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Dear Beloved Swamiji,

I am gifted to have such a wonderful master like you. I saw you in Guru Poornima on July 1998.I attended ASP,NSP twice (Feb 2009&Nov 2009),Vaalum varalaaru(Aug1998), BSP & Healer & Kalpatharu six times.

After attending Vaalum varalaaru, you are the only person in my mind and in my words.

As on date there is nobody in this Planet except you to serve the people by your teachings and to bring their lives in a higher plane. What a wonderful master you are!, sacrificing your whole life to save the world from all miseries.

On hearing your teachings, I also cured from chronic migrane headache which I was suffered for more than 20 years. Following your teachings I am enjoying life blissfully. I always grateful to you my beloved master.

We are fortunate to have such a wonderful master in our lifetime.

Master only can do the best in our life than any other relationship. With my experience master is the only true relationship to anybody in the world.

Now the time has come for the world to know about the Master and his Divinity .

Thanking you for this opportunity to express my feelings.

S.Sumathi , Adyar, Chennai.

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