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note of love and support for Swamiji

Dear Swamiji, I don't know if you will get the time to read this, or even get his at all, but I want anyway, to send you my deep love and respect that has just increased a thousand fold after listening to your fist statement re: the fake scandal situation. Thank you for making a public address and for tackling this whole thing head on, so obviously serene, radiant with Divine love, and firmly rooted in the Truth. Thank you for Your teachings, Your faith in us even when we don't have it ourselves sometimes, for offering your whole life to the upliftment of the whole world, thank you for Your purity, bhakti, unconditional love, brilliance, Truth and for returning to us again on this Earth. You are in my heart all the time. Thank you for my beautiful names and for helping my heart to flower. Thank you.

Your Prashaanti Ananda

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