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More healing miracles in Seattle

Nithyanandam friends,

Yesterday I met my friend Dr Karen Jones MD for lunch.

Karen is a surgeon in women's health care and also has a private practice in energy healing. She is a Lutheran Christian, and studies as well with Sai Ma.

She learned about SwamiJi from me last summer 2009. When he came to Seattle in Nov 2009, Karen came attended the program.

The wife of Karen's church minister was very sick with liver failure. In July 2009 she had been placed into hospice program, which means her doctor gave her less than six months to live. Many treatments had been tried and all had failed. She was extremely swollen with fluids and in constant pain and nausea.

Karen asked SwamiJi during darshan to heal her friend. He agreed and promised it would happen.

A month later, the fluid swelling was noticeably reduced and the minister's wife was well enough that her husband took her to Hawaii for a "last trip".

When they returned, she continued to improve. Now, in May 2010, she is fully back to her regular life and only sees her doctor for occasional monitoring. Her liver tests have normalized.

I didn't know any of this until yesterday. Karen and I had both been traveling since Kalpataru and she never told me about her friend nor about her request.

Karen agreed that I could quote her story and use her name at this website. She looks forward to seeing SwamiJi again when he next tours the US.

in Nithyananda,

Karen Jones MD. CBH
Ma Sarvavidyaa Nithya, RN, MA, FOI, IBCLC

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It will be overwhelming victory for Master Nithyananda

I am very happy that Nithyananda is taking these negative forces head on. When he is out in public life nobody can stop him from winning people's heart. Now when he is in jail, all the inmates and officials are getting blessings from him and I am sure he is now working on the psyque of the people who r not in public life, he is intense energy who is active all the time and changing this world very fast. Now nobody can stop the Master. Wow I am so happy for all the poor, simple people who had lost faith in everything, now god is descending in so many forms and the brave Nithyananda has taken the toughest task. It will be a treat to watch this battle, How beautifully this statement of Vivekananda is coming true that a single YOGI is sufficient to erase 90 lakh negative people, It will be overwhelming victory for The Master Nithyananda. He is amazing/ Adbhut.


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Article in New York Times: In India, Sometimes News Is Just a Product Placement

From The New York Times:

LETTER FROM INDIA: In India, Sometimes News Is Just a Product Placement

The country is grappling with reports that editorial space in newspapers and other media outlets is being sold to companies or politicians without it being labeled as such for readers. Read on....


PONDICHERRY, INDIA — A businessman I know was approached by representatives of a leading Indian national newspaper and offered a deal: Give us a stake in your company, and we’ll give you advertising space and favorable editorial coverage.

A publisher told me that she received a similar proposition: Pay us, and we’ll interview your authors and write features about them.

Sushma Swaraj, the parliamentary leader of the Bharatiya Janata Party, has said that she was offered favorable media coverage during national elections last year in exchange for 10 million rupees, or $220,000.

I wrote a few weeks ago about the commercialization of intellectual and cultural life in India. There is perhaps no example of this trend more egregious than the phenomenon of “paid content” or “paid news,” in which space for articles in newspapers, magazines and the electronic media is sold without it being labeled as such for readers.

Rumors about shady practices — unethical, possibly illegal — in the Indian media have circulated for years. Over the past year or so, and especially since the 2009 parliamentary elections, when the sale of media space was reported to have reached new heights, the issue has drawn more attention.

Questions have been raised in Parliament. Last July, the Press Council of India, a government-sanctioned monitoring group, formed a two-man committee to look into the allegations. The committee completed a draft report last week that was due to be released publicly, but that release is on hold after a strong show of opposition from media owners.

Nonetheless, many of the report’s key findings have been leaked into the public domain, and they make for damning reading. Though publishers have complained that the evidence presented is weak, the report identifies several publications that are believed to have sold editorial space and it lists scores of instances in which the practice allegedly occurred.

Paranjoy Guha-Thakurta, one of the authors of the report, told me that one of its most disturbing findings was that the practice of paid content had become “institutionalized.” He said that it goes beyond individual editors or publishers, and beyond the occasional paid junket. “What started out as an individual aberration has become an illness, an epidemic of sorts,” he said. “This makes the malpractice all the more troubling.”

The commercialization of the Indian media takes many forms. It has been known for some time that a few of India’s leading media conglomerates — including Bennett, Coleman & Co., the publisher of The Times of India and The Economic Times — offer what that company calls “innovative” and “integrated” marketing strategies that blur the traditional line between advertising and article content. Bennett, Coleman’s Medianet division, for example, lets advertisers place articles on certain pages in the paper without clearly marking them as advertising.

One of the company’s more aggressive offerings is a product known as a Private Treaty, which offers companies a certain amount of advertising space in exchange for equity stakes in those companies. According to the Private Treaties Web site, Bennett, Coleman now holds such equity stakes in more than 100 companies.

Officially, the companies are only given advertising space. But at least one businessman confirmed to me that it was made clear that he could also expect favorable news coverage.

At the very least, it seems evident that Private Treaties set up a very serious conflict of interest, a point highlighted last year when the Indian stock market regulator, the Securities and Exchange Board of India, wrote a letter to the chairman of the Press Council expressing concern about the business practice.

Private Treaties are an example of the commodification of business news. But much of the recent attention in India has focused on paid political content. Over the past year or so, there have been a growing number of reports of politicians paying media houses for favorable coverage or to skirt restrictions on campaign financing.

P. Sainath, the rural affairs editor of The Hindu, a national newspaper, has been instrumental in drawing attention to such practices. In a series of articles on elections in Maharashtra State last year, Mr. Sainath listed specific prices for different kinds of articles.

For 400,000 rupees, he found, newspapers would publish the profile of a candidate as well as “four news items of your choice.” For 15 million rupees — ten times the amount a candidate in state assembly elections can legally spend on a campaign — politicians could buy a special supplement.

Such practices come in for particular condemnation in the Press Council report, which argues that paid political content is not only unethical, but also illegal.

Paying for political content involves three acts of deception, the report says, according to Mr. Guha-Thakurta. First, it deceives citizens and consumers, who are not aware that the “news” they are reading is in fact an advertisement. Second, it violates election spending laws. And finally, newspapers receiving payment from politicians are usually violating tax laws, given that the operations are clandestine.

More generally, the report argues that paid content “undermines Indian democracy” and it calls on the government to protect India’s democratic values and institutions. Notably, it recommends adding the purchase of content to the list of acts — including corruption and incitement to communal violence — that are already defined as “electoral malpractice” under Indian law.

Driving the prevalence of paid content are some of the forces to which I drew attention a few weeks ago: a growing infatuation in India with commerce and business, and the incursion of markets into virtually every aspect of private and public life.

In many respects, the advent of competition has been good for the media. According to a recent study, the Indian newspaper market is expected to grow at a compounded annual rate of 12.5 percent between 2009 and 2013, making it a rare bright spot in the otherwise dismal firmament of the global media industry.

But with this growth come new pressures, too. India has almost 70,000 registered newspapers and more than 450 television channels. It is perhaps unsurprising that some of these publishers have been tempted to experiment with new business models and to take shortcuts to profits.

Unsurprising — but for the country, and for the sake of its public life and democracy, deeply worrisome.

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Please return Nithyananda back to the world!








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Dear all those who are Devotees,followers, supporters and friends of swami ji

The way to get our swami BACK and BAILED is not to suffer thinking oh our swami is in jail and what not. i want to make this very CLEAR: I know if all of us who are with swami ji follow this YOU WILL GET SWAMI JI BACK i am doubtless. This is what needs to be done: you can look at this in the name of a technique.


1: FEEL YOUR FEELINGS OF SWAMI JI BEING BACK NOW, you know how you would feel you would be really happy and would be celebrating that, so celebrate that NOW!!
2:your words, your actions, your thoughts and your feeling should be that of swami ji has been bailed now.
3: The most important thing to know here is that your words like this, your actions like this are only needed if they are helping you feel and think deeply that swami ji is bailed now. The key here is to FEEL AND THINK in the way that you would knowing swami ji is BAILED now.

4: when you generate these types of thoughts and feelings you will see that the result is swami ji being back and out of jail.

Note: you know how to think, just think the way you would as if he is actually bailed

Be blissfull


Om Hreem Nithyanandaya namaha

please do post this on the blog site
thank you

- Devansh Joshi

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With deep gratitude

Swamiji has saved me from calamities in my life. I am in deep gratitude to him. His teachings and techniques are absolute truth. His teachings brought maturity to my life.

There are different kinds of knowledge available in schools and universities. The knowledge swami nityananda gives is not available anywhere.

The knowledge of life, the awakening to life, the method of living a conflict free life without compromising one's unique structure and various techniques and scripitures which were not available to us are revealed to us by a courageous and dignified master.

All calculations made out of jelousy will fail. That seems to be the law of the universe. After years of atrosities the british finally established schools and colleges which gave new hope and life. I thank the european traders who came and established the Courts, otherwise our Master would have been destroyed by the village head. Today we have the internet and advanced communications.

After years of depressed life style when someone is sharing knowledge let us learn with gratitude, for this knowledge is not logic and will not work in a logical manner. Today we need the teachings which he is giving us which is not available readily.

Suresh. Swamiji has saved me from calamities in my life. I am in deep gratitude to him. His teachings and techniques are absolute truth. His teachings brought maturity to my life.

There are different kinds of knowledge available in schools and universities. The knowledge swami nityananda gives is not available anywhere.

The knowledge of life, the awakening to life, the method of living a conflict free life without compromising one's unique structure and various techniques and scripitures which were not available to us are revealed to us by a courageous and dignified master.

All calculations made out of jelousy will fail. That seems to be the law of the universe. After years of atrosities the british finally established schools and colleges which gave new hope and life. I thank the european traders who came and established the Courts, otherwise our Master would have been destroyed by the village head. Today we have the internet and advanced communications.

After years of depressed life style when someone is sharing knowledge let us learn with gratitude, for this knowledge is not logic and will not work in a logical manner. Today we need the teachings which he is giving us which is not available readily.


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We need His support!

To The Master and for the Master

I dont know how to support Master Sri Paramhamsa Nithyananda. I can only feel good thinking he is beyond all this small situations which we are seeing. HE is lord SHIVA himself. so HE can well take care of himself. Probably we need his support at
this moment.

Namaha Shivay.

Pranab Sarkar

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Alone in the mountain

Blame words invade my sacred space
Pressing images upon my hesitant mind.
Casting seeds of fear, greed, doubt and lust.
Media is the power, “recorder of Truth”--
Judge, jury, executioner, undertaker,
Conscience keeper and moral inquisitor.

You did something shady they say,
Which makes you not what you are.
You deserve to be punished they say,
And quote some figures on police paper.
I do not think they will let up their attack
They are strong, determined and vicious.

Yet alone as you are, in the cold mountain
Many having deserted you at first light, so many..
Rush not to judgement, you said to us,
Be calm in your sacred space, be unclutched.
Bright and divine did shine your lamp
But a lurid storm sought its extinguishment.

What you did teach me, only I know inside
How to live, laugh, and feel free.
It matters not to me what they say you did
For you did never deceive me, and misled me not.
You showered me with light, lit up the path ahead
Does it matter the make or color of the lamp?

I take heart, my Guru for such are lessons
Existence sends us when She seeks our growth.
Part verily of that Causeless Auspiciousness
Endowing divinity into all universal truth.
Material powers are ranged against you
But they are shallow, and Grace will prevail.

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My beloved Swamiji


I am from Malaysia.And i was first introduced to swami through a healer nearby my residence.At first,when i was newly introduced,i have to admit i did'nt believe in all these.That was in 2008,when i was 14 years old.Then,i continously went there even when i did'nt know what i suppose to do when the healing is given.As months passed,my mom(a healer now) sent my siblings and i for the ASP programme.By then,i have learnt how to do the meditation and guru pooja.even during that time,i was doing that for the sake of my mom.She was very into swami and i did'nt want to hurt her feelings by going against her in this matter.So,i did whatever i'm suppose to do like attending satsang ,healings and mostly i really enjoyed listening to the songs.During the ASP,i knew that smthing is definitely going to change in me.I felt it but i was unsure what could it be.After the ASP,i still continued going for satsangs and healing.

Then,on the year 2009,when we met another friend of mom's who happened to be a healer as well.She invited us to join a satsang that was held at her place.that's when i really felt swami,i felt as though i was chosen for some reason that will change me totally.i cried there and i was speaking from my heart to him.And i even felt that he's listening.the miracles that happened in that moment is something that i can never forget.those miracles changed my life.I am a stubborn girl,hot -tempered,and am always by myself.suddenly,in a 2 hour session,something that i always though impossible to happen, happened on me!I could feel his presence.That's when all started!

At the end of Disember,my mom said that we're going to india with her friend &family.I was relucant to go because i had my examination results coming and i wanted to be there to take it.My mom did'nt force me,but,little did i know that ,anyhow ,i will be going.The trip to India was 25 days.And as expected,i went.I felt totally lucky because i did my first NSP in Salem!!!Imagine coming all the way from Malaysia and i get to spend four blissful days with swami in India!!.That NSP ment that it would be the fist time i'm seeing swamiji in person.He,the person who i always cry to,always speak to.Attending NSP changed me alot,in so many ways.Some changes which i notice and some that i did'nt notice.The four days experience is something that i could'nt put in words.Right after the NSP,my mom said that we are going for BSP as well!!!And this time,BSP is held in Bidadi Ashram itself!I was eager to go there and spend 9 days in ashram.9 beautiful days!!!In ashram,i had swami's darshan every morning.Even when we travelled from the hotel to ashram every day.

But we,never left the chance to get swami's blessing.I was living in heaven.I spoke to swami ,i got swami's darshan.and we also met the wonderful and always smiling ashramites.i love being with the ashramites as they were completely friendly,easy to talk to and they were just very nice to us.Everytime,during the break when BSP was held,I always ran to the temple and the banyan tree.I 'ld hug Dhakshinamoorthy and tell him that i'll come at the next break.I became a small child in that heavenly place,Bidadi Ashram!!During the morning break,i'ld run to the temple ,pray,sit down and stare at Anandeswarar & Anandeshwari.Then,i'ld visit the banyan tree and Dakshinamoorthy.This was how i was in Ashram for 9 beautiful days.I thought that after BSP,i won't be seeing anymore of swami.but,things happened otherwise,even the elders did'nt plan for it to happen.

It was the Pratyuksha Padha Pooja!!Which ment that i will be seeing swami again! and this time personally.I got very excited.My mom was quite worried b'coz she did'nt bring enough cash.She saved some for luggage purpose at the airport.And she did'nt want to touch it at all.Suddenly,out of the blue,she pulled out some cash with a smiling face.That cash was balance from her previous trip to the U.S. and there was no way that the money could be there.Surprisingly,the cash was just enough to pay for the Padha Pooja.Without delaying,she payed for the pooja.Then,my mom & us, together with a family friend did the pooja for swami.It was heavenly moment .We could feel the energy.After the pooja,swami called us one by one.When it was my turn,he turned and with a motherly smile he asked"what you want to say,ma?'I could feel my heart beat stopped.It was very hard to digest that swami is actually speaking to me personally.That's when a realisation came to me.That swami was actually listening to what i've been saying to him infront of his picture back in Malaysia.

At that time ,i remember asking him lots of questions and raised doubts about him infront of his picture thinking that he's not actually listening.But,when in India,everything he said in NSP and BSP,answered all my questions and doubts.
Thats when all that flashback came to my mind infront of swamiji who's sitting and smiling and waiting for my reply.But,nothing seem to come out of my throat.Without knowing,i just said' Thank you very much swamy'.Then.tears started pouring out.Swamy,like a mother who would calm her child ,hugged me.patted on my back and said 'Don't worry ,ma .I'm always with you".Thats when i felt smthing..something that is just too wonderful....its difficult to put it in words.Then swami gave me a handfull of chocolates.It was the best moments in my life.

Now,when i think back about all those experiences i had with swami in India.my tears start pouring b'coz the person who changed my life completely,is now in a place where he should'nt even be.I am just a very small part from those who have experienced wonders.All i could do is always pray for him to be released.How long can a master be abused?Now,in the millineum world where transformation is necessary,everybody,young or old,all are seeking for spirituality.I do believe that there is never an unanswered prayer.so,all i want to say is for those who is like me...the best thing we could do is atleast pray for him...pray for his release.We need our swami back!!!!Let those who can help him in other way do theirr part...for those like me ,lets pray....God will never turn us down!!!!Its time we do something to save our swami who have done alot..who have sacrificed his life just to save us..!!!nithyanandam....

Kaalushaa Bhaskaran

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The Human Mind to Judge


ONE OF MY FRIENDS ASKED ME, “Do You Support Nithyanandham?”












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Power of NOW! Urgent request to all!


NOW is the only option !!

Please let us all rise higher to realize that there is no such thing as time, no minutes, hours nor seconds in God's watch. There is no weekday nor weekends, nor any holidays, nor any dates in God's calendar. There is no such things as proceedings, legal laws, lawyers, rules nor regulations in God's court.

If this seems too Bhakti oriented, you would come to the very same conclusion if you took the Quantum Physics route as Einstein did. There is neither time nor location, nor distance, etc, etc ! Even Quantum Physics is a sweet ecstatic path of rich devotion cloaked in modern logic for intellectual and eventually intelligent minds !

So Please Everyone - let us not waste ourselves playing with small time logic and questioning the validity of this request and running here and there ! ( Remember even Ganesha won, because he chose to remain stationary and go around Shiva and Parvati three times, while Subramanya chose to ride the peacock and go around the world, when Shiva gave them both a test. This is the significance. Each of our puranaas are dripping with the nectar of absolute Truths.)

Even in this year's Shivaratri message in February, our Master has specifically instructed us to use the power of Now !

Let us all continuously pray and wish and visualize that

1. Master comes out of this as INNOCENT - NOW!
2. Let the most wonderful things happen to our Master NOW !
3. Whatever transformations are required for whoever, disciples, devotees, the masses, the world and all , let it happen NOW so that our Master comes out Now !

Even if this seems to hit your logic.. Just hold on to these three lines and please go beyond your logic and make this wish, please send these three thoughts out to the Existence. It will definitely Manifest Now!

Let us not use our small time logic to question. 'Oh it is weekend, it is holiday it is night, or let us not say, oh the hearing date is set for Wednesday, for next week, let us not say it should go through this process or that !

NO! - God's fantasy, God's logic is beyond everything our small mind can ever come up with.

PLEASE just use the absolute Truth - NOW ! If all of us continuously do it, it is possible NOW for our beloved Master to come out NOW !

Thank You
Nithyananda Devotee

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Don't lose Him once more!!!


Some words that have come to me after seeing the situation unfold and seeing the ways of some of the closest disciples ...

Wake Up!!
O Kindered souls, oh my brothers and sisters!
Though in different bodies, Remember, we are but one soul!

Remember, when we faltered, when we didn’t know the way
When our beings were crying out to be saved, from the many guilt’s
Which tried to destroy our thoughts by multiplying manifold
Remember the game of merry-go-round we played, not knowing
What we seemed to enjoy, was binding us ever more
To the cycle of life and death over and over more

Remember, when we were afraid to take a single step forward
The hand that held us, with all our diseased layers
The hand that accepted us the way we were without any judgement
The hand that held us to heal us of all our malaise

Remember the Being that showed us that darkness can be warm and loving
The being that taught us not to be scared of even Death
As it is nothing but melting into the loving arms of existential mother
The being that revealed the loving, forgiving healing face of mother
Who embraced all our sores of guilt, anger, jealousies and discontent

Who revealed the very mother in whose lap we found solace, peace and love
The one who took over our burdens with words, “I will take care”
Remember the effect of the simple assurance, the lightness of the being
Of having at last found our Guru, our Savior

Today, our Savior needs the support, from the ones that he saved
But we are letting our treacherous minds get the better of us
Why can’t we see the veil of maya clouding our judgement?
Why can’t we see existence testing our faith?
Why cannot we accept all that happens as “causeless auspiciousness”
Stop fighting with the world and our selves

Wake up, Oh kindered souls, Awaken!
Do not crucify the messiah, our savior once again!
Cause once the deed is done, you may not be able to undo
However much remorse the understanding may later bring
You may not be able to undo the cycle of karmas created

The generations which may loose out the light to show the way
Of which we were lucky enough to have had a glimpse
Cause, we were foolish enough to let our minds play the blame game
With the one who has given us all of himself, cause he cares

He has come to break the conditionings of the mind
He has come to remodel our concepts of life
Cause once we accept that everything that happens is existence’s will
And accept the same as such without reserve

Surrender to the will without resistance and jugdement
Only then we shall know the truth untold. open the door to transformation
With the grace of the guru, we shall merge
with the totality and the Beauty of Existence

Why are we letting our ego create the wedge of seperation
Cause at the end of the cosmic day, we are all One
Seeming to be different , with different body, mind organs
Know that once the body mind are cleansed
In the space of Nirvana, we are all one

Can we throw a stone at ourselves thinking it is the other
Know that it is the mind that judges and makes us the other
Think from the heart, feel from the heart, and you shall know the truth
The threads of connections joining us all

Do not break the delicate bonds forged so lovingly by you
Do not miss the grace of the enlightened master
Due to the blockages of ego
and due to the gyrations of the mind

The master is nothing but a Sea of Compassion, if you see
He is benevolent and forgiving and so full of grace
He is here only because of his compassion to bring us to ourselves
He is here to take us back to the source

Enough times we have listened to the mind and suffered jeevan mrityu chakra
Enough times we have missed the great masters like Krishna, Buddha and more
Wake up o Kindered souls!
Don’t loose him once more!!

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Mail to Hon'ble Justice; Plea to release Swamiji soon

Subject : Please release our Swamiji
Hon'ble Mr. Justice
Sir ,
I have benefitted immensely through Nithyananda Swamiji's teachings and meditation techniques.
Thousands around the globe have been healed mentally, physically and emotionally .
I haven't been harmed an iota by him.
We sincerely plead to you to release Swamiji from custody as we believe he is not a criminal.
Please sir , we plead and beg you to relase our Swamiji immeditately.
Thank you
Sincerely yours

shalini , working as software engineer in computer associates hyderabad , 7 yrs of s/w experience
sir , am a post graduate in informationtechnology,, and i here by wanna mail you to say that swamiji does
only good for the public,,, if you juz happen to see shiva sutras you tube videos , you urself will know it ...

kindly consider our request and release swamiji aasap...


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Living Enlightenment with Swamiji!

I am a Reiki and Past life Regression practitoner.I knew nothing about Swamiji before I decided to attend Swamiji's last NSP programme in Hyderabad.I was looking for some intensive meditation program in Hyderabad that I could attend.I searched on the net and happened to read about his program in the dhyanpeetham website.I registered immediately without any second thoughts and my experience was absolutely transformational.

I experienced some of the most wonderful meditation techniques designed beautifully and explained simply and sincerely by Swamiji.Words will fail to express the quality of spiritual experience I had in the NSP.During the Energy Darshan I asked for his help in pursuing the spiritual purpose of my life.He blessed me and that was the time I closely felt his energies;buzzing in my ears,love and peace bursting from my heart!I am unable to recount the experience!

Later I read his book "Living Enlightenment" which is a spiritual masterpiece in the sense it explains,in the simplest of terms,everything you need to know about spirituality.The technology and experience of Nithya Dhyan is unbeatable.You only have to practice it to feel the difference.In my own small network I have been talking about him,his message and his technology.

I am confident of my spiritual journey and am personally unfazed by the developments that have taken place and all that is being spoken about him.Possibly there is a higher spiritual purpose to the suffering that Swamiji and his disciples have had to go through. Perhaps it is part of a bigger cosmic plan which is not fully clear at the moment.I think with time the higher energies will balance out everything and Swamiji's mission will continue worldwide.Swamiji is a Master healer and I would like to take Healer's Initiation from him

Love and sunshine


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Ideas for effective action: Let us stand up for Nithyananda


Is it possible for someone in the Ashram to contact all the alleged people (actress, etc ) in the various videos.
Can they form a group and lead a peacefull rally of devotees in front of the High Court, the Government and the court in Ramanagaram.

Please call and request them.. Tell them about this plan.
If this is organized immediately - Announce it in a BIG WAY on the website the specific date and time. Please get a host of devotees from various places to also protect the rallying group and to maintain our own peace and order.

Please get the lawyers also to get some police protection for the rally because it will be in a peaceful way.

Second Option
Can all the alleged people in the video team up as a single group and make a VIDEO denouncing what is going on , the proceedings ANd put it up on the YOU TUBE ??
Can the group be arranged in a studio kind of setting - with maybe Rajiv Malhotra or like person helping and compering.

And also send the video to the judge and varios departments?
Can you please contact their lawyers and seek this action plan ? Please !

Third Option

Please call various influential devotees in Tamil Nadu, UK, Malaysia, US, Rajiv Malhotra and ask for suggestions of effective action plan.. If they can come down and produce a video each day for us to be put up on You Tube..?
Let us show our strength in peaceful and effective ways ?

The single team of the different ladies in those different videos can blissfull STAND UP and say boldly:

"YES, WE are the ladies in those different videos taken and shown unlawfully all around without our permission! Our Master is Father and Mother to us and He has not harmed us in anyway..no matter how you perceive it and no matter how the media is forcing you to percieve it !"

Thank You !

Thank You

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Please release Swamiji from custody soon

Registrar General,
High Court of Karnataka.

Please also look into bright side of our Guru Paramahamsa Nithyanda instead just concentrate on conspired immoral media report. Please find the link below for more information


Thank you.

Jagadish Nallappan

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Release Swamiji soon - This is violation of Human Rights!

Dear devotees of Paramhamsa Sri Nithyananda!

I have one proposal for you. It crossed my mind that, like we all know, in swamiji's case we can speak about violation of human rights –if he is beeing kept in prison for so long time without eny evidence of commiting something illegal? I think it could do no harm if you-asramities - contact United Nations – Department for Human Rights to get at least some advice what to do in the situation. If yourcountry signed any kind of convention about human rights, there are some legal ways on behalf of UN they can undertake.

With compassion and best wishes for you all,


EU, Slovenia

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Times of India: Bidadi Villagers Support Nithyananda

09 May 2010, Bangalore

What has the tainted self-styled godman, Swami Nityananda, got to do with the GP elections? Nothing one would say, until one realized the stark change in the stand of the
electorate at several gram panchayats at Bidadi under which the controversial seer’s Dhyanapeetam ashram falls. As polling began on Saturday, a number of villagers arrived at the booths and raised slogans in support of the swami just before voting. Earlier, the same villagers had raised nasty slogans and had torn his cutouts outside the ashram after his sexual misdemeanors were beamed on various television channels.

“We are least bothered about what he did in Tamil Nadu or elsewhere. But here he has lived like a true seer. We also don’t know what was his association with the actress (Ranjitha) but none of our women here had any complaints against him,’’ said Shekar Gowda, a supporter of candidate contesting Hithamadu gram panchayat.

(Original Newspaper Snapshot below)

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Every morning I awaken with an intentional thought of perfect peace and bliss.. The tone of my day is recorded in my bio memory as I intentionally think thoughts of ease of motion,vitality and effortless functioning. I witness my thoughts with growing awareness..seeing the beauty of my expanded perception. I remember the techniques that render me at the will of God as "choicelessness (Viaragya)" automatically puts me in the driver's seat. Patanjali is my co-pilot in my amazing life as it unfurls in wave after wave of pure experience...no resistance. I am simply allowing the long spaces of pure consciousness to rock me through this life. I watch with curiosity as my small self sometimes slips into a complaining mode because of some external circumstance. I immediately "unclutch" into Vidurka or "right reasoning." I know when I slip into Codurka (or wrong reasoning ) because you, Nithyananda have taught me to "see deeply within my Self."
Every darshan,every note that I have taken (even though you said don't take notes!) ,every line in your eloquently written books of knowledge,every discourse on U-tube has carried me to this most auspicious point in time where I float in the arms of existence...observing yet not attached to the outcomes in my life.
I walk with an imaginary Sannyas stick with a little piece of paper at the top that says another Sanskrit word you have taught me.."UDASEEN" which means "come what may...."
I love this slice of life... I am no longer in control...I allow the universe to guide my destiny.
It's a safety and sweetness of life that I never experienced when being a stressed out micro manager.
I am living and breathing the DHARMA ...Right action....and living the consequences of my actions with grace and humility.
I realize that life puts you just exactly where you need to be to create the causes and conditions for your own evolution as well as that of the planet. Sometimes life can be observed and judged as pleasant or painful or not judged at all. I choose the latter.
The Course in Miracles states" in my defenseless my safety lies.." I am at ease in my defenseless,and in-JOY the drama of life unfolding.
Thank you my Master and teacher. I have learned how to navigate the universe thanks to your guidance.Vidurka (right reasoning), Vichara (contemplation from the mode of choicelessness) has lead to pure awareness and a blissful flowering in my non-judging non blaming soul.
You have given me more that I ever felt was possible... the practice that radiates enlightenment. How many Gurus on the planet can relish such success?
I am eternally indebted to you and will continue to radiate this truth every day of my life. As a school administrator in the US, I will transmit this pure knowledge of Patangali's Yoga Sutras, the Shiva Sutras and your greatest book "Living Enlightenment" to my students, parents and teachers as well.
I don't always understand the circumstantial reactivity of forces beyond my control,like the media,and those eager to produce sensationalistic "sleazy news." They have their place in the grand scheme of things.
One time while sitting in the dining hall at the ashram outside Bangalore, I observed your picture lift up into the air, project itself over objects on the table, and land on the floor...the frame cracking into many slivers...IT was a shock..how it happened, so unsuspected..so seemingly disastrous...yet I realized that I needed to Re-frame my relationship with you.
I knew that this was a sign or portent of some kind. I now realize that you are not in a frame at all..it's gone and what is left is just me....on my own...living and radiating the truth of what I have internalized from you.
Thank you my dear master
I continue to IN JOY the lila (play) of existence as it uses me and you in this topsy turfy drama of Life.
It's not the OUTCOME that matters ..it's the INCOME that counts!
And after witnessing the thousands of people that you have healed,influenced with your teachings,and unselfishly given your wealth of knowledge,our INCOME has been miraculous!! We are breathing that MILLION AIR of pure enlightened bliss!
The wisdom,the compassion, the shakti (energy of the life force) are alive and well in me!
Thanks to you my dear teacher and guru...The mission and meaning of the word Guru is "to lead out of the darkness." and for me as well as thousands of others you have done just that.
Deborah Chance
Ma Nithya Jeevita

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Let's act immediately!

Dear Friends,
I found this contact info on the web.
Registrar General,
High Court of Karnataka,
High Court Buildings,
Opp. to Vidhana Saudha, Ambedkar Veedhi,
Bangalore-560 001.
Phone: +(91)-(80)-22954778
Email-id: rghck.kar@nic.in
If we all feel so strongly about this issue, we have to SHOW IT.
Pleeeeeeeeeease lets all send out a short email to -
Subject : Please release our Swamiji
Hon'ble Mr. Justice
Sir ,
I have benefitted immensely through Nithyananda Swamiji's teachings and meditation techniques.
Thousands around the globe have been healed mentally, physically and emotionally .
I haven't been harmed an iota by him.
We sincerely plead to you to release Swamiji from custody as we believe he is not a criminal.
Please sir , we plead and beg you to relase our Swamiji immeditately.
Thank you
Sincerely yours
Please draft this email NOW ( feel free to add anything else) . It only takes few minutes of your time.
Dont forget to title your email....PLEASE RELEASE SWAMIJI FROM CUSTODY....
In Nithyananda

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Action needed to protect Swamiji

Swamiji need to be protected from vultures

I am feeling helpless after understanding what's going on around Swamiji.
We devotees need to counter forces against Swamiji,
Some useless idiots, making false allegations and utter lies on Swamiji.

I really believe, we (well wishers of Swamiji) must team up and counter forces against Swamiji.
Any lawyers here, who can guide us on how devotees can legally can team up & take some action to protect their GURU.
I don't mind putting some efforts & funds on possibility of taking some action to protect Swamiji in any way.

Please every one, we need to come together and look for options to protect Swamiji now & in future.


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We will make a rennaisance

Hi Ncourage team

I do not see any action. Get Ram Jethmalani into the scene. we are here to help out . We want our Swamiji out. When there are so many crooks making 32 crores in a day . What is wrong with our ashram having 32crores with 20 million devotees. We have all donated and will continue to do so. We need only 100 dedicated people we can bring about a renaisance. That is not the problem we want our Swamiji out . This is atrocoiuos there are stories and stories with no basis whatsoever. There are dogs barking everywhere, will it really affect the elephant -never.
It is no good just being a good godly human being --what is the use if we cant stand for our Guru. Then what can we stand for. We are sure we will succeed . Each and every devotee will pitch in .

Dr Abhaya kumar


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I pray for your early release

Dear Swamiji
I am not your disciple.After seeing you in TV only I sarted readinf some of your videos,writings etc. I was really amazed to know your depth of knowledge in all the fields.I personally feel,nobody should entertain any body from cine field.Why your disciples are not doing any satyagraha of Gandhi type.
Swamiji, atleast hereafter you be the sympathyser or supporter of any political party like BJP,Congress or RSS,so that some one voice your case in parliament.Lenin karuppan may be instigated by christians.Please check.
Swamiji please do not think Iam advising you.When I am begging your divinity to cure my keloid,how can I advice you?These are all only suggestions which any body can say.I pray my Master to help you for your early release.
With respect and love

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Feelings for Swamiji


I Miss Swamiji terribly I watch the discourses on youtube over and over again and read life solutions again .I read the Bangalore mirror news but I just dont understand why Swamiji is in Jail I don't get it he didn't do any thing wrong in my eyes the laws in India has very strange laws to put someone in jail there is no substantial evidence against him this is an ordeal beyond belief.I center myself and meditate and I feel his presents he is always with me and I with him he is my Guru. Help me understand what is going on is it political ? is it blackmail? is is vengeance ? what the heck is it ?this makes me upset how could anyone do this to Swamiji ? I cant fathom Swamiji doing anything they say he has done !!! I will wait and stand by him I will wait ,I will wait .......I miss his Face and radiating bliss....I pray for vitarka ....I pray for eternal bliss in the world....I pray for Swamiji.

In Nithyananda

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Fortunate to have met Paramahamsa Nithyananda

Dear Swamiji,

About three years back, I came with my family to listen to your talks. It was a small gathering at the Shiva Vishnu Temple in San Diego, California. I prayed to the idol and while beginning to sit down, your eyes caught me. I did not feel any hesitation and it felt like an introduction, a saying of hello. Later, I happened to listen and enjoy your talks on youtube. I was also learning about other spiritual movements. It then dawned on me that I was blessed by You on that day of your talks, that I had attended. What a Grace! I feel very fortunate that I came to listen to You on that day.

It is saddening to see the pains in these times. Also, due to an illness, I was emotionally drained. But I cried seeing the difficulties that are created around you. I am able to become emotionally free through your deep love and compassion. More blessing from You keeps coming.

Becoming one with God is as easy as getting Your blessing or it is as difficult as the incapacity to keep calm in turbulent times and persistly act according to one's faith. I am learning to pray to Divine Beings like You to walk the path of faith and peace when challenges,through doubts arise.

Thank You for Your Blessings and Compassion.

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Swamiji Nithyananda is not a ordinary being

Subject: Swamiji Nithyananda is not a ordinary being.

Swamiji did so much to the society, it's impossible to perceive by ordinary eyes.
Swamiji transferred millions of peoples lives to live much much better way than ever before.
Swamiji provided all tools to run beautiful life by teaching the essence of our Vedas, which is impossible to grasp in a short time.
Swamiji is a courageous being, who doesn't comprise to express Bold & True statements which might have hurt egoistic & influential people.

I believe the recent incidents against Swamiji is not the work of one person but by well planned influential egoistic team.
I believe the same old conspiracy created by egoistic people, who can't stand successful religious Guru's mission.

We (well wishers of Nithyananda) must team up to protect our guru, who is on a mission to help us & society.
We need to organize meetings to see what we can do to deal with forces against nithyananda.
I can put up a website for this cause, if it helps us (well wishers of Nithyananda) to communicate, coordinate, and organize actions.

I appreciate your comments.

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Grouping to stand up for Swamiji - Act NOW!!!

Some how we may need to group ourselves and communicate.
I created a yahoo group for this purpose.

All, please continue to share your experiences at http://standup-for-nithyananda.blogspot.com/

I am not sure how to use that site for grouping people together. To do this i created a yahoo group paramahamsanithyanada@yahoogroups.co.in

Subscribe: paramahamsanithyanada-subscribe@yahoogroups.co.in
Post message: paramahamsanithyanada@yahoogroups.co.in
Unsubscribe: paramahamsanithyanada-unsubscribe@yahoogroups.co.in

If you would like to be added to the group, please identify yourself and if possible give your phone number. Else there is no way to validate.
Identify yourself in as many way as possible. The acceptance might not be immediate, and there can be some delays, so please bear with me on this.
This forum is for grouping people together. Request this to be kept simple and not to have any violent messages.

How to identify you - the yahoo group creator? In the same blog i have posted at least couple of times. That's the only proof that exists.
Have you met swami? - No. The Youtube videos and books written by swami has helped me a lot and have kept me thinking a lot, that's enough.

Vijay Venkataraman

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We need to act - Strongly agreed!


We need to act, yes we need to act but when, lets make it now. We all devotees must do something for our swamiji who did a lot for us, who came to this earth just us. Lets join our hand, energy, brain and everything we have. my mail id kavitha_123my@yahoo.com. Do mail me on any suggestion.

Kavitha Loganathan

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People start acting immediately

Hi All,

I am writing this mail, because i am in sick of frustration, i am regular reader of swamiji's presentation in net.
From first day i am being the regular student of swami. Even i cannot sit without thinking of swamiji in the current situation.

But i am wondering how many people got cured by his touch.. How many people got awakened by his teachings. How many poor people got meal for their hungry stomach... why no one, I am wondering why you people could not able to raise against the culprit.. Lenin Karuppan (crimincal case against this guy in salem for illegal selling of magnet bed).

- Why there is no support rally didn't take place..?

- I am asking you people.. After joining a political party, after working their as a sweaper for three years.. if i tell these political leaders took money or they rapped several girls.. If i tell that will police man arrest that leaders without any proper evidence? first of all will they accept that complaint ?

- If i tell "they raped me " in phone as a mimicry artist can do this.. will they accept this as a victim..

- See, if a girl really got rapped by swamiji, definitly she would have come forward.. (as a girl came against sitting minister in karnataka).. Why no-one came forward.. because no -one is there?

- What they want, they wants to defame "Swami Nithyananda!" they wants to defame hindu Gurus.. they wants stop hinduism...

- Why nakkeeran and other media is defaming swami.. ? They wants money from missionaries.. They wants to do "jaaldra" for suntv.

- I feels shame because this lenin karruppan is a tamilian...

- People who ever got healed by him.. please come forward.. send telegraphs/emails to President, PM, CMs, judges.. what you have got.. Tell them how is ur mother/father/sister/brother after getting healing from swamiji..

- I am appealing the devottees from all oever the world file a case against that lenin karuppan by asking to him to produce "vitness",, by asking "evidence" in front of the court..

- I know No-One is perfect in this world.. But before telling against anybody please see yourself first?
I am praying .. People who ever got healing.. got transformation please raise!!


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Om Hreem Nithyanandaya Namaha!

I'v heard about this scandal lately, a few days back and I was in my car, driving to work on 25 of April at 8:30 am, when the prayer had started there in India. I had no idea, but the interesting thing is, I just had started it simultaneously with you! Then at the evening, comming back from work,I found your appeal,but did not know about it at the morning. Great idea! Thanks! Om hreeem Nithyananda namaha!

Temenouga Vassileva

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Character Assassination continues...

Below is an email from a Bidadi Ashramite sent on 29th April

All is well in Bidadi, for those of you who do not know, Swamiji is
currently being questioned by the police about complaints laid against
him. We anticipate he will be released in a few days.If you have
questions or need clarity write directly to me at dheera.la@gmail.com
let us keep these group chats for comments to be shared with the whole

The Media character assassination continues, here are some examples
from the last few days:

One Media entry a few days ago said that Nithyanand was in deep
trouble for having $7,000 in his possession when he was arrested.
There were a total of 4 people arrested , including Swamiji, and that
means less than $2000 each,. It appears that $ 2000 is the limit that
people should have. So another made up story by a very creative
writer looking for an angle. Illogical.

Then here was the tiger skin story, based on CDs from the ashram that
show Swamiji sitting on synthetic fabrics that have tiger patterning
on them in the Himalayas trip. The media published stories saying he
had a whole pile of wild animal skins!

Then there is the Tamil Tiger story- Accusing Swamiji of money
laundering via the Tamil Tigers!!!! The Tamil Tigers are a Sri Lankan
rebel group. Whose international transactions are the subject of a lot
of scrutiny. Who in their right minds would do that? But a reporter
could invent the story for sensational ends.

Then the gold smuggling story..Swamiji smuggling gold in his
mala! .another illogical concept as gold has a global price for small
amounts, and with Swamiji flying once a year back from the USA, why
bother! But a great story for sensation even if it does not make
sense logically.

We have seen that media is inventing these stories constantly for
instance: They have been quoting the police when we can prove that the
police did not have the evidence to make the statement: Eg taking
from the web department hard drives which have all our web photos
and material, and the media saying that the police obtained
information about financial wrongdoings!

Then some more stories for you:
In one town where we have a center the people from the center were
watching TV, and the reporters said their center had been attacked and
windows broken.. But there was no damage to the center. A few minutes
later vandals arrived and broke the windows that were reported as
being broken. I guess the vandals and the media had not coordinated
well enough!

In another center the center was fine. The police called and said is
all ok? And the police decided to come and visit. On their way they
came across a TV news crew broken down on the road, so they brought
them with them. The film crew filmed the center looking lovely.
They returned and the TV news people put on the news that the center
had been damaged, with photos of the undamaged center alongside photos
of another demonstration that took place in another part of India!

What can you do?

Continue to radiate and be blissful, dont watch too much news and
enjoy every moment!!!

In Nithyananda,

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Gratitude to Swamiji

My heart is filled with nothing but gratitude towards Swamiji. I was
born anew by his touch.


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Pranams to Swamiji

My respected Swamiji, Thanks for coming into my life. You are keeping me alive. whenever I hear you, I get so much strength. Please one day come into my dream and tell me something if I am blessed by you. Master, please come inside me and give me shelter at your feet like lotus. If you think I respect you and believe in you, please give me your answer how do I live my life with my situation. With much respect and love

Sincerely yours Indrani

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Media Discrepancies: The black and dark side of media

Deccan Herald
28 April 2010

The CID has reportedly been able to locate Tamil actress Ranjitha, with whom Nithyananda was shown in secretly recorded videos having sex with, somewhere in Thiruvananthapuram.

The Siasat Daily
29 April 2010
Respecting their call, the Tamil actress came from Andhra Pradesh on Wednesday evening and met the CID Police. Later, they took her to a secret place to interrogate her. According to the police sources, the actress will be considered as the witness for Nithyananda's case.

The Siasat Daily
30 April 2010
Chennai, April 30: A legal notice has been issued to Internet major Google and its subsidiary YouTube on behalf of actress Ranjitha asking them to remove the video clips, purportedly linking her with Swami Nithyananda by 5 pm on May 2. The notices were issued by a Delhi-based law firm, P M Law Chambers.
“Releasing a ‘statement of Ms Ranjitha’ to the media on Thursday, advocate Prashant Mendiratta of PM Law Chambers, said that it was her first statement to the media after March 2. It claimed that her purported interviews published by a few publications were ‘totally fabricated’ and ‘totally false’.”

Deccan Chronicle
01 May 2010

She had ‘disappeared’ after the alleged sex scandal became public on March 2. Several attempts by the CID to trace her failed till Mr Mendiratta on her behalf issued legal notices to Google and Youtube asking them to remove the videotape from their websites by May 2.

Black & Dark Side of Media
Media keeps on twist and turns a lot of facts on Guru Paramahamsa Nithyananda false allegation. Media trying very hard to influence CID team, police and devotees by releasing false and malicious facts on their media. There cannot be any other reason, why media taking a lot of effort and continuously publish false allegation about or Guru Nithyananda on their media other than they are directed and paid by top politician. Media just dance to tune of this politician to earn immoral earning.

Please refer to the above media reports and notice that the discrepancies in their facts:

Deccan Herald reported on 28 April 2010, CID team located whereabouts Ranjitha. The Siasat Daily further enhances this by reporting on 29 April 2010, the CID team called Ranjitha and interrogate her at a secret location. This report is contradicted with Deccan Chronicle report 01 May 2010 saying CID team fail to trace Ranjitha since 02 March 2010.

The Siasat Daily reported on 30 April 2010 Ranjitha never gives any interview to any of the media since 02 March 2010, what about a few reports previously reported by the media as Ranjitha statement?


Jagadish Nallappan

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Is godliness a debatable issue ?

Is godliness a debatable issue ?

can godliness be weighed by any government rules and regulations?

Does the godliness answerable to the court run by humans?

Are we again nailing the jesus in the cross?


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It's high time...

High time to go with the slippers & the broom sticks & banners to stop the malicious defamation attempts & assacination of the charachter & personal privacy of the master & his ashram, in large mass to ETV, SUN TV & Lenin's house,police department & judicial department.Like how kalki bhagavan's dasjies demanded the arrest of those who tried to defame the pure relationship with their Guru/Bhagavan infront of the police & judges.Let us do hunger strike to release Nithyananda & to protest the arrest without even giving the benefit of doubt & trail. will they arrest cm's or pm's son if anyone complaints of rape, molestation, smuggling,illegal occupation of the land ect in the same way?Yadiyurappa has occupied the whole streets of shimoga city as his private property. anyone is there to question the execution of dharma on this earth?Nithyananda's lawyer should be a person with deep commitment to get justice to the Ashram & it's founder.many blessings to your defamtion petition.

- Kalika

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Extending my support to Swami Nithyananda

Dear devotees/supporters of Sri Nithyananda,
I'd like to extend my support in these trying times. I regularly read through this website "standup-for-nithyananda" and cannot but see how many lives have been touched in a positive way. I've never seen swamiji in person, in fact I didn't even know about him until sept of 2009 when his he was planning his trip to NY, USA.

One suggestion/request I'd make is please start a website/blog etc that'll "debunk" all this non-stop nonsense coming out of the media. There is simply so many inconsistencies, rumors, hearsay and gossip mongering that's masquerading as "News"...

Setting up a website that'll debunk the myths that's being peddled in the name of News is the best service to Swamiji at this time.... Even if actual truth is not available at this time, to expose the inconsistencies in the media reporting itself will go a long way to counter the negativity...

Please do the needful.
Best wishes

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Wake up to reality!


Now some media seems to be kicking up a sensational dust about funds - especially in MILLIONs and CRORES. Be Aware, Just looking at these words may send some of the mass reeling in awe !

They say total assets may be $5.7 million and net gain for whole year may be approximately $ 2.2 million. This is PEANUTS .. We can't even buy a good apartment in New York for $2 million dollars. Most big cities good homes with gardens cost millions of dollars.

Now WE are running a global Organization. Most organizations in India and world wide have HUNDREdS of MILLIONS of dollars in net gain for their progress.
What can we do with $ 2 million dollars which is approximately Rs 19 crore when most political and spiritual and religious leaders gleefully came and inaugurated our 2012 Mission Vision project which needs Rs 205 CRORE just for build up!

How do we raise the rest of the Rs 185 crore from? which is almost $20 million ? We have seen lines and lines of people come for free stuff - free satvic food, free blessings, free medical camps, any free meditation programs, but when it comes to raising money or standing up for us where are they?

Instead we have a BUNCH OF ONE EYED YELLOW media looking at $ 2 million dollars and ballooning up and creating mass negativity and trying to sway the mass into negativity.
The projects we have were solely for the general mass, for the public - to raise their consciousness and intelligence.

See the lifestyle of our Master and all ashramites. It bare necessities, simple slippers, simple clothing, simple satvic food, basic travel, minimum belongings simple living - no TV, no glamour - Where as on the output side - full of positive energy working for 18 to 20 hours each day , solely for the mission, with full of LOVE AND COMPASSION, ever smiling and ever welcoming !

Can we find Such a lifestyle anywhere in the society ?

Wake up see the Reality -

Thank You

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An inspirational poem by Mother Teresa.


People are often unreasonable, illogical and self centered;
Forgive them anyway.

If you are kind, people may accuse you of selfish, ulterior motives;
Be kind anyway.

If you are successful, you will win some false friends and some true enemies;
Succeed anyway.

If you are honest and frank, people may cheat you;
Be honest and frank anyway.

What you spend years building, someone could destroy overnight;
Build anyway.

If you find serenity and happiness, they may be jealous;
Be happy anyway.

The good you do today, people will often forget tomorrow;
Do good anyway.

Give the world the best you have, and it may never be enough;
Give the world the best you've got anyway.

You see, in the final analysis, it is between you and your God;
It was never between you and them anyway.

- From a grateful devotee

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Swamiji is one of my beautiful masters!

Dear all,

I consider Swamiji Nithyananda Paramahamsa as one of my many
Masters with a living body.
My main Master is Guruji Sri Sri Ravi Shankar (from Art Of Living).

Unlike most other disciples/devotees (in all organizations), I see
all Masters as different forms of the same One All-pervading
Consciousness. So I do my best not to miss a chance to be in the
physical presence of any of these Beings, although I just follow my
Gurudev's techniques for my daily Sadhana (otherwise too many
techniques causes confusion).

A friend of mine had introduced me to Swamiji's youtube videos,
and I simply got hooked by them. The connection was instantaneous.
I just love His videos and am so glad that they are free on youtube.

Whenever I watch His discourses, the Being in me just resonates
in agreement. Something inside me says "Yes! That is Exactly how it is!
How else could it be?". He puts Truth in such simple, beautiful words.

Each new video I watch, I almost feel as if something within me opens.

It is hard to believe that a fake can do that. Whenever I hear His
discourses, intuition tells me that He is speaking the Truth from Direct

I have never found any difference in what Swamiji says from what
my Gurudev (or for that matter from what any True Master) says.
They just use different words and different examples.

Although sadly each devotee/disciple keeps arguing that only his
Master is the greatest of all (just like religions). Most of them limit
the Master to his physical form and name.

This is why I was impressed when Swamiji (in one of His videos)
encouraged seekers to go to different Masters (not in the wrong
sense of Guru shopping, but to appreciate that techniques and
Grace of all Masters are equally valid and would lead us to radiate
Love and Enlightenment). This prevents devotees from becoming
close-minded and developing a fortress mentality ("ours is the only
and the best way" kind of thinking).

After nearly an year of watching His videos, I finally had a chance to
attend one of His Kalpataru programs in Los Angeles in His physical
presence last year (October 2009). It was a one-day event at the
beautiful Vedic Temple. I had done quite a few meditation programs
under different Masters before so I went with no special expectations.

I have to be honest here. That experience literally blew my mind away.
I had done several meditation programs under different Masters, but
that meditation in Kalpataru program with Swamiji was by far the most
intense meditation I have ever done!!! It was simply unbelievable. Literally

I don't know why all this scandal happened. I am not sure even if I am
qualified to guess. Words cannot express how grateful I am to have
come across Swamiji and His Teachings in my life. I believe it to be
because of the grace of the Guru.

I will only say this "May Truth Win"

Jai Gurudev,

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A new wave of Terrorism EXPOSED!

A new wave of Terrorism exposed -> Psychological Terrorism: the culprit-> the media, their target ->the common man

The havoc that has been created by the media in the lives of the ordinary man can be termed as “Psychological Terrorism”. Terrorist organizations set out in creating fear in the minds of people. Terrorists: when they carry guns and rifles: people recognize them. Unfortunately, when they carry pens, camera and mikes, people are yet to recognize them for who they are. One is unclear what the terrorists gain by their actions. Why they go about planting bombs, killing innocent people. The same can be said about the “sensational news” and rumors generated by the media. One doesn’t know why they do it. But it is clear they want to create fear, confusion, chaos.

I see a similar pattern emerging in the current scenario. The terrorist activity is now turned psychological. The instrument in use is the media. Spreading false rumors, bizarre stories, overloading people with daily “sensational” news intended to create mistrust, loss of faith is the form that terrorism has taken today. People have been caught unawares. Their minds are simply being manipulated with daily doses of such ridiculously horror stories. Not giving the mind time to analyse what’s going on, not giving the people the time to use their common sense but to simply lap it all up straight from the mouth of the media!

Man without meditation becomes a victim to these psychological terrorist activities without even being aware of it. Sad to say… but the common man himself adds fuel to the fire by reacting to these and adding to these rumors by their violent reactions.

As many of us devotees are clearly saying “The media is throwing nonsensical rumors and headlines about Swamiji with such utter callousness. And this is happening everyday. Trying to mold the opinion of the common man – who may not have even heard of Swamiji until media put Him in the limelight!! The intention of the media wasn’t good which is apparent from the fact that they choose to put information that does not even stand for itself! ”

Shame on the media… Shame on the journalists who work for these media… Shame on them for not having tried to find out the truth…

Nithya Rakshita

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Take it Easy!


One moment it was there, another moment it is gone. One moment we are here, and another moment we have gone. And for this simple moment, how much fuss we make! How much violence, ambition, struggle, conflict, anger, hatred, just for this small moment! Just waiting for the train in a waiting room on a station, and creating so much fuss: fighting, hurting each other, trying to possess, trying to boss, trying to dominate - all that politics. And then the train comes and you are gone forever.

Osho Take it Easy, Volume 1 Chapter 13


An explosive temper or a smoldering rage often masks a deep feeling of pain. We think that if we frighten people away, we can avoid being hurt even more. In fact, just the opposite is the case. By covering our wounds with armor we are preventing them from being healed. By lashing out at others we keep ourselves from getting the love and nourishment we need.

If this description seems to fit you, it's time to stop fighting. There is so much love available to you if you just let it in. Start by forgiving yourself: you're worth it.

From a grateful devotee

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