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My gratitude to Paramahamsa Nithyananda Swamiji

While i attended the bagvad gita satsung, i was so taken away at my being level, Lord Krishna, chanted His versus and the practical preachings were so fullfilling it can possibly come out from experience only!
I would like to state here to people that when anyone claims to be God, dont turn your attitude into an animal denying to accept Divinity in the individual, because, God is not always one who descends from sky, with all godly accessories wrapped around! God is someone who can overflow love, deep compassion, accepting everyone as they are, egoless and so on... Our Master is all this and more! So He appears to us, a God man by His traits and to all devotees!
When the satsung came to the grand end, everybody winded up and left, i was staying back to imbibe the Master's grace of blessing one and all.
When friends called me with concern, i waved to them coolly saying i'l find my way to return, they paniced but still i was confident, i was walking on Lord Krishna's palms, and i will find a way. The time was 11pm already, all were leaving. i saw the Master leave and slowly walked till the gate sinking in His grace, but never worrying about my way to return! Stood at the pavement waiting for something to happen not consciously, but still totally my Being was melting in the truths!
God knew how, at that time a lady had to leave by her two wheeler that too she had to cross my area to reach her residence! No sooner than i requested lift, she pulled up her two wheeler and said 'Nithyanandam' with a body language asked me to get on and i did!
I was dropped outside my home and thanked her out of heart. She waved saying its mutual!
It still keeps me in bliss to go over the incident from the memory!
And To tell you the truth, I have never experienced or heard about Lord krishna EVER in my life time! I have not heard truths ever before! To me spirituality was once boredom, that which is only reserved for old age, Thank You, Paramahamsa, who has made spirituality fun and juicy for all ages! I realized it atleast now!
I have experrience Lord Krishna, Lord shiva, Nithyananda!
My Gratitude to the Paramahamsa!
- Gayathri akshay


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