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Every morning I awaken with an intentional thought of perfect peace and bliss.. The tone of my day is recorded in my bio memory as I intentionally think thoughts of ease of motion,vitality and effortless functioning. I witness my thoughts with growing awareness..seeing the beauty of my expanded perception. I remember the techniques that render me at the will of God as "choicelessness (Viaragya)" automatically puts me in the driver's seat. Patanjali is my co-pilot in my amazing life as it unfurls in wave after wave of pure experience...no resistance. I am simply allowing the long spaces of pure consciousness to rock me through this life. I watch with curiosity as my small self sometimes slips into a complaining mode because of some external circumstance. I immediately "unclutch" into Vidurka or "right reasoning." I know when I slip into Codurka (or wrong reasoning ) because you, Nithyananda have taught me to "see deeply within my Self."
Every darshan,every note that I have taken (even though you said don't take notes!) ,every line in your eloquently written books of knowledge,every discourse on U-tube has carried me to this most auspicious point in time where I float in the arms of existence...observing yet not attached to the outcomes in my life.
I walk with an imaginary Sannyas stick with a little piece of paper at the top that says another Sanskrit word you have taught me.."UDASEEN" which means "come what may...."
I love this slice of life... I am no longer in control...I allow the universe to guide my destiny.
It's a safety and sweetness of life that I never experienced when being a stressed out micro manager.
I am living and breathing the DHARMA ...Right action....and living the consequences of my actions with grace and humility.
I realize that life puts you just exactly where you need to be to create the causes and conditions for your own evolution as well as that of the planet. Sometimes life can be observed and judged as pleasant or painful or not judged at all. I choose the latter.
The Course in Miracles states" in my defenseless my safety lies.." I am at ease in my defenseless,and in-JOY the drama of life unfolding.
Thank you my Master and teacher. I have learned how to navigate the universe thanks to your guidance.Vidurka (right reasoning), Vichara (contemplation from the mode of choicelessness) has lead to pure awareness and a blissful flowering in my non-judging non blaming soul.
You have given me more that I ever felt was possible... the practice that radiates enlightenment. How many Gurus on the planet can relish such success?
I am eternally indebted to you and will continue to radiate this truth every day of my life. As a school administrator in the US, I will transmit this pure knowledge of Patangali's Yoga Sutras, the Shiva Sutras and your greatest book "Living Enlightenment" to my students, parents and teachers as well.
I don't always understand the circumstantial reactivity of forces beyond my control,like the media,and those eager to produce sensationalistic "sleazy news." They have their place in the grand scheme of things.
One time while sitting in the dining hall at the ashram outside Bangalore, I observed your picture lift up into the air, project itself over objects on the table, and land on the floor...the frame cracking into many slivers...IT was a shock..how it happened, so unsuspected..so seemingly disastrous...yet I realized that I needed to Re-frame my relationship with you.
I knew that this was a sign or portent of some kind. I now realize that you are not in a frame at all..it's gone and what is left is just me....on my own...living and radiating the truth of what I have internalized from you.
Thank you my dear master
I continue to IN JOY the lila (play) of existence as it uses me and you in this topsy turfy drama of Life.
It's not the OUTCOME that matters ..it's the INCOME that counts!
And after witnessing the thousands of people that you have healed,influenced with your teachings,and unselfishly given your wealth of knowledge,our INCOME has been miraculous!! We are breathing that MILLION AIR of pure enlightened bliss!
The wisdom,the compassion, the shakti (energy of the life force) are alive and well in me!
Thanks to you my dear teacher and guru...The mission and meaning of the word Guru is "to lead out of the darkness." and for me as well as thousands of others you have done just that.
Deborah Chance
Ma Nithya Jeevita

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