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Swamiji is always pure...

I met swamiji in 2007. I first met him at a healing session. He healed my skin problem. I was amazed by this miracle because since I was two years old I had this problem, and the doctors could not find the reason for this problem or even the solution to it. Swamiji just touched me and healed me, so it was very clear to me that he was someone very special.

Even when i saw him, I saw a young Swami wearing a kavi cloth and a blissful nature, he seemed to have an effortless smile towards everyone. He had so much compassion towards each and every person, and he was surely not faking it. After that one day itself my life had a magical transformation. I regularly saw his videos on Youtube and benefited so much from his teachings.

Swamiji never had any faults, and he still doesn't and he never will. He is a pure, blissful and true master who has come down to planet earth, not to harm us but to help us. After all the good deeds he has done to each and every person, I can never leave him. I cannot even imagine leaving him, because that would be like leaving myself... he is the most important part of my life I would always support him and help him as much as i can, just the way he does. =)


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