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Feelings for Swamiji


I Miss Swamiji terribly I watch the discourses on youtube over and over again and read life solutions again .I read the Bangalore mirror news but I just dont understand why Swamiji is in Jail I don't get it he didn't do any thing wrong in my eyes the laws in India has very strange laws to put someone in jail there is no substantial evidence against him this is an ordeal beyond belief.I center myself and meditate and I feel his presents he is always with me and I with him he is my Guru. Help me understand what is going on is it political ? is it blackmail? is is vengeance ? what the heck is it ?this makes me upset how could anyone do this to Swamiji ? I cant fathom Swamiji doing anything they say he has done !!! I will wait and stand by him I will wait ,I will wait .......I miss his Face and radiating bliss....I pray for vitarka ....I pray for eternal bliss in the world....I pray for Swamiji.

In Nithyananda


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