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The Tea Cup: A beautiful inspirational story at the right time

There was a couple who used to go England to shop in a beautiful antique store. This trip was to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary. They both liked antiques and pottery, and especially
tea-cups. Spotting an exceptional cup, they asked "May we see that? We've never seen a cup quite so beautiful."

As the lady handed it to them suddenly the tea-cup spoke, "You don't understand." It said, "I have not always been a tea-cup. There was a time when I was just a lump of red clay. My master took me and rolled me pounded and patted me over and over and I yelled out, 'Don't
do that. I don't like it! Let me alone', but he only smiled, and gently said; 'Not yet!!'

"Then. WHAM! I was placed on a spinning wheel and suddenly I was spun around and around and around. 'Stop it! I'm getting so dizzy! I'm going to be sick!', I screamed. But the master only nodded and said, quietly; 'Not yet' He spun me and poked and prodded and bent me
out of shape to suit himself and then......

"Then he put me in the oven. I never felt such heat. I yelled and knocked and pounded at the door. 'Help! Get me out of here!' I could see him through the opening and I could read his lips as he shook his head from side to side, 'Not yet'.

"When I thought I couldn't bear it another minute, the door opened. He carefully took me out and put me on the shelf, and I began to cool. Oh, that felt so good! 'Ah, this is much better,' I thought.

"But, after I cooled he picked me up and he brushed and painted me all over. The fumes were horrible. I thought I would gag. 'Oh, please stop it, Stop it!!' I cried. He only shook his head and said. 'Not yet!'.

"Then suddenly he put me back in to the oven. Only it was not like the first one. This was twice as hot and I just knew I would suffocate. I begged. I pleaded. I screamed I cried. I was convinced I would never make it. was ready to give up. Just then the door opened and he
took me out and again placed me on the shelf, where I cooled and waited -------- and waited, wondering what's he going to do to me next?

"An hour later he handed me a mirror and said 'Look at yourself.' And I did.

"I said, 'That's not me; that couldn't be me. It's beautiful. I'm beautiful!"'

"Quietly he spoke: I want you to remember, then,' he said, 'I know it hurt to be rolled and pounded and patted, but had I just left you alone, you'd have dried up. I know it made you dizzy to spin around on the wheel, but if I had stopped, you would have crumbled'.

I know it hurt and it was hot and disagreeable in the oven, but if I hadn't put you there, you would have cracked.

'I know the fumes were bad when I brushed and painted you all over, but if I hadn't done that, you never would have hardened. You would not have had any color in your life. If I hadn't put you back in that second oven, you wouldn't have survived for long because the hardness would not have held. Now you are a finished product. Now you are what I had in mind when I first began with you.'

The moral of this story is this:

God knows what He's doing [for each of us]. He is the potter, and we are His clay. He will mold us and make us, and expose us to just enough pressures of just the right kinds that we may be made into a flawless piece of work to fulfill His good, pleasing and perfect will.

So when life seems hard, and you are being pounded and patted and pushed almost beyond endurance; when your world seems to be spinning out of control; when you feel like you are in a fiery furnace of trials; when life seems to "stink", try this.. Brew a cup of your favorite tea in your prettiest tea cup, sit down and think on this story and then, have a little talk with the Potter.

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Nithyananda Swamiji please don't leave us

nithyanandam swamiji!!!

we are induja and sinduja from chennai...we saw your recent statement video..we were shocked to hear that u are resigning from Dhyanapeetam...we love u so much and we need you swamiji...we still believe in you swamiji..we have experienced so much in ur teaching...we accept u as u are as u accepted as we are....we know that whatever u do, you will do with a reason..we came to you just two years back and it was like a minute and its all ended up..this two years we were so happy and blissful that we will never forget u swamiji..my sweet swamiji..please dont leave us swamiji....we need u...come back swamiji..we will always think while studying that "swamiji is only studying and he is only going to write the exams"...and we got very good marks also in 10th board exams with ur blessings only swamiji...why don't you use Ur power to come back swamiji...we need you..we are typing this message with tears in our eyes...will u come back again atleast after a year swamiji???pls reply swamiji..please...will we be able to see you again??we want to talk with you swamiji..without you we cannot live swamiji...will u come to ashram sometime??...where are you going swamiji??we are the one who did 33 greeting cards for ur jayanthi this time...we did with love and happiness..we were so happy while doing things for you swamiji... don't forget us swamiji...whoever sees this message other than swamiji please send this to swamiji's personal ID(if possible)....PLEASE REPLY..PLEASE...if we have said anything wrong please forgive us.

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Swami ji, I couldn't believe my eyes nor my ears when I saw the video today of you stepping down and going into secluded sanyas.

This world needs you badly, please don't go. We don't care about these fake videos, nor do we care about what the media has to say. Without you this mission will stop, and lives will not be enlightened. How can we make you come back? You are leaving millions of your disciples, it doesn't matter the other million don't care about you...Swami Ji we care a lot about you, the non believers can go elsewhere but the believers will always support you no matter what. We don't mind starting from scratch. We just need you and please don't step down. If you do step down, the mission will never be the same. The connection we made, the love we have for you will never ever die Swami ji. No matter where you are what you do , I will always think about you. Please Please Please Please come back, don't step down. WE NEED YOU ! We will MISS you, don't leave us.

JAI SHREE NITHYANANDA ( Our Beloved Master, and our Krishna)

Harsha Mahesh KartiK Namrata, Ohio Devotees

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How to live Swamiji's teachings in these times?


We are heart broken to know that our beloved SWAMIJI has decided to live a life of Spiritual seclusion, for some indefinite time.

We were planning to have our first Darshan in Bangalore, this year.

I live in Canada. In your message How to live Swamiji’s teachings in these times? You have mentioned the following.:

7pm to 7:20pm is the time Swamiji has given us to directly connect to Him from anywhere around the world.

We are Twelve and half hours behind Indian standard time. So, kindly let me know the correct time when we should do meditation?

Thank you,


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Stand up for Nithyananda


I want to convey two things
1) I became more blissful, energetic to do work and much more change happened which cannot be put in words.
2) Some one aired a sex scandal video against swamy its okay and swamy told its conspiracy, people can accept it or wait for Lab reports,
when people are not interested in knowing about swamies greatness(they should attend some program or atleast they should read books like living enlightenment or few utube discourses), i do not know why they are judging swamy by listening some rumor in minutes.

"Thinking is not just,
A process of linking words.
Together to impress fools.
But a process of diving deep
Into the ocean of consciousness
In search of gems of truth
To Enlighten the sinking souls."


Swamiji please don't leave us

Dearest Swamiji,
`I prostrate before you. I am extremely fortunate to have met you, felt your magnanimous presence, your unlimited compassion and your divine grace.

Your smile is mesmerizing and the humour and short stories makes even the most compilcated of subjects so simple to grasp and comprehend and makes the truth and sprituality a joy to be explored. I had the best four days of my life where I was in overflowing joy and felt your divine grace during my NSP in Salem. I am extremely fortunate to have been initiated by you with the blessing of NIthya Spiritual healing.

I learnt the significance and importance of you in my life and my spiritual journey in the BSP and with each program my reverance, devotion and faith in you has increased by leaps and bounds. YOU ARE and WILL ALWAYS BE MY GURU AND WILL BE TH GUIDING FORCE EVERY MOMENT OF MY LIFE.

While you are always in my heart and I feel your presence every single moment, I am deeply saddened to see your video today on You Tube and learn that you will be away for sometime in spiritual seclusion. Pray and beg that you do not leave us. We all need you more than ever before and more than what we express or realize.

your devotee - Ajeya Narayan

Swamiji please stay with us

Message : Swamiji, I have learned many things about myself through your teachings. I have learned many more things about God. Please continue to teach and guide us. You inspire me to be a better person, more loving person, more aware person, more forgiving person. Please Swamiji continue to be as we have known you to be.

Theresa Quel

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Paramahamsa Nithyananda and the Mob Hysteria

From the way the whole campaign of denigrating the Swamiji proceeded so far, it appears that the so-called scandal was hatched and aired for making money on the one hand and to vilify Hindutva on the other. To add to the " masala", some persons write articles and letters in the media ridiculing or disparaging the ancient (traditional) spiritual and religious practices. They will be well-advised if they keep their valuable counsel to themselves instead of wondering how people could be so gullible as to believe in god men. In the recent past we have been hearing about religious conversions and the terrorists from across the borders announcing jihaad against India. Throughout history, Hinduism has been the target of those not too well disposed towards Hinduism and its traditions, - religious bigots, rationalists, atheists and other sophisticated non-believers. Yet, it could withstand the onslaught because of its intrinsic worth and profound values. Now, these people have a new weapon in the form of mighty media which not only attacks the physical senses but also makes an insidious attack on our value system.

When some persons wondered why swamiji did not come to Bidadi ashram on or after 18th, as announced earlier, is it not pertinent to ask whether anyone could ensure his safety and security? It is uncharitable to quip that swamiji has "vanished" because in the Sunday New Indian Express (28 Mar 2010) two or three reporters had stated that they had met Swamiji.

My teacher who taught me maths in the school was later reported to have eloped with one of his students, and yet my admiration for his wonderful teaching methods and his love for teaching remains intact till this day. I firmly believe it should be the case with all teachers and masters.We should take from the Master's teachings what is profound and relevant to us and set aside his personal life and beliefs.

Some men and Women who were earlier dying for his ' hug', those who were waiting for hours for his 'darshan', those who were hanging on to his lips for the next word of vedic wisdom and those who were vying with each other to get into his good books by hook or crook, and those who steadfastly 'remained' in the ashram on their own free will, have now throwing brickbats, making all kinds of allegations. If at all, they found something wrong in the ashram why did they remain silent spectators all this time? Why did not they return home in good time? I am afraid that it is touching the realms of mob hysteria.


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Please save these letters...


Please do not discard the letters written to you in support of our beloved Master...maybe you could publish a book (if Swamiji allows)...I have heard people thank the Master, describe what Swamiji has done in their lives...but never in this way....It is so beautiful and so intimate....These letters have been my discourses lately, because they describe my love affair with Divine....so beautiful, so blissful....surely this media lela has brought so much beauty (nectar) from the devotees of Swamiji, that otherwise would have never come out...I knew Devotees,( we) love our Swamiji...but I had not realized the depth...the love is so deep, it has gone beyond a point of no return....

The letters say without a doubt that we have not only imbibed Swamiji's teachings, but we are also living it.

Thank You for making this blog available to us....it is the best...

Ma Nithya Lavanaa

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Thank You Swamiji

Thank you Swamiji for the beautiful Vedic temple in Los Angeles where I went so many times and never had to pay to get in.

Thank you Swamiji for all the ceremonies I was invited to participate in, which were so moving, such as the Navarati celebration ones that thanks to your generosity were free of charge.

Thank you Swamiji for all the beautiful cultural performances that I enjoyed at the Vedic temple with live music and dancers, all free of charge.

Thank you Swamiji for allowing me to participate in the poojas, like the Saraswati pooja where I felt all this immense energy in the room where the statues are, again free of charge.

Thank you Swamiji for allowing me to learn more about Hinduism being that I was brought up Christian.

Thank you Swamiji for all the free lunches and dinners that I received during the temple festivals.

Thank you Swamiji for your speeches that I was able to attend so many times in person at the
LA Vedic temple for free!

Thank you Swamiji for your compassionate darshan.

Thank you Swamiji for your wonderful youtube videos that I've been able to watch for endless hours!

Thank you Swamiji for everything you do for us! <3


Nithyananda Swamiji: You have burnt our Karmas

Dear beloved Divine,
What am I experiencing is pure bliss, and how I'm not stressed up even though Your programs are not running anywhere, You are not around physically, I dont even know whats the outer world scenario today! But yet how am I able to really remain calm! How am I able to relate this with Divinity's Leela!!
How come unclutch is an automatic process without me giving any effort at all!!!
You have not only taken the brunt of accusations, but also dissolved all our Karmas negative engrams, not only that, sacks and sacks of the people's grumblings and issues vomitted on You, for over a long period.
The IRONY is You have drunk all of our karmas and our ILLNESS OUR DISEASES but yet.....people are hardly aware of that, and are stuck in suspicions of the poisonous infectious stories aired by dictators across the world.
You are in the process of dissolving and conteracting these poisons,
Meanwhile its our duty to stick to our mundane chores, living all the truths that You have delivered to the world!
Gratitude and Salutation to Your magnanimity!!!!
gayathri, chennai

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Swamiji please come back soon

I had a very good turning point in my life at the first meeting with Swamiji.No one at this present age can explain us so clearly matters reg.,life&death. ASP&Kalpataru have created such an influence in shaping my character. I'm grateful to Him for this.Swami goes place to place explaining concepts of Gita free of cost. He has played a major role in reviving Hinduism. His CD's &books are really inspirational. He does so many social services .I pray to God that he comes out of this fake scandal and continues totake his spiritual classes Waiting very eagerly for your NSP class Swamiji pls come back soon&restore faith&hope of your orphaned children pls';

sincere devotee,

oum hreem nithyanandaya namaha

Nithyananda: A true Avatar

Swami Nityanadha is a real incarnation of God. He descended to uplift HInduism.
I heard his lectures, teachings, I also read many of his books. the result ,I became a staunch devotee of Nityanadha.

Some miscreants in the name of supporting hinduism, and who want to mint money have created bad name to swamiji, in order to fish in troubled waters.
A large number of poor people got rid of their ailments ,just by the touch of

Nityanandha, and millions throught the world got nerves of steel and muscles of iron practicing his NITHYADHYAN -

May the ALMIGHTY SHOWER HIS BLESSINGS TO NITYANADHA to emerge unscathed from the recent conspiracy hatched against him.

Subbayya K

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Lion King and the Hyenas


When God created the jungle with the deers, LIONS and other animals, he also created packs of HYENAS.
These hyenas breed in the dark and when they come out they don't hesistate to tear anything down and have a piece of the game with their eerie laughter. That is just their true nature.

For all those who have seen the Disney movie Lion King, it is easy to see how the pack of hyenas behave.
They can never be the Lion! These hyenas which are having a field day on the internet or else where can NEVER surrender their life to the betterment of humanity and do what the young Master has done in his life right from his infancy.. for the sake of spirituality, for the sake of sharing the wealth of Vedic wisdom with everyone without bothering about age, creed, nationality or any boundaries.

It is upto us to decide whether we will keep on looking at these hyenas behaving in their natural instincts and get agitated about it..
Or just start start sending good wishes and good thoughts for our Master and the world. Let us strenghten what our Master has built for us.

It may be a futile effort on our part to convert a hyena into a Lion. Let hyenas be hyenas. Ignore them!

Thank You.

Blissful Devotee

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Gratitude to my Lord

Nithyanandam ,Beloved Swamiji,Pranams at Thy Lotus Feet,

Swamiji ,Please accept my humble expressions of Grattitude for all the Grace and Blessings You have been shovering on us all along.I am well aware Your Cosmic presence is monitoring every second of the events in this existance,but it is my hmble feeling that I must record my Grattitude to my Lord in black and white just for my satisfaction. Swamiji Our daugher's wedding took place and went well in a grand manner to the satisfaction of all attendees as per the very Blessings and Assurances of Swamiji, It was Your daughters weddings since it is her second birth after You have given her Life to see her through the glorious wedding. Please protect the newly wed couple with same love and blessings always as before.

Swamiji very intersting thing happened in the early morning hours on the wedding day, one very elderly vedhic brahmin preiestly person entered the hall around 7am ( at that time I was silently meditating (Ananda Gandgha) in front of the empty mantap prepared for the wedding ceremony, came to me and said he has brought abhisheka prasadam from Melkote since He performed Pooja and Abhishekam for the wedding day and brought prasadam for me and dumped in my hands prasadam and packet containing coconut ,banana etc.,I was already comtemplating in my mind for visits of You and Shirdi Sai Baba together or alone in some un invited guest form, took no chance and paid him rs.100 and fell at his feet and took his blessings, He asked for another rs.150 spent on Special Abhishekam to remind me of the abhiishekam specially done for the Wedding day, which I gave gladly and the person walked out of the hall after blessing me again.

After He went off it flashed me it is either of You or Shirdi Sai who has come to bless the occation and I took that as sign of Blessings of my Sadguru who has never failed to bless us and stay with us in all the times our lives.( Melkote is atlest 100km away and it cannot be done unless special arragements are done for some one to come that early from Melkote with abhisheka prasadam).

Today I had the blissful oppertunity to visit Dhyanapeetam, Bidadi ashram since I wanted to pass by Swamiji's Goshala and hand out some medicines I had to give to the careteaker of Goshala,before my departure to Muscat tomorow. I had the Blissful darshan of Anandeshwara, Anandeshwari and oppertunity to sit under the shade of Holi Banyan Tree and breathe the Holi atmosphere, Sprinkled the water from Holy Vaidya Sarovar containing water washing the Massive 21 feet Ananda Lingam.My being very much longed for Your Lotus feet.
Till this morning I was filled with lot of anger and vengence against all the atrocities pushed on Swamiji by the media and the press. But Swamiji Your Dhyanapeetam Atmosphere transformed my views and thoughts totally.

It dawned in my mind Lord Krishna lifted the Gowardhana Giri on His Little Finger on the day of thunder storms and torrencial rains and gave shelter to one and all without bias to entire humanity and creations, Same manner Our Lord Compassionate Paramahamsa Sri Nithyananda will Lift the very Gowardhana Giri on His very little finger very easily and the Mercy Umbrella will shelter all the Belivers and Non belivers and the planet will house very huge numbers of Devotees of Swamiji and pave way for several Jeewan Mukthas to walk the planet. The Storm will turn to be a Swarm of Nithya Family members.

Glory to Our Swamiji, Paramahamsa Sri Nithyananda.


Sri Nithya Sri Priyan
Sultanate of Oman

Pranams to Paramahamsa Nithyananda

Test of cosmos
When avatar purusha happens to planet earth
His compassion fells on every body
when some turbulence are created by God
Weakened one lose their faith on him

Crucifiction by society
Jesus was crucified
so was many enlighten masters
Its their compassion that
they become Neelkantha

Greatest happening of millenia
How many souls have waited for You
Its Your compassionate decision to come here
Rolling tears from my eyes are witness of it
Pity for those mind who cant get it
But i know You even show compassion on them.

Home where i feel easy
Love which can not be expressed
Compassion that You bestow on us
May we find Thou in everybody!


Shamini Kamala

Answers to some of the Questions: From a devotee to fellow devotees

A Devotee to other fellow devotees………….
We have all seen Swamiji and have our personal experience with him. We might have been around him for a few days or several years but something definitely touched us. That’s the reason why we are even interested to follow any news on him.

Rather than basing our opinions on what others say, shouldn’t we use our personal experience and inner voice to tell us what to do?

We might ask, as a devotee or disciple what should I do now?

There are three things we can do:

  • First, stand on the strength of our experience with the Master and the great truths.
  • Second, even if we want to leave, there is no need to justify the action to others.
  • Third, if we don’t want to be part of Sangha, it’s ok but no need to spread rumors. This is the very minimum we owe to any individual we associate with.
We should also understand that society never accepts Masters when they are in the body. Attacks have happened against all the masters including Ramana Maharishi, Ramakrishna, Osho, Krishnamurti and others. We just need to turn a few pages of history and see.

Further, What would you say about such a blatant attack on someone’s personal life?? Even if we assume what media shows is correct, the ghastly manner in which media has done this, attacking an individual’s personal life with such malicious fervor and disrespect should be condemned. They have broken every rule and went against the very core ethics and principals on which media or the ‘Fourth Estate’ functions.

This is also a wonderful opportunity and great time to test our experience and strength of transformation against the societal conditioning. Let us see where we stand in reality. It’s easy to be with someone in good times but the real test is when the tide is against you. Only the real gems can stand tall and face rough weather with same calmness and conviction.

From history, we see that people who are around the master for name and fame and power are the ones who leave first and then completely go against him with vengeance and jealousy. We can see this is exactly what is happening here too. Some so-called ‘close devotees’ might be acting in this manner but we should be intelligent to see the reason behind and not get influenced.

Masters don’t have either good or bad karma. But because of all the healing and good they do they accumulate a lot of good karma and also take away bad karma from people. This is like a bank balance, which simply gets transferred to people who do, either good or bad. The results they get are manifold and immediate.

We have heard Swamiji say this many times. Though, he never curses but all the karmas are dispersed in a natural way by existence. Even the media and all the negative campaigners agree on one thing that he has real siddhis and powers. People who have tried to do harm have suffered within 21 days without him cursing or wishing them bad. This is a fact attested to by hundreds of people, friends and foes alike

If we just look closely, we will have no choice but to respect the amazing dignity and grace, which he has maintained throughout the incident and media interactions. This in itself is a sign of truth and honesty if nothing else. Let us be patient and be prudent. Let us not jump to conclusions. Rumors by their very nature are juicy and talking about them spread like fire and have little base. Let’s use our intelligence and judgment to see the entire thing in a neutral light.

Thanks Swamiji

I had a very good turning point in my life at the first meeting with Swamiji.Noone at this present age can explain us so clearly matters reg.,life&death. ASP&Kalpataru have created such an influence in shaping my character. I'm grateful to Him for this.Swami goes place to place explaining concepts of Gita free of cost. He has played a major role in reviving Hinduism. His CD's &books are really inspirational. He does so many social services .I pray to God that he comes out of this fake scandal and continues totake his spiritual classes Waiting very eagerly for your NSP class Swamiji pls come back soon&restore faith&hope of your orphaned children pls';
sincere devotee,
Raj Lakshmi

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The Almighty Nithyananda

When you are in need you praice swamiji in all ways
When situation changes you disgrace him,you talk what you want
But,have you had time,to sit and think for one minute before doing anything serious
Our mind is set in such a way,when it goes the second stage,no one can do anything
thats why swamiji have given every devotee and everyone in the world to unclutch everything before anything goes serious
Its not a right way to damage his thiruvannamalai ashram where spiritual service is being done
Is this a way our Hindu society act
Is this what our Hindu society has taught us
Are the indians aware of what they are doing
bringing their own country down
When you are baby your parents take of you
When you are in sorrow your parents take of you
When you come to age,your parents leave you
After that who take care of you
The almighty Nithyananda whom you see now,the youngest living guru in the world
Have you ever realised after your death,who is going to look after you,your soul will be wondering all over
except you get almigty nithyananda to take care of you
Today,I stand by all my almighty Nithyananda
I am willing to give him support and everything which he wants
Whenever I do his meditation,i can feel his energy working through me
He is always beside me Whenever I am in trouble,Speaking the way of wisdom and power
No one in the world will be like him
Swamiji,I love you,We are all under your feet,no matter what happen
People will, realise who you are swami
with love,
Selvaraja Muniratnam,

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We miss you Swamiji


I feel so fortunate to have met Swamiji in USA and have done various programs ..
No other person could have done the amount of work which Swamiji did by the age of 33..It is pobssible by only true Enlightened Master.
I wish all this nonsense mess ends quickly...we miss you, Swamiji..



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Ultimate Teaching by Nithyananda

My experience after practicing swamijis teaching was really great.After taking Ananda Spurana Program In Malaysia,the acharya told that ,"at first when you start doing meditation you will have to take initiative and do,but as time passes you will see that you will be enjoying doing it.You cant stop doing it." I was wandering,what are they talking about?Is it true?I had a lot of doubt.Then I went home and started doing nithya dhyaan,everyday.For a few months,I was facing struggle in doing it but I continued doing it,because I just wanted to test whether what the acharya told was true.As days passed,I saw that I was simply enjoying doing the meditation .Even If I missed it one day,I feel l have wasted that day.I saw that I was doing the meditation out of interest.Never in my life I had sat for 30 minutes doing meditation,because the first thing is that I cant even sit silently for 30 minutes.Nithya dhyaan meditation that was introduced by swamiji had really done many miracles in my life.I was able to feel the silence and peace within me.I also began to discover the body intelligence that was within me.My awareness also have increased a lot after I started doing the meditation.All that I want to say is,Swamijis teaching is really practicable,powerful and it can really transform a persons life.Now and always I will keep swamiji in the throne of my heart.Thank You swamiji.
Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia

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Paramahamsa Nithyananda: The greatest Master

Swamiji you are the greatest master that I have never seen in my life.This is the first time I am feeling that an avatar that is born in this world simply shacking the entire community.I have never heard people telling us the truth that we are god.You just give any truth that you have experienced straightaway.How can one describe you.By your compassionate,You have come down to this planet earth,to save all of us from this world of maya.Some people understand the truth that you are none other than the god itself.They pray to you and they follow the teachings of you.But,some people fail to see you as a god.They are misssing a lot in their life.Reading your life history and pondering about it,I can say that it looks like it has happened 5000years ago.But thats the truth.Shivan itself have descended on this earth to save and to make us realise what is our true nature,Even if god comes and tell us that we are god and tries to elevate us into higher consciousness,What we do?We just ignore it and keep on going with our life routine.How Long does it going to be like this?Arise,Awake to your call of being.Use the opportunity when Paramahamsa is here itself. Dont regret later.

Radiating Enligtenment,

Narenthiran kalaichelvan


Support for Nithyananda from Little Anandas, Malaysia

Dearest SWAMIJI!!

I attended ASP in 2008. This year is my exam year. Swamiji, I am eagerly waiting for you to confirm NSP this year, so I can attend it in Malaysia. Ever since I follow your teachings, I’ve changed a lot such as, I’m happier now as I can control my emotions. I don’t bother if anyone says negative things about me these days because nowadays, I can use the UNCLUTCH method which I learned in my ASP. Thank you, Swamiji. I’m so glad I have you the GREAT PARAMAHAMSA NITHYANANDA as my guru in my spiritual life. I love you so much…!!


Another of Your Little Devotees,


Bahau, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia.

Touched by an Angel

'Dont worry, Swami will take care of you,keep His picture with you'..that is what my mum told me when I called her to tell her that I was admitted in the hospital 3 years ago..I was taken back..Who is He??Why is she having so much of trust in Him??..I never understood the truth behind it..

Im a medical student currently in my 4th year in Moscow..I was diagnosed of having bilateral pneumonia,liver infection and suspected of myocardial infarction 3 years ago..Somehow I took my mum's advice..The picture was the only support I had..My mum was right..He was there with me..I shall say that was the turning point of my life..As my health was not progressing much,I decided to fly back home to be treated there..As I was bed ridden,I started reading His books and practising his meditation,Nithya dhyaan..To my amazement I was actually recovering tremendously..I was feeling much better and relieved..In fact.I was completely healed.Somehow I was still blinded with my ego..until I met Him..

August 2008..the day that changed my life entirely..The moment I saw Him..I just 'dropped'..My heart was filled with fulfillment..a sudden happiness and bliss in me..I could feel His compassion..Without me realising..tears was rolling down my eyes..I just couldnt control them..His smile..His body language..It is beyond words..I joined His courses and enjoyed His speeches and presence..Everyday is a miracle after meeting Him..He made me see life in a different perspective..He brought out my hidden talents and made me achieve things that I thought was beyond my reach..He connected me to my core being..He made me realise Im one with the nature..He made me cherish and celebrate my life..He is always been there for me till this very moment..He is my Lord..He is my Shiva!Let whatever may come..Nothing will change my trust in Him..He will still be my Ultimate Master no matter what..I love You,pa..!

With love,


A Small Story from a devotee!
A blind man was brought to Gautama the Buddha. He was a logician, a philosopher, very argumentative. He had been arguing with the village that there is no light, "and you are all blind, just as I am blind. I know it and you don't know it, that's the only difference." He was saying this to people who had eyes! And he was so clever in argument that the villagers were at a loss what to do with this man.
He was asking them, "Bring your light. Let me taste it or smell it or touch it. Only then will I believe."
Now, light cannot be touched, cannot be tasted, cannot be smelled. You cannot hear it. And these were the four senses available to the blind man. Then he would laugh in victory. He would say, "Look! There is no light. Otherwise, give me the proofs!"
Remember, to prove that there is no God is very easy; to prove that there IS God is impossible. To prove the negative is easy because all logic tends to be negative. To prove the positive is not possible; logic has no opening towards the positive. Hence the atheist is more argumentative and the theist feels almost defeated. He cannot prove the existence of God or the soul.
When Buddha came to the village, the villagers thought it would be good: "Let us take this man to Buddha."
Buddha said, "You take him to Jivaka, the physician." Jivaka cured his eyes. Within six months the man was able to see. He came dancing with many flowers and fruits as a present to Buddha. He fell at his feet and he said, "If you had not been there I would have argued my whole life against light!
Now I know the truth!"

I will always be your follower

How are you? Hope you are fine! I am fine here too! This year I am having my exams, I am eagerly waiting to attend NSP and to meet you. Swamiji you have brought happiness to my life. I will always be your follower .
Thank you very much!
Nithyanandam !
Bahau, Negeri Sembilan (Malaysia)

I realized God because of You

Beloved Swamiji , Please take care of Yourself . Love You very much forever . I know I took this birth to know the truth . The last birth is always marked with God –realization and lots of sufferings so that one does not acquire fresh desires . This is the compassion of God , although difficult to understand . I feel liberation is ultimate ,even more than being an Enlightened being in body or without body . I realized God because of You and so You are my Satguru and I am going to get liberation from cycle of birth and death because of You . Thanks a million .

Nithya Poojita

Jai Ho (Victory to Swamiji)

a great master,
descended on this planet earth,
to save this humanity,
to remove us from ignorance,
to take us to the state of god,
It's the time for us,
to merge with nithyananda,
nithyananda to merge with us
An enlightened soul,
A Paramahamsa,
A great saint,
The only one,
The greatest in universe,
The creator,
The god,
The parasakthi
No words to describe,
Living with nithyananda,
In this century,
Is the greatest gift,
No one can ever have,
In their life,
Attain jeevan mukthi,
with the grace of
Truth will triumph,
Sreelakshmi Selvaraja

An unexplainable transformation

Swamiji, with my great respect and indebtedness, I bow to your lotus feet. You have moulded me into a new actual self and to lead a life with great awareness. Ever since I surrendered myself to you, Swamiji…..an unexplainable transformation happened to me. Every moment of my life has become so meaningful and intense through your teachings.
I used to wonder and tell myself that I’m a very unlucky person facing so much of obstacles in my life and it was so painful until the day I met you, Swamiji. Then I realized the purpose…..it was the path leading me to a GREAT MASTER and this is the greatest gift of GOD I have received in this life. How fortunate.
I LOVE YOU SWAMIJI and can’t wait to be in the arms of my mother,
Your loving child,
P.Geetha Devi
Seremban, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia.

From a little devotee

Dear Swamiji,
I am Keerti, 8 years old. I love you so much. Wish to see you at KALPATARU in Malaysia.
Bahau, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia.

We are forever grateful

Nithyanandam Swamiji,
You have brought much happiness into our lives. For that we are forever grateful to you. I sincerely hope you will do something to shut all the wagging tongues. Rise o Swamiji…! Rise up and show them your greatness…! My family and I stand by you all the way.
Om Hreem Nithyanandaya Namaha.
R.Vasantha Devi
Bahau, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia.

From a classmate of Nithyananda

I am collegemate ( Rajagopal Polytechnic )of Rajashekaran (Nithyananda). When he was in first year , I was in final year .During the college days , he never seen a girl & never talked about girls or whetever fun will be done by a normal college students.I was not able to believe the news ... A person can not act for long time . A person ,who reads "Jeevan Mukthi" (Living Enlightenment) book, which was written by him, will be very light in their life.
Let us understand how many millions have gained spiritual knowledge by him.

Thank you for being there

When I was down,you were there to lift me
When I was confused and sad you gave me clarity
When I was in low mood you gave me the shakti and buddhi
You were always beside me when I faced trouble
Your words are so powerfull that it simply penetrate my being
You are the only one who had shown me the purpose of my birth
Thank you Swamiji,for everything that you have added in my life
In Nithyananda,

I feel so blessed

My Humble Pranams and Prostrations at thy Holy Feet!.
I feel so blessed to have come in contact with you. Blessed are all those who have come in contact with you though some do not realize this.
The changes that have happened around me and the peace that I feel within me since I came in contact with you is real.
Swamiji , you have changed so many people’s lives with your Divine Grace – is it not possible for you to change what’s happening? - Its all your “leela” and why this “leela” only you know.
You have been guiding me and will continue guiding me till the end no matter how births I still have to take.
Your Humble Devotee
Saroja Ramaneyah

Support from Varanasi devotees

We the devotees of swamiji from Varanasi render our full support to our master.

I am S P Mishra a Rtd. Principal from a public school met swamiji in 2004, with his blessings I got cured from blood pressure .After attending his programs I got tremendous clarity about life problems and its solutions .His guaranteed solution book that is in Hindi as‘Nischit Samadhan’i have distributed to many over here which people after reading finding it the most useful book in their life. His program on quantum memory is the best for the children which many children and parents liked here in the city. I suggest his teachings to be made in book form and should be taught to students in the school. His teaching is meant for everybody be it child or adult or old man. About the recent media which is giving wrong picture of Swamiji I want to declare that let they do what ever they can I promise to work with more zeal and going to devote my maximum time to spread his teachings. Thank you.

S P Mishra

I am Avdesh mishra an employee of Hindu University; want to tell that I don’t believe these media blasters. In fact I preferred to do some work instead of watching news channel. After doing swamiji’s program I found myself peaceful and I am happy .I never had any Guru in my life and I admired him as my Guru. I suggest all my friends not to bother about these thinks and I am sure thinks will change soon like one more dream.


Nithyanandam to all

I am Rajeev a math teacher from a public school. I am surprised to see a few media persons and antisocial elements could do so much. But what about us. We are in lakhs. I want to give my full support for our Swmiji .


Dont Stop at any cost!

I attended Kalpataru with Swamiji 4 months back in the US and since that day I am a different person, I have experienced so many positive changes just like many others. The defamatory videos are unfortunate however do not bother me one bit as I dont need anyone telling me or proving to me anything regarding the incident as I cannot deny my experience and what I felt after I met Swamiji. The media and general public are ignorant and probably need proof after proof. I wish that the one billion+ people in India had all met swamiji which would make them realize the truth.
My support and deepest gratitude to the Life Bliss Foundation for doing such wonderful work and their constant effort for all the initiatives they have undertaken. Dont Stop at any cost! The youtube videos are so valuabe and the only words I have for Swamiji are THANK YOU! for happening in my life.
Ravi K

His teachings are unique

First, I very casually watched a video of Paramahamsa Nityananda on Youtube . The video was titled 'key to enlightenment' I was impressed so much that I immediately started watching some more videos on youtube. I still watch at least one everyday . Impressed with his teachings, I attended a program "NSP" at hyderabad . My faith in swamy has strenghtened. I understood his depth of knowledge in spirituality. His teachings are unique , with a modern approach yet preserve the values of sanatana dharma.I dont believe what our media has been telling the nation against him.Satyameva Jayate truth always triumphs. One day truth will come out but our media will never bother to bring it to the notice of the public. I advise the media people to at least listen to one pravachan on youtube or at least read a book written by swamiji, you may have a rethinking on the whole episode.

Shawji Pulipaka

Your grace is stronger than any negativity of the society

Dear swamiji,
Thank you for being my inner strength,thank you for making me realize how much
you mean to me in my life.
enjoying every moment with gratitude for you for being in my thought in this
difficult times.
Thank you for the making me enjoy my own transformation and making me
understand myself.
Thanks for giving me the clarity,and strength to stand behind it.
your grace on me is much more stronger than any negativity of the society.
With you yourself guiding me every moment what else i need,for you have blessed
me more than what i might deserve.
Thank you

Swamiji, you have uplifted my spiritual life!

With Respect, Beloved Swamiji,
I have attended ASP, NSP & Quantum Intelligence. I hope to see Swamiji soon and He must enlighten the TRUTH to the UNIVERSE and become the Greatest Paramahamsa Nithyananda.
Swamiji, you have guided and uplifted my spiritual life. Swamiji, you make us maintain a pure, clear state of mind, so that everything we see around us will always be pure, good, beautiful and blissful. Nithyanandam.
With regards,
Bahau, Negeri Sembilan (Malaysia)

Whatever happen is auspicious

As what Swamiji says, whatever happen is auspicious.
I am sure through this matter, more people get to know you and you can get more quality people
(those who can realise the pearl behind the straws).
Radiating Enlightenment
Yoyo from Hong Kong

Hindu Guru who has single handedly revived spirituality

The following are some responses to an article in the media against Paramahamsa Nithyananda:

I am a Hindu and living in the United States; how does that make me un-Hindu and not speak up for the Hindu cause. In fact I see the Hindus here are more Hindu than the Hindus in India. As far as Swami Nithyananda, I have personally attended a few courses with him and firmly believe that he is an enlightened master. I have not seen any other Indian spiritual teacher radiating so much energy and speak from such deep understanding and experience of Vedanta. The Indian english language mafia media has denigrated him as much as they could; that is no surprise considering who controls them. He is treated like guilty until proven innocent, that special treatment is reserved only for the Hindus. ..As far as I know no Indian spiritual teacher has done so much in such a short time; his success is unprecedented; he is just 33 years old.

S Kumar

Strategically the Hindu community had missed an important opportunity to book the culprits of the Nithyananda episode to trial.The Hindu outfits should have booked criminal cases against the Sun TV, Nakheeran and other criminals involved in this conspiracy to court. This would have changed the equation at the macro level because what Nithyananda did was NOT legally crime, but what Sun TV did was a crime and equivalent to pornographic channels. We really missed this opportunity to take on the enemies in their own way.


I think it is the high-handed holier-than-thou assumed puritans like the author of this article that Christian missionaries will love to have around. After all, you do the job that they intend to achieve. It is of course people like Swami Nithyananda whom they will hate because they only need to fear people like him who can really enthuse the masses into spirituality. After reading this article, I am ready to support Swami Nithyananda even if he has done something wrong.


I happened to visit this site just after reading Rajiv Malhotra's article. I am shocked by the opinions expressed here. People ready to condemn and dismiss a Hindu Guru, who has single handedly revived spirituality amongst youth, even before knowing the case from the other side. And beyond that, condemning all Gurus who have a global presence. A bunch of arm chair generals with nothing better to do. The root cause for the decay of our Vedic Dharma. Just thought of writing this before leaving. Never to visit again.


Hindus are not united. .. As Hindus we nitpick on what my take on Hinduism is versus someone else's take. We miss the woods for the trees. We cannot even clearly state that it is the media that is being used to denigrate Hindus, divide them and make them feel useless. I am dissappointed with such an attitude that hits a man when he is down. If there is a conspiracy, so be it. But to publicly denigrate a human being's private actions, whether he belongs to a tradition you know or not, is not humane. It is a social and psychological murder. And we Hindus cannot even agree on that.

Sujata Srinath

We will stand for Our Swamiji

Swamiji is a wonderful gift to us for our day to day life. With his grace he had come to us and shown all possible paths like Dhyana, Gnana, Yoga and Bakthi. Whichever we feel comfortable we can choose and practice to attain the ultimate in our life. He is one and only master who expressed all the possible ways to meet our day to day life with courage and awareness.

Then why do we allow the so called media to destroy our faith towards our Master. What is their great contribution towards our betterment on any aspect? They are only making business and publicity by this kind of acts.


So please let us raise our voice to protect our Swamiji.

We bow down to our Swamiji for given us better clarity in our life through his teachings and techniques.

Shakila Gnanamoorthy

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I am deeply pained

I am deeply pained at the current situation & there is a hardly a time in the day where I do not think of Swamiji. His teachings have had a profound impact on me.

I am certain that Swamiji & his mission would emerge much stronger than before. Swamiji, you will always remain close to my heart.

Truth will prevail. Always.



He is compassion personified


I with my whole heart trust Swamiji and His Mission. He is compassion personified. This I could experience when I attended the Kalpataru programme in November '09 at the Bidadi Ashram. When I stood before Him for His Blessings,though I wanted to utter few words of gratitude, I was speechless because of His Grace showering on me. Only tears overflowed. After that I heard from the volunteers that, it was the case of everyone who really experienced bliss.I was so fortunate, I thought.

Next I attended the NSP at the Ashram,this February just before all this chaos.I could experience such a blissful state in those meditations He conducted for us. Not only me, but my daughter too, who had attended the same programme with me experienced the same and we were sharing the same notes. Certainly these programmes have brought real transformation in our life. We are able to view things in a real 'unclutched' way as Swamiji always advises. While doing Nithya Dyaan I am able to feel His presence near me saying, "Don't worry. Things will be alright soon." Tears overflow even now, while I write this. I pray Swamiji read this mail, and say, "We are all there with you". I would like to do another programme in His presence to receive His Grace.

At the end of the NSP programme,I surrendered a small song written by me at His Lotus Feet( Padhugai), because He was in a deep Samadhi then. I am repeating the last para of that song once again:(PLS. READ IT IN TAMIL)





I am sure He will be back with us soon to guide us how to live a Blissful life amidst all these chaos.

In Nithyananda

Veena Paani

LOVED ONE (a poem)

* Nithyananda Swami *

When I saw you….

My heart felt a brightness.

When I met you close,

I felt my life becoming more blissful.

When I started to follow your teachings….

My Life Changed!

Oh Master,

You are the one protecting me from going into the wrong path and pulling me into the right path.


I promise, I will only follow your teachings and your blissful meditation techniques…..

Colour lights are always shining in front of my eyes the day I met you….

No one can ever say WHY….

I will never forget you in this world or the next….

You are a good saint PARAMAHAMSA NITHYANANDA!!!

Thank you Swamiji for this life.

My prayers are forever for you…


MISS PRISHA ( your dear kanna)

- 12 years

* Seremban, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia


We prostrate before you in a mute and fervent adoration, calling your purifying Presence with all our strength.

And....in this adoration is found perfect beatitude of the very life as it is...no matter how much torn it is.

Why do we agitate when you yourself have said: "What has to be done will be done."

Well, now know that we simply strive in the clam of certitude....because we know that you are at work and we too are working with you.

Mehta, Urmish R



Swami is the first master who made me realize what is really rites and rituals. I can clearly recall the moments in my life. At one point, that time I was aged around 15,i was thinking why we should go to temple, why are we reciting mantras, why temples are important, what is the significant of deities and why are they doing prayers to deities and more. I was thinking what actually we should do in front of a deity because as far as i know when people stand in front of a deity they will make a wish or they will offer flowers and fruits. Then after attending ASP, i was introduced to guru pooja, the last part of nithya dhyaan.I learned the guru pooja mantras and its meaning well in ashram. Then i started doing guru pooja with the guru pooja kit. Thats the first time i experienced the real worshipping. I can really see the gratitude that was overflowing from me and the presence of existence. Day by day I can see the transformation that was happening in me. My body language started changing. The way I speak and the tone of my speech changed. The violence in me reduced. I also experienced the significance of mantras. As I recited the mantras, I became energetic and I clearly saw the manipuraka chakra getting cleaned and I was moving towards bliss.I have also seen the daily routine in ashram that starts from paliiyeluthchi(the morning prayers) and ends with palliarrai pooja(night prayers).I was really surprised and fascinated when I saw the prayers that was done to the deities. The sannyasis did the prayes with full devotion and they worshipped the deity as though it was alive. They made sure the milk they offered was not too hot, covered the deities with blanket in the night pooja, did abhishekam with warm water and more. From morning till night the way they woke up the deities, the abishekam that they did, naivedya pooja, guru pooja ,arathi, all this rituals made me feel the divine presence of the deities. Only then all my doubts and confusion was cleared. Then after reading the stories of nayanmars, the experience of worshipping became solid in me. The respect that I had towards rituals increased and my whole point of view towards rituals changed. I also witnessed that I was more interested in learning mantras, worshipping deities, doing pooja. By the grace of swamiji, I got to learn all this from ashram.

Swami has changed the way of my life and have given me so much clarity. What I can say is only after meeting my master I really came to know the beauty of sanathana darma and how it benefits us. Only the I was keen to know about the vedic culture. Until then I was doing all the rituals because everybody was doing. The best thing about swami is he clearly gives scientific explanation before any rituals are done. He says that when a rituals is done with awareness it becomes a meditation.

I hope this experience will be available for everyone. We need you swamiji.

THANK YOU SWAMIJI for giving me this great experience.

In Nithyananda,

Sreelakshmi, Malaysia.

I am reborn

My life was totaly changed after I met Swamiji.I was undergoing a lot of problems and I was depressed.I was pursuing my degree at that time.I took my life for granted and life was something dead for me.I can"t even concentrate on my studies.The turning point happened at my life when my parents took ASP.They enjoyed the programme thoroughly and asked me to take ASP but I declined it.Without telling me anything the payed for me to attend the NSP.At last I just decided to see what is the programme all about and how it is going to transform me.The first time I saw swami,I knew that there is something behind him.He is not an ordinary person.There I was in front of him,listening to what he was talking about.I couldn't believe my eyes.I am the type of person who doesn't have trust in Spirituality.I had different opinion about Swamis.But the clarity and energy that was radiated by swamiji through his body language,his laughter,his passion,his motherliness and his wisdom simply shacked me,-my entire body and mind.I did all the meditation intensely and at the final day I realised that I was reborn again.I am a different person now.Swami had changed me and transformed me.After taking NSP people started telling me that I was totally changed.I was able to handle all kind of problem and I was able to pursue my degree excellently.Everyone started telling me that my body language,my face expression and the way I handle things is totally different compared to before.Till now,I can feel the energy of swami working in me.At every moment swami is there, guiding me in my life.If swami have not happened in my life,I can't imagine myself.How would I have been.I feel gifted to receive the blessings from swamiji.I offer my gratitude to swamiji,because he had shown me the path of my life.THANK YOU SWAMIJI!





You are beyond all the things happening in the world. You are sarvagna, this matter doen't bother me, i know you are super conscious, you are every where in the universe. Please bless us swamiji to resolve all the problems.

Thank you for your teachings, all the things you teach looks like Lord Krishna, Lord Shiva teaching now on the earth. Thank you for giving us opportunity to be in your presence. we need your blessings swamiji. Swamiji please show me the way to resolve my issues at work, give me intelligence to handle the situations, please bless us with goodluck, please show me the way to find better job and give us wealth, health swamiji. Swamiji please be with us forever. We all support you 100% swamiji.

Thank you,


Padma Nakula

A tribute to Mr. Cosmos

It was July2009, the most blessed time of my life-times. I waited many births to get there and be in HIS presence. Day by day for 21 days he took me and 300 more beings on a journey towards liberation. He rightly said this is the best decision that we have taken in all our life-times. With no qualification or any effort, any hard-work, HIS grace simply was showered upon me and others in a sacred place where Dakshinamurthy sits; which His pure unshaken disciples call " Bidadi- Shiva's home on planet earth" !

I was a logical person all throughout my life,at-least my heavy western education taught me enough to believe so. The day I entered HIS land, immediately I experienced miracles to clearly declare to me WHO HE IS. At the 1000 year old sacred banyan tree, the loving Ashramites suggested to place my AGNA, third eye center on the banyan tree for healing. Immediately, I saw and experienced Paramahamsa Nithyananda in every part, in every cell of this divine tree , which is Shiva himself. This was the one of the very clear "Pramaana - knowledge gained through self-experience, through senses". I was shaken. From then onwards, everywhere, everything I saw, I was only seeing HIM. If I see the sky, I saw His form, if I see a person, I am seeing HIM, if I see the floor, I see HIM...with wide open eyes or even closed. This went for days and days..in the beginning I felt, may be my eye have some problem. Silly intellect has to interfere to create dilemma. Soon, it dawned on me, I was experiencing HIS VISHWA-ROOPA, his divine presence in everything.....

In the coming days, many more personal transformations happened in me that cannot be put in words. I witnessed that miracles are simply a by-product and the real miracle is transforming a human to divine. This our master simply delivered as promised. I imbibed his body language so very deeply that I felt no difference in me & Him. As He himself beautifully narrates from Upanishad, that a bird that eats bitter fruits or sweet fruits when it looks up at the silent, beautiful golden bird sitting in Samadhi, realizes when it gets closer to the golden bird that there is no difference between the both of them, they are the SAME, only a reflection.

Ultimately, when we were fully ripe to hear the truth, when we were ripe to allow the UPANISHAD to happen, with the care and the authority of being the father of the cosmos, Mr. Cosmos, our Master, declared WHO HE IS..."THE SOURCE OF ALL"...very intensely, He gave the experience of the same. I have lived and seen, and experienced whatever I have to see..nothing more is needed to be seen, for I have lived many lives with Master and with HIS ABHAYA and HIS VARADHA blessing, nothing is left to be afraid of, nothing is left to be confused of...as he is already taking us all on a FLIGHT with him this time, whosoever is tuned to Him.

Only for the sake of recording the true divinity of Swamiji, as a guidance to those shaken devotees, I am writing this to tell you all and to resonate along with Agastya Muni, the Sapta Rishis and the 21 crore Siddhas, that stand tall and walk on the path of reality..you are in the presence of GOD...so be intensely aware..and do not listen to any negativity thrown by anyone...give-up this petty weakness and rise. He is doing all this Lila, only to peel away your conditioning...only to awaken you..he has to take the form of SIMBHA in your dream, what you call as this reality.

Swamiji, thank you for inspiring me to be your instrument to share this truth with your blessed devotees.

At the feet of Mr. Cosmos

Ma Nithyananda Sugandhi

Radiating Enlightenment

Hyderabad, India


Dear Beloved Swamiji,

I am gifted to have such a wonderful master like you. I saw you in Guru Poornima on July 1998.I attended ASP,NSP twice (Feb 2009&Nov 2009),Vaalum varalaaru(Aug1998), BSP & Healer & Kalpatharu six times.

After attending Vaalum varalaaru, you are the only person in my mind and in my words.

As on date there is nobody in this Planet except you to serve the people by your teachings and to bring their lives in a higher plane. What a wonderful master you are!, sacrificing your whole life to save the world from all miseries.

On hearing your teachings, I also cured from chronic migrane headache which I was suffered for more than 20 years. Following your teachings I am enjoying life blissfully. I always grateful to you my beloved master.

We are fortunate to have such a wonderful master in our lifetime.

Master only can do the best in our life than any other relationship. With my experience master is the only true relationship to anybody in the world.

Now the time has come for the world to know about the Master and his Divinity .

Thanking you for this opportunity to express my feelings.

S.Sumathi , Adyar, Chennai.

A Poem for Swamiji

There is standing room Only

In this Heart

Master Fills The Space Remarkably.

With love, Ma Prashaanti Ananda

Media Mania (an excerpt)

Nithyananda could have filed a defamation case against media & magazines. BCOS he is an incarnation of Adishiva himself, he has not bothered to answer all the foolish tom dick & harry. He is meditating silently .He is following Karmanye va dhikarathe ma phaleshu kadachina. After all the defamation from various media, myself being a spiritual Guru to others accept Nithyananda as Parama Guru available to us in this Kaliyuga.He has bcom all the more divine to me like Lord Shiva who consumes the Kalakoota Poison(defamation) to protect the world.This time I would definitely visit his Bidadi Anandeshwari Temple & bow down to him for giving the holy darshan through TV channels & magazines so frequently:)No one can bcom successful in defaming a genuine Guru.Guru brahma, guru vishnu guru sakshaath maheshwara, guru is even above god.So let us all be chanting Om Aim Hreem Kleem Shivaya Nithyanadaya Namaha.

From World Light Circle UK-INDIA

Message of Love and Respects

My dearest Swamiji, I watch your teachings on youtube and I have immensely benefitted. Please bless me that I should lead a spiritual life and I hope to see you in person one day and receive your blessings. My deepest respects and love to you, Swami. I pray that you read this message.

Your loving devotee from Canada.


Blessed are the lives he has guided

Gratitude to Swamiji and his followers during this difficult time. I know that hardship inspires growth and insight and can change our path. As this is happing for Swamiji and his followers, it is also happening for our World at Large. Nothing is by accident and everything that occurs is an opportunity for growth, as he knows (and I need to remind myself.) Millions of us across the Globe are sending Swamiji healing energy, and Blessings from every level we are able to access. To remain in a Loving State, under these circumstances, tests everything we know ourselves to believe and BE, and that is GOOD for it is stretching each individual on every level. Growth. I have been blessed to be in the unbelievably LOVING PRESENCE of Swamiji thrice in the U.S. I have never sought or believed in Gurus, until I met and felt His ENERGY. I know that he knows that he is loved by all of us; and is in fact love itself.' Blessed are the lives he has guided with his Wisdom and tireless work. Gratitude fills my own heart for our wonderful, tireless, loving Swamiji. My life is forever changed. Thank you.


Thank you for everything Swamiji

Nithyanandam swamiji, I am so happy to see swamiji safe and sound, Swamiji, i just wanted to thank you swamiji for all the things swamji have blessed me since the day even before i were born to this world. Thank you so much for all the blessings and love swamiji, i am very much inspired by you swamji, even now this moment. I don't care about what ever being projected by the media, thank you again for all the intelligence that swamji have equipped me by all your darshan. Thank you so much for the Kalpataru Darshan in my dream last 3 days ago too. Thank you so much swamiji, my wish is that always to be union with you, enlightened, live enlightenment and radiate the enlightenment too. Thank you so much for the NSP as a gift conducted on the 19/2 - 23/2. Thank you so much swamiji, love you always, my support is always with you swamiji, Thank you again take care swamji, Take care ya, Hope to hear from swamiji. with love and respect,

Suresh Thanakodi (Malaysia)

our love and support to swamiji always..................

After watching swamiji in etv kannada we felt the need to express our support ,our trust and our love to you swamiji.Jai gurudev .

Ravi T N


Dear Swamiji, I am Indhumati from Germany (whom you blessed to organize a Kalpataru in Germany). I am doing and practising your NithyaDhyaan (using CD) everyday and also Satsangs every week and find it very fantastic and bought in lot of changes in me and my life and this is the truth. Though there are some disturbances and rumours created by Sun news and politics in India for our organization, I have my supporting hand for you swamiji!!!!. Please let me know in what way I can contribute for you and ashram from my side.(Please pass this message to Swamiji and my sincere thanks to him and his efforts to bring light to people and our vedic culture back to us.)

Nithyanandam. Indhumati

Missing you

nithyanandam swamji, how are you swamji? I'm Suresh Thanakodi from Malaysia swamji, just wanted to thank you so much swamji for everything and i always love you swamji, i don't care all the news that being aired as swamji given me the buddhi and clarity during the darshan time and i only see as another maya and also divine play. Swamji you're always the presiding god in all my chakra and heart, thank you so much lot swamji, just wish to be there with swamji during this time too. Anyway swamji thank you so much for all the blesings, my love is always with you, no matter what happen it can't change anything, please bless me swamji so that i can't forget you and always in union with you, enlightened, live the enlightenment and radiate the enlightenment. Thank you so much swamji,

from suresh thanakodi (malaysia)

I Trust

Respected Master , i know you are facing a tough time . i believe u will overcome all this . i saw some of your blessings and speeches . i firmly believe that the allegations on u are false. there is no doubt about your enlightment. i am praying for u.

aniruddha pande

I am with YOU

Shivaya Namaha Dear Swamiji, I met you only once on Aug 4 2009. Honestly speaking, I am not matured enough to understand YOU (the soul in your body), I can only realize the different. I can't say that I am a die-hard fan or devotee of you. But I have a great respect for you, because you are far ahead of me in the 'journey of soul'. I was NOT disturbed by whatever is happening around you. I am just a spectator in this world. Even-though I was not keen on getting the details on this, Mrs. Avanthika and Mr.PerumalRasu (krishnagiri) gave me clarity on this. [I believe that both of them are great souls but did not expose them to this world] I never met them before and they too don't know about me. All of a sudden, I met both of them with in 3 days and things were clarified. I am wondering, what made me to meet such great souls (that know YOU well) with in short span. Their clarification is good enough for me to understand the situation. Mr Perumalrasu clarified that the trouble will go back in the same way how it came. Clouds will become clear very soon. Love to see you again (insha allah) kannan Avan Oruvane Nammai Meela Vaikkum Vallamai Padaitthavan


Swami We Support you

No matter what the media plays, what the people say, me my mom, my dad and my sister will never stop believing our teachings. You are a god in our eyes, I will pray to Lord Krishna at this time for you Swami. The people that did this don't know any better and just want put you down because they envy your fame. Nithyanandam swami, Please don't worry at all, we are with you. We love you swami.

Kartik Trivedi, Harsha Trivedi, Mahesh Trivedi, Namrata Trivedi. Bless you!

Support as a devotee

Dear Swami, Hello My name is Nayan Veerbhadrappa and i had visited your ashram on the night of Maha Shivarathri. i sincerely agree that you are innocent and a true spiritually leader in terms of hindutava regardless what people say about you and show i will always support you as a good leader for the world in terms of your teaching and preaching i have lived my years away from India and was frequently watching you over the Internet and postings. Please let me know if i could anyhow support you in the hard times you are going through my details and phone numbers are listed below please do not hesitate to contact me if you need any support as a devotee. Thank you and truly yours,


Glad to see Swamiji

Dear Swamiji, We are your sincere devotees who are waiting for a long time for your darshan. We both are quite sure that all these recent news are part of your test/leela/thiruvilaiyadal :-). It was like the heart stopped beating when we couldn't see/hear you. But it is like a sudden flood of new energy when we saw you face and heard your voice back again this morning. Thanks a lot and we ask nothing of you other than your darshan and we want to be in your energy and in the path you guide us. Please bless us and grant us a lifetime boon of your darshan. We plan to attend the next inner awakening program, but in reality waiting for your blessing, approval and guidance. Nithyanandam

Shan & Femina

We are ready to do anything for you

NITHYANANDAM Dear Divine Incarnation, We your disciples are very strong about your ideas and living enligtened life, we are proud to say that we are in back of you in anything you do, we do not care whether it is wrong or right. We are very thankful to you for what you gave and giving us till today and we can never forget it in this life time so we are faithful to you always. We are ready to do anything for you. In the rule of nithyananda there is no scarcity for both the guru and disciples. In Nithyanandam, SRI NITHYA CHARANANANDA, MA NITHYA CHARANYANANDA, SRI NITHYANANDA JAGADEESHWARAN,(CHENNAI) D.AMUTHA VALLI, D.PRIYA, D.LOKESHWARI, D.ARAVINTH, SRI NITHYA VISHOKANANDA, PREM KUMAR.

note of love and support for Swamiji

Dear Swamiji, I don't know if you will get the time to read this, or even get his at all, but I want anyway, to send you my deep love and respect that has just increased a thousand fold after listening to your fist statement re: the fake scandal situation. Thank you for making a public address and for tackling this whole thing head on, so obviously serene, radiant with Divine love, and firmly rooted in the Truth. Thank you for Your teachings, Your faith in us even when we don't have it ourselves sometimes, for offering your whole life to the upliftment of the whole world, thank you for Your purity, bhakti, unconditional love, brilliance, Truth and for returning to us again on this Earth. You are in my heart all the time. Thank you for my beautiful names and for helping my heart to flower. Thank you.

Your Prashaanti Ananda


Nithyanandaj Swamiji we all will always supporting u. be strong swamiji - let the worlds know the truth. Nithyanandam.


Pranamas to SWAMI

Beloved SWAMIJI.... I was very upset when I heard that our IA program was postponed to July...I was about to live in four days to leave from USA for the program...and the most important thing was for me to have darshan of yours....now I have to wait to see you...and i don't know for how long...please please please let me have your darshan dear SWAMIJI ASAP....you know that I miss you a lot....But most important thing for me is your safety...please bless me to have darshan of yours.... your devotee... Tanuja Patel

A message of hope and encouragement

Dear fellow devotees, I am writing this just as a word of encouragement in light of recent developments. When people "play" with realized souls, they are playing with fire. When they burn a realized soul's effigy, they are burning fire (is that possible?!). Such people will either be destroyed by the fire or transformed by the fire. The same is going to happen. The glory of swamiji will be revealed in the days , months and years to come. That will be the result of recent developments. When people in Ayodhya could doubt Sita mata even without videos, it is not surprising that today people doubt Swamiji given the existence of morhphed videos. Just like Sita mata proved her greatness and purity and won over the Ayodhya folks with her unconditional love, so would Swamiji. People with money and position think they are all powerful and can defame anybody, even true Swamijis. India is going to witness how *true power* is unconditional love and *true freedom & courage* lies in surrender to God. It is also going to witness how a realized soul is not shaken even by defamatory videos. We are all going to witness how all challenges, even the current one, can be met if we are centred on our inner spirit / soul. It is one thing to bring down a fake Swami (which is a good thing to do) and one thing to play with a true one. This difference needs to be brought to the forefront, and recent developments would (inadvertantly) do the same. We all have a role to play in the current crisis. Let us follow our soul in these times and not be clouded by the mind which can always argue both ways. Mind is not an instrument that has the capacity to conclusively point in one direction or the other. On the other hand, we have all experienced due to the grace of God something in us that even the mind cannot grasp. This is soul / atma/ consciousness / holy spirit. Let us follow what it tells us. God is great and the best will happen,

A fellow devotee


Swamiji How can I really help in this difficult time. My pray for you and I am sure that you will over come this scandal and you will be victorious; if u need financial assistance please let me know to fight these malicious attack levelled against you


Koch Mon

Irvington, NJ

Sorry to see all of this

It's really disheartening to see such fake things about Swamiji, we are good at computers and website designing. Please do lemme know if can be of any help against all this nonsense....... MAY GOD GUIDE ALL MISGUIDED SOULS



My first guru Supramania Swami told me no amount of tavam (penance) is wasted. So Swami Nithyananda no amount of ill effort to tarnish your image will reduce your tavam or your spiritual standing. Nor will all this negative news make me change my opinion about you. You are a great soul, a Paramahansa forever. Can Babaji's and Agathiyar's words go wrong? Never. I have had the blessing of meeting you twice and both the moments were great moments that I shall cherish forever, whatever may come. Thank you Nithyananda.

Shanmugam Avadaiyappa


E-mail campaign

Thanks for posting the email IDs to the different media publications on the blog so we can contact them, based on the excellent suggestion of Shri Sundaram Swamy. Could I also request that you do the following

1) Publish a list of email IDs for politicians/ political offices so we can email them too. They will probably be more sympathetic than media at this stage

2) Give us a standard letter that we can send to them, with a section to add our own personal experiences. This needs to be worded right and have the blessings of the senior people that understand the situation well so we don't contradict facts.

3) If possible, help automate the sending of this letter to all the media and political addresses through the Web.. Here are some examples of how it is done



Nithyanandam. Please let me know how I can help.

Thx - Anu

Thank you Swamiji

This is to send my feelings about false alligations about Swamiji.

I am not sure where to send my regards. Therefore, I want to say i was deeply saddened by these alligation, i couldn't help it even though i learned so much and changed my inner state because of Swamiji's teaching. i couldn't help i been sad for the past week because of this alligation towards Swamiji. Today when i see Swamiji speech i felt overjoy and i couldn't help it but to write for you all. I never have any doubt about Swamiji and his organization. Thank you for this morning you have no idea how joyful I felt.

Cindy H

Inner Awakening

Dearest Swamiji I read the little blurb about sun tv.... and want you to know whatever it is, you are beloved and have already changed 1000s of lives including mine. I am sorry that humans need to throw stones and nailed Jesus to the cross, but I hope with all my heart that you will not let this stop you from your precious teaching and helping us.

With all my love, respect and devotion (even more), Ketayun

Swamiji represents Truth & he will win!!!!

Dear & Respected Swamiji, I am your ardent fan & devotee. In ancient times we have heard about Rakshasa's creating untold trouble for the saints. In this yuga, black forces are trying to eliminate Truth & Light forces. SWAMIJI YOU REPRESENT TRUTH. YOU WILL WIN AT THE END! We all stand by you.

Love & Respects



Dear Beloved Swamiji, Thanks for your words on Youtube, really happy to see that you are fine. Please take care of yourself. i love you so much swamiji. I feel wanted to be next to you.



May God shower His blessings on all of Swamijis ashrams, brahmacharis and brahmacharinis, disciples and devotees - may these idiots and misguided persons come to repent and ultimately cry at Swamijis Holy Feet.

Love and Light

Ma Nithya Jeeva Jyoti


(Swamiji) only care about our growth, He knows what is our destination, He doesn't want to miss anyone of us, He doesn't want any tiny thing to hinder our big strike towards our destination, because He knows who He are and who We are.

I am very sure, Swamiji doesn't need us to say "we love him, we support him"

Just we continue our sadhana, is the only thing Swamiji will be happy with.

So I want to say, My Beloved Master, I am doing good in Hong Kong, growing through karma yoga, delicate my life to Shiva.

I will come ashram again, bow down on your feet, that is my greatest happiness.

Radiating Enlightenment,

Yoyo from Hong Kong