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Hindu Guru who has single handedly revived spirituality

The following are some responses to an article in the media against Paramahamsa Nithyananda:

I am a Hindu and living in the United States; how does that make me un-Hindu and not speak up for the Hindu cause. In fact I see the Hindus here are more Hindu than the Hindus in India. As far as Swami Nithyananda, I have personally attended a few courses with him and firmly believe that he is an enlightened master. I have not seen any other Indian spiritual teacher radiating so much energy and speak from such deep understanding and experience of Vedanta. The Indian english language mafia media has denigrated him as much as they could; that is no surprise considering who controls them. He is treated like guilty until proven innocent, that special treatment is reserved only for the Hindus. ..As far as I know no Indian spiritual teacher has done so much in such a short time; his success is unprecedented; he is just 33 years old.

S Kumar

Strategically the Hindu community had missed an important opportunity to book the culprits of the Nithyananda episode to trial.The Hindu outfits should have booked criminal cases against the Sun TV, Nakheeran and other criminals involved in this conspiracy to court. This would have changed the equation at the macro level because what Nithyananda did was NOT legally crime, but what Sun TV did was a crime and equivalent to pornographic channels. We really missed this opportunity to take on the enemies in their own way.


I think it is the high-handed holier-than-thou assumed puritans like the author of this article that Christian missionaries will love to have around. After all, you do the job that they intend to achieve. It is of course people like Swami Nithyananda whom they will hate because they only need to fear people like him who can really enthuse the masses into spirituality. After reading this article, I am ready to support Swami Nithyananda even if he has done something wrong.


I happened to visit this site just after reading Rajiv Malhotra's article. I am shocked by the opinions expressed here. People ready to condemn and dismiss a Hindu Guru, who has single handedly revived spirituality amongst youth, even before knowing the case from the other side. And beyond that, condemning all Gurus who have a global presence. A bunch of arm chair generals with nothing better to do. The root cause for the decay of our Vedic Dharma. Just thought of writing this before leaving. Never to visit again.


Hindus are not united. .. As Hindus we nitpick on what my take on Hinduism is versus someone else's take. We miss the woods for the trees. We cannot even clearly state that it is the media that is being used to denigrate Hindus, divide them and make them feel useless. I am dissappointed with such an attitude that hits a man when he is down. If there is a conspiracy, so be it. But to publicly denigrate a human being's private actions, whether he belongs to a tradition you know or not, is not humane. It is a social and psychological murder. And we Hindus cannot even agree on that.

Sujata Srinath

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