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Dear Swamiji,

Guruve Saranam. I am Bala here,me and my wife Suntari attended ASP in Malaysia in 2007. Swamiji we really gifted to have you as our lovely Guru. With Swamiji's teaching we benefited a lot with full of bliss. Swamiji's teachings made us came through the difficult times. We have a 4 years old son Kavin Kumar whom had seizure due to sudden high fever for two and a half years, almost every month he will get the attack once or twice. We went to many doctors they all said it is febrile (kind of fits like). No one able to cure it but they said, can be prevent it by sponge him down with cold towel when he is in high fever but, we don't know when he will get the fever. It will happen in a minutes while he is sleeping or awaken. It was really a stressed time for us to see him going through the painful process of seizure.

Then in 2008 we attended NSP in New Zealand. At the end of the program, we took our son Kavin Kumar for healing and from that day he completely recovered no more seizure. It was a biggest relief for me and my wife.

My wife Suntari had wheezing problem for long time before knowing Swamiji but, after attending swamiji's meditation program she was cured by practising the meditation daily.

Swami we always feel your presence at home whenever we do meditation, and when in needs. The teaching that Swami passing was very valuable and blissful. We want our beloved Swami's guidance forever.

Swami, please do take care of your health. Thank you for your love and protection.


Om Hreem Nithyanandaya Namaha

Bala, Suntari & Kavin Kumar
Melbourne Australia


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