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You can't hurt the SUN

You Can't hurt the Sun

1. A tiny wood pecker some time back
in a tree trunk bored a tiny crack
Thought it a task of a great renown
Proudly said to some one unknown
I have undone the mighty tree

2. The tree is too big to take notice
The hole made to it made no difference
Nor did it curse the bird for the offense.
It continued to shelter the tired ones
That came to rest in it's endearing arms

3. For men of science the Sun is a marvel
Its mystery they unravel
Wonder how the eternal fusion goes so well
But the unwise curse the Sun that radiates
The life giving heat and brilliant light

4. We hear the dogs barking at the elephant
As it saunters along the royal path;
It keeps it's cool, enjoying the offerings.
The dogs dare not go near the pachyderm
Still the dog take pride in their stupid venture
Imagining the "Gaj Raj" was hurt and humbled

5. Enlightened Master are like mighty oak
Different from the uninitiated mass of men
They are beyond the world of senses;
Hurt and happiness leave them unscathed
They're un touched by the sensuous delights;
And always experience the "Brahman" inside

6. Masters are like hot embers, that glow
As the winds of change slowly blow
When they incarnate as Kala-Bhairava
Men with shriweld brains run for life,
They stand exposed like vermin in the Sun
Cowering and cringing like cowards they are.

7. Awake and await the retun of the Sun
From behind the clouds in greater glory and fun
Condemning the evil and hypocrisy of the past
Blessing the strong that braved the worst.



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