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I am reborn

My life was totaly changed after I met Swamiji.I was undergoing a lot of problems and I was depressed.I was pursuing my degree at that time.I took my life for granted and life was something dead for me.I can"t even concentrate on my studies.The turning point happened at my life when my parents took ASP.They enjoyed the programme thoroughly and asked me to take ASP but I declined it.Without telling me anything the payed for me to attend the NSP.At last I just decided to see what is the programme all about and how it is going to transform me.The first time I saw swami,I knew that there is something behind him.He is not an ordinary person.There I was in front of him,listening to what he was talking about.I couldn't believe my eyes.I am the type of person who doesn't have trust in Spirituality.I had different opinion about Swamis.But the clarity and energy that was radiated by swamiji through his body language,his laughter,his passion,his motherliness and his wisdom simply shacked me,-my entire body and mind.I did all the meditation intensely and at the final day I realised that I was reborn again.I am a different person now.Swami had changed me and transformed me.After taking NSP people started telling me that I was totally changed.I was able to handle all kind of problem and I was able to pursue my degree excellently.Everyone started telling me that my body language,my face expression and the way I handle things is totally different compared to before.Till now,I can feel the energy of swami working in me.At every moment swami is there, guiding me in my life.If swami have not happened in my life,I can't imagine myself.How would I have been.I feel gifted to receive the blessings from swamiji.I offer my gratitude to swamiji,because he had shown me the path of my life.THANK YOU SWAMIJI!



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