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Blessed are the lives he has guided

Gratitude to Swamiji and his followers during this difficult time. I know that hardship inspires growth and insight and can change our path. As this is happing for Swamiji and his followers, it is also happening for our World at Large. Nothing is by accident and everything that occurs is an opportunity for growth, as he knows (and I need to remind myself.) Millions of us across the Globe are sending Swamiji healing energy, and Blessings from every level we are able to access. To remain in a Loving State, under these circumstances, tests everything we know ourselves to believe and BE, and that is GOOD for it is stretching each individual on every level. Growth. I have been blessed to be in the unbelievably LOVING PRESENCE of Swamiji thrice in the U.S. I have never sought or believed in Gurus, until I met and felt His ENERGY. I know that he knows that he is loved by all of us; and is in fact love itself.' Blessed are the lives he has guided with his Wisdom and tireless work. Gratitude fills my own heart for our wonderful, tireless, loving Swamiji. My life is forever changed. Thank you.


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