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Touched by an Angel

'Dont worry, Swami will take care of you,keep His picture with you'..that is what my mum told me when I called her to tell her that I was admitted in the hospital 3 years ago..I was taken back..Who is He??Why is she having so much of trust in Him??..I never understood the truth behind it..

Im a medical student currently in my 4th year in Moscow..I was diagnosed of having bilateral pneumonia,liver infection and suspected of myocardial infarction 3 years ago..Somehow I took my mum's advice..The picture was the only support I had..My mum was right..He was there with me..I shall say that was the turning point of my life..As my health was not progressing much,I decided to fly back home to be treated there..As I was bed ridden,I started reading His books and practising his meditation,Nithya dhyaan..To my amazement I was actually recovering tremendously..I was feeling much better and relieved..In fact.I was completely healed.Somehow I was still blinded with my ego..until I met Him..

August 2008..the day that changed my life entirely..The moment I saw Him..I just 'dropped'..My heart was filled with fulfillment..a sudden happiness and bliss in me..I could feel His compassion..Without me realising..tears was rolling down my eyes..I just couldnt control them..His smile..His body language..It is beyond words..I joined His courses and enjoyed His speeches and presence..Everyday is a miracle after meeting Him..He made me see life in a different perspective..He brought out my hidden talents and made me achieve things that I thought was beyond my reach..He connected me to my core being..He made me realise Im one with the nature..He made me cherish and celebrate my life..He is always been there for me till this very moment..He is my Lord..He is my Shiva!Let whatever may come..Nothing will change my trust in Him..He will still be my Ultimate Master no matter what..I love You,pa..!

With love,