Thank You

Ma Nithya Lavanaa


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