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Ultimate Teaching by Nithyananda

My experience after practicing swamijis teaching was really great.After taking Ananda Spurana Program In Malaysia,the acharya told that ,"at first when you start doing meditation you will have to take initiative and do,but as time passes you will see that you will be enjoying doing it.You cant stop doing it." I was wandering,what are they talking about?Is it true?I had a lot of doubt.Then I went home and started doing nithya dhyaan,everyday.For a few months,I was facing struggle in doing it but I continued doing it,because I just wanted to test whether what the acharya told was true.As days passed,I saw that I was simply enjoying doing the meditation .Even If I missed it one day,I feel l have wasted that day.I saw that I was doing the meditation out of interest.Never in my life I had sat for 30 minutes doing meditation,because the first thing is that I cant even sit silently for 30 minutes.Nithya dhyaan meditation that was introduced by swamiji had really done many miracles in my life.I was able to feel the silence and peace within me.I also began to discover the body intelligence that was within me.My awareness also have increased a lot after I started doing the meditation.All that I want to say is,Swamijis teaching is really practicable,powerful and it can really transform a persons life.Now and always I will keep swamiji in the throne of my heart.Thank You swamiji.
Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia


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