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Firstly,I offer immense and heart felt gratitude to Swamiji for the bliss and the life solutions that YOU've given me.Just after YOU enter my life Swamiji,all my problems,sorrows and depressions simply flew away.YOU've bridged spirituality and science which has lead awakening in me.YOU've showed me the truth.I realized the purpose of life only after seeing YOU Swamiji.I had lived,living,and will be living my life with Swamiji's teachings and blessings forever.All those nonsense allegations on YOU could do nothing to my trust and devotion on YOU.It doesn't shake my trust, love and devotion on YOU in anyway also because for me YOU are the only TRUTH in the universe.I learnt the word TRUTH only from YOU.Based on my experience with Swamiji,HE is none other than the existence,cosmic energy or in a simple word HE is the GOD who had incarnated in the human form just for us,the human beings in this world.In this century,if God comes directly of course we can't accept it,so HE takes the human form. All I wanted to tell to those who are being against our SWAMIJI, please dont miss the GOD,who had incarnated for us because of the TRUE love and compassion that HE has on us.Please dont regret in future for missing HIM and also for being against HIM.
Shalini Asogan,

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Swami Nithyananda will come out of this scandal

I never know about Nityananda or Dharmapeedam till I saw the clipping in Sun News. This made me to do a search in Google about Nityananda and landed up in Dharmapeedam web site. I was impressed with some of the video clippings of meditation and teachings of swami. I also saw the interview to Times Now and understood the various fields Swami has contributed.

What has happened is a brutal invasion of privacy. This may be handiwork of people who are greedy that the Ashram has amassed lot of wealth. But they never knew that this wealth will be again going back to the people in various ways of social service.

Even Kanchi Sankaracharya faced trial for murder in Tamil Nadu. Now when we read the press, we come to know the witness have become hostile. Likewise we wish Swami will also come out of this scandal soon.

Thanks and Regards

R. Krishnamurthy
State Bank of India

Gratitude to Swamiji Nithyananda - What's the scandal all about?

Dear All.....


I offer my heart-felt gratitude and bow down at the divine feet of his holiness Paramahamsa Sri Sri Nithyananda Swamiji.

First of all, i would like to express my sincere appreciation to each one of you who have voiced your experiences

here and in contributing towards making a difference in your own special way!

Me and my family got to know about swamiji only in July last year. All our lives have been immensely transformed in this

short period of our association with swamiji. Earlier in 2009, i was diagonized to have had a block in one of my heart valve's

and i was in medication for my ailment's when i met swamiji. During my first kalpaturu darshan with swam‍iji, swamiji assured me

that i will regain my health. Till date i have not experienced any kind of ill health and i am doing very well not only in physical

wellness but also emotionally, mentally, spiritually and financially to be precises in all facets of life. Swamiji and his teachings

have been instrumentational in elevating our individual consciousness to the next higher dimension that we never knew was achievable

by common man. It was Swamiji and his tireless research in the field of spirituality that made even layman understand spirituality

and gave us all the clarity to approach life with a different perception all to together. It is definitely swami's presence that

lights up our beings and makes our life's worth living. No matter what happens, Me and my whole family will stand up for swamiji and his mission

of spreading living enlightenment.

In short, our experiences with Swamiji has woke us up to the realization that he is an Avatar on mission of making us all jeevan mukta's and

it is time for us all to prove the seed of enlightment which was implanted in all of us through his teachings and inititations which we received

from our master,out of his sheer compassion to humanity has bloomed at the very core of our beings as living enlightment.

Let us all continue to radiate and share our living enlightenment with the world!

In Nithyananda,

Nandha Kumar & family,

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My Guru Nithyananda

No doubt he is real guru. We are not able to justify his action since we are all sleeping whereas he is awaken. Only those awaken could know who he is. I have to revealed myself since I attained higher spiritual state with his guidance. We always communicate anandamaya kosha. We should understand that this physical world as same as our dream. Please look into your innerself. Then the light of nithyanandam shines as beacon. This is truth. Do not judge him by recent happenings. Then you will lose your guru.

Dr. Arumugam Raman
Senior Lecturer
College of Arts and Sciences,
Science Cognitive and Education Building,
Universiti Utara Malaysia

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My heart and soul support for you Nithyananda

Nithyanandam Swamiji

I have the proud to say that iam one among the Nithyananda Parampara...When i start to write about you and the strong experiences which i got from you that will be a never ending process as you are beyond words,action everything etc...I can see very clearly that iam totally "UNCLUTCHED" from the situation going on and at the same time the love and faith towards you grows stronger and stronger day by day.....

I just want to say one thing which is a famous saying in tamil that "When gold is rubbed again andagain it will shine brighter and brighter every time".......

I thank you for creating such an opportunity for me to share my experiences..

"Ohm Hreem Nithyanandaya Namha"

In His Bliss,

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My support to Paramahamsa Nithyananda

Beloved swamiji
Till now i dint met swamiji but since more than one and half year i am connected with swamiji by watching youtube . it has changed my life completly i always used to be in joy because of the truths which he express with intence confidence in each and every viedo .he has spoke nearly 7000hrs but he knows what he spoke 6years back and now he never manuplate he sticks to the truth. i have over comed many things in life without fear because of swamiji he gave me new meaning of life and each and every movement he takes care.i never belive in this incident because i know his words and his body language. do you thing did he learn all this things from book or some one he is more than that and now the WHOLE WORLD WILL KNOW THE TRUTH now one can stop him , i want to support swamiji sincearly with heart.
Murali NZ

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My Master Nithyananda - How can it be a scandal?

Master's love is deeper than ocean,
Master's lesson is bigger than the sky,
Master's sacrifice is greater than All,
Master's tale is better than the best novel on this earth,
Master's picture is more beautiful than a fascinating scenery,
Master's blessings are more powerful than the thousands of seas,
Master's shade is cooler than the shade of heavy laden trees,
Master's light is brighter than the sun,
Master's place is more sacred than any shrine,
Master's care higher than the heaven,
Kavitha, Malaysia

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Nithyananda - Heartbeat of the Absolute

These allegations against Swami came as a Tsunami jolting me out of my comfort zone. A few hours kept me frozen, numb and something piecered through me. But all these things I could feel and see. As tears rolled, I closed my eyes.
I met Swami for ASP in Rajapalayam in 2006 . After that was NSP, BSP and Healers Initiation, followed by Nithyanandam in 2009. I was never the same.His compassion in chiselling me and his unconditional love in polishing me, I cannot deny. Now I can proudly proclaim, the new birth of me was engineered and delivered by my beloved master. The unseen hand that guides me and the the profound presence that hovers over me makes me wonder as to what did I do to deserve all these? What has happened within me in this short span of time is real, as real as my heartbeat.The more I want to bracket myself with Him. Like me, there are tens of thousands of devotees all over the world wondering whats going on. I just wonder why this crusification and judgement against him? We have not moved from the time we did that to Buddha, Jesus and all the great masters. And yet we call ourselves civilised. The truth is out there waiting to reveal itself all in due time. As seconds tick by, lets look within ourselves. The change that has enveloped our whole being is a wonderful healing process, a gift by Swami to enable us to face the challenges of the world. We are no more the same and never will be. The energy is undeniablly authentic and is the heartbeat of the absolute. Nithya Anantham is here to stay in all of us no matter what happens. Hold steadyfast to that change that was born within all of us ; then the intoduction of you to you by Swami is real very real.

- Pari Nithya

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I am working as an executive in Public Sector. I have done different spiritual practices since the last twenty years.
I have studies the teachings of different enlightened masters of past and present. I have number of personal spiritual experiences during the
last twenty years. I know from experience about the exigence of God and presence of Prana in our body.

In the month of October 2008 I have seen the vedio (samadhi experience of swamiji) in the You tube. I was very much impressed by
his sincerity and honesty. I took a decision to spend at least half an hour daily to listen to the teachings of swamiji as i felt that his
teachings are indirectly helping for personality development, even if spiritual angle was ignored. I have listened to his teaching atleast
for three months. I realised that he is a man having subject and his teachings are practical. I have found that i am getting more clarity about
my unknown self, socity and god. Then I took a decision to test the practical aspect of his teachings.

In the month of January 2009 I have attended two days training programme (ASP) conducted in telugu in Hyderabad ashram by Ma. Ananda Jagati.
They have charged RS.1000/- from me for the two days training programme (which includes boaring and lodging). I have left the Hyderabad ashram
with lot of satisfaction. I have practiced the meditation technique of Muladhara and Anahata Chakras (which were taught) in ASP for 21 days. After
21 days i have started practicing NITYADHYAN daily. I have read some of the books of swamiji also since the last one year. During February 2010 I
have attended four day NSP conducted by swamiji.

i will share my experiences and inference and my stand in connection with the scandal that was aired in the media.

The changes i am able to observe in me after my exposure to swamiji teachings are furnished here under.

1. Now i have better clarity about Myself, society and God and death.
2. Now i am facing and handling 10 times more complex problems than earlier. Earlier i have lot of tension. Now i was
able to face and resolve the problems more coolly,peacefully.
3. Earlier I am more emotional and used to react when people are too much unreasonable. Now my emotional outbursts are reduced substancially.
4.I am sensing vibrations in diffrent chakras while doing meditation.
5. Earlier i had cardiac problem. I tried my level best to reduce my weight by 7 to 10 kgs. which i was unable to do. Just by practicing NITYADHYAN
daily without any break, my weight was reduced to 70 kgs from 78 kgs. My colestral level is normal.
6. I have circulated some of the lectures of SWAMIJI which are available in YOU TUBE to some of my collegues/subordinates. They have invested their time
and just listened to the llectures. They have not done any of the courses of swamiji and not practiced any of the Meditation techniques of SWAMIJI. I have
observed lot of transfermation in their personality. Their productivity increased. Their negative thinking about life decreased to a great extent. They have
expressed their gratitude and thanked me a lot for the transformation.
I am convinced that SWAMIJI is an enlightened soul who had come down to Planet Earth out of compassion to uplift people.

There is no need on the part of any one to believe that SWAMIJI is an enlightened MASTERl or GOD MAN. Even if we think WITH 100 % commertial
outlook, the utility value of SWAMJI teachings is far ahead of all personality development coaches across the GLOBE. By observing the Research
done on swamji when he is doing meditation and healing people (available in YOU TUBE )one can understand that what he is speaking is a fact and not
myth. His mental state is far ahead of greate athelets and world number one performers.

Let all the people who ever are blaming swamiji without any exposure to his teachings/works spend atleast three hours and listen to the life transforming
lectures of swamiji and then comment if their heart still permits.Paramahansa Yogananda tells that no body can touch the truth and come un changed. In examinations papers will be valued by teachers who have more knowledge than the students. Let the people who ever are commenting about swamiji, achieve atleast 10 % of what ever has been achieved by swamiji during the last 8 years public life. Media is just defaming the swamiji for increasing its rating and selfish ends. By damaging the image of GREATE people the media is doing more harm to the innocent General public.
The Media has done enormous damage to the image of SWAMJI in the minds of common public.

I know from experience that i have not lost anything by investing my time towards exposure to swamiji teachings and MEDITATION TECHNIQUES. I am
convinced that there is no fraud or cheating in the mission. I realised the fact that swamiji is operating from a plane which is different from the plane we
are operating. The scandal vedio disturbed us for few hours. I will follow the teachings and do the techniques taught by swamiji.

With respects,


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Love you forever

Beloved Swamiji ,

I Saw Your Nadi Palm leaf reading . I always knew You are Incarnation of Shiva . I saw You had the powers of healing and liberation like Shiva ,only I used to think Swamiji has little ego , if that goes away with age , He is just fully Shiva Himself . I also knew You are going to make a huge contribution to the growth of human consciousness in a big way .

On 16th Feb , last month ,I and my two friends went to a Nadi palm leaf reader in Mumbai . In fact I took my other two friends . My friends had their palm leaves read and their readings were very accurate. But my leaf could not be found so the Nadi astrologer told me come back next week because every week he rotates his leaves . Just next to the Nadi astrologer , I saw a Shiva temple , so we visited the temple and came back . But I did not go back to have my leaf read because I thought that God did not want it to be read and hence my leaf was not found .

Swamiji , I need to tell You somethings about myself when I meet You in person . Can’t understand again whether to have my palm leaf read . After coming back from LBE , I visited four Devi temples , the visits were not planned nor did I know the existence of those temples . Just two –three days before You came to Mumbai on 26th Jan , I was asking God please tell me something , give me some clue and suddenly a huge bus came right in front of me and it was written in bold along the full length of the bus

“Shiva – Shakti”. I was totally stunned .

Swamiji , please give me distance healing to be- healed completely , once again . ThankYou vey much . Love You too much , forever

- Bhanu

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