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He is compassion personified


I with my whole heart trust Swamiji and His Mission. He is compassion personified. This I could experience when I attended the Kalpataru programme in November '09 at the Bidadi Ashram. When I stood before Him for His Blessings,though I wanted to utter few words of gratitude, I was speechless because of His Grace showering on me. Only tears overflowed. After that I heard from the volunteers that, it was the case of everyone who really experienced bliss.I was so fortunate, I thought.

Next I attended the NSP at the Ashram,this February just before all this chaos.I could experience such a blissful state in those meditations He conducted for us. Not only me, but my daughter too, who had attended the same programme with me experienced the same and we were sharing the same notes. Certainly these programmes have brought real transformation in our life. We are able to view things in a real 'unclutched' way as Swamiji always advises. While doing Nithya Dyaan I am able to feel His presence near me saying, "Don't worry. Things will be alright soon." Tears overflow even now, while I write this. I pray Swamiji read this mail, and say, "We are all there with you". I would like to do another programme in His presence to receive His Grace.

At the end of the NSP programme,I surrendered a small song written by me at His Lotus Feet( Padhugai), because He was in a deep Samadhi then. I am repeating the last para of that song once again:(PLS. READ IT IN TAMIL)





I am sure He will be back with us soon to guide us how to live a Blissful life amidst all these chaos.

In Nithyananda

Veena Paani

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