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Truth with reign!!!

The recent incident on the television has deeply hurt and disturbed me. This turbulence only shows that the world doesn't know the powerful frm the powerless, the fake from the real! The result of all the media flashing is that now aall those people who never sought or understood spirituality are going to remain ignorant always. All those who chose spirituality some are not sure whether they did the right thing and few others want an explanation and some have lost trust. Spirituality is a very difficult ocean to fathom, there can be very strong tides and currents and unimaginable whirlpools and only the brave and the tireless person can come out unscathed.
If Swamiji has so many people all over the world, it is not because they blindly follow him, it is because of the deep experience each person has felt in His presence and due to His life transforming teachings. During these testing times it is responsibility of every individual to live His teachings.
Media has no right to handle such a sensitive issue in such and irresponsible way. That too from a tamil channel. It is a shame on Tamilnadu for not taking care of their holy gifts. If society cant help saints to progress atleast it should leave them alone.
This cheap gesture by the media should be strongly condemned. It appears as though there is no one in this big bad world for holy people
It is a pity that the world fails to undersatnd spirituality. How many tines God send Masters to people. Such Masters has to go thru a lot of hardships before such truths are handed to common man. All Masters have always been a pariah in this society with mediocre and half baked understandings. Jesus was stoned nailed, Socrates waspoisoned, Osho got thorns to walk on. But these saints became very clear in what they were preaching.
It is only we ignorant lot who are at the mercy of public opinion and acceptance. This incident has made it eacy for the unworthy and unwise to way their tongue about spirituality of which they know nothing about.
It is not goign to affect the gurus and saints because they are the highest links to truths to divintiy. The rules of the society,law, the common acceptable practices are all set only by the mediocre majority. Spirituality is all about breaking these ill defined and temporary securities.
I strongly believe in God and pray that justice be done to safeguard all our interest at the earliest and this incident is erased from all memory forever.
There will be trials and tribulations of this sort and maybe more but in hte end, truth will triumph.
From a disciple of diffe guru cum well wisher


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