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Swamiji Nithyananda my Bhagavan

pranam bhagwanji,
I am sorry for doubting you first, but please forgive me after all its human brain i know i am ur child and you love me more than i do.You are my god you are pure. Bhagwanji please help me in my mission as i really want my family members to trust you and to follow you.bless me with your energy so that i can come and meet you as i really want to hug you and do the guru pooja infront of you, i went to the ashram to attend BSP on 23rd feb but could not see you there physically but i know your presence was every where , swamiji is nothing but pure truth the video is fake ,it is made to defame our bhagwanji. I have experienced your energy many times your words that `DONT WORRY I AM WITH YOU I`LL TAKE CARE OF YOUR PROBLEM`, are my source of strength whenever I am feeling scared.Swamiji please pray for me and bless with strong vitarka, I had given a letter to dhyaana maharaj during the BSP programme, I am sure he must have given it to you ,please answer my letter and give me darshan,Help me in convincing my family about you I want them to follow you ,please guide what should I do to convice them about you because only you can help them especialy my grandfather who really needs your help heal him please , he doesnt know much about you.swamiji please call me , read my mind and guide me.
my life is your life please plan it in the bestest way you want to.
I miss you and love you
you are my guru
take care bhagwanji
I am trying my best to follow your teachings and live like a jeevan mukta and i am sure the day will come when I will be enlightened dont want to waste this janama without being enlightened.
megha sharma

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Prayers for Swamiji's comeback

I am not believing my eyes..
I believe in Nithyananda..
Come back with evidence to prove that you are good..
Awaiting for that day..


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Great Inspirational Spiritual Talks by Swami Nithyananda

Dear Swamiji,

I have never met you before.I came to knew about your great work and mission through one of my friend who lives in Chicago and a great devotee of your's.He suggested me to listen to your talks on you tube.I already have the seeds of spiritual path through my family and our Swamiji who is a disciple of Swami Dayananda Saraswathi. Your talks on every aspect of vedanta are amazing with extraordinary clarity which only very few people can radiate through self realization and personal experience.It is very unfortunate that your mission had this hurdle at this point of time but each hurdle will make your determination and God's will to spread the message of truth and love more stronger as evidenced by great people through ages.I have my full support with you and please do not stop your mission at any cost.
God bless the truth and Your mission,
Anandkumar Katakam

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Upon visiting the Nithyananda Vedic Temple

With peace in our hearts, with the hope born of certitude, we greet you, O divine Master of eternal love.

Vattsa Mehta

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Support for Swami Nithyananda (in Tamil)

எனக்கு சுவாமிஜி நேரடி பழக்கம் இல்லை எல்லோருடைய
புகார் கொடுத்தவர் உள்பட கொடுத்த இந்தெர்விஎவ் படி சுவாமி அனைவர்க்கும்
நன்மை செய்துள்ளார் அவரின் சக்தி குறித்து சந்தேககம் இல்லை இந்த இக்கட்டில் இருந்து மீண்டு அனைவரின் கஷ்டங்கள் போக்குவர் என்று நம்புகிறேன் அப்போது பக்தர்களிடம் வாங்கும் காணிக்கை ஏழைகளும் பயன் பெரும் அளவு சிறிய அளவு இர்ருக்குமாறு வேண்டுகிறேன்

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Swamiji is Amazing!!

All I can say is Swamiji is amazing! Everything he says and what he teaches is inspirational. He has put into words a book that can transform your life. I am trying my best to live what he teaches and it is not easy. He has helped chang my life and my perspective and given clarity to what has been taught to me before.
I am very grateful for Nithya Dyaan as it is an amazing meditation. There is so much he has said that can change ones life for the betterment of the individual soul and the collective. All of Humankind will benifit from his teachings.
If those in darkness want to spread lies and hate that is their choice. I can not stand by saying nothing while this happens. I align myself with swamiji and believe in him completely.
Robert Barry

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Support to Swami Paramahamsa Nithyananda

May I thankyou for the oppurtunity to say how much I support Paramahamsa Nithyananda. Please remember he has no inherantly existant nature other than the one you may ptoject upon him. Do not let others shape your belief in your Guru. The greatest damage you can do to yourself is to believe adversly of your teacher. Do not spend your time familiarising yourself with the details of this "STORY" as what you familiarise your mind with, it will become. In stead remember the BLESSINGS & KINDNESS of this being who continues to teach and show you yourself. He has never asked for your love or hatered as they are both weak. How weak is your LOVE to leave him at this time, how strong has it been all along? Ask yourself this question. It is not a time to get into judgement and feed on the drama of a miriad of stories, look instead at your own actions, responces, strenghths and weaknesses and continue to progress. How can you grow as a Spirtual Being from this Oppurtunity. This is a time to see our own UGLINESS, UNKINDNESS and DOUBT and put our effort inti working with that.
I Pray and send my BLESSINGS to all in volved and wish AWAKENING and ENLIGHTENMENT to ALL
Yours in the Dharma
Scott G.

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Truth with reign!!!

The recent incident on the television has deeply hurt and disturbed me. This turbulence only shows that the world doesn't know the powerful frm the powerless, the fake from the real! The result of all the media flashing is that now aall those people who never sought or understood spirituality are going to remain ignorant always. All those who chose spirituality some are not sure whether they did the right thing and few others want an explanation and some have lost trust. Spirituality is a very difficult ocean to fathom, there can be very strong tides and currents and unimaginable whirlpools and only the brave and the tireless person can come out unscathed.
If Swamiji has so many people all over the world, it is not because they blindly follow him, it is because of the deep experience each person has felt in His presence and due to His life transforming teachings. During these testing times it is responsibility of every individual to live His teachings.
Media has no right to handle such a sensitive issue in such and irresponsible way. That too from a tamil channel. It is a shame on Tamilnadu for not taking care of their holy gifts. If society cant help saints to progress atleast it should leave them alone.
This cheap gesture by the media should be strongly condemned. It appears as though there is no one in this big bad world for holy people
It is a pity that the world fails to undersatnd spirituality. How many tines God send Masters to people. Such Masters has to go thru a lot of hardships before such truths are handed to common man. All Masters have always been a pariah in this society with mediocre and half baked understandings. Jesus was stoned nailed, Socrates waspoisoned, Osho got thorns to walk on. But these saints became very clear in what they were preaching.
It is only we ignorant lot who are at the mercy of public opinion and acceptance. This incident has made it eacy for the unworthy and unwise to way their tongue about spirituality of which they know nothing about.
It is not goign to affect the gurus and saints because they are the highest links to truths to divintiy. The rules of the society,law, the common acceptable practices are all set only by the mediocre majority. Spirituality is all about breaking these ill defined and temporary securities.
I strongly believe in God and pray that justice be done to safeguard all our interest at the earliest and this incident is erased from all memory forever.
There will be trials and tribulations of this sort and maybe more but in hte end, truth will triumph.
From a disciple of diffe guru cum well wisher

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My experience with Swamiji: Support from West Virginia

Below are a few sentences detailing my experiences with Paramahamsa Sri Nithyananda.
Thank you very much for giving us an opportunity to send in our thoughts in support of our beloved Master.
In Love With Nithyananda... :)
To all the people who were involved in creating a big furore around Swami Nithyananda and his organization in the recent days...
- For without you, thousands if not millions of people in India and around the world would not even have known all their lives that there is someone called Swami Nithyananda walking on this planet.
- For without you, even people who never heard about Swami Nithyananda, are eagerly watching TV to see what will happen around Him and His Sangha in the days to come.
- For without you, the deplorable state of some of the media channels running in India would not have come to light.
- For because of you, people like me are happily thinking about Swamiji for hours and hours, day and night, watching His discourses and dancing to His kirtans, something even I believed could never happen this early.
- For because of what you did to Swamiji, the minds of each one of you are filled with Him to the very brim, and knowingly or unknowingly you will be chanting His name backwards and forwards for the rest of your lives and because of which you may even get enlightened before thousands of other serious seekers!
I am twenty-five. And as a spiritual seeker, I am very young. Before Paramahamsa Nithyananda entered my life, I did not even know that something called Enlightenment existed, and that normal human beings like me could achieve such a state. I have known a little about great masters of the past and I was a devout person, but spiritually I was very poor. I did not know that God was alive and kicking inside every one of us and that meditation could help us unleash our true potential. I knew about the people who reportedly achieved the state of Buddhahood, but I never knew what a Buddha could do.
I was very fortunate to have met Swamiji in 2005 and it was very clear to me from the very beginning that Swamiji Himself found me and everyone in my family. And I am sure that many others like me have had very similar experiences. By and by I could understand, that everyone who is part of the Sangha is handpicked by the Master Himself. He awakened in me the passion for spirtual seeking and Enlightenment without which my life would have been quite superficial. It did not take me much longer to be enamored by His compassionate being. And since then, existence began to shower on me from all directions. I was successful in whatever activity I was participating in. I haven't fallen sick even once since I met Him. Life for the first time tasted like nectar. Over that past four years, Swamiji healed my grandparents and they themselves are in disbelief looking at how active they have become. He blessed me with a wonderful job and every material possession I have with me right now is His gift. My mother became a Nithya Spiritual Healer recently and she has had wonderful experiences with Him ever since. When I met Him in 2009, I was real fortunate to have an initiation from Swamiji. He uttered the phrase, "You will live Brahmacharya...", and true to His words, I am living like a God on this planet, being a witness to everything that is happening around me. I became a healer myself and now only I am getting to see what He means when He says, "I am with you..!". I wonder how many have had an experience like this but I feel like He is dancing within me whenever I meditate.
Before Swamiji, the great master Osho (Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh) gained immense popularity worldwide, particularly among Westerners. After attaining Enlightenment, He spent 35 years in the physical body and during that time, He was stoned, attacked with a knife, poisoned, arrested at gunpoint, incarcerated, deported and was denied entry into more than 20 countries. Some of His ardent followers were investigated by law enforcement officials and some were jailed for the wrong reasons when Osho was in the USA. But now, His ashram in Pune attracts millions of people from all over the world who are interested in the practice of meditation and Enlightenment.
From what I have known about Enlightened Masters, it is next to impossible to predict what happens around an Enlightened being. I have seen Swamiji take personal care and shower his blessings on millions of people, many of whom have shared their beautiful expriences here. To hear that He is not being able to take care of His own physical self is quite farcical. As we all know, realized souls like Swamiji take conscious birth and leave the body with equal beauty. I believe fully that Swamiji is completely aware of all the events that took place in the recent past and He has clearly mentioned that He has been framed. And I believe those words literally. When the truth comes out, it will shed light on the people who masterminded the whole event. It is a pity that some people have used their life in the human body to defame and abuse an Enlightened Being. Even if they escape the Indian Penal Code, the Cosmic Penal Code will ensure that they get the necessary punishment. I think it will take them many more births before they can even think of liberation.
Swamiji is a rare gem. I don't know when again will such a being grace this planet. We are blessed to have Him as our contemporary. It is up to us to take full advantage and raise to His level of consciousness within this lifetime. And from what I have heard from Swamiji in the recent past specially in his talk with Rajiv Malhotra, He is far away from being finished. In fact I know that He is just giving us gifts from the cabin bag for now. The main suitcase is not open as yet!
Swamiji, thank you for everything. I hope to meet you soon, very soon. And I am with You (....but more importantly, You are with me...eternally.. :D ).
And for everyone out there, this is the time to dance like Nithyananda Himself!!! :)
(P.S. Just in case if Swamiji personally goes through all these posts in the future, and calls everyone who stood with Him for a special darshan, I am counting myself in! Yes!! :) )
With Gratitude,
Sri Ananda Karmanya (Satish)

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Support to Swami Nithyananda from Coonoor

We the followers of Nithyananda from Coonoor always stand by swami.After accepting him as a guru there is no falling back,His strong teachings and the authority in sprituallity always kept us in high profile even in these diffult times.His energy is never at fault and all his personal bad time is gone and we expect him to spring back with his devine energy to shower the world the path were we are already in.Now our regular dyans are very strong , and we are grateful for him for ever showing us all the better path for a higher state which all of us are after.
By followers of coonoor

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Nithyananda Swami will return soon

Hello and Nithyanandam.

We want to express our support and gratitude to the master, and have expressed our feelings in the snippet below. We pray for his return soon, so his work can continue.

In Nithyananda, Aruna.


Dearest Swami,

We thank existence everyday for bringing you into our lives. It's almost as if we've developed a connection to the cosmos through you. Thank YOU!
Come back soon, we need you amidst us, healing us with your compassion and guidance.

In Nithyananda, Dayini & Aruna.

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My soulfull support, my prayer for the Master Nithyananda (same as Lord shiva)

My Lord

I have so much to say to the people creating the recent non senses, but then i realized that The Unshakable Transformation that YOU have given to me
with your divine grace is what is lacking in others who unfortunately could not get your blessings. It is those people creating such things , as that is their
I pray to you to come back with intensified shining this time which people find it hard to even look at.You are our only protector. I am sure all this
happenings are only for some unknown benefit to all. YOU ARE LORD SHIVA HIMSELF. Please forgive all and come for our rescue.
My being knows you, YOU have given me the ground to stand in this planet.

Pranab Sarkar

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Love and gratitude to Swami Nithyanandaji

I am sending love and gratitude toward Swamiji during this sad time.

I humbly ask for alignment with the Master's energy for my daughter and son, both teenagers, experiencing great emotional challenges and for healing of my body, specifically my knees and alignment with higher truth. I was blessed to attend last summers Inner Awakening and seek to return to study with Swamiji.


Susan Marie Meagle

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Om hreem Nithyananda namaha
Dt. 8.3.2010
Dear Secretary Ayya, Amma, Brahmacharis, Brahmacharinis , acharyas and all devotees of Paramahamsa Nithyananda!
Victory to the satguru Paramahamsa Nithyananda!
I underwent so much pain by reading the glory and greatness damaging false news in the newspapers about Paramahamsa Nithyananda . Paramahamsa Nithyananda is a real enlightened master . He must be honored by all people. The journalists and ordinary people cannot understand a real enlightened master. Because they are not able to understand the glory of a Brahma gnani, they are not treating dhyanapeetam and the branch ashrams and centers properly.

I request all of you to protect and save our beloved Swamiji by all means, by spending any amount of money or by getting the support of political leaders and religious leaders and top level advocates and VIPs. Swamiji’s contribution to humanity within 6 years is immense. Whatever spiritual treasures Sawamiji gave to humanity to uplift human consciousness towards divine consciousness within 6 years through his discourses and books and meditation camps and his initiations are beyond value. Swamiji must be rewarded for each one of his words which he gave to humanity through his discourses and through his books. Each one of his words are very important and very precious for humanity. He is a rare genius enlightened master happened on this planet earth to save humanity. Most of the people are not aware of the greatness because of their immature conscious ness.

Now, Swamiji is facing some difficulty because of the publicity of a VCD in the TV channel by one unconscious disciple. In this crisis, if swamiji defeated by the negative forces, then be sure no enlightened master will reincarnate in this planet again to save this humanity and the entire humanity will be swallowed by the dark forces.
After Swamiji’s defeat, no other enlightened master will gather courage to reincarnate to guide the humanity because they will be afraid of the treatment which will be given to them by this society.
Nithyananda dhyanapeetam, the greatest spiritual institution created by swamiji through his hard work for the past 7 years in so many countries in the world to guide humanity towards jivan mukthi, enlightenment was damaged and betrayed by one single idiot disciple called Lenin Dharmananda. Swamiji trained and created so many genius brahmacharis and brahmacharinis disciples and acharyas through his tireless service for humanity. But one single unconscious disciple is trying to destroy the whole precious work.

Jesus was betrayed by his own disciple. Osho was betrayed by his own secretay Sheela. The spiritual work of the most of the previous famous enlightened masters were damaged by his close disciples. We learnt already from the past mistakes. Now, we should not allow the same mistake to happen again. We should not allow this idiot Lenin Dharmananda to damage the greatest spiritual treasures created by our beloved master Paramahamsa Nithyananda.

So, I request all devotees of Swamiji to unite together as one unit and teach a great lesson to this unconscious idiot Lenin Dharmananda and save all the spiritual treasures created by Swamiji in the form of discourses, books, and in the form of brahmacharis and brahmacharinis and acharyas and devotees and in the form of temples, ashrams and meditation centers and also save this idiot Lenin from committing a great sin. This idiot is not aware what a great harm ,a worst karma he is doing for humanity.

I request all Nithyananda devotees around the world to join together in their ashrams or meditation centers in their town or village or in their own houses and all of them should jointly pray continuously to the Brahma shakthi to give great victory for our beloved master Paramahamsa Nithyananda. Now, the negative forces are jointly fighting against Swamiji based on the false VCD presented by Leninn. The police put so many false cases against Swamiji. For Swamiji to win in this battle, all the positive forces, all Swamiji’s devotees should jointly pray continuously for the victory of our satguru Paramahamsa Nithyananda.

The collective prayer will have a tremendous effect. If millions and millions of devotees pray continuously for the victory of Paramahamsa Nithyananda, this collective prayer can change even the bad luck, the destiny of this planet.

I am daily going to the great Arunachaleswara temple in Thiruvannamalai and praying to Lord Shiva and Devi to relieve our satguru Nithyananda Swamiji from this present crisis. Today morning, when I returned from the temple, suddenly, I went into continuous tears and then the inspiration and the guidance to write this email came spontaneously and then I came to the email shop in Thiruvannamalai and then typed this email.

I request all devotees to forgive me if there are any mistakes in this email and also request the senior devotees to correct the mistakes in this email.

Our beloved satguru Nithyananda swamiji is working hard continuously and spending his whole life and energy to uplift all of us towards jivan mukthi, which is the only purpose of human life. Swamiji is continuously working for all of us. To repay our gratitude to our Satguru, it is our most important duty to join together and pray together and save our master from the present crisis. If we do not join together and pray together and work together and save our beloved master from this present difficulty, we all will get so much bad karma and our journey towards jivan mukthi will be completely blocked. So, I request all of you to unite together and pray together and save our master from the present difficulty.

I ALSO REQUEST ALL OF YOU to send an email urgently to the Chief minister of Tamilnadu and Karnataka and all the top level political leaders and spiritual leaders of Tamilnadu and Karnataka and also to all the top level Police officers of Tamilnadu and Karnataka and also to all the daily newspapers and weekly magazines of Tamilnadu and Karnataka and most importantly to all the TV channels in Tamilnadu and Karnataka. EMAILS AND LETTERS AND FAXES SHOULD BE SENTBY THE DEVOTEES TO ALL THE MEDIAS AND TO THE VIPS LIKE A CONTINUOUS STRONG FLOOD. THE TWO STATES OF TAMILNADU AND KARNATAKA SHOULD BE FILLED BY THE LETTERS AND EMAILS OF NITHYANANDA DEVOTEES URGENTLY.

Our letters and emails should contain the following meaning.
Paramahamsa Nithyananda is God and Guru for all of us. We cannot live without him. He is our very life force. He is teaching us the path of meditation and leading us and guiding all of us towards jivan mukthi, which is the only purpose of human life. Before meeting Nithyananda, we were living our life in vain without a purpose. Only after Swamiji’s dharshan, we found our life’s purpose. So, hereafter, we will have no life without him. Now, our hearts are beating only for Swamiji. If even a small harm or a bad name is created for Swamiji, our hearts cannot bear. Since the day a false VCD is played in the Sun news, we are all in continuous tears and unbearable sorrow. They are hurting our hearts, they are hurting our guru, how can we bear this strong pain. One single unconscious idiot disciple called Lenin Dharmananda created all these troubles for our God and Guru Nithyananda and for all of us by giving a false VCD to the sun news TV channel.

Please do not care about the false VCD presented by this idiot disciple Lenin. Please do not punish him. Please forgive Lenin for the great sin he committed for betraying our great enlightened master.
We are worshipping Paramahamasa Nithyananda as our God and Guru everyday. So, please do not write anything bad about our God. If we read anything bad about our God in the newspapers or in the magazines or if we see anything bad about our guru in the TV channel, we cannot bear the pain. This is hurting our body, mind and heart and our whole being. Our hearts and our whole being are crying continuously after seeing the false VCD about our God Nithyananda.

If you decide to give any punishment to our God Nithyananda based on the false VCD presented by Lenin and the false complaint given by Lenin to the Police, for the sake of our beloved master, we are ready to take all the punishments. We will accept any punishment given by the governemnt for the sake of our master because our love for our master is so great. But please do not create any bad name for our master Please do not hurt our beloved master.

Sundaram swamy
Annamalai swamiji’s Attendant

Love and support to my master Nithyananda

Let this reach with all my love and support for master

Iam balajisundar
age 18
radhe krishna!
om nama shivaya!

Krishna is still seeing all of us...swamiji must be taken care by him more....I request all the gods now now to wash away all the sufferings from him. swamiji must reacover its my request please..I tank swamiji as i believe strongly his TREMONDOUS teaching are true.And its helping me to play with my intellect and bakthi towards krishna... i love you swamiji,all these days you prayed for us thank you so much swamiji,now we all have to pray for swamiji.YOU HAVE liberated little of me from my mind....and your nithya dhyana can cure people even if they dont have faith in it.....and i had been aspiring for getting trained from you by attending NSP and carryout my krishna conciousness.....
Lord chaitanya has never failed to tell us about the kali yug...so only he kept this maha mantra... I dont know why people hurt....Iam praying to lord krishna to bless each one of us and take care of us and iam not a big person....i would like to contribute my prayers its my duty......iam a devotte and a seeker and i will be seeking to reach krishna ........i will never leave that beaty full........he cannot be described...........dont worry swamiji please...

aami naraya namo!devi narayan namo!
- balaji sundar

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Vedic Tradition made Alive by Swamiji Nithyananda

I went to Bidadi last year,2009,to celebrate Jayanthi.When I entered the ashram,I saw the vedic tradition of our sanatana dharma back.I have only seen and read about the life of our vedic culture,but never had experienced it.I felt bidadi ashram like a different
plane.There you can see brahmacaris,vanaprasta sannyasis,gurukul students and devotees all working for one purpose, jeevan muthi.All the vedic tradition was alive there.What I can say is,I really enjoyed the ambience there and I thank swamiji for bringing back the vedic tradition alive and to reveal the great truths.I don't know how many hardwork he had undergone to bring back this vedic tradition alive,in this modern world.Let us all support and strongly follow all the paths to jeevan muthi,so that our sanatana dharma would be alive.PARAMAHAMSA SRI SRI NITHYANANDA SWAMIKE

Gratitude is the unbreakable chord between me and Swamiji

Dear Swamiji


Thank You Swamiji for coming into my life...just because of you, my life has become a celebration....a blissful celebrations....you are my father...and Nithyananda still remains a very sacred, subtle and sweet breeze inside my heart, inside my being.....you are the ONLY one who came and airlifted me from ALL problems of the world, only you came, your face still remains the most graceful face I have ever seen....you came at a time I felt so deeply lost and truly orphaned on planet earth...you came, became my Father, my Mother, my Beloved, my Master, my everything....only you delivers to me everything I need, my clothes, my prana, food etc...only you have given me an extension to live blissfully on this planet....every moment I feel so strongly, even if I leave the body any moment...I am okay...just because...just beacuse...I have seen you....seeing you is all I have wanted many lives....spending time with your physical form has been a blissful bonus.....

Despite the Lela being played out...my devotion...is much stronger than ever...so strong...that my life is only committed to you and the mission...thank you for allowing me to enjoy your wealth (spiritual)...my life is so fulfilled...nothing can shake me.....Just like a saint Joshua, sang (said) "Me and my family will only serve the Lord even if you are refuse to serve Him"....I feel this day and fully convinced that "All that Iam and ALL given to me in this life is only for serving YOU, Nithyananda without any strings attached"....No other way..

Thank You Swamiji for ALL you have given and ALL you have taken

I would also like to thank Sadaa Shiva, the entire Guru Parampara and all those who have kept the Vedic Tradition alive..

Judy( Ma Nithya Lavanaa)

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Guru Bhakti will save us

Let us deeply radiate Guru Bakthi through his teachings and Technics , I found some of our devoti's are little upset on this regards, let me say one thing, this is the time for oppurtunity to verify our Guru Bakthi, As per our Guru's Teachings let us meditate and concentrate on research about ourself, not on guru and others. Let us radiate eternal bliss our master will be there for us to lead.
Can contact me in mail for inner healing and let us radiate inner healing.

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My experience with Swamiji Nithyanandaji

Nithyanandum !

I know swamiji since August 2009 when I first attended NSP program at Chennai. I had very good spiritual experiences.The meditation techniques as well as his teachings has transformed my life from chaos to blissful living . He is a very compassionate master. I have been to bidadi ashram few times and had attended programs like FIMT, BSP and Healers Initiation. I had very good experiences while meditating under Banyan Tree.

It is very painful for me when I learnt about various false allegations framed against swamiji which I totally disagree. Hence, I fully extend my support to swamiji who has always showered selfless love and blessings on all his devotees.

Nithyanandum !

Jitendra Arora


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Misrepresentation by Media - Nithyananda Scandal

I read the recent mail how things are misrepresented in papers and News . Not only that they had totally changed statements and apparently have published totally wrong atatementsin magazines in India . Also it was said to have published in paper swami told that Ranjitha has served and will serve . Swami only told that she was, is and will be a devotee. Just pointing out to tell how things are twisted.I did not see news . People from India tell this . They dont have access to You Tube. I think its time to take things seriously to put a halt to all these rumours . Its only the divine who can do it in a most appropriate manner . I know that Sangha will grow in spite of these people , but only when serious action taken they will stop misrepresenting things.They have to be taught a lesson unforgettable. In Singapore from childhood small things misrepresented are taken so seriously and actions taken that they do not repeat similar mistakes as adults . Only guarded statements will be made. I pray every day that appropriate steps- like a paper or TV channel be prevented from being published for a few days or broadcast suspended for few days ,,for faulty representations to make it aware to public . Just talking on You Tube is only listened to by a few educated class . It does not reach the mass who keep on spreading false rumours. I believe in Kali yug an error done at any time will have its effects the same shana , hope it happens in this case .


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Support for Swami Nithyananda from Coimbatore

Loveable Swamiji,
I Thank to you for giving a good opportunity to raditate enlightenment! I'm so happy. My support is always for you! Swami, i dont know about blissful life, or what is life. From the day i came to you, i'm fortunate to learn how to live blissful life in this young age itself. I'm so lucky. I cant express my blissfulness through words, whatever that happens my support is for you forever!
I'm in total gratitude and i want to offer this heart felt gratitude at the feet of my loveable swamiji! I love you swamiji!
Ma Ananda Dharmavati [janani-coimbatore]

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Testimonials from Guna Segaran's Family and Friends

1. Dearest Swamiji
Since the day we met Swamiji, our life have changed for better. We are very happy. We are doing seva as much as we could. We need your blessings always.
Appana & Amutha

2. Dear Swamiji,

You are my guru. From I'm attend ASP Program, I'm improve my ownself.Believe , to glad see again.I miss you forever.
Kamaleswari d/o Selvaraj.

3. Guruvae Saranam
Satguruvae Ungul Podpadam Saranam Saranam
I am very blissful due to swamiji. All my health and family problems dissolved totally. Thank you very much.
Nithyananda Swamiji Jay

4. Dear Beloved Swamiji
YOU are my dearest GURU. Am always thinking of you. Had severe back ache. Swamiji's initiated healer did healing on me yesterday. I am perfectly alright today. Previously had injection for this problem but no effect. Nithyanandam
From Shanda

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I prostrate before the holy feet of my Master Paramahamsa Nithyananda.

I am a BE graduate.

I am one among the millions of people touched and transformed by Paramahamsa Nithyananda.

Before Swamiji entering my life, I can say in a single word that my life was a CHAOS.

It is HIM who freed me from the world of delusion and hallucination. He freed me out of the conditioning and corruption that the so called evolved society had created in my inner space. “HE GAVE MYSELF TO ME” the ultimate that any one can get in his/her life.

HE just transformed my life - from a chaos to a beautiful poetry just by his compassion. The TRUTH that he expresses in HIS very body language is more than enough for us to catch that TRUTH in our body language. He is the embodiment of TRUTH.

He made me understand that:

- Life is simple

- Life is a gift

- Life is a celebration

- Life is just to radiate the Enlightenment in me

He made me live my life in its reality as it is.

He has guided me before, guiding me now and will do in time to come… It IS an eternal communion.

Nothing in the cosmos can shake that connection.

It is high time that the common mass should rise and wake up from the MAYA. From the Maya created by the MEDIA and PRESS in major, among the public. IT IS an absolutely irresponsible behaviour by the Press and Media to Relay and Publish such a stuff without due verification of the content for its Authenticity from the Government or Police. They didn’t even bother to get the concern or content verification from the Ashram side.

They play the key role in creating a UNNECESARY HYPE and SENSATIONALISING the issue where there is no necessity for such a hype. The speculation of the media almost created a LAW and ORDER problem and make the public feel as if it was a EMERGENCY SITUATION IN THE STATE.


No doubt that in the current scenario, the so called PRESS & MEDIA’S ATTITUDE make us understand very clearly that they







THE FOOLISH CAMPAIGNS done by media and anti social elements against Swamiji don’t have that strength to break the communion that happened with my MASTER.

Those people with their false defaming campaigns may appear as though they are a BIG giants with lot of strength, power and influence and all bla blas. We have the strength of silence… The strength of meditation… The strength of the TRUTH. The strength of the Bliss that radiates through millions of Swamiji’s devotees. We people who are transformed knew those FALSE PROPAGANDAS are just passing clouds.

Now the Bhakthi, Faith and Trust in HIM is becoming stronger and stronger…

I never judge my MASTER whatever may the ISSUE.

Personally I take this issue a chance to see and experiment myself living a unclutched life whatever may be situation in the outerworld. Just radiating the fragrance of Bliss irrelative of the outerworld stuffs.

As Our Master says “WHATEVER HAPPENS IS AUSPICIOUSNESS” let us imbibe these words deep in our being and move forward, because a GREAT responsibility is before us to stand, and support for the TRUTH.

I am always there for Swamiji and his SANGHA.

I am standing BY Nithyananda, FOR Nithyananda, and HIS DHAMMA & SANGHA.


In Nithyananda

Thyagarajan - in devotion to MY GREATEST MASTER

My gratitude to Paramahamsa Nithyananda Swamiji

While i attended the bagvad gita satsung, i was so taken away at my being level, Lord Krishna, chanted His versus and the practical preachings were so fullfilling it can possibly come out from experience only!
I would like to state here to people that when anyone claims to be God, dont turn your attitude into an animal denying to accept Divinity in the individual, because, God is not always one who descends from sky, with all godly accessories wrapped around! God is someone who can overflow love, deep compassion, accepting everyone as they are, egoless and so on... Our Master is all this and more! So He appears to us, a God man by His traits and to all devotees!
When the satsung came to the grand end, everybody winded up and left, i was staying back to imbibe the Master's grace of blessing one and all.
When friends called me with concern, i waved to them coolly saying i'l find my way to return, they paniced but still i was confident, i was walking on Lord Krishna's palms, and i will find a way. The time was 11pm already, all were leaving. i saw the Master leave and slowly walked till the gate sinking in His grace, but never worrying about my way to return! Stood at the pavement waiting for something to happen not consciously, but still totally my Being was melting in the truths!
God knew how, at that time a lady had to leave by her two wheeler that too she had to cross my area to reach her residence! No sooner than i requested lift, she pulled up her two wheeler and said 'Nithyanandam' with a body language asked me to get on and i did!
I was dropped outside my home and thanked her out of heart. She waved saying its mutual!
It still keeps me in bliss to go over the incident from the memory!
And To tell you the truth, I have never experienced or heard about Lord krishna EVER in my life time! I have not heard truths ever before! To me spirituality was once boredom, that which is only reserved for old age, Thank You, Paramahamsa, who has made spirituality fun and juicy for all ages! I realized it atleast now!
I have experrience Lord Krishna, Lord shiva, Nithyananda!
My Gratitude to the Paramahamsa!
- Gayathri akshay

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Swami Nithyananda - The guru of our times

Swamiji is an avatar who has come to the rescue us from the clutches of karma.Those who have surrendered to him
are the most gifted people in the whole world.The recent issue in no way affected me.Because it is all His Holy Leela.We can
learn so many lessons at these times if we are open to Him.He guides us each moment towards Enlightenment.All we have to do is just BE OPEN and allow Him to work on us.JUST SURRENDER.Whatever is happening is for the good of us.Let us all stand together.Let us all hold hands.Till this time we are all a family and let us unite and hold hands.Let us LIVE His teachings which are
very very practical.Let us RADIATE OUR MASTER.Let us RADIATE ENLIGHTENMENT..
In Nithyananda

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Voices supporting Swami Nithyananda


Dear Swamiji,

Guruve Saranam. I am Bala here,me and my wife Suntari attended ASP in Malaysia in 2007. Swamiji we really gifted to have you as our lovely Guru. With Swamiji's teaching we benefited a lot with full of bliss. Swamiji's teachings made us came through the difficult times. We have a 4 years old son Kavin Kumar whom had seizure due to sudden high fever for two and a half years, almost every month he will get the attack once or twice. We went to many doctors they all said it is febrile (kind of fits like). No one able to cure it but they said, can be prevent it by sponge him down with cold towel when he is in high fever but, we don't know when he will get the fever. It will happen in a minutes while he is sleeping or awaken. It was really a stressed time for us to see him going through the painful process of seizure.

Then in 2008 we attended NSP in New Zealand. At the end of the program, we took our son Kavin Kumar for healing and from that day he completely recovered no more seizure. It was a biggest relief for me and my wife.

My wife Suntari had wheezing problem for long time before knowing Swamiji but, after attending swamiji's meditation program she was cured by practising the meditation daily.

Swami we always feel your presence at home whenever we do meditation, and when in needs. The teaching that Swami passing was very valuable and blissful. We want our beloved Swami's guidance forever.

Swami, please do take care of your health. Thank you for your love and protection.


Om Hreem Nithyanandaya Namaha

Bala, Suntari & Kavin Kumar
Melbourne Australia

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Thank you Swamiji

Dear Swami…

I am Punitha from Malaysia..

My only regret - I haven't been able to live at the ashram

in your presence day and night

But just by seeing you and knowing your teachings

You have given me so much

I bow down to you my master with my whole being

for this life time and any more

I'll pray for swami….that your mission & vision….will come true in 12/12/12…



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I dont need any proof, nor am I awaiting any proof, only the world needs it, none of the devotees need it! we only need our Master intact!!!!

Please dont miss reading this, it is not a letter with paras, it is the heart that goes out for You
Swamiji i have a doubt, pl allow me to put forth! You have spoken on a 4 minute u tube clipping, that you have taken a open responsibility to re establish or recoup vitarka in every devotee, who fell in this slip of unexpected events! Maybe you were right! I'm afterall a small brain, cant think at the level of Brammaandam! But so deeply i care for my Master that makes me pen this down at Your feet!
Swamiji, for its the responsibility of each individual to maintain his sthira buddhi, after imbibing and internalizing Your preachings! This slip wouldnot have been possible if vitarka was strong in all! Anybody with such vitarka would have known You much better than the media projecting You to Him! Of'course, everybody is Your child and that makes You say that, nobody can stop Your being compassionate, but i couldnot bear You taking responsibility for other's imbalance, at the moment where we should shoulder the responsibility of standing in favor of You! I love You so much! I cant bear to see so much of selflessness and compassion in You for others, I almost visualized Jesus christ, I was not relaxed, developed severe headache after seeing Your 4 min video..
What do think are we for? If we dont stand by You at this moment, when is it we are going to understand You? You have brought up Your children in no normal mundane way!! Your brought up is extraordinery, If i were in Ashram getting insulted and attached by the mob, I wouldn't consider that as any loss! Even if i lost my life in struggle, thats not a loss to me! For afterall I got initiations from You, and the bio-memory is equipped with Your beautiful preachings, that it will have the intelligence to choose to living around the Master in the forth coming jenma's!!
I dont need any proof, nor am I awaiting any proof, only the world needs it, none of the devotees need it! we only need our Master intact!!!! Not today, FOREVER! I watched tv just two mins on tuesday evening and that moment i switched off, ever since then, i dont have anything to do with the media! I wasn't shaken by anything I saw till date! I think I have the initiation of Enlightenment from you, which is working at the depth! I love You and Trust You at the peak!!
I know you would advice live enlightenment and you need all the disciples, Gurus are abundantly available and its only the disciple who hesitates! Anything You say, afterall my logics are too small compared to what Divinity beholds for us!
But please dont stop my natural instinct of worrying for You! Please accept me as Your Devi who would show concern for Her lord Shiva!!!
My gratitude at Your feet!!!
gayathri, chennai, India


I am Anandapriyan.
I stand for swamiji. I will support swamiji till my last breath.
I will follow Swamijis teachings and work towards RADIATING ENLIGHTENMENT.
6th class

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I support Swamiji's cause

Hari om bhai,

I support the cause of your ashram and its activities.

NithyanandaJi is a Self Realized Saint, and I respect him a lot.

I know all the charges are framed.

Similar charges are framed against Sant Asharam Ji Bapuji and his followers.

It looks to be conspiracy from Christianity missionary.

Hari OM.
Vivek Kumar

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