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Nithyananda Scandal: Media Coverage and their Mis-representations

1) Interesting to note how Times of India tone completely changed after we gave them an exclusive interview.

2) The names of persons and corresponding pictures were found faulty on several occasions in Tamil Media. However English media refrained from this.

3) Severe mis-presentation of Swamiji’s quotes where some channels used his words and twisted them to make juicy headlines

Times Now got an exclusive interview and misquoted Swamiji as saying:

- “ Yes, its me in the video”
- “ I was in a trance”
This ran whole day on channels and website on 14th March.
However, Swamiji did not say these anywhere in his interview.

4) IBN –CNN and several other channels used his interview with Rajiv Malhotra and grossly violated all ethics by severe mis representation of his statements.
IBN-CNN ran the headline on March 15th – “ I was experimenting in Bed” – tainted Swami;s Excuse.”

5) On the night of 14th when several media channels entered into Swamiji’s hotel and tried to get a statement out of him.
Aaj Tak and NDTV channels reported several erroneous facts without checking with anyone.
They reported that
“Swamiji was staying in room 104 checked in as S K Tiwari and has been using a fake name and ID”.
They did not check that one of our senior swami who was accompanying Swamiji had booked the room in his name.

From the night of March 2nd, 2010 we have witnessed how a well entrenched media group can misguide the people, inflame the passions of ordinary people and completely tarnish the image of a Spiritual Leader who's works have inspired millions around the world. Paramahamsa Nithyananda, over the last 5 years, was probably single handedly responsible for reviving spiritual interest amongst all age groups across the world, through his tireless work and inspiring talk. He even has around 700 free discourses on YouTube elaborating on almost every aspect of spirituality with such authenticity and has around 200 books published.

The TV channel that broadcast the videos have clearly violated all aspects of public decency just by showing such a video and yet no action has been initiated against them by any one. The whole episode was planned and timed to perfection. On 1st March 2010, Paramahamsa Nithyananda left for the Kumbha Mela. This was a schedule fixed months earlier. The perpetrators of this incident were well aware of this and showed the video on 2nd March 2010 at night, thus ensuring that Paramahamsa Nithyananda will not even be available for any comment.

The news videos were repeated continuously non-stop as though there was a national emergency. The intention of the video was purely to defame Paramahamsa Nithyananda and to orchestrate a public campaign against him. Within one hour of the video being shown, his ashrams in few places were simultaneously attacked. The news cast was repeated with the same intensity, now with the news mentioning, as though to justify, the public anger. The videos actually showed not more than 10 people in about 5 places, indulging in anti-social behavior by damaging the legitimate property of the ashrams. Yet the news conveyed the impression that the whole of Tamilnadu was actively agitating against Paramahamsa Nithyananda.

The following day the same news item was circulated with the same intensity, again as though a national emergency or calamity had occurred. Through out this episode, not even a single news of the other side was shown. No person from the ashram was even asked for an opinion. However, a single goonda like person was shown manhandling an ashramite from the Tiruvanamalai ashram repeatedly. The newsmen who captured this item were not even bothered to record a single word from this ashramite but even took statements from this goonda and others like him.

It was clear that they were trying hard to CREATE public anger.

The usual anti-social elements were being let loose to have a free run at any visible sign of Paramahamsa Nithyananda's ashram related activity areas. After having achieved the first objective of discrediting Paramahamsa Nithyananda's public persona, it was now time to start the 2nd phase of the malicious campaign.

Totally unsubstantiated new allegations of land grabbing, rape, sandalwood hoarding, unlawful confinement of ashramites were now being shown continuously. They had a free run in inciting and whipping up further public emotions. Now, other TV channels were keen on getting a slice of this pie.

An event was successfully created out of nothing significant and now there was also scope for good revenue to be made from it.

On 4th, the ashram put out a video on youtube and a message on their website stating "At this moment, we feel that a mix of conspiracy, graphics and rumor are at play in these recent events that have unfolded. We are working on a legal course of action and will come up with updates in due course" None of these TV channels bothered with this.

It was more sensational to hurl accusations, create confusion and spread more rumors. News was literally being made. Maximum mileage and revenue was being made sensationalizing every bit of unsubstantiated, unverified news item.

On 6th March, Paramahamsa Nithyananda had to make a videophone recording explaining that nothing illegal was done either by him or his organization. Sun TV which found it appropriate to air a 8+ minutes of sleaze footage for 2 days could not find time to broadcast the 2:30mins of Swamiji's statement even once. Repeated videos put out by the ashram, even of a 45mins press conference were conveniently ignored or merited only casual passing coverage.

The created news had to die its natural death by people getting tired (and disgusted) of it but not before inflicting maximum damage as intended by its perpetrators.

A regular massage video was manipulated to misrepresent a spiritual leader and completely malign his name and shamelessly shown on a public news channel with the sole intention of 'character assassination' and maximum revenue was also generated in all forms of media owned by this group. An assortment of charges were made, hurled and circulated, public chaos was created, and in the end nothing was substantiated. It was left to (like Swamiji said) the victim to remain guilty until proven innocent.

Even interviews with Swamiji that have been recorded and put on YouTube (thankfully) have been miscast and mis-captioned.

This is unfortunately the media that we watch daily and actually pay for watching. This can be carried out, at will, against any Hindu spiritual leader or organization but will never be attempted against any other religion or religious organization in India.

Letter of gratitude for Swami Nithyananda

Dear Swami,

There are no words to express compassion you have for devotees and people in general. The events are self explanatory and do not require any explanation. Come back swami for healing us.

In my experience the only root cause for most people getting into trouble or creating trouble is lack of intensity. They may have intensity, but not awareness. Come back Swami there's such nice work to do. It is your grace because of which we can think of nice things amidst this controversy. We know you are going through this for all of us. Our gratitude for being so kind and generous.

This is my humble offering.


Shubhneet Kaur

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Our full support for you Swamiji from Nithyananda Youth, Malaysia

Beloved Swami Ji,
My full support is always there for u..We Malaysian Nithyananda youth always will stand beside you all the time..Nothing can disturb our devotion towards you..my luv is always there for you..
Port Klang Centre, Malaysia

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My faith cannot be shaken

Dear Gurudev

In one of the NSP classes, you made a statement, that you will remove the stigma on kavi dress, but is it possible, whenever people around me talk ill about u, it hurts me, you are my guru and only after attending the classes my mind became strong. whether people believe u r not ur place in my soul cannot me shaken.

Ma Ananda Indrani

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My experience with Swamiji Nithyananda

Nithyanandam Parama Sukhadam kevalam gnana murtim
Dvandvateetham Gagana sadrisham tatwa masya di lakshyam
Ekam nithyam vimala machalam sarva de sakshi bootham
Bhava teetham triguna rahitam sat gurum tam namami

I am Valsan Vadakkath Madhavan, a software professional working at Bangalore. I have attended various programs with spiritual gurus and Nithyananda program really helped me to be a grow both materialistically and spirituality. I am living Jeevan Mukti for sure and enjoying every moment of my precious life. My focus has improved to such an extent that I drive down 500 kms at a stretch without winking an eyelid and still feeling fresh as ever.

Due to the changes within me I see the same happening around me as well. The energy within myself is helping others as well within my family, friends and colleagues at work as well. I am grateful to the divine to have shown the path to Nithyananda


- Valsan Vadakkath

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My experiences with Paramahamsa Nithyananda

I have been an ardent spiritual seeker since the age of 17years, (currently 40), and have met few masters and have had wonderful spiritual experiences, prior to meeting Swamiji.
The spiritual power, boldness and effectiveness of Swamiji's technique is unparalleled in my experience. By his grace i have been able to experience the awakening of Kundalini and the ultimate spiritual experience of kundalini meeting the Shastrahara (pineal) - peak of pleasure - fulfillment. This happened to me during my visit to Bidadi ashram during July 2008. I have experience the intense energy field at the Banyan tree in the ashram.
In some more programs that i have attended with Swamiji, He has made me go thru various experiences, there by greatly reducing the effect of fear and greed in the life style.
I am troubled by the fact he is being assigned a label of 'Phony Guru' which i can boldly assert he is not, he is a 'Sidhha Purusha' at the minimum.
Pragnesh Ray
Vadaodara, Gujarat.

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Swamiji is our hero!

swamiji we want you. You are THE HERO.Only you can save us. If you want to help swamiji just tell OHM AIM KRIM KLIM SIVAYA NITHYANANDAYA NAMAHA with your nithyananda mala
yashawani,8years old

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Swami Nithyananda: The perfect guide

Swami..The Perfect Guide

Swami Thou art my family's sole caretaker,
Ever since then our home is God's abode.
Countless are the moments we have spent together,
Basking in total bliss and harmony.

You have always nurtured and guided us,
however indiscipline we have been.
through life's turbulence we have sailed smoothly,
without a trace..through your grace.

Our daddy You are..no doubt,
As You are the pillar of strength and support.
At this moment when everything is a amiss,
You mean even more to us,
Because you are all we have got.

Come whatever may,
My Lord will emerge..shining even brighter than before.
Resonating the whole universe,
You will be exemplified forever!

Ma Nithya ekaanta

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My Life after I met Swamiji Nithyananda

NITHYANANDAM. First of all, i would like to thank the person who created this blog. It's because this blog give the devotees of our Swami Paramahamsa Sri Nithyananda a golden oppurtunity to share their experiences and transformation that happened in each of everybody's life after the presence of swami. Here, i would like to share my experience and how i had transformed to a better person now compared to my old days.

Before I attend swamiji's first level meditation programme which is well-known as Ananda Spurana Programme (ASP), i had been a shy person. I would not talk with people and the first thought which will across my mind when I approach to a person is " Why should I talk to him/her?". I had a big communication problem with others. Even when the dancing session was going on I went and hide in the toilet. I was very shy. Besides that, I had a problem with making decisions. Any decision that I make will go wrong or nuisance. So, I will be depress by that and would not talk with my family members. I am tabla player. When I play tabla I surely must give the ' kumkara' with my left hand. I had a difficult time with that. My left hand can withstand even for a song with a beautiful 'kumkara'.

But after the ASP I transformed into a new leaf. Then, I went stage by stage NSP with swami himself, BSP and Kalpataru. All this programmes made me a strong and clear person. Here I would like to thank my parents too because of their encouragement and support by taking me to all this powerful and unique programmes invented by Swami. I have no communication problem now. All the decisions I make is now are perfect and I would ask for Niranthara Amma and Maharaj's suggestion or idea to make a decision. I like to do 'seva' in the ashram. In my tabla issue, me and my brother will sing for all the occasions and activities which held by the ashram. ie, Navarathri, Sivarathri and more. My left hand is now getting better. Same goes to my voice too. During Kalpataru I was waiting for my PMR result. I asked swami that I would like to study well and get higher grades. As he said ' I will take care', he did it. I got straight A's in my PMR. Now I'm studying hard to get straight A's in my SPM. I know that Swami will be always with me. No deny on that.

Dear people we are lucky to get a living master in our life to guide us. As Paramahamsa Nithyananda present in my life I'm very lucky to get HIM as a master. Swami is great. No words can be described if we want to describe about HIM and his POWER. Only the people who experiences it will know HIS GREATNESS. DON'T EVER MISS HIM. HE IS THE ULTIMATE GURU. Thank you.

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Why does media want us to believe what they want to believe?

Looking for the Truth without Pre-judging.

First of all I must state that I am not a devotee of Swami ji. So I do not look at the series of event surrounding him and the ashrams emotionally but rather objectively. So let us look at the allegations one after another. (a) regarding the video allegedly showing compromising postures. (b) regarding the Ashram near Bangalore (Bidadi) being built on grabbed land. (c) A few people living in Ashram under forced circumstances (d) mysterious death of one of the devotess from Canada.

Let us deal with (b), (c), (d) first. Its is clear that none of these allegations hold any ground. They are based on no facts.

If the ashram is build on grabbed land, why does someone does not go to court? Why does not the government take action? Why not even an FIR is registered against this so called land grabbing? So its clear that this one is simply to create rumours. Most of the people would behave emotionally and get carried by it rather than anyone thinking even little bit about it, once the media starts bombarding these allegations 24x7. Has the media contacted the police department? the office of the Ashram or the Registry office before coming to this allegation. Did the try to get a copy of the land documents with the ashram and checking them? The answer is no. Even the people making the allegation know its not true but then anyway the idea is more TRP and either childish or malafide.
If there are people who are living there against their will, the media can go and inspect parts of ashram? interview a few people at random? know the statistics of the people in the Ashram, and the procedure to get enrolled. Check the records of people and meet some of them to know if they are matching? Not even a few people been found who are telling that they are being held against their will. But the media keeps on simply broadcasting this allegation non-stop. This shows the professionalism of journalism in bad light.
If the Gentlemen died in so called mysterious way, did the media went to check with the police? the family of the concerned people? the ashram? and try to see if they resonate with each other or not? what are the basis on which the allegations have been made? Its sorry but the media did not do a single of these checks but kept on bombarding this allegation non-stop. I am not suggesting that the media is biased inherently but its an era of TRP, no one wants to miss the mad race of broadcasting something juicy and who care if its true or not. It is clear that this allegation also is simply untrue. If not why does the police not take action? if someone has any basis why he does not register an FIR? has even anyone tried to register an FIR? The answer is no because there are perhaps no such efforts because even the people who made allegation know that this does not hold any ground.
So as far as (b), (c), and (d) are concerned its crystal clear that as of present there are not even any hints that they can be true. Even the media does not find merit in them, as was clear in the press conference when some journalists started saying that these are small incidents and they are really interested only in (a). If they were small then why did it bombard us 24x7 with these as well?. Now having resolved these we have (a) remaining.

Its also clear that there has not been substantial clarification from the Ashram on this. But there can be many reasons. if they even say that yes the person in the video is swamiji although the video is morphed, the media will forget anything except "Swami ji accepts that he is in the video" and broadcast it 24x7 with a very negligible stuff about the morphing which in someway would pursue the viewer to have a view that swami ji has accepted his role to some extent in the story the video tries to propogate. So while we can feel suspicion why Swami ji and Ashram are not coming out clearly on specifics of the video allegations, we should also understand the possibility of them being very cautious seeing the rage of unsubstantiated allegations in the last few weeks. and most likely their approach is good one. Also its understandable that the ashram cannot deny completely without being for certain that Swami ji was not there since its quite possible that the video has been morphed in partially and they would have to retract this later. I think although its tempting to make a statement, and the Ashram management is doing the right thing by reserving the judgement once they find out more facts. The people allegedly involved in the video have not complained against each other. they are adults. What right did anyone have to put a camera inside someones bedroom? its a fundamental question of privacy in personal life. has any channel picked this up? Imagine if tomorrow a worker inside a ministers bedroom or even Prime ministers home or an chief editors home of a private news channel sets up a video and broadcasts it... will they have the same behaviour? Let us assume that video was not morphed (which is actually highly unlikely), its a matter of two adults in their private life.. what right does anyone have to intrude it?? So I will reserve my judgement on this episode once more facts come out. I saw a video of swami jis interview where he mentioned about meditation during the period when a devotee allegedly present in the video was serving him. The extra smart journalist somehow made a conclusion that Swami ji is trying to hint that he may be doing these activities in state of meditation. That is so cheap journalism. I would say let the viewer watch the interview and conclude. WHY DO THE NEWS ANCHORS WANT US TO BELIEVE WHAT THEY WANT TO BELIEVE?

Best regards,
V. N. Pandey,
Kapteyn Institute,
University of Groningen,
The Netherlands.

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Nithyanandam Always...

Swamiji, we pay our gratitude at your feet…..

Remember all those beautiful times,

when the Master nurtured us with love & care...

The way he protected us from all evils,

kept us away from sufferings..

Each time we were stuck on the path of life,

He was there to guide us.

When we were in depression,

He welcomed us into the silence of his being...

He has made us realise,

what life is...

Each time in his presence,

He has shaped and transformed us...

He has cared & nurtured us

just like a mother does...

Today when our Master is undergoing tough times, let us all be united and pray to that higher consciousness for his well being.

He will soon be out of all this and dance in 'Ananda Samadhi'

Swamiji, we pay our gratitude to you, for all that you have given us and we are by your side.

Thank you Swamiji.

In Nithyananda

Lakshmi N

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Full support to Swami Nithyananda from Malaysia

Swamiji taught us that we are god.All the god's qualities such as bliss,silence,peace,humbleness,service centered,are our true nature.All this happened to me after I met my master and when started practicing nithya dhyaan.I had read a lot of spiritual books,but it didn't gave me any experience.After I met swami in NSP my life was totally changed.I saw the world in different dimension.GOOD or BAD I was able go through with the clarity and energy given by swamiji.First of all,we cant tell anything as good or bad,Everything is auspiciousness and it give us maturity.Swamiji gave me the clarity to respect all the guru's, all religion teachings,and all the law's of existence.I feel pity for the mass media and for the people's who tried to bring down people's trust on my master.It is a karma to talk about other people and there is no end for the people who talk ill about guru's.No forgiveness for them.Mother nature can't bear it.Soon they will see the result of their action.We, followers of Paramahamsa Nithyananda take this incident as an auspiciousness that gives us more maturity.Our devotion getting greater now.PARAMAHAMSA SRI SRI NITHYANANDA SWAMIKU

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