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Fortunate to have met Paramahamsa Nithyananda

Dear Swamiji,

About three years back, I came with my family to listen to your talks. It was a small gathering at the Shiva Vishnu Temple in San Diego, California. I prayed to the idol and while beginning to sit down, your eyes caught me. I did not feel any hesitation and it felt like an introduction, a saying of hello. Later, I happened to listen and enjoy your talks on youtube. I was also learning about other spiritual movements. It then dawned on me that I was blessed by You on that day of your talks, that I had attended. What a Grace! I feel very fortunate that I came to listen to You on that day.

It is saddening to see the pains in these times. Also, due to an illness, I was emotionally drained. But I cried seeing the difficulties that are created around you. I am able to become emotionally free through your deep love and compassion. More blessing from You keeps coming.

Becoming one with God is as easy as getting Your blessing or it is as difficult as the incapacity to keep calm in turbulent times and persistly act according to one's faith. I am learning to pray to Divine Beings like You to walk the path of faith and peace when challenges,through doubts arise.

Thank You for Your Blessings and Compassion.


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