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I pray for your early release

Dear Swamiji
I am not your disciple.After seeing you in TV only I sarted readinf some of your videos,writings etc. I was really amazed to know your depth of knowledge in all the fields.I personally feel,nobody should entertain any body from cine field.Why your disciples are not doing any satyagraha of Gandhi type.
Swamiji, atleast hereafter you be the sympathyser or supporter of any political party like BJP,Congress or RSS,so that some one voice your case in parliament.Lenin karuppan may be instigated by christians.Please check.
Swamiji please do not think Iam advising you.When I am begging your divinity to cure my keloid,how can I advice you?These are all only suggestions which any body can say.I pray my Master to help you for your early release.
With respect and love


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