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Thank you for everything Swamiji

Nithyanandam swamiji, I am so happy to see swamiji safe and sound, Swamiji, i just wanted to thank you swamiji for all the things swamji have blessed me since the day even before i were born to this world. Thank you so much for all the blessings and love swamiji, i am very much inspired by you swamji, even now this moment. I don't care about what ever being projected by the media, thank you again for all the intelligence that swamji have equipped me by all your darshan. Thank you so much for the Kalpataru Darshan in my dream last 3 days ago too. Thank you so much swamiji, my wish is that always to be union with you, enlightened, live enlightenment and radiate the enlightenment too. Thank you so much for the NSP as a gift conducted on the 19/2 - 23/2. Thank you so much swamiji, love you always, my support is always with you swamiji, Thank you again take care swamji, Take care ya, Hope to hear from swamiji. with love and respect,

Suresh Thanakodi (Malaysia)

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