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Thanks Swamiji

I had a very good turning point in my life at the first meeting with Swamiji.Noone at this present age can explain us so clearly matters reg.,life&death. ASP&Kalpataru have created such an influence in shaping my character. I'm grateful to Him for this.Swami goes place to place explaining concepts of Gita free of cost. He has played a major role in reviving Hinduism. His CD's &books are really inspirational. He does so many social services .I pray to God that he comes out of this fake scandal and continues totake his spiritual classes Waiting very eagerly for your NSP class Swamiji pls come back soon&restore faith&hope of your orphaned children pls';
sincere devotee,
Raj Lakshmi

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The Almighty Nithyananda

When you are in need you praice swamiji in all ways
When situation changes you disgrace him,you talk what you want
But,have you had time,to sit and think for one minute before doing anything serious
Our mind is set in such a way,when it goes the second stage,no one can do anything
thats why swamiji have given every devotee and everyone in the world to unclutch everything before anything goes serious
Its not a right way to damage his thiruvannamalai ashram where spiritual service is being done
Is this a way our Hindu society act
Is this what our Hindu society has taught us
Are the indians aware of what they are doing
bringing their own country down
When you are baby your parents take of you
When you are in sorrow your parents take of you
When you come to age,your parents leave you
After that who take care of you
The almighty Nithyananda whom you see now,the youngest living guru in the world
Have you ever realised after your death,who is going to look after you,your soul will be wondering all over
except you get almigty nithyananda to take care of you
Today,I stand by all my almighty Nithyananda
I am willing to give him support and everything which he wants
Whenever I do his meditation,i can feel his energy working through me
He is always beside me Whenever I am in trouble,Speaking the way of wisdom and power
No one in the world will be like him
Swamiji,I love you,We are all under your feet,no matter what happen
People will, realise who you are swami
with love,
Selvaraja Muniratnam,

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We miss you Swamiji


I feel so fortunate to have met Swamiji in USA and have done various programs ..
No other person could have done the amount of work which Swamiji did by the age of 33..It is pobssible by only true Enlightened Master.
I wish all this nonsense mess ends quickly...we miss you, Swamiji..



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Ultimate Teaching by Nithyananda

My experience after practicing swamijis teaching was really great.After taking Ananda Spurana Program In Malaysia,the acharya told that ,"at first when you start doing meditation you will have to take initiative and do,but as time passes you will see that you will be enjoying doing it.You cant stop doing it." I was wandering,what are they talking about?Is it true?I had a lot of doubt.Then I went home and started doing nithya dhyaan,everyday.For a few months,I was facing struggle in doing it but I continued doing it,because I just wanted to test whether what the acharya told was true.As days passed,I saw that I was simply enjoying doing the meditation .Even If I missed it one day,I feel l have wasted that day.I saw that I was doing the meditation out of interest.Never in my life I had sat for 30 minutes doing meditation,because the first thing is that I cant even sit silently for 30 minutes.Nithya dhyaan meditation that was introduced by swamiji had really done many miracles in my life.I was able to feel the silence and peace within me.I also began to discover the body intelligence that was within me.My awareness also have increased a lot after I started doing the meditation.All that I want to say is,Swamijis teaching is really practicable,powerful and it can really transform a persons life.Now and always I will keep swamiji in the throne of my heart.Thank You swamiji.
Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia

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Paramahamsa Nithyananda: The greatest Master

Swamiji you are the greatest master that I have never seen in my life.This is the first time I am feeling that an avatar that is born in this world simply shacking the entire community.I have never heard people telling us the truth that we are god.You just give any truth that you have experienced straightaway.How can one describe you.By your compassionate,You have come down to this planet earth,to save all of us from this world of maya.Some people understand the truth that you are none other than the god itself.They pray to you and they follow the teachings of you.But,some people fail to see you as a god.They are misssing a lot in their life.Reading your life history and pondering about it,I can say that it looks like it has happened 5000years ago.But thats the truth.Shivan itself have descended on this earth to save and to make us realise what is our true nature,Even if god comes and tell us that we are god and tries to elevate us into higher consciousness,What we do?We just ignore it and keep on going with our life routine.How Long does it going to be like this?Arise,Awake to your call of being.Use the opportunity when Paramahamsa is here itself. Dont regret later.

Radiating Enligtenment,

Narenthiran kalaichelvan


Support for Nithyananda from Little Anandas, Malaysia

Dearest SWAMIJI!!

I attended ASP in 2008. This year is my exam year. Swamiji, I am eagerly waiting for you to confirm NSP this year, so I can attend it in Malaysia. Ever since I follow your teachings, I’ve changed a lot such as, I’m happier now as I can control my emotions. I don’t bother if anyone says negative things about me these days because nowadays, I can use the UNCLUTCH method which I learned in my ASP. Thank you, Swamiji. I’m so glad I have you the GREAT PARAMAHAMSA NITHYANANDA as my guru in my spiritual life. I love you so much…!!


Another of Your Little Devotees,


Bahau, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia.

Touched by an Angel

'Dont worry, Swami will take care of you,keep His picture with you'..that is what my mum told me when I called her to tell her that I was admitted in the hospital 3 years ago..I was taken back..Who is He??Why is she having so much of trust in Him??..I never understood the truth behind it..

Im a medical student currently in my 4th year in Moscow..I was diagnosed of having bilateral pneumonia,liver infection and suspected of myocardial infarction 3 years ago..Somehow I took my mum's advice..The picture was the only support I had..My mum was right..He was there with me..I shall say that was the turning point of my life..As my health was not progressing much,I decided to fly back home to be treated there..As I was bed ridden,I started reading His books and practising his meditation,Nithya dhyaan..To my amazement I was actually recovering tremendously..I was feeling much better and relieved..In fact.I was completely healed.Somehow I was still blinded with my ego..until I met Him..

August 2008..the day that changed my life entirely..The moment I saw Him..I just 'dropped'..My heart was filled with fulfillment..a sudden happiness and bliss in me..I could feel His compassion..Without me realising..tears was rolling down my eyes..I just couldnt control them..His smile..His body language..It is beyond words..I joined His courses and enjoyed His speeches and presence..Everyday is a miracle after meeting Him..He made me see life in a different perspective..He brought out my hidden talents and made me achieve things that I thought was beyond my reach..He connected me to my core being..He made me realise Im one with the nature..He made me cherish and celebrate my life..He is always been there for me till this very moment..He is my Lord..He is my Shiva!Let whatever may come..Nothing will change my trust in Him..He will still be my Ultimate Master no matter what..I love You,pa..!

With love,